Mahuka resigsn as Finance Director at Escom: Under pressure from DPP

Director of Finance at power utility provider, Escom, Betty Mahuka, has resigned.

Betty Mahuka: Quits

Betty Mahuka: Quits

Kitty Chingota: No comment

Kitty Chingota: No comment

Insiders reveal that she has been under too much pressure from top governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials to award lucrative ESCOM contracts to DPP  members with a view to indirectly fund the party’s operations.

“Being a professional, she could not withstand to such pressure and she has finally decided to quit and move on,” said the insider, who asked for anonymity.

Mahuka was not immediately available for comment.

Escom public relations manager Kitty Chingota could not comment on resignation.

The power utility company has been rocked by extreme inefficiency with the country experiencing unprecedented power outages hours on end, every day.

Observers say inefficiency is due to too much interference from the ruling party officials who have taken ESCOM as the ‘fat cow’ to milk through unscrupulous business deals.

Many Malawians now are reminiscing the Joyce Banda and People’s Party era (201-2014) when power in the country rarely went out, which positively contributed to rapid economic recovery.

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15 thoughts on “Mahuka resigsn as Finance Director at Escom: Under pressure from DPP”

  1. Blackoutalldayeverydat says:

    DPP sizatheka. It sacked some professional senior officers for the same reason Mahuka has resigned. But God watches over his people. It never lasted two years after the sacking God took control of the situation. He will also take control of the situation this time if DPP does not change in bleeding the country white. God is watching. It is repeated God is watching. This cannot continue forever including Ministers having agents to syphone money for them from silly orders. God is watching. God is watching He never fails his people but people fail HIM by putting in power wrong people.

  2. Zaithwa says:

    is she not the wife of MTL late boss who finished the company and establish quick pass. Those days there was a syndicate of corrupt heads between escom and mtl

  3. James Amin says:

    Jean Mathanga , the ESCOM chair, must have the Presidents good ear. This is the lady who has just been appointed Electoral commissioner, and the one State house communication director Molande talked about when asked about the Presidents view about Electoral commissioners who are already drawing funds from the public purse. The President apparently said….its ok…he doesn’t see a problem because its not a permanent position.She is believed to be the lady who hounded Mrs Mahuka from ESCOM because she refuses to sign for documents without the board`s approval. Is it any wonder she is presiding over 8 hour daily blackouts?

  4. Against everything either good or bad for the sake of being UDF, anyhu ena ndi omvetsa chisoni ngati a Imraan Sadick. Its very true Electricity improved during Joyce Bandas ruling and yet others choose to talk rubbish. UDF/DPP blind supporting idzakuphani baba or che zadick!

  5. thumbwe man says:

    Nyasa, Joseph Mwanaveka is one of the ministers who has just supplied a cool 30M materials without any formal tender or proper documentation using his son. Evidence is straight forward, verify with the receiving office, muzipeza.

  6. Drakest says:

    Betty Mahuka has resigned from ESCOM because of high level corruption, this corruption began during the time of
    UDF and it has been going on. There is too much political interferences at ESCOM to the dislike of many professionals. For example ESCOM house got burnt in 2013 October three years down the line the Corporation is paying huge sums of rentals rather than speed up the construction of their multistorey office complexes due to interferences by some board members who want to have a share in the contracts. There is high level of corruption in their procurement of goods, the current Manager in procurement is a known corrupt person who is being defended by certain powerful people and is highly connected. The Management of ESCOM is also highly compromised, full of Engineers who know nothing about corporate governance, they defend one another on terrible crimes like illegal connections. There was a case of Escom B racket operating in Lilongwe, this was a parallel gangs of linesmen constructing and connecting customers illegally , upon investigations it transpired that a Senior Manager and Senior Engineer were involved, instead ofnthese people being suspended theywere simply transferred from Lilongwe to Blantyre and one was sent to UK for masters degree. There is an illegal car scheme for Managers this scheme is not fit to be in a public company like Escom which fails even to buy big generators to add up to their deficiency in producing enough electricity. This public utility has over 45 Managers plus 4 Management team, Managers get an allocation of K25-35million per head to buy latest cars on the market every four years Directors get K35-55million per head every four year after completion they get the cars free of charge. Most of these cars dont do Escoms work but personal businesses and its guarded secret at Esco, Board members are given a different version of the policy, as a public entity established by act of Parliament and with their failures to generate enough energy they dont deserve this luxury. Mahuka is a known devoted Adventist, who can not withstand the corruption, mismanagement, and unplanned procurements can not compromise with the happenings at ESCOM.

