Lutepo’s wife, daughter risk arrest: DPP asks cashgate chief suspect to seal ‘deal’

Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mary Kachale has asked a chief suspect in Malawi’s “Cashgate” corruption scandal, Oswald Lutepo through his lawyer Oswald Mtupila on a deal to record statement as a State witness to implicate former president Joyce Banda or risk having his wife and daughter arrested.

Chief cashgate suspect Oswald Lutepo

Chief cashgate suspect Oswald Lutepo

According to Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) sources, the DPP letter has been copied to Attorney General Kelekeni Kaphale and ACB.

The top prosecutor has warned Lutepo that he risks having his wife Gertrude and daughter Wongani arrested and charged for corruption as they are directors of his cashgate tainted companies International Procurement Services (IPS) and O and G construction.

Lutepo has been told that any statement he makes can also be used against him in court.

He has been seeking for a “plea bargain” in exchange for no custodial sentence.

ACB senior public relations officer Egrita Ndala has refused to discuss “operational issues” in the media.

Chancellor College law lecturer Dr. Mwiza Nkhata warned that while the law allows pre-trial bargaining, justice cannot be fully served when accused persons only return the money they stole after striking deals.

“Despite the law allowing pre-trial bargaining, it’s also not automatic that every person who asks for a deal should be allowed. The gravity and severity of the crime determines [the action taken].

“The other issue is, the K20 million of 2010 is not the same as the K20 million of 2014…and government should also strive to get the other benefits of proceeds of crime and ensure that generally justice is done and not just accept that someone wants to return the money he [or she] is accused to have stolen,” said Nkhata.

Lutepo was arrested in November last year for money laundering after he allegedly pocketed $6 million  from government coffers through ghost companies which did not provide any services to the state.

He is also charged with perjury after sending a letter to the Attorney General claiming he was threatened and told not to implicate Banda in the “Cashgate” allegations, the biggest financial scandal in the history of the small southern African country.

“Cashgate” erupted after an audit ordered by former president Banda found that about K20 billion in state funds had been looted by officials in less than six months last year.

The scandal led international donors to suspend aid to Malawi, where half of its 15 million people live below the poverty line.

In his letter, which was also addressed to Western embassies, Lutepo claimed he was threatened and told to “implicate” former justice minister Ralph Kasambara in the shooting of budget director and corruption whistleblower Paul Mphwiyo last year, the incident which sparked “Cashgate”.

New president Peter Mutharika has vowed to get to the “truth” of the crisis, which is said to have originated in 2005 when his late brother was the country’s leader.

Banda, formerly vice-president to Bingu wa Mutharika who has been exonerated by British backed corruption audit carried out by Baker Tilly, became president after the sudden death of Bingu in 2012.

She was defeated in a hotly-contested presidential election in May.

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69 thoughts on “Lutepo’s wife, daughter risk arrest: DPP asks cashgate chief suspect to seal ‘deal’”

  1. adona kuseli says:

    Chuma chapadziko chodwedwa ndi njenjete..Koma kumwambako kudzala ntchito Kaya ndangodutsamo ine.

  2. njovu njovu says:

    koma abale inu kumadyerera ife kumasauka mulungu akukhululukireni

  3. Kkkkkkk kkkkkkk JB is afraid of Lootepo. She knows that she is in water.

  4. fedrevolution says:

    When a legal officer wants to ends like curtains they join the government which doesnot win cases

  5. King Matope says:

    Mukuyenera kuchita khanthu mwachangu!

  6. Sindi says:

    Nanga Mserembo anakatenanga chi thumba chama hundreds of million Kwa Lutepo through lawyers joe and max?

  7. Munthu Wanzeru says:

    Abale, ndawerenga ma comment onse koma tiyeni tisamale. Vuto pa Malawi ndi umphawi ndipo ndi umphawi omwewu umene anthu akuba ndalama za boma amabweretsera ziphuphu komanso ngakhale kugula olemba nkhani kuti asokoneze a Malawi. KODI MUDZIWA BWANJI KUTI MUNTHU WALEMBA NKHANIYU WAGULIDWA NDI LUTEPE OLO LOYA WINA KUTI APEZE SYMPATHY KWA ANTHU NDIPONSO AKUSOKEONEZENI MITU. ABALE PA MALAWI NDI NDALAMA CHILI CHONSE CHINGATHE KUTHEKA, TIYENI TISAMALE NDI NKHANIZI.

