Makande denies giving Mphwiyo ’10 days’ ultimatum: Testifies in shooting case

Former Peoples Party (PP) Publicity Secretary Hophmary Makande has told the Lilongwe High court that the party never used public funds in any of its activities when it was in power.

Makande: Testified

Makande: Testified

Makande was in court as a second witness for Macdonald Kumwembe who together with lawyer Ralph Kasambala and businessman Pika Manondo are answering attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder on former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo.

During cross examination by Director of Public Prosecution ((DPP), Mary Kachale , Makande was asked if  as publicity secretary ‘he was in the know as to how PP was getting its funding.’

“As a party, we were getting funding from the President and a few well wishers,” answered Makande.

Kachale further asked if the party was using public funds for day to day party events and or during the campaign.

“Never, as I said the party never used public funds, may be during the period I left because I was booted out about two to three weeks before the campaign” he said.

Makande refused to be drawn to comment on Mphwiyo’s claims that politicians were pressurising him to make payments.

“I did not give Mphwiyo 10 days to make payments. I don’t know anything and, therefore, cannot say anything. But I know that Pika Manondo [second accused] and Mphwiyo were good friends. His brother lived with Mphwiyo some years back and they were always together,”said Makande.

Makande also revealed that former Justice Minister Raphael Kasambara, who is facing the charge of conspiracy to murder the former budget director, never wanted Mphwiyo to be appointed into that position.

“Kasambara was against Paul Mphwiyo’s appointment as budget director. In fact, I remember one day while we were eating nsima at his house, Kasambara said Mphwiyo has a bad track record and he would mess up things at the Ministry of Finance,” said Makande.

Earlier, Makande told the court that he joined the then ruling PP three weeks before the party convention where he was elected as Publicity Secretary.

The case has since been adjourned to tomorrow, January 5 2016 from 9am

Mphwiyo was shot outside the gate of his Area 43 residence in Lilongwe on September 13 2013, a shooting which is believed to have exposed the plunder of public resources at Capital Hill that came to be known as Cashgate.

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19 thoughts on “Makande denies giving Mphwiyo ’10 days’ ultimatum: Testifies in shooting case”

  1. Truck says:


  2. Paul Yorkey Longwe says:

    Onse angomangidwa ngakuba angamatikhazike ndi njala ife ngati ma refugees ndalama zokhala zathu

  3. selfish decision says:

    It mean Joyce chose Mphwiyo on that position deriberately knowing how crooked he was . Spill the beans guys apa nkhani ikusongola

  4. Zanga Phee! says:

    At least we know where we arwe heading to.See my name.

  5. more $ says:

    The truth will come out. Without knowing what they are saying, all these people are confessing to the crimes they committed or they are unwittingly exposing her. Where was the madam president getting the funds for the running of the pp?

  6. levelheaded says:

    The same Mphwiyo was regarded a saint by JB to be paraded as the state witness now that he is to be caught by the arm of law, everyone is keeping a distance. Mary Kachale squeeze them, this last phase is your toughest, it comprises the big fishes, the most crooked.

  7. Beast Msonda says:

    Kasambara and his friend Makande on one side and the other side we have joyisi banda and her cashgate accomplice Paul Mphwiyo.

  8. Kenkkk says:

    Mercy that is speculation. But I can also speculate that Kasambara was right in view of the mess mphwiyo caused, hence Ralph had a better judgement than jb and more concerned about protecting our money and good governance.

  9. Mkodzo Okhau Ngwanga Koma Bibiyu Ai…Kkkkk Wapadzala Akhoza Kutisonyeza Wa Pa Tsindwitu Apa. (1) How Come A Secretary General Of A Ruling Party Can Be Conversant With Top Govt. Appointments Viz A Viz Kasambala’s Deslike Of Mphwiyo’s Hiring. (2) Transparency And Accountability, The President And Few Well Wishers Funded The Party. These Two Confessions Is A Self Set Bait For The Mother Shark, Makande Look What You Have Done, Joisi Is Exposed. Look Now Kasambala Put Into Record That Jb, Bj,prophet Elias, Cicilia Kumpukwe..As Witnesses. Raphael Tried To Fake Illness But To No Avail, Now, This Is Scream Or Sink Do Or Die. Shall I Prophesy Go Deeper… In Two Weeks Time Malawians Her Exellency Dr Joyce Banda In The Dock.

  10. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Makande is NOT telling the truth: PP used public funds all the time. And the record is clear on this one. Why some intelligent people, like Makande, would lie in court, under oath baffles me.
    Kasambara and Manondo are knee deep in this matope a makande (fiasco). Not easy to extricate themselves from this mess. Reporting in their favor (elsewhere) will not influence the judge one bit.

  11. MyViews says:

    Now things are beginning to add up. This cashgate and shooting affair will all revolve around Mphwiyo and Kasambara. Now looking at Makande’s responses, where he says PP was getting funding from its president and well wishers, this points to JB as the main recipient of cashgate proceeds. Now she needs to come and explain where she was getting those funds from. That’s why she is hiding. And also note that the said well wishers included Lutepo who we heard crying of being used and dumped by JB.

    Now you see? By the way, Makande by saying PP did not use public funds for campaign, my question is: Is using government and ESCOM vehicles to ferry supporters not public funds? Is distributing maize drawn from NFRA not using public funds? Malawians, we are sleeping!

  12. Hens master says:

    Government should give cash gate buses to our colleges by 10 January 2016. Mzuzu university, poly, Chanco luannar etc

  13. Hens master says:

    Got should give cash gate buses to our colleges by 10 January 2016. Mzuzu university, poly, Chanco luannar etc

  14. Kazimbi says:

    This is conspiracy to murder charge. Its not exactly fraud or corruption. Nonetheless misunderstanding in fraud can trigger intention to murder. However strong evidence must be on potential consiparacry. I see in this case focus is on cashgate and what these r charged with which might weaken the case. Thus a layman analysis.

  15. lackison says:

    Makande will tell us more here but jumbe us is a crook now trying to play us games

  16. Mapwevupwevu says:

    So Makande has admitted that Joyce Banda and her so called wellwishers (Lutepo, Kalonga, Senzani…)were the main cashgate culprits!

  17. 2016 welcome says:

    If I may isolate one cashgate incident. At the Police National Headquarters in Area 30, we have those buses. My understanding is that there are rigorous procedures when importing goods in Malawi. If political parties are refusing wrong doing yet we all know that they were behind cashgate, in whose name were those buses imported. Are we sure at Dares salaam port or Durban or whichever port that cleared the buses do not have documents? In goodwill person knows that DPP dubiously bought buses for campaign and PP copied the same style of swindling ngati tax payers money.

  18. mercy Nyirongo says:

    The cashgate marathon has began Makande says Kasambala did not was former president to appoint Paul Mphwiyo as Budget Director so it can also be conckded as Makande has said Kasambala could not want Paul Mphwiyo to stay alive…..the Genesis of cashgate has began waiting for day 2 tommorow

  19. Joseph Banda says:

    can it be that the case has been adjourned to tomorrow 5th January, 2016 or we are reading history?

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