Madonna meets President Mutharika, vows support for more Malawi projects

American pop star Mdonna on Monday met President Peter Mutharika at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe a day after she inspected construction works for a miultimillion dollar, two storey magnifiscent and the first ever padriatric ward and intensive care unit which she is funding   at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre.

Mutharika in a meeting with Madonna - Photo courtesy of Malawi State House

Mutharika in a meeting with Madonna – Photo courtesy of Malawi State House

Photo opportunity: Malawi President Mutharika with Madonna- Photo courtesy of Malawi State House

Photo opportunity: Malawi President Mutharika with Madonna- Photo courtesy of Malawi State House

Presidential Press Secretary Mgeme Kalirani said in a statement made available to Nyasa Times that Mutharika and Madonna had a myriad of issues  to discuss in her capacity as Goodwill Ambassador for Child Welfare in Malawi.

Among the issues discussed, according to Kalilani, among the issues discussed included projects the singer is funding in Malawi through her Rising Malawi.

Madonna’s foundation, Raising Malawi, is constructing the 50-bed children ward .

The Presidential spokesman said Madonna “informed” the Malawi leader that construction works for the project are “almost complete and that she will now be moving to the second phase of the project which is procurement of equipment and furnishing of the clinic.”

The pop diva further informed the President that the hospital shall offer “free services”  with a small section for paying patients, said Kalilani.

The State House statement said President Mutharika hailed Madonna for the progress made on the project and assured the pop diva of his government’s committed to supporting her initiatives.

“The President believes the project shall have an enormous impact on government programmes aimed at saving lives of children in the country as well as on improving health delivery services in general,” reads the statement.

The children’s unit is a 50-bed ward and will enable the hospital to increase the number of surgeries for children at the hospital by almost 100%.

Once operational in early 2017, the clinic will be the first Intensive Care Unit for pediatric surgery in Malawi.

Madonna was meeting President Mutharika for the second time having first met in November 2014  when Mutharika appointed her as Malawi’s Ambassador for Child Welfare.

Prior to Mutharika’s ascendance to power, Madonna had a stormy relationship with Malawi’s ex-president Joyce Banda who stripped the pop star’s VIP status.

Banda accused Madonna of being bad-mannered and of pressing everlasting gratitude from Malawians simply because she adopted two children.

Madonna adopted two Malawian children namely Mercy James and David James who joined her during her visit to Malawi.

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Anything that relieves suffering in this world should be praised. Well done Madonna.

Hanz Dawun

Thank you Madonna


watimangila zimenezi, basi wina nkumati madonna abweze DAVID and CHIFUNDO? kumati tisamupatseso mwana wina? mwakhuta chani kodi????

Apparently, JB was the one exhibiting jealousy, in typical Malawi fashion. Not Madonna, for crying out loud. There is a reason that word, “jelasi” merits mentioning in the nation’s National Anthem. Everytime I sing that anthem, I am loudest at that word; with emphasis! Madonna just wanted her efforts to be acknowledged, rather than her personality disparaged. Think of it this way: it was like helping a relative at home, helping them big time – like paying for them to learn how to drive a car or truck, and when they do not even acknowledge. What the …? Madonna must… Read more »

I dont know what that former PS of education(name witheld)who is parked at the Warehouse would now say. One wonders if she was so good, as we were told when she was being appointed, why does she allow herself to be parked in the warehouse like a sardine? Why cant she ask Madonna to give her a good job?


CWN iwe galu! A Malawi mungoti God God and yet your actions and deeds are far removed from God.Most of you just use God to mask yur evil deeds.One day God will be annoyed and deliver his punishment.Most people believe in God and so do I but please stop cheating people. People can see through you! Madonna is helping Malawi and leave God out of this you stupid people with nothing to do in your life.You know who you are.You speak ill of others including your relations and think you are better than them. SHAME! Iliterate Malawians!


What does ‘ most desirable area’ mean. Are you saying and area with the most daft and needy people? Madonna helps the most needy which is what you are referring to: The most needy, daft, lazy and poor people who do not even have a hint when choosing leadership

I’ll have you know that what Madonna stands for is NOT in the best interest of Malawi and it’s people. “NOT ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLD” remember that…This woman is not of God and whatever deals she brings to the table is only a means of ushering in a dark spirit into this country. You’ll do well to do your homework and find out what this woman really represents…I wouldn’t get excited so quickly but I am aware many will fight this as hatred and that’s ok but do mark my words, “Everything is not what it seems”…may God hedge… Read more »
Andrew Nyirenda

Maganizo amatisaukitsa aja ndi awa. Everything zimakathera kwa God…everything every time God God God….

WHAT THE F>>? Madonna is just trying to HELP and what do you have to say about it-babbling drivel and utter nonsense about a deity that does not care about black people and is a residue of colonial enslavement!!what are you babbling about?? why has this God of yours allowed us to be so poor, lazy, incompetent, jealous, moronic, retrogressive, bloodsucking, parasitic, barbaric, thieving, obsequieos, butt-licking, albino-eating,villagish miserable flea-bitten peasants while all our neighbors are doing soooo well?? it’s becoz there are people like you and the former PS of education and her big sister who ran the economy to… Read more »
Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche
Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche

No doubt you are the warehoused former PS for Education, young sister the thieving fat-cat abiti kazhigheti…go to hell and rot with your shining and glittering green with envy. You idiots will never ran this country again.

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