Madonna, Gucci raise $5.5m to help Malawi flood victims

US pop star Madonna and rapper Gucci Mane have raised $5.5 million from ticket sales and live auction to be channeled towards Malawians who have been affected by weeks of floods.The funds were raised during an event dubbed A Night to Benefit Malawi and UNICEF held in New York.

Charity star: Madonna raise money for Malawi flood victims

Charity star: Madonna raise money for Malawi flood victims

Flooded Malawi

Flooded Malawi

According to a statement from Raising Malawi on Friday, the proceeds will be split equally between the US Fund for UNICEF and Madonna’s organisation Raising Malawi.

“After passing through the red carpet, guests entered the cocktail area to view the photographs of Kristen Ashburn, a documentary photographer, whose work has taken her to southern Africa to capture the impact of AIDS in the region,” it said.

Guests at the sold-out event included musicians Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, rap mogul Sean Combs, actor Tom Cruise, musicians Nelly Furtado, Keri Hilson and Gwen Stefani, Donald and Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump and music producer Pharrel Williams.

They entered a Gucci-inspired amphitheater dinner room for a dinner catered by Olivier Cheng.

They were welcomed to their seats by African drummers and a live performance by the African Children’s Choir, it said.

Raising Malawi has been dedicated to bringing an end to the extreme poverty and hardship endured by the country’s 1 million orphans, over half of whom have been orphaned by AIDS.

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17 thoughts on “Madonna, Gucci raise $5.5m to help Malawi flood victims”

  1. nenazako says:

    bola asadyenso ngati zija anadya zija za Academy

  2. Aem says:

    I looked up the event mentioned, it happened in 2008. This article is not accurate. I knew that the minute I saw the name Jennifer Lopez and Marc together. Lol. And it was Gucci this event was held with not Gucci Mane.

  3. Chembe says:

    Imran,can’t blame you for being judgemental but that’s what makes Americans great and different

  4. brutsha says:

    Imraan Sadik @11 you sound conservative .Yes, Madonna might have used wicked means to raise money to help the flood victims. Well and good. Would you then use your conventional ways to raise money to assist the flood victims? Sounds more of a commentator than a player. You see, it’s easier for a commentator to suggest the best way to play the ball yet if given a chance to enter the field of play, he can hardly perform the same.

  5. We say thank you to Madonna and people of United States of America for timely donation to flood victims of Malawi.

  6. It’s not always about money,we must also think why the event attracted a lot of people and managed to source such huge amount of money “simple logic”. Madonna has a tendency of showing off what her mama gave her(showing off nipples,and her baby bum to attract huge crowd)
    I don’t think making money in this way is appropriate,if she’s using her nakedness to make quick MITAS what’s the difference between her and a Pros?

    1. Malawiboy says:

      I don’t believe either Madonna’s nipples or behind were on display at the dinner. If she raised 5.5 million dollars to help in this critical moment, good on her and God bless. You, what have you done? Put your money where your mouth is. Put up or shut up.

  7. ujeni says:

    Osati za ma Davido zanuzo, useless, Madonna thank you so much. Malawians are so silly the give red carpet to a boy from Nigeria kikikiki

  8. sd says:

    Great stuff

  9. Thanx our mama Madonna…osati foolish governmene and Meyors mxie…giving red carpet to the nigga Davido…kkkkk idiots..whats impact is he bringing to poor malawianz.Instead u will pay him huge somes of tax payers money..head like rizard..

  10. KANGAANJOBVU says:

    Many thanks a dona

  11. swale says:

    May God continue to bless you and protect you Madonna. You didn’t have to do it, it’s not your home but you did because you are a child of the world. A great example. Stay blessed

  12. Nkhombokombo says:

    This Star is a darling! Keep it up Madona! Whether we like her or not, we need her support.

  13. aphiri says:

    Lets hope raising Malawi will bring the money here. I don’t trust Madonna.last time she raised 15million dollars thru her charity organization but nothing came here.

  14. Japhy says:

    Ist gud thng frm Madona, not only her, but many pple hav been conserned by the flood, there hs bn so many millions goin to malawi in ths past weeks, the shameful thngs is our so_called leaders, thy wl put ths donations into their family accounts leaving the victims wth one bag of flour to share four families, ths flood is juckport for them, thy wl gt rich frm ths disaster,

  15. Moya says:

    In the name of Malawi floods the rich continue getting rich, she will hire a private jet to fly to Malawi for a week trip, the food, press, security and allowances total cost 2.5million balance $300,000 then raising trust buys blankets and maize flour, nawonso alowemo balance $50,000. for fuel and allowances for delivery of donation items valued at actual price of $ 10,000 and comes Unicef full of expetriates their dollar rate per hour $600 the rest u can calculate…i pity for my country and my people.

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