Ma Blacks, Nepman and Tay Grin to curtain raise Morgan Heritage return concert in Malawi

Grammy award winners Morgan Heritage, a Jamaican reggae music band, has finally listed five local atists who will curtain raise their return concert in Malawi on April 30.

Nepman: Chilawe Changachi singer to perform at Morgan Heritage show

Nepman: Chilawe Changachi singer to perform at Morgan Heritage show

The concert will take place at Silver stadium in Lilongwe.

“Some of the supporting artists (Curtain raisers): Ma Blacks, Soul Raiders, Tay Grin, Nepman, Blasto. 30th April, 2016 with Grammy Award Winners Morgan Heritage the whole movement. The Countdown starts now…” the band posted on their Facebook page.

The award-winning Jamaican band, which has five lead members Gramps Morgan, Peter Morgan, Mojo Morgan, Una Morgan and Nakamyah Morgan, will return to Malawi with the entire team [whole movement].

Last December, the band disappointed their fans when they performed using pre-recorded instruments during their first show at the venue in question.

Fans bought tickets hoping to see the whole movement, but only to be treated to pre-recorded instruments and back tracks. This did not go well the patrons who didn’t have kind words for the band.

However, the group apologized to their fans and promised to return with the whole movement.

It was also transpired that their promoter did not inform local revellers in advance that the band would use pre-recorded instruments per their agreement.

“They are coming back to rectify what happened and the whole CTBC music movement will be here. We have to give people the show they want, so the whole band will be in Malawi, no substitutes,” Mphatso Chaluluka, Born Afrikan Productions events coordinator, recently said when the band confirmed their second coming to Malawi.

The Morgan Heritage, formed in 1994, have 17 successful albums, with the most recent one, the 2016 Grammy Awards Best Reggae Album “Strictly Roots”, released in 2015.

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9 thoughts on “Ma Blacks, Nepman and Tay Grin to curtain raise Morgan Heritage return concert in Malawi”

  1. Ivan Mark Radhakrishnan says:

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    Wednesday May 11 2OI6 is Bob Marley’s 35th death anniversary.

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  2. Wellcome to the warm heart of Africa

  3. They ar wellcomed to the worm of Africa

  4. Namachekecha says:

    OK. The good thing is Bon African and Morgan pretty well know that Malawians are fools that will accept to be fooled again.

  5. Azizaimbatsa ma audio

  6. Brown Tembo says:

    Dont be fooled the stadium will be filled to capacity, we the people who love Reggae will be there and we are not 50 we are in multitudes….welcome back home The Morgan Family…

  7. JCInLA says:

    Only about 50 people will show up at this show, especially after a huge disappointment when they were supposed to play and only show-up at 4 am to lip-sync.
    It was a very bad introduction of Morgan Heritage to Malawi. I will never ever spend my hard kwachas for such dis-respectful behavior to Malawi reggae fans.

  8. john phiri says:

    Paying for this show will simply mean turning yourself into a maga

  9. Witness Kachepa says:

    Ife Morgan Heritage idatikwana. Mmangowapopa koma samatha kuyimbanso. Awo ali ku Nairobi akupemphesa ku westlands. Analephera kubwerera kwao, ndalamanso alibe.

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