  7. Mgift says:

    Nzoona amabera ku Escom ku water board .osauka tax iwowo nkumaba this is foolish.

  8. Kkkkkkkl take your garbage somewhere else
    Joyce Banda was the worst Big Kahuna Malawi has ever had

    1. mfundisi says:


    2. Okwiya says:

      This joker you have at statehouse is one worst thing that has ever happened to this country. Joyce Banda was far much better than this joker. Mention one single sector that we can point to say there is something happening. All he does is protect his corrupt, thieving ministers and assistants. Cartoon of a president

  9. Chonchobe says:

    chitsime chimadziwika kuti ndichakuya chikaphwa

  10. M Sizini says:

    Many of us have been very quick to blame our return to the Pre-electric Age on the INCOMPETENCE of ESCOM. However, we seem to be slower at blaming it on massive CORRUPTION. After all, we ask ourselves, where is the scope for corruption in the supply – or failure to supply – electricity. We can answer that question by studying the recent history of corruption and fraud at TANESCO, Tanzania.

    Two years ago, donors withheld US$449,000,000 out of proposed donations of US$558,000,000 due to corruption in Tanzania’s energy sector. For example, some of those with positions of leadership were deliberately producing less electricity than necessary, while at the same time controlling the importation of generators to be supplied two to each village.

    By sacking some corrupt ministers and party officials, President Magufuli has had some success in reducing Tanzania’s serious corruption problem in the electricity supply sector. However, he will need to wield his surgical scalpel and amputation saw more courageously and less hesitantly if he is to succeed in removing the cancer of corruption and the gangrene of fraud that continue to jeopardize Tanzania’s economic development. Many of us believe that he has already shown that he has the guts to do what is necessary.

    It is more difficult to believe that our own leaders have the stomach or the knowledge to do the job. As I suggested above, they could begin by studying the ongoing Tanzanian situation.

    While we lie awake listening to the Hellish night-music produced by our neighbours’ generators, it would be nice to think that there is somebody out there, also awake, who is looking for solutions. There are solutions. However, the existence of the necessary political will is questionable.

    1. Thitherward \'wendo says:

      A couple of days ago, SuKam, an Indian company, published a statement saying that it no longer operates in Malawi and that companies operating in Malawi under its name will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

      This company manufactures and sells, solar panels, pure sine wave inverters, and UPSs. We do not need to stretch our imaginations very far to suspect that government and ESCOM employees might be using a bogus SuKam to market the equipment necessary to compensate for the failure of the national grid to provide adequate electricity.

      I don’t suppose that either the Police Service or the media fraternity will consider this possibility worth investigating.

  11. Impi says:

    DPP is a God-sent punishment to Malawians so that they are able to realise that satan is real and is in human beings and he gathered the satanists together and called them DPP so that in future the people should say there was a time the devil ruled and the country was indeed on fire – thieves can never be blessed with prosperity, not even rains

  12. Kokani says:

    Kukhala nzimayi sichifukwa abale taonani Joice Banda ended this power outrages in Malawi. She even did alot of installation of electricity in Malawi mbava izi zilibusy kuba ndalama. Ubwino wake amene mmavotera DPP ndi amene mulipakati kulira ife a opposition tilichete tionana pa 2019. Thimitsani magetsiwo komanso chotsani madziwo.

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