Madonna in Malawi with her adopted kids: Mutharika restores her VVIP status

US pop star Madonna  -who has adopted two Malawian-born children –  returned to Malawi on Wednesday  and had her VIP status restored by President Peter Mutharika after his predecessor stripped the same on her last  visit

Back in favour: Madonna shared this picture showing her playing with young Malawian country after arriving in the central African country for the first time since falling out with the former president in April last year

Back in favour: Madonna shared this picture showing her playing with young Malawian country after arriving in the central African country for the first time since falling out with the former president in April last year

Madonna has returned with  the two children she adopted from Malawi  and her other son for surprise talks with Mutharika.

UK’s Daily Mail reported that the singer’s visit will fuel speculation the star is looking to adopt another child after she posted pictures online today showing her playing with young Malawian children, apparently at an orphanage.

Madonna, who funds orphanages in the country and is helping to build schools and hospitals, was unceremoniously sent packing in April last year after a dispute with ex-president Joyce Banda.

Banda was quoted as slamming her for “making poor people dance for her” and that she was a “arrogant” and “bully”.

However, President Mutharika, who was elected in May polls, has restored Madonna’s VVIP status and wants to give her support for  philanthropist work in the impoverished country.

State House press secretary Frederick Ndala said: ‘We welcome Madonna as guest of the government and people of Malawi.

Ndala added: “The President appreciates the charity work she is doing for the people of Malawi.’

Madonna is scheduled to hold talks with President Mutharika on Friday at his official Kamuzu Palace in the capital, Lilongwe.

Madonna’s 12-member travelling party is believed to include sons Roco John Ritchie and David Banda and daughter Mercy Chifundo James.

While David’s adoption was smooth, a judge initially rejected Madonna’s adoption of Mercy on the grounds that billionaire star has not continuously lived in Malawi for two years prior to the adoption as required by law.

It took Malawi’s Supreme Court to okay the adoption describing the 1949 laws as archaic.

In her statement to the court, Madonna promised to be bringing her adopted children twice “every two or three years”.

The singer’s relationship with Malawi began in 2006 with David’s adoption, but soured after a report accused many of the local staff running her Raising Malawi charity of financial impropriety.


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62 thoughts on “Madonna in Malawi with her adopted kids: Mutharika restores her VVIP status”

  1. John Mckenna says:

    So easy to bag and be rude she has done a lot of good but some people will never see it that way.

  2. mabedi says:

    Dear Madonna, please adopt former First Gentleman Ada Banda- his wife is missing in action and her whereabouts are unknown! We are sending FBI and forensic experts from CSI to trace clues of her movements- also game-trackers are looking for a large mammal leaking cashgate funds trailing in her tracks!! please Madonna- help this poor man!



  4. Chakumudzi says:

    Bodza uyu ndi satanic true

  5. wiz says:

    well done the govt for appreciating madonna for kind gesture she is doing . all of you who say bad abt this person , regardkess of her background, how many of you here have managed to go and pick barely just 1 child who is disadvantaged in the homes and give them love and nurture them into your homes? you dont need to be rich to open your home to a needy child , love them and give them hope,. so stop castigating those who are doing that. those who claim satanism from madonna , i hope you are doing just the right thing in malawi caring for at least just one of these needy children in your homes and show them the love of God or else stop pointing fingers at others . do your bit and God will reward you. as for these adopted kids by Madonna, the message of the cross is preached all over the world so at some point they will hear it, the choice will be up to them to receive salvation when older regardless of background of upbringing. the best thing every malawian stable home/family can do is adopt/foster a child , love them, i mean not abuse them in our homes and give them hope,then maybe then they will not be adopted by well wishers from abroad.

  6. Joseph Pakhosi says:

    That’s a good move Mr President if a person help our Country its better to appreciate her.

  7. Louis mlomwe wachitonga says:

    my fellow Malawians let’s learn to say ZAITHWA when others do good to us

  8. Phodox says:

    Madona loves balls all the times. If she is not playing with just one ball then she is playing with two balls. Thats madonna. This is what she does even here in Bay City, USA. I like Mado.

  9. Blessings says:

    It is well dat she has came back wth de babys….

  10. atambwali says:

    Mabedi, what animal is SHURRUP?

    1. mabedi says:

      atambwali, am very aware of the Engrish elocutions without pelambulating around the periheries of the subject matter amwene!! Aise, i graduated from Chitawira Primary with a FULL primary certificate- what certifications do you have?? you are just a vendor selling lotion to ” increase shafty” amwene!

  11. Taweni says:

    I hope the children would not join the unpleasant legues of unMalawian sexualities.


    1. nyani wachabechabe says:

      have been to Balaka and have you read what goes on in Balaka on a daily basis?? people having carnal knowledge of chickens, goats and 3 year old children. are those ,Malawian sexualities Taweni?? please climb out of the rock that you are sleeping under and welcome to the real world!! Jehovaaaaah!

  12. mamudi says:

    Madonna, ndiwe wathu wathu!
    (Madonna, you’re our very own!)

    Malawi loves you and appreciates all that you try to do for them.

