Madonna to build children’s unit in Malawi Queens Hospital

US pop diva Madonna on Thursday launched a 50-bed pediatrics ward  at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in the commercial capital Blantyre.

Good cause: Madonna also visited the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi's second largest city and commercial capital, seen here with surgical trainees and her daughter

Good cause: Madonna also visited the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi’s second largest city and commercial capital, seen here with surgical trainees and her daughter

Charity work: The singer mixed with medical staff and children at the hospital

Charity work: The singer mixed with medical staff and children at the hospital

Raising Malawi director, Sarah Ezzy, said the new facility is the first dedicated pediatric intensive care unit in the country.

Ezzy told reporters at the hospital  that Raising Malawi, a non-profit charity organization co-founded by Madonna in 2006, would build and donate the two-story facility and collaborate with the Ministry of Health to help support the unit’s initial operations.

“The new facility will double the number of surgeries for children performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and will provide the first dedicated pediatric intensive care unit in the country,” she added.

She said the project represented an expansion of the charity’s work at Queen Elizabeth since 2008 with Eric Borgstein, one of only three pediatric surgeons working in Malawi.

The partnership with Madonna’s charity organization has helped Borgstein develop a pediatric surgical training program under the College of Surgeons of East Central and Southern Africa.

“Construction of the pediatric surgery and intensive care unit is expected to start in February 2015,” said Ezzy.

Madonna  was accompanied by her two adopted Malawian children, David Banda and Mercy Chifundo James. Her  biological son, Roco John Ritchie, also was on the visit .

She is expected to meet President Mutharika on Friday in capital Lilongwe, according to presidential press secretary Fredrick Ndala.

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15 thoughts on “Madonna to build children’s unit in Malawi Queens Hospital”

  1. I Wonder most guys why do u put ur real names onto ur coments u give good comments that can help malawi .

  2. abitisikuni says:

    a peter mathanyula kodi munthu akaonda nde kuti wadwala…Those of us who went to school with that Nurse we know she has never been sick as you think….on the contrary she is one the brightest …you can go to st marys girls and see her perfomance then…You must be sick in the head….inu nde muli bwino?

  3. Redeemed says:

    I admire this lady madonna, she indeed understands the term charity, unlike Oprah Wifrey who poured water into the sea, and before she knew it, she got drown.

  4. wobeba wanga says:

    Mwana akuoneka bwino uyu, e e e e e!!!!!!!! asapitenso ndimkwatire ine, e e e !!! good material

    1. Redeemed says:

      A useless pervet

  5. Ndangodutsamo says:

    Otimvera chisoni adzikhala anthu akunja chonchi.Tikatolera misonkho then comes the Mpwiyos,Lutepos,Sitholes, Kasambalas and those whose list is endless mkumaba.Kumamanga nyumba ndi magalimoto udula ife ogwira ntchito mkutisandutsa zidzete mmalawi muno.MULUNGU ACHITE NANU.Did we need Madona for help if our monies were used prudently???Ma mk 50000 aja zonse zinakwana zingati.Couldnt that be used to hire water bousers to get water from Mulunguzi dam to help our sisters in Blantyre???Mxiiiiii

  6. KIOKA says:


    1. Redeemed says:

      No, she is proudly African, I wish we Africans could begin to embrace our heritage enough to drop all this sick mentality of articial look. How do we expect a white man to respect us when we redicle and resent our selves.

  7. Lake Malawi says:

    This is a very good gesture Madonna please continue the good work of asssting the needy. To you Government officials please use all the resources properly we don’t want hear another cashgate again. since you people the moment you see money your body is always in shock and you start shivering. Please control your appetite for things which don’t belong to you.

  8. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    I am surprised no one has yet complained to say Madonna should spend the money by building a new center in Lilongwe olo Mzuzu. I guarantee you, though, some one will complain: and ridiculously suggest that would be in the interest of sharing development.
    Most pediatricians would prefer to live in Blantyre, abale, for various reasons!

  9. Chemwali chimwene says:

    Wandiseketsa koma walemba zoona mbale. Rising Malawi must do it alone, if the ministry of health gets unvolved abapo and we will end up with a substandard structure or a incomplete building

  10. dopababi shopa says:

    Never ever donate hard cash to pple if MW. We’re good @ cashgating. Construct and handover us the building. Thupi limayabwa tikaona hard cash. Too much selfishness

  11. Peter Muthanyula says:

    One of the nurses in the photo looks sick already. C’mon Malawians, we can do better with our diets!

    1. Kyungu IV says:

      Wayward thinking, health is not looking Fat. Muziwerenga and get knowledge. such commenting says more of ourself

  12. mabedi says:

    Fantastic work Madonna! Our officials only think of stealing govt funds and when they get sick they use the same govt money to fly to South Africa to het expensive treatment. Look what happenned to Bingu and that reptile Mphwiyo! Raising Malawi would have benefitted so many girls like Mercy but look what happenned?? Are wr humans or are we just monkeys acting lkke humans?? Look in the mirror my people and u will be shocked! Fotseki!!!

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