Madonna appointed Malawi goodwill ambassador: Adopted kids meet President Mutharika

Madonna and Mutharika.- AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)The Associated Press

Madonna and Mutharika.- AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)The Associated Press

US pop star Madonna poses with Malawi's president Peter Mutharika prior to their meeting at Kamuzu Palace in the Capital Lilongwe, on Nov 28, 2014.

US pop star Madonna poses with Malawi’s president Peter Mutharika prior to their meeting at Kamuzu Palace in the Capital Lilongwe, on Nov 28, 2014.

Madonna laughs with Malawian President

Madonna laughs with Malawian President

Madonna and Mutharika with their officials

Madonna and Mutharika with their officials

Malawian President Prof. Peter Mutharika has appointed US pop diva Madonna as Malawi Goodwill Ambassador for  child welfare, Nyasa Times learnt on Friday.

It  was confirmed by government chief secretary George Mkondiwa who said the appointment by President Mutharika to the ‘Material Girl’ singer was “with immediate effect.”

President Mutharika met Madonna  with  her Malawi-born children Mercy and David on Friday at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe which was symbolic who had a public falling-out with former president Joyce Banda.

“Thank you for welcoming me here. I was a big fan of your brother. He was very kind to us,” Madonna said of Mutharika’s older brother Bingu wa Mutharika., who was president until he died in 2012.

The Malawi Head of State   thanked the pop star for bringing back David and Mercy  to their birth country.

“My government has always been grateful for the passion Madonna has for this country,” said the President.

Mutharika said the singer’s passion was directed “especially towards addressing poverty and hardships endured by Malawi’s orphans and vulnerable children through her charity Raising Malawi”.

He thanked Madonna for agreeing to fund the construction of a new state of the art Paediatric Surgery and Intensive Care Unit in the country

“I ask you to continue your work in improving education in this country,” said Mutharika.

“You must also encourage David and Mercy to work hard in their education,” he added.

Mutharika said during their discussion,  Madonna displayed “much commitment in helping to build more classrooms in schools across Malawi.”

The Malawi leader  described himself as “a fan of her music”.


Madonna is currently visiting Malawi, where she has been working since 2006 with her nonprofit organisation, Raising Malawi.

Madonna has since called “Malawi is a country”.

It was Madonna’s first visit in more than a year after she was stripped of her VIP status by former president Joyce Banda amid controversy over the cancellation of her plans for an academy for girls.

The academy was mired in allegations of mismanagement and the project was replaced by plans to build schools in order to reach more children.

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36 thoughts on “Madonna appointed Malawi goodwill ambassador: Adopted kids meet President Mutharika”

  1. Stewy says:

    Chichewa china chikulembedwa pano enafe sitikuchimva . Kodi mumalemba m’malilime ?

    1. GONANI says:

      I agree with you stewy on comment no 31. I think we are infiltrated by the unknown and they just poke their noses into our business but they can’t express themselves clearly in our language.

  2. mangochi kabwafu says:

    Kagwereni uko, zopusa basi.

  3. Godfre says:

    Comment reserved

  4. Bob says:

    Hahaha let her adopt the whole fucking cabinet it will do Malawi good

  5. MKWAPU says:


  6. Oluza ali m'boma says:

    Kadammanja ndi galu,ndikukuuza iwe lero, m’busa wako wafekiyo , sanawine ,komaso sazalamulira dziko lino

  7. No wonder gay + porno = Satanic God can not bless this country

  8. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Madonna really cried when her donations for schools were stolen by the Ntila clan. How we badly wish that money was recovered! And none of the thieves was ever held accountable.
    Rumor has it that Madonna threw a big party when JB and PP lost the last elections. She was celebrating, on our behalf as Malawians, the demise of the broad daylight thieves, who have set our country back ten years, economically.

  9. mtima wa nyani says:

    nde mulola ndi kabala alowe zezentu.
    za uve skool ija inatha bwanji, zikuonekelatu apa cinyengo cayamba kale. ambasada iyeyu with all those ladies young people of mw who could be ambasadaz , inu koma madona. ekomome yathu akuidziwa agalu inu kusacedwa kuiwala mwaiwala pa dzana zomwe ananena maiyu. inde atha kumanga cipatalaco koma ana athuwa sakuuonapo inspiration yeneni bwanji osawaika ana athuwa ma ambasada.
    pali joji nkondiwa zomuyanja akudziwa comwe akucitapo pa nkhani imeneyi , akolole.

  10. Molvo says:

    A kadamanja, lankhulani bwino, uyu ndi mtsogoleri wathu wovomerezeka wako mtsogoleri adikire 2019, apo biiiii siya kukomenta…..

  11. kadamanja says:

    Ndikuwona Mr Ibu pa chithunzi apa. where is my president?

  12. free palestine says:

    The only thing am impressed about here is that she actually managed to keep her clothes on

  13. dadaboma says:

    Madonna be careful, this man called APM is a swindler, he wants to steal from you. And don’t overpraise him or his late brother because you may risk your continued welcome to Malawi when political regime changes. Under DPP Malawi ebbs into the worst economic woes, so be careful what you say – tame your excitement.

