Malawi 2014 election was not credible:MHRC queries Mutharika’s victory

The state-funded Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) has released a detailed report on the May 20 elections which ushered President Peter Mutharika to power controversially, saying the polls were not “credible”.

Presenting the report: Kalinde (C) with Rev Zac Kawalala (L) and Voice Mhone during the news conference

Presenting the report: Kalinde (C) with Rev Zac Kawalala (L) and Voice Mhone during the news conference

Mutharika, 75, the younger brother of president Bingu wa Mutharika who died in office in 2012, was declared winner of the disputed polls.

The commission’s chairperson Sophie Kalinde launched the results of the May 20 2014 Tripartite Elections Monitoring Report in Lilongwe on Thursday.

In the report, MHRC observes that the elections were not fair, not transparent and therefore not credible

“In particular, it is noteworthy that electoral stakeholders especially political parties, and the people of Malawi themselves ensured that the volatile situation which may easily have erupted protracted and widespread violence was contained. It is also commendable that MEC (Malawi Electoral Commission) worked hard to ensure that the elections were managed and administered effectively. Thus, on the whole, the elections were conducted in a generally a peaceful and calm environment, save for isolated pockets of violence in some areas,” reads the report in part.

The report punched holes on the credibility of the elections that ushered Mutharika to power, saying “the numerous discrepancies and irregularities, limitations with respect to preparedness on the part of MEC, limited resources, and incidences of violence albeit isolated, that marred the elections period leave a significant dent on the credibility of the elections.”

The commission report states that while not all of these events occurred at all polling sites,  “they were not isolated incidents, either, but rather came up repeatedly in different polