Mal-administration at Malawi Central Medical Stores Trust

There is dissatisfaction coupled with growing frustrations at the Central Medical Stores Trust (CMST)following the hiring of a new acting procurement manager Sam Zuze, who is a board member of the Beautify Malawi (Beam) charity group,  a brainchild of First Lady Getrude Mutharika.

Kaupa: CMST boss

Kaupa: CMST boss

Zuze, who only holds a bachelors degree in financial accounting is said to be a close relation to the First Lady.

A source close to the appointment told Nyasa Times Tuesday that it all started last December when CMST management led by CEO Feston Kaupa effected transfers meant to position well Zuze at the trust as a procurement manager.

It is not known whether Kaupa is trying to buy favours from the appointing authorities considering that his contrac tis also coming to an end within two months.

“I was one of those who were transferred at gun point but there were several others as well across the country. What is shocking is that there are several other qualified personnel within the institution who deserve the position and holds masters degree in supply chain management and members of both the Malawi Institute of Purchasing and Supply (Mips) and the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (Cips),”said the source while panting with anger.

Nyasa Times understands that CMST management unceremoniously fired Mr. Maxwell Chimkokomo as head of procurement unit to pave way for Sam Zuze.

But according to a communication dated 13th February, 2015 that Nyasa Times has seen, Kaupa wrote Zuze informing him that management is pleased to appoint him as acting procurement manager (grade MS3) with effect from 16th February, 2015 “until a substantive procurement manager appointed. ”

According to another source within CMST, Zuze was given K1.8 million in fees to pursue supply chain course at MIM and CMST paid in full against the Terms and Conditions of service where provision of education loan facility to an employee is stipulated.

One of the Directors of CMST management also corroborated the furry by other staff saying CEO Kaupa had at one point acted in favour of Zuze when Human Resource Section had advised him against such a decision.

Nyasa Times has also seen the internal email from HR section to Kaupa advising him against the move.

“At the same time, I vividly remember that Mr. Maxwell Chimkokomo had one time applied for some leave days  to pursue his part time studies at Chanco but was denied vehemently by the same Kaupa and was dismissed from his position yet he self sponsored using his own personal money though he struggled,” said the director who opted for anonymity.

Shockingly, CMST has advertised for the position of a procurement manager in the last edition of Malawi News, but according to another source from the HR department, “the advert is a clear gimmick to deceive us into thinking that the playing field is levelled.”

He added: “On qualification, the advert states that the ideal candidate for the position wills posses at least a bachelor’s degree in procurement and supply chain. How come then management is encouraging those who do not have a procurement qualification to apply? We suspect that the advert is not in good faith.”

The  management and Board of CMST are abusing their powers in most decisions, one example being handpicking Zuze “an officer with irrelevant qualifications and experience to serve as acting procurement manager and transfers of staff at gun point.”

One of the Directors even revealed to Nyasa Times that he had objected to the appointment proposal as he saw Zuze not experienced.

“If this maladministration is not stopped, we shall have no choice but to seek redress from chief secretary to the government, the secretary for health, the secretary for human resource management and development, the director of ACB, the director of public procurement, and the ombudsman,” said one concerned staff member, writing to Nyasa Times.

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34 thoughts on “Mal-administration at Malawi Central Medical Stores Trust”

  1. tebulo says:

    Poor malawians, kaupa is blessed, the more u curse the more he is blessed.those hating are nrc failures, or cmst haters.

  2. tebulo says:

    Hahahaha poor malawians, muchedwa ndi kutukwana kaupa ndi dolo . God keeps blessing him…. Gonjetsani adani athu..njala nthenda NSANJE!!!

  3. ben says:

    Yes Malawi bureau of standards are just charging exhorbitant charges for imported goods like, inspection fees, Cess fees. They have increased so many items that where fees have to be paid and all these fees is passed to onto the consumer. This is unfait please governemnt do somthing

  4. Gilbert Phiri says:

    When will Nyasatimes and other Media organisations uncover corruption, mal-administration at Malawi Bureau of Standards.

  5. Nakhomba says:

    Amene mukukuwa you are wasting your time Kaupa contract will be renewed akudalira Samute ndi Mkondiwa they are his home boys from Zomba. DPP Kaupa akugwilitsani chiphwisi PP woyeèeeee yanyamuka

  6. Nakhomba says:

    Muchedwa nazo iye akudalira Mkondiwa ndi Samute they are his home boys as a result they will automatically renew his contract. DPP achepa Kaupa agwiritsa chiphwisi PP woyeèeeee

  7. Nakhomba says:

    Muchedwa nazo iye akudalira Mkondiwa ndi Samute there his home boys as a result they will automatically renew his contract. DPP achepa Kaupa agwiritsa chiphwisi PP woyeèeeee

  8. Dimingu says:

    A Malawi muli ndi nthawi yokomenta zinthu zopusa. Kaupa mumalimbana nayeyo amangodalitsika. Those that are honest enough will tell you what Nrc went through after he left. Monse munayambila kulimbana naye muja osadabwa kuti sasintha. He is intelligent and bright. You keep saying anaba ku nrc, how much was it and where is the charge. Get a life pple. Mukhalila zomwezo anzanu akutukuka. As for Sam, they say he is acting. Whats wrong with someone acting? SHAAAAAAAMMME.


