Ma Black back calls for legal hemp in Malawi

Malawi’s leading reggae outfit Black Missionaries aka Ma Blacks have joined the debate of whether Malawi should legalize the use and farming of Indian Hemp [Chamba].

Ma Blacks : Legalise Chamba in Malawi

Ma Blacks : Legalise Chamba in Malawi

The band through its front man Ajiru Fumulani threw its weight behind the legalization of the plant over the weekend when the Chileka based band held musical performances in the northern region.

While backing the Chamba trade, Fumulani said weed as the plant is popularly known is helpful in many ways including disease cure.

“Weed is an important plant. It has more than 10 uses too numerous to mention. But the important one is that is can be used to cure diseases such as asthma and cancer” Fumulani is quoted as saying in the local press.

Added Fumulani: “So those who argued for it in parliament know these uses and that it would boost the economy of our country. Some people know this but they choose not to face reality”.

According to the lead vocalist, smoking Chamba also gives intelligence hence the need to support the legalization of the plant.

“They [people against Chamba legalization] don’t know that smoking weed gives intelligence. We are behind those who are advocating for the legalization of the plant” said Fumulani.

A call to legalize Chamba was made by Ntchisi North Parliamentarian Boniface Kadzamira during Parliamentary deliberations last month.

This is after the former Deputy Minister of Agriculture Joe Mandiwa made a similar call in parliament 2000 but failed to materialize as it attracted little attention and backing.


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39 thoughts on “Ma Black back calls for legal hemp in Malawi”

  1. Kindom ya Atumbuka says:

    My brother has gone mad because of smoking chamba. He used to be intelligent , geneous ndikamanena mundimve. Ma balacks awa sindiomwe amagwilira asikana zuwa lili nyeee atasuta chamba during memorial function ya Matafale kuchileka. We have to be careful we country otherwise Kamuzu will hold us responsible for the damage we have caused to our used to be virgin Mother Malawi. Look at the killings , abuductions , cashgates, unimployement,& many more myopic signs taking place. Dont forget about ukwati umene unapangisa pakana Bingu watu kukhala ndichiwewe chotamangisa azungu. I cant believe at the sorry sight the once vibrant malawi is becoming !

  2. Emdeez says:

    But do we know kuti ma countries’ amene anapanga legalize Indian Hemp/Drugz ndikumenenso kulinso’ high crime rate ? R we ready to face it ?’ think of Jamaica and Mexico. Ngat masacheti omwewa anatipengetsa wat more Weed. Kkkk

  3. Emdeez says:

    But do we know kuti ma countries’ amene anapanga legalize Indian Hemp/Drugz ndikumenenso kulinso’ high crime rate ? R we ready to face it ?’ think of Jamaica and Mexico. Ngat masacheti omwewa natipengetsa wat more Weed.

  4. Roka says:

    Tazingolimani chimanga chambili,not legalising hemp,wat shame to blacks. Muyambe kupemphera before Mlengi asanakutengeni

  5. chamba chimapereka nyere, mapeto ake mchitidwe ogwirila ukula.

  6. viyazi tembo says:


  7. Smoko boy says:

    Tadikilani kaye…, mwatiii?

  8. Nachipanti says:

    No wonder your shows are full of chamba smokers! Even those who have never smoked weed pa show ya ma Blacks yokha amafwenthako ndithu. Basi ndasiya kupita ku show ya ma blacks…afterall pano sakuyimbanso bwino…MBUZIIIII…

  9. lawrence says:

    Chamba ngati chimapatsa nzeru, kuimba 10 yakuvutamni bwanji? Nzeru za fodya basi

  10. YAKWE YAKWE says:


  11. Yassintologism says:

    Wake up Malawi..even our clock is turning 51 age of self rule, we still shamely kneel down to a white man for a help however we forget that we prove to a white man that we can’t rule ourself without ’em. Look longtime ago he told us the side effect of one party system without knowing that if we favour him in future he gonna tell us to legalise the rights of minority(the birth of #HORMOSEXUALLY)any country opposing same sex is going to have economic catastrophies however we all know the truth that our country does not give room to reptiles and in response to this our economy has gone down. Now today our country has decided to be herself without depending donnor community. some measures which has been put in place are as follows. all american and all other countries except african countries must pay a visa fee. but how many of us here welcomed the news? Paying a fee when you have gone to a government hospital. less we agreed on this measures and today the country is operating without donor aid where do you think she will be correcting money to buy her medicines in the hospital and pay the civil servant? How about this marijuana issue ? google countries which are envolved in indian hemp trade and how they are doing on global market and also google whether they are depending on a white man again? i don’t smoke but legalise THE_HOLY_ WEED. One man opnion.