  14. boko harram says:

    Satanic group as made It again This stupid satana maddona she used malawi like her mine , Tell internationale Donner that she had building 50 free secondary & primary school here. Where is those school?? I can smell rubbish in Malawi now. Satan pitala he is trying to protect his fell Satan. Foetzk idot

  15. Malindima says:

    I loved her music from 1982 when she had just smashed her hit “Holiday” that topped the MBC chart. Never thought she would come up to her age doing good things she is doing till today for Malawi.
    We have stinking rich people in Malawi but they have no social responsibility to help mother Malawi. Honorable rich burglars, give back to Malawi for it is her that has made you what you are. To you in Diaspora, in professional well paying jobs, form an NGO and contribute to assist mother Malawi; your what you are because of her.

  16. Peter Ibu Mutharika needs to look at how he can learn to manipulate his mouth… Look at all the photos.

  17. thiwi says:

    Tell that Jah Messenger from Jamaica that Madonna was here in Malawi and got no ebola.

  18. Patriot says:

    Yes give credit where it’s due. But it would be such a foolish idea to just sit back and wait for celebrities from other countries to put us on the map. I don’t know if you made that point on a serious not, it’s saddening. That’s why most of Malawians are poor because of that kind of mindset. It’s high time we learnt how to rely on ourselves. We have done enough begging through donations & handouts, we need to start trading with other countries to strengthen our economy. That’s how we are going to put Malawi on the map for the betterment of every Malawian, not a publicity stunt performed by some celebrities. For your information, adopting kids from Africa, Philistines & any other poor countries puts those celebrities in the media. For them, it’s all about publicity…good or bad

  19. Nganali kombweke says:

    Kaya zanu izo

  20. Djomba says:

    Is this what we should call laughing? Guys I yet to see my president laighibg ….one day he will for sure…

  21. Bongololo says:

    In the first picture, is Mutharika’s face look like it’s making an attempt to crack a smile, or is that just a sly reaction of what’s going on in the front of his trousers? Mmmhhhh…

    1. dadaboma says:

      Don’t forget the man walks with a catheter.

  22. Ma says:

    Beggars beggars beggars!

  23. Bullshit says:

    Ben Phiri is indeed a man of the match at the moment. Where is Malopa?

  24. asolo says:

    Thats the way ro go Mr Prez- never bite the hand that feeds you like crazy women did in the previous regime! Give credit where its due- this woman Madonna can really help Malawi and put it on the world attention which can help tourm and investments. Some dunderheads with brains of prehistoric protoplasms will fry and criticize her out of pure distilled but will fail miserably!!!

  25. wa ndale josh says:

    paja nonse ndinu athakati/angelo a satana. U knw wat is behind ths relationshp. Nyaphaphi sazatheka

  26. Chatuluka says:

    The President realy lived in the USA, where you use these famous people to generate postive news for your country. Now she can adopt and campaign for child causes in return for using VVIP loounge. Bravo resident Mutharika, you understand how the world benefits from celebrities. Namibia uses Angellina Joliee, Lesotho Prince Harry and Uganda Rio Ferdinand, not the village fights with these people who travel with cheques that have no conditions. Welcome Malawi to a new era of international relations.

  27. nice man says:

    koma umphawi si zinthu amtaa, who is this lady called madonna?..kkkkk.

  28. Think Tank says:

    Let us give them our kids, as long as they build us hospitals and save more kids, kudos!!! Thats how poor people think!!!

  29. Zazi says:

    A Malawi tizivele chisoni kwambiri,ngati woyimba akuzipeleka kuti a mange chipatala/kochitila ma opaleshoni a ana ndindalama zozipeza akayimba nyimbo,koma ziko loti lili ndi anthu ambiri mbiri kulephela kutelo koma ndala zikapezeka kumango solola basi shame on us.mphaka muthu wankhulu dovu tchutchutchu chifukwacha ndalama za zimayi oyimba magitali? komadi kusauka kumapeleka uchisilu ku munthu waulemu wake. amalawi tizifuse kuti tilichitila chani dziko latu?

  30. Talibo ZOA says:

    Pamene JB akunamiza azungu kuti joisi Banda foundation imagwira ntchito za chifundo kuno ku malawi

    Sukulu yake ili busy kutolera school fees kwa ana ophunzira

    Mai zanu uyu akufuna amange za ulere muzione


  31. Patriot says:

    1. This guy lives on an island. He is completely disconnected to what is happening in the country hence his clueless leadership.
    2. You are failing to pay teachers on time, what education are you going to promote Mr. living on an island man?
    3. Madonna PLEASE Adopt Peter and Getu and take them with you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Goodwill Ambassador.
    You will do us good

    1. Hahahahahahahahahaa. Koma Abale. Eaten genre Kuti?

    2. DRAKE says:

      This is a stupid comment, for your information Peter Mutharika is a richman he has a practice in USA and has nothing to do with Madonnas Money, he simply wants our orphans to be helped as opposed to what OPONYO NTILA did by stealing for the cause of the orphans making Maddona Angry.

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