  10. MMBWATALIKA says:


  11. Insider says:

    What is supply chain management masters from MIM. Be serious, a nurse or pharmacy technician can manage stokes at CMS better that those who get the MSc from MIM. Those who are making noise are doing that because they know their time to get cuts from suppliers are over. Period.

  12. Kokotowa says:

    Kaupa ndi wakuba heavy! Kulikonse amagwira ntchito amachoka ataba koopsya!

  13. mbani says:

    That’s why it is the poorest country on earth my foot

  14. Adzalannga says:

    Indeed it’s true the late Bingu’s administration fired this man from NRC for corruption and abuse of office related charges Ndiwakuba kwambiri Kaupa Kuteloko muwona ma private Clinics komanso Pharmacy’s achuluka mosadziwika bwino pompano akutibera ndalama zathu za Makhwala ife tili duu iye ndi mkazi, ana abale ndi abwenzi ake nkumanenepa mpaka makosi anayi kuli kudyabwino kumeneko

  15. Me says:

    That is DPPs civil service reform technique at its best

  16. thakolambuzi says:

    kaupa is a crook and a systematic thief find out he mismanaged funds at NRC and employed his cocubines/zibwezi and his relations ndi mbava imeneyo no wonder CMTS can not do wel. he is making ordinaly malawian not access drugs while is enriching himself building mansions and lodges bull-shit. malawi gvt likes employing crooks cashgate wil never end if these these pple are just left like that.fotseki

  17. IKLC says:

    @gun point? only in Malawi!

  18. Ambuje apali says:

    If this is true then it’s very unfortunate. CMST procurement department has qualified personnel all with Masters degree I’m MBA and supply chain . For along time politicians have used CMST as a source of siphoning billions for their selfish means. ACB please probe the institution. Kaupa is just a victim since he has just been directed. A new CEO in the name of Chipungu has already been appointed to start in April. Watch out this space since you have been forewarned.

  19. nomandela says:

    alomwe alomme tsopano, nooooooooooooooophiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Dr Mtumbo wapsa says:

    The very same things has happened Ku MRA, where a career person on procurement has been transferred and replaced with WA accounts , a George Mankhwala. When they say the much touted reforms are just another political rhetoric koma ndi zoona. Now a Kaupa nyi ni yama ko , mbo Li ya ma ko. Mbava iwe theretu

  21. john says:


  22. chikwangwani says:

    when will nyasatimes and/or other media houses uncover mal-administration at tobacco control commission?

  23. Malunza says:

    Inu a Mbwaxe ( No 1 ) pepani ndithu. What we all need to do is to get rid of nepotism which DPP is promoting. Let us all stand up to DPP. For those of you thinking you are not concerned wait until it is on your head.

  24. Isis says:

    Kaupa mismanaged NRC and he is now running CMST into the ground. DPP woyeee

  25. chimwemwe mudelanji says:

    This is another Nacgate boma lambava that’s how it operates no sympathy for poor Malawians but themselves. God will surely punish you all.

  26. anabel mitawa says:

    That’s Feston Kaipa for you. Wherever he goes he messes up and licks asses.Ask NRC

  27. Chipatso says:

    Uyu Kaupa sadzathekanso a malawi kumbukani paja ndiyemwe anachoka ataba ndalama zochuluka ku NRC pano ndi izinso umfiti mkuluyu “Ntchisi zitsamba paja”

  28. Wakwithu says:

    The Govt needs to act swiftly on this issue at CMST. How the whole Management and the Board conspire to unceremoniously fire Mr. Chimkokomo as procurement manager for pursuing PhD studies in order to give Getrude’s relation? We know Kaupa akudzigulira malo and implementing instructiins

  29. Mwenecho says:

    poorest country in the world

  30. Ali says:

    And the Government should explain the still unemployed 13 College of Medicine graduates who were on radio last month,complaing.

  31. titus Scoti says:


  32. mbwaxe says:

    This is the reason why malawi takes position one on the poverty list by world bank!!!!!!

    1. Njonja says:

      Kutukwanaku mukutukwana ndife tomwe owelenga? chonde muthane ndi amene zikuwakhudza ife tingoti glory be to the most high GOD

    2. Achimidzimidzi says:

      Kkkkkkkkkk! Kkkkkkk!!! Order please! Mwatitukwana a Malawi tonseka.
      Amalawi ena amapephera, sagule wankulu ai. Kkkkkkkkk!

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