  12. Omex70 says:

    This band is full of chamba smokers no wonder that they are supporting the legalization of chamba. Taonani abale milomoyo itafufutika ngati pa zenje polowa mbewa kamba ka chamba.

  13. JANJA-K says:

    if the government fails 2 legalise growing of chamba it should also illegalise the growing of tobbacco failing which we badmans are going 2 secede from this fuckin malawi & create a state for badmans

  14. Mike says:

    chamba chili boo! zimunyaseyo akakolope mnyanja.

  15. Rob says:

    Ngati madala anu amasuta ndiye ayi nonse ndi a vumbwe

  16. Og says:

    Mablacks mwati, taonani Anjiru maso aja

  17. pApa says:

    Ngati chithu chili ndivuto pamapeto ake. Siichabwino

  18. Amene akudana nd chamba,azidananso nd zomera zonse including chimanga

  19. Gutepo Mphwinyo says:

    ma blacks kuyimba ndi uku kwayamba kukanikaku mutamaliza nyimbo zonse anapeka matafare lero mwati muyambe ndikulimbana ndi nkhani ya chamba. he he de muyaluka chaka chake ndi chino

  20. saile says:

    The difference between industrial hemp and the other hemp is that the industrial hemp does not grow to produce buds which can be smocked. But both come from the same family. The industrial hemp grows very tall while the bud producing hemp grows wide i.e accupies space. The industrial one has very low THC content that can make someone high. Chamba is a name that is programmed in Malawian as evil. Pali chani apa? kunjaku kuli evil ya phweeeeee. LEGALIZE IT AND SEE WHAT IS GOOD IN CHAMBA!!!!

  21. Tchinga Chisoni says:

    Ma blacks muasapezelepo ma chance mukufuna kusuta mwa ufulu basi osat zomwe mukambazo iya a! , za chamba et! !!

  22. zangazokha says:

    Satan kwake ndikupha ndikuononga, sutani chikuonongeni mapapapu plus TB mupite ngati abale anu aja, malo momwa fanta kapena juice amene saononga chilichose nthupi mwathu .kukonda zinthu zoononga moyo koma suzindikila.

  23. mphwache wa bingu says:

    Ma Blacks you are missing the point. The member of parliament was suggesting localising a different type of hemp which is not used for smoking. Your statement justifies that chamba brings madness and confusion not intelligence

  24. nanaphiri says:


  25. Jk says:

    Chamba zinthu zonunkha ngati zimene zija mukagwere uko

  26. George says:


  27. Bayangwe says:

    Chinali chikumubandula I guess,kuyimba 10 yakuvutani vuto ndi chambacho…

    1. Osuta chamba zolinga zawo zimachokela mu chamba amaganiza za chamba basi

  28. gloria says:


  29. makonyola says:

    while the country is still feeling sorry for loss of talent at Singano Village at Chileka in Blantyre mainly as a result of eating the same plant, here you are campaigning for the obliteration of the whole clan. Shame! If you are kidding the whole clan will cease to exist. Chamba kills. By the way, find out whether the type of chamba whose uses you have underlined is the same as the one you use and sadly succumb to.

  30. ARICHO says:

    Legalise it. Don’t criticise it. Look at the positive side. U will realise that it does more good than harm if legalised

  31. CLEANZ says:

    intelligent ,,, dd I hear you say that…? You must be backs indeed…………………

  32. The old one says:

    If you claim that chamba heals sickness, how many band members have you lost to diseases and not of old age. Simungadabwe kuti nonse oyimba akuChileka mukumafa muli ana komanso mwazizi, nde mphamvu yachambacho.

  33. The Gate Keeper says:

    Ngati mwatopa kuyimba yambani kulalikila mawu A Mlengi..i think wat u suggesting is nosense…

  34. Mtumiki Woyamba says:


  35. Wa BB says:

    Intelligence from chamba?

  36. Alfred Minjo says:

    I like the blacks’s music. But now have let me down on their support for the legalisation of Chamba. I am not surprised to hear them supporting this call. Indeed, they are missing a point.

  37. shaaaa! says:

    akamaimba,chizikhala chili pokopoko ngati amisala.aliyense olowelera amayamba choncho.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


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