  8. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    Why force Lutepo to implicate JB? Witch hunting eti? What if she is innocent, will she still be implicated for the sake of Lutepo’s freedom? Say the truth and truth shall set you free!

  9. Kanyimbi says:

    Kodi osamukwenya Lutepoyo kuti aulule amene amamutuma? Zinazinso ndiye bola milandu ngati imeneyi aziweluza mafumu. Mpaka boma likusowa poyambira?

  10. clement says:

    Eeeish it pains me when thinking about Malawi.Small nation full of crooks.Those money could have been used buying drugs, infrastructures etc but someone just pocketed it into his account and enjoying with his family leaving the poor starving eeeish,am speechless.

  11. Dunstan Phiri says:

    Everything is stupid in this country.The authorities are sitting on time bomb and anytime it will explode,mark my words.

  12. Munnyabu says:

    Ndale ya pa Malawi so Lutepo if just agree the wish of Gov he will be a free man! Wow! then why is he wasting time. Now I agree JB ndi bwana APM sagona naye tulo

  13. Proudly ghanaian! Fuck malawi!!! GHANA is the giant of africa not NIGERIA!

    1. Chikopa says:

      Malawi does not need Ghana and Nigeria. There are few Malawians in Ghana and Nigeria and yet you fucken peasants are busy shitting in our country. Soon we will have National IDs and your kinsmen will be chased.

  14. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    If you dare arrest JB on no valid reason you will see a thunder blasting during day light or muzaona chomwe chinameta nkhanga mpala.

    1. wandale says:

      unga[pange chani iweyo? after all who is JB?

  15. munthu wa zeru says:

    Pakhani imeneyi mwana siziri kumukhudza

  16. Kampalapata says:

    Timati tinene kuti ” wodya nawo sayankha nawo mulandu”

  17. Kampalapata says:

    Kaya wina afune kaya asafune amayi ananenetsa kuti wodza nawo sayankha nawo mulandu. This is on record. Amayi also said that the one who shot Mphwiyo is known to her. This is also on record. Bvuto liri ndi ife manyasa is that we easily forget ( according to the chair). So for how long shall we keep on circumventing the truth. In as far as the issues are concerned amayi can really assist you in tracking and convicting the culprits. After all she is the one behind exposing and investigating of the cash gate. AMAYI NDIMAKUNYADIRANI NDIPO MUMVE NDITHU MUMTIMAMO.

  18. Vyapasi says:

    So who is going believe Lutepo even if he agreed to be state witness? He has changed his statements several times this animal called cashgate surfaced. Can he really be a witness? I doubt very much. Please do not waste our time when all Malawians have been told that Lutepo stole the money. Why look for someone whom you cannot provide tangible and admissible evidence. Yes I voted for some of you to resolve this devilish act.
    Bring Lutepo to court immediately and stop this time wasting nonsense now!!!

  19. The Truthful One from the West says:

    Can someone be jailed for being implicated in a crime? I don’t think so. The state will have to provide evidence to satify the very high standard of beyond reasonable doubt. If Lutepo is being coached what to write to implicate Joyce Banda then Lutepo will be completely discredited in cross-examination. A witness survives cross-examination if he saying things from his own personal knowledge not when he has been coached. I think Peter Mutharika would dearly love to arrest Joyce Banda and have her travel documents surrendered. My advice is that with the Kwacha rapidly losing value the cost of living is escalating and hitting very hard the majority of poor Malawians. If I were Peter Mutharika I would be paying attention to this ticking time bomb.

  20. Phwitiko says:

    Why should Lutepo now implicate JB? If he has evidence that JB was involved let him present to ACB but not to buy out justice. Politics of vengence will not develop this country. What we need is honest prosecution anyone involved in cashgate including JB if she was in it.

  21. phunda says:

    Steal billions of taxpayers money, align yourself with the ruling elite and become a government witness . Again become a lawyer and cash gate then defend yourself and your fellow cashgaters in court , that’s how competent our judicial system is coz even if you are paid billions without rendering any service you are still innocent until you are proven guilty. Only the devil knows what proof could be there for you to be proven guilty.