  13. bromaya says:

    Nyasa, show us mercy and davids photos pliz.

  14. Nana Chione says:


  15. MUNTHU WASATANIC UYU mzake ndi mama jb nayenso ndi wa nizimu

  16. Mbanangwa says:

    David and Chifundo have had their lives changed completely. They have somebody who loves them and can provide bread, medical care, education etc on them. We salute such good cts except that st a tender age as they are, they loose a lot of cultural heritage.

  17. Pacharo says:


  18. Ngalamayi says:

    Well,of course Madonna’s status will be restored! With no donor funding to steal from, cash must be found elsewhere. I hope Madonna’s advisers prevent her contributing to Madonnagate: she needs to protect what she gives Malawi’s poor.

  19. Pacharo says:

    Is this big girl, Mercy?

  20. mr malawi says:

    can’t u see the children’s are happy with their live’s who would do here despite Madonna blessed you

  21. Havez al Sahalaaw says:

    Which Hospital you Nyasatimes. Ife timakudalirani so don’t start white washing this woman

  22. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    I know Peter Mutharika is now busy boot leaking Madonna so that she can help to fund the idiotic zero deficit budget. Unya uona unkayetsa kukhala president wa dziko ndi chinthu chamasewera zidankanika mkulu wako izi kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  23. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Shame on you Madonna for funding this idiot Mutharika and DPP to rig elections in order to get rid of JB. But its not a surprise to many Malawians since both of you are lunatic. Anyway feel free to eat and dine with APM but what ever your are doing in dark shall come to light one day!

  24. iyawm says:

    madonna and the DPP is equal to love and prosperity….asakufuna asamukile ku north

  25. Dreamliner says:

    Kosowa chochita eti? Adress the real issues affecting the. ordinary Malawian who doesn’t really care whether this fraudster uses the Presidential lounge at the airport or not


    Why only adopting malawian kids.Why not Zambians,Mozambicans,Indians etc.Shame on the nation.Poti amapanga adopt achewa ndi alomwe opanda midzi.Ife atumbuka sizingatheke.Dzulo chimulomwe cha ku mulanje chinabwera ndi mkazi ndi ana awiri kukalima ku Mzimba basi chasiya mkazi ndi ana mu Mzuzu depot icho kuthawa.Kutereku ali kwa Luwinga kusungidwa ndi atumbuka omwe mumawanyozawo.Zi anthu zopanda khalidwe zikangobereka basi mkazi ndi ana osawathandiza alibe nawo ntchito.Kubereka kokhako mumaziwa agalu inu komakusamala njeeee!ZITSIRU.

  27. Muller says:

    Hahah Amalawi Amzanga! One thing u fail 2 undrstand. Taking ur relative 2 live with is not an adoption. I a real sense nd in a simple English. Adoption is not Meant 4 relatives rather ppl who you have no any means of similar Identity with. Madona is doing her work by adopting our Malawian Chldrn, bt one thing we dont figure is how is she living with those chldrn. Remember America is full of Satanism, how sure are u tht ths adopted kids are not being taught of tht. Wake up Malawi.

    1. nyani wachabechabe says:

      you have the brain of a one-legged goat and the morals of a pedophile from Balaka!!how many children have u adopted and what religion do u follow?? did you see that so-called Jesus strep in Africa-do u think he cares about Africans- just follow your bogus false prophets who siphon money from your anal sphincters!! gedddimmttt!!

  28. Malawiana says:

    Madonna should just adopt APM. At the rate things are going, the man is seems mentally and emotionally challenged hence the need for proper care in the hands of those people who have proven track record in raising disadvantaged Malawians.

  29. NYANJWERA says:


  30. Z AVIA NS says:

    Za zii!

  31. That is the only DPP can do as of now the whole president nkhani yake it.

  32. the abductor says:

    I think she can make a good wife. Andisamale.

  33. CK says:

    Adoption can only be done in court. Most of the things done are informed by common sense and may at times be illegal

  34. sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    Welcome Madonna.Enjoy your holiday at Kumbali Lodge where the corrupt Muluzi sold a huge land to the Boer named Guy while the natives around do not have enough land to cultivate and also dont forget to adopt the two gogos Pitala and JB.They are all fraud to this impoverished country caused by their greediness and their visionless leadership.Now they r busy hunting each other as to who looted most during their respective cashgate.Hold your purse firmly. You cant trust these two gogos.
    Malawi is in dire poverty because of them.They r all swimming in billions.Pitala had nothing from states after spending years into some unknown colleges in some sleepy Missouri.Now he has alot of houses and expensive cars.Joyce too is busy looking for sympathy from Malawians.These are the two gogos involved in the massive looting of tax payers money.They r all frauds looking to deep their fingers in your purse not knowing you are clever American woman who works so hard to make your dollars with your acrobatic dances.
    I will visit you at Kumbali to greet David and Mercy.They r all looking fine drinking from bottled water and eating expensive meals washing down with expensive juices.
    This tiny country is hell to live in.Life has become so unbearable for an ordinary Malawian from the senseless and greedy looting of the two consciousless gogos and other cashgate thieves.Dont be taken by the the Vip treatment.Be on your guard from these crooks for the Red carpet treatment you have been welcomed.Pitala and Joyce Banda r all thieves.

