MACRA funding DPP’s propaganda sheet: Minister ‘cashgates’ $10,000 

Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) is bankrolling a propaganda tabloid established by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) topleadership called, The Globe which is a hub of smear for political competitors and government critics.

Mervis Mangulenje, board chair of Macra: Bankrolling DPP

Mervis Mangulenje, board chair of Macra: Bankrolling DPP

Macra sources told Nyasa Times that they have been regularising some payments to cashgate for the publications project.

“There have been projects lined up for Macra to pay in disguise in order to channel money for the  DPP’s propaganda,” said a source at the regulator.

The source added that Macra recently paid oyt $10,000 to a cabinet ministers  as an allowance for a foreign trip which the minister did not travel.

“There are a lot of financial abuses at Macra for purposes of funding DPP activities.”

Macra spokesperson was coy to comment for fear of political reprisals.

The Globe is the brainchild of Minister of Labour and manpower development Henry Mussa, Minister of Local Government Kondwani Nankhumwa and DPP parliamentarian Noel Masangwi.

Masangwi and Nankhumwa previously had owned their propaganda publications which they all folded up.

But the new weekly paper which sells to around 5,000 people in the country will try to penetrate on the already volatile newspaper market with introduction cover price slightly cheaper than the credible two titles Daily Times and The Nation.

The paper’s editor said  the Globe is “an exciting new project” for the DPP.

As its editor says, the Globe plainly hopes to influence  ‘some audience’ on politics without the serious bits – and without the journalism that informs a reading public.

Observers said news publications  ould still disseminate their opinions so long as it was clearly separate and labelled such, not news.

A media consultant said :“No one wants a propaganda newspaper with little editorial investment behind it,” adding “A paper or news brand that no one wants is worthless.”

Of course, readers and advertisers  want quality and originality.

Malawi newspaper buying culture is dwindling with the growing  internet penetration as there now many digital-only publications that include Nyasa Times, Malawi24, Malawi Punch , Malawi NewNow, Maravi Post, , Malawi Voice, as well online sites of the  print editions

The online-only papers have also been using social media platforms to reach out to many readers.

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This macra organisation is rotten and headed by a rotten Director General. The guy knows nothing administratively apart from giving out monies to the DPP and its leadership. Ask how Nakhumwa the Minister is benefiting from macra money. Too many unacceptable behaviours in the organisation. Majority of the staff are related to politicians ongobwera mchikwama aja. Macra is heading nowhere as long as Itaye remains DG pano he has made sure he is ‘funding’ Mervis Mangulenje full time so that most of his mistakes are covered ndiye poti naye Mervis ndi mbizinso heeee. Khaya! ndalama zikudyedwa.

This stupidity will continue because almost all government departments are full of DPP die-hard like this lady Mervis Mangulenje who are there for their own stomachs nothing else for Malawians. They were appointed just to help DPP. We have just to pray hard so that God should come down with power to rescue this nation from the hands of these heartless people. God has got His own ways of rescuing a nation and scatter the enemies.


If you think Malawians are puppets, you’ll be “too surprised” with a choker……………………………….!! Yopusa njoka imalumira ku mchira!! Zonsezi ndikukuuzani ine poyera pano ziri ndi pothera pake, and wina afune kaya asafune we are advancing towards the end…………..! Ndipo sikutinso ndi kale ayi……..!! Kunali ma tchale kumbuyoku, pano ali kuti……..?


Malawi is the worst country to live in on earth! Cash gate continues!!!!!!


We have simply degenerated into a stupid nation and country. When leadership condones stupidity as the case of what is happening at Macra, Mera, MBC etc it simply tells you how stupid leadership of this country is. The question that we should asking ourselves is do we need this stupidity and if yes where will this stupidity lead us to?.

chimzimu Chonyasa

Accepting this stupidity is buying license for demise of the nation of Malawi


Can’t agree with you more. Stupidity is the feature of this government. The way these guys run the affairs of this country, we call our home, is simply stupid.


MACRA woyee. appointments of appeasement


stupid government and cabinet,people r suffering kma iwowo ali busy day God wl fight for us

Elshabab at Meibab

Malawi is dead. This DPP bulshit has killed our beautiful country. We need to rid this country of DPP now and forever.

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