  22. Makwasa says:

    Where is the evidence????? We need evidence , evidence, evidence please don’t use threats or arrest people just because you can , where is the evidence!!! The way our justice system is working shows that they don’t have evidence period!!!,

  23. Patriot says:

    Kodi galu iwe wotchedwa Oswald ukuzunza ana ako chifukwa chiyani?
    Wongani akunenedwa apayu alibe olo zaka 15 zakubadwa.

  24. mbuya says:

    tiye nazoni ine ndinazolowera kudya masamba

  25. Grey says:

    Bvuto linanso olo awapeze olakwa chigamulo chake chikakhala chautsilunso bola tsiku lotsiliza ambuye azagamula mosayang’ana zaukhumutcha kapena kutchuka kwamunthu. Qiyama ikubwera.

  26. Kenkkk says:

    Our attorney General keeps on blundering and blundering and embarrassing the DPp govt. I said all along he should be fired or arrested himself in this cash gate scandal.

    Is he really a lawyer this man? Doesn’t he know that threatening or forcing someone to provide evidence is illegal and can be a very good ground for that someone escaping prosecution? Worse still to threatening lutepo by trying to use his wife and daughter as a ransom or like hostages is totally sheer madness!!

    Prosecute lutepo on evidence you have, likewise his wife and daughter if you have evidence on them as well without using any threats. Unless the lutepo evidence leads to JB, then prosecute her as well. If you don’t have evidence leading to JB, then you can’t force lutepo to provide you with such evidence.

    Now the whole world knows that you are trying to force lutepo for evidence to implicate someone, in this case JB.

  27. mabuluku says:

    Ndafika tsopano ndikambepo mhmhmh poyamba peni peni mwalowetsapo chibwana ngati izi zili zoonadi. Chief suspect cannot turned ito state witness. So ngati zingatero ndalama anabazo zipita kuti. Chachiwiri. I see kuti nkhaniyi ndiyaboza pachifukwa chakuti ngati mukutiuza kuti umboni onse uli pa copy imene ina yapita kwa Attoney General zinamukanika bwanji yemwe adawerenga kalatayi kupanga leak information iyi ku mtundu wa malawi pa nkhani yomwe ili mkamwamkamwayi. Furthermore Lutepo pachiyambi adanena kuti iye ngosalakwa ndipo pofuna kuonetsa kusalakwa kwake adapempha call log ya joyce Banda imene Joyce mpaka adakatengera injuction. Bwanji nkhaniyi ikutuluka kafukufuku wa ma call log ali mkati? Tinene kuti inu mamachita publish nkhaniyi issue ya ma call log simukuidziwa? In my opinion ndikuonamo kubisala kufuna kupeza chonena JB zitamukhuza za ma call log. Mind you JB was the in charge by then any call from her anthu amanjenjemera nayo so Let’s wait call log issues to be settled koma musayambe kupeka boza kuti zikamukhuza JB muziti it was planned Kachale as far as I know her sangalore zibwana ngati izi ayi. Mlembi wankhaniyi knmaganinzo anga is a great sympathizer wa jB

  28. Teketeke says:

    Who said Joyce Banda has been exonerated by the report by Baker Tilly? It’s just a guide to ACB to catch all and more thieves who plundered our money!

  29. Peter Benga says:

    Why implicating for an innocent person? Kachale are you after jb or the truth of the matter? Otherwise you will end up embarassing yourself and those behind your dirty move

  30. Kika kanawe says:

    So is the Anti Corruption Beureu corrupt??

  31. akimu jimu says:

    nkhani zake nzovuta komabe, proper justice is the only thing we are all looking foward to as the victims of the situation.

  32. malapwaphwala says:

    Mwangotitu ziii, tiyeni nawoni ma comment anu aja.

  33. Vavlov says:

    What if Lutepo lies to save himself from the scandal? It is wrong to force him to implicate Joyce Banda. If she was involved let him tell the country about it but no pre-bargaining here, Let Lutepo face justice and be tried like any other cashgate suspect

  34. Chikadzakuwani says:


  35. Kadzibwa says:

    Zalowa chibwana tsopano. Why are u targeting innocent pple ndikumafuna mbava zowopsazi kumapanga nazo mgwirizono wopusa ngati umenewo. Fanz let all target gvt money and we shud steal billions not thousands.MALAWI WATHU AKUPITA KUTI. Musiyeni JB akupanga zake.