    1. fkr says:

      You stupid need to get your history right. Banda sold the kumbali land not muluzi, by the sounds of it before your racist ass was even born. You sound like a looser whining, grow up and talk sense. Where is madonna supposed to stay ?at chinese hotel with cracked foundation ready to fall over smelling like Chinese maotai and spit on the walls? At least there is one place in Lilongwe where a international music star can be safe and secure because everywhere else you just get robbed. I think she had done so much good for this country that you can’t imagine. She had promoted Malawi even though she was treated by Malawi like shit. We don’t have the common sense to see the wood from the trees. Since davids adoption and madonna appearing on all American prime time talk shows and good morning America. Tourism from the usa to Malawi had increased 410%. What have you done to increase much needed tourism? What have you done to bring dollars into the country? What have you done to promote Malawi and another thing Kumbali advertises Malawi all over the world promoting eco and cultural tourism bring much needed foreign currency into the country so that you can have electricity, fuel and food. These people all try their best for our country. When are you going to do your part except for complaining.

    2. getrude says:


  35. mabedi says:

    We love u Madonna- u r number one Malawi Citizen!

  36. nginere Elho says:

    We love you madona

  37. where is joyce? says:

    mpakana lelo i still haven’t met a malawian who has adopted a child.

    1. OGO!! says:

      There are Malawians who have adopted children belonging to their relatives and some of people they do not know.

      The only difference is it is not publicized as much as this Madonna issue for one, being a foreigner and a pop star and that publicity comes with her status. The fact that her adoption also bypassed the procedures that are to be followed in such cases..make it more of an attractive story.

      Koma I personally know people who have and took them abroad, UK , US and Germany….

      1. fkr says:

        You a dumb ass. This lady is followed by the press from Hollywood. How is she supposed to hide adopting kids? Should she not tell the world how proud she is of her adopted children? Should she not give her children all the best in the world. What do you want her to do? Build a shitty mud hut for the adopted kids to live in and eat ntsima? These children will get the best of everything in life and may actually come back and rule Malawi one day.

        1. OGO!! says:

          What are you on about? Lol

          Nkhani ili apa ndi yoti munthu walemba kuti no Malawians adopt ana..we have just highlighted to him kuti alipo even though saamamveka. Uyu publicity follows her…so who has said anything about mud huts and all that? Are you sure your comment was meant for this line of comment by ‘Where is Joyce’?

          well tamva! lol

    2. nginere Elho says:

      Iwe “where is joyce” you are either a stupid malawian living in foreign countries or a mad malawian leaving right here in malawi. I live with orphans and i know a lot of friends and other neighbours doing the same due HIV scourage and iwe kumakamba zopusa chonchi. Stop this bullshit in public.

      1. mabedi says:

        Shurrup your dirty mouth! When i take a relative it is not an adoption! That is ur relative! When u take on a non- relative that is an adoption! Jeezus!!

        1. mtimaso says:

          Ndipo ndimadabwa mu malawi muno muli anthu osabereka koma achuma koma not adopting even one child! Shame.

        2. phiri says:

          adoption: “legally” take another’s child and bring it up as one’s own.

  38. mangochi kabwafu says:

    VIP? my foot

  39. ujeni says:

    Is this article a quote from shitty Daily mail, Where are the hospitals she is building? On another note Madonna is almost a billionair so Mutharika mutengeni bwino mayi ameneyu mwina ka $100m kokha she can give which will be less than $50m short of what we get in budget support from donors

  40. innocent says:

    Abale anga awiri muwatengeko adona. Mukafunanso osuka mbale – ndikuthandizani.

  41. Tengupenya says:

    Malawi ndi cashgate paliponse. mpakana izi zimenezi zinathyola mnyanga wa njobvu kulepheretsa academy ya atsikana atamukama Madonna?

  42. Jimmy says:

    Thanks Madonna for your good work,only that some ppl dnt acknowledge good work which is done by somebody when they are on top positions.They become jelousy not to hear somebodies name being praised only theirs.

  43. Jokujoku says:

    If she want to adopt another child from Malawi then just give her ALL the orphans who are in the country. Why only Malawi. Whtas so special with it

  44. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    I can’t understand the whole issue of Madonna

  45. MLOMWE says:

    So u have worked. bringing back VVIP status basi

  46. phyllis says:

    Right now it is only Madonna helping Malawi-all donors ran away because of JB and her sick family!! KEEP IT UP MATERIAL GIRL!! Adopt more kids- JB has run away and abandoned her husband- she is seeking Green Card in the US!!

    1. Zalewa Roadbrock says:


      Phylis. You are sick. Why you?

  47. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Let her be an important visitor in Malawi. We have welcomed Asians, Nigerians, Somalis, Burundis, Pakistans and others who just come to reap Malawi. I have never seen citizens who sell their own land to foreigners, welcome foreigners who never invest but import materials for sell hence externalize money, who come to trade even in beer and chips.
    Tulo a Malawi. Where and how would the two children be if Madonna did not adopt them?

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