  36. ochewa enieni says:

    when we talk we have to think thoroughly.the case about Mr.lutepo now we are tired.politicians are big thieves.

  37. mwana mulopwana says:

    I don’t really understand the reason behind all these, You mean you are failing to extract the truth from Lutepo as to how and when he obtained his wealth, If this is the case , then We just have to wait for God to judge us accordingly otherwise the country is not safe and the legal fraternity is all corrupt as well

  38. Bob Phiri says:

    Lutepo afunika mob justice. He cannot continue to enjoy while many Malawians continue to suffer because of his selfish acts.

  39. Wamandasi says:

    The British Report can’t be trust. Joyce was a buddy with Tony Blair. Let Delloite and KPMG verify the report

  40. Steve Binda says:

    According to this government, K20 million in 2010 is = K20 million In 2014. If a civil servant is having His/her outstanding salary arrears amounting to K20 000 will be given the same mount ten years later. If any one wants to return money let it be returned course this means repentance.

  41. wangalusa says:

    Theft is like cancer. Once it starts in one family member, it spreads to all members. Ntendere wa pa dziko lapansi umabwera ndi minga zomwe.

  42. mai nsato says:

    Baker Tilly (Bakery Till) has not exonerated JB. In fact JB had had read James Hardly Chase the Knock Knock, which I also believe John Tembo has a copy. All sinister people are very clever if not outrageous in their deals. Remember the Gadama / Matenje / Chiwanga ? Sangala murders.
    No witness.
    Go kill so and so, but ask so and so to tell so and so and so to kill, so that I am not known. JB asked people to withdraw the money and gave her real CASH not to be deposited into her account. If all the call logs are interpreted perfectly, JB will be the Biggest ever fish in the world more sinister than the Mexico drug mafias.
    The court why are you delaying Kasambara’s case if I may ask.

    Judges!!! was the lenient sentencing of Senzani to pave way for Kasambara’s acquittal in this case????

    I am going to appeal starting with Senzani’s judgement and thereafter will petition that all cashgate cases be taken out of high courts and filed in the Traditional Courts. Orton Chirwa was tried by Traditional Courts. These guys have caused many deaths and they all deserve death penalty by stoning them heaps of the avalanche rocks.

    1. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

      a DPP nde mbava zeni zeni…………if you are not arrested now God’s time is the best

  43. zochita zikusowa,kulimbana ndi JB bwanji?u DPP mukufuna chiani makamaka what is ur aim?

  44. mlomwe original says:

    zimatero?????? tizingopakana???

  45. Collins says:

    This is uncalled for,letting justice go and employing which hunting .Why using the accused to net someone?This only translate failer of justice in the eye of a common man once more as we’ve seen b4 in this senzani thing,being slapped 3yrs just because of being related to kachikho and donors freezing aid; this common man being at it{the voter}?0ne time we will see Burkina foso of our land because thi is an about to ripe nosense.

  46. ujeni says:

    Joyce Banda has the backing of the United States, United Kingdom and other powetful western countries, immediately she is charged, they will come not hard as it is now with withdrawal of budget support, but harder for Malawi to breath. If people think Zim suffered, wait and see how poor Malawi will start eatng grass.

  47. kalebe malamba says:

    Ndale zothana izi leave jb alone alele ana amasiye ndi ena ovutika.

  48. I wish i could be the DPP so that i could work diligently,professionally for justice to take its course in the whole cashgate issue by disappointing my masters for not dancing to their tune of implicating other pipo because of politics and money. A Mary kachale chinauluka chidzatera samala nazoni zimenezo, zimene mukufuna kwa Lutepozo muyembekezere kuti wina azafunanso zomwezo inu mutachokapo pamenepo, chizavute ndichani poti nanu muzakhala muli munthu wamba. How can u trust Lutepo looking at how he has twisted statements since this cashgate issue started? Watchout you are playing with a crook madam, watchout! You can consipire for me and know that others are consipiring for you too somewhere. Inu osadabwa kuti mukuti mukupanga zobisa but hours it is known.

  49. chilungamo says:

    If the opening paragraph in this article that the Director of Public Prosecutions has written Lutepo and his lawyer that they must implicate the former President then the DPP is the most incompetent lawyer at the Ministry of Justice and must be removed immediately!

  50. Kalanga says:

    Koma nkhanizi ayi ndithu

  51. Namu! says:

    Ngati nkhaniyi ndiyowona, a Kachali kumbukani kuti ndinu munthu opemphera ndiye sibwino kumuumiriza Lutepo kuti atchule Joyce Banda ncholinga chosangalatsa chipani cha DPP ngati Joyce Banda ali osakhudzidwa ndi nkhani ya chipata chandalamayi. Ambuye akuwunikireni Chemwali.

  52. Kalulu says:

    No matter what Lutepo needs to be prosecuted and the final outcome respected. If government takes Malawians as fools they will realise they are wrong again. Ask Joyce Banda who thought the same and was surprised. Malawians are watching everyday and know that “every action there is a reaction”. This will follow to all handling cashgate issues. See Lutepo stole government money a reaction is what is happening now. If anyone wants to block justice a Big reaction from Malawians will follow you may not know what it is now but its something bad for those who wants to try it. If I were you I would never dare it. Let justice prevail. Actually Lutepo is no cashgate suspect to play with as far as Malawians are concerned. In Mzimba people wondered what a manner type of a man was he when he visited his farm as all the roads were cleared as if a president was visiting the area. When they learnt through the radio that he is a thief people are very disappointed as they thought the money he was using to clear roads were his. It was poor people’s money or my taxes.

  53. Koma nde Mai Banda mwa akhumbatu,ngat mu report la bakers tilly mulibe nde kut sanabe nawo,cholinga muwaipisire mbiri basi,ngat muli madolo gwiran mbava zikulamula panozi.

  54. angoni says:

    Mary Kachale just do your job without politicizing it. Mukuwoneka akukutumani a DPP

  55. Tsekwe says:

    If this is the case arrest wives of all suspects because most of them are also directos of their husband’s companies. E.g Mpoola

  56. Dans says:

    His wife is just a silent director. She was not involved.

  57. ANDERSON PHIRI says:

    update me on the currents

  58. pika says:

    Timaba ndi lutepo his wife was not involved

  59. opportunist says:

    Waste of tax payers money

  60. Ralphael says:

    Lutepo is lunatic

  61. Lutepatepa says:

    Osward lutepo is a liar. Eal with his thefts only without implicating others

  62. fayu says:

    Mary kachale behave like a born again christian for which you are known at Living Waters Bwaila. Why you want false evidence from lutepo against JB? SHAME ON YOU. DONT BE USED BY DPP. BAKER TILLY HAS EXNORATED JB. ARE YOU NOT ASHAMED IN JESUS NAME?

  63. Nkhombokombo says:

    Don’t forget that you are dealing with inteligent people, all what you are revealing here is recorded and will be used against you(ACB/GVT). If you have enough evidence against Lutepo, why don’t you just put it forward in court when case starts? Don’t just drag some people into the case from hearsay just because you want to redicule someone. This deal thing will make the whole case a laughing matter. You will just have spent money which we could have bought enough drug supply for the needy hospitals. Politics should be as much avoided in this case otherwise it will be a mess. No deals and ifs to be used in this case. Treat it as any other case to do with thuggery. This is a national cry, don’t look at it from the front of who is who, and position they hold in society. You must not create a hero out of nothing. Izi dzanyanya ndipotso zikupweteka ngati bala la moto. Eiichi!!! Fotsekeni!!!

  64. munyasa says:

    if i steal achicken let me bargain….and i will seal deal to implicate tje owner of the chicken and i will be state witness so that my woife and daughter should not be picked up for eating the chicken …haaa judiciary yapa malawi ooooo the dead must be laughing in their graves….nyasa give us better news than this political cash gate…..yes write about the progress of ebola education cause of numerous fires not this cash gate we are tired …..trials without answers whose gonna bennefit

  65. Wawaman says:

    ACB yake nde ndi mbola, mukuchita kudziwika kuti cashgateyi muli abale anu.I dont think real culprits will be convicted.How can a banker whose bank also has been in complicity of laundering money be the director of ACB?Pika Manondo was hiding his money at FMB,so if we go deeper we may find out that amwenye onsewa amatibela by evading tax through the same bank.therefore, corrupt ACB is trying to corrupt Lutepo to implicate corrupt JB.Fooooools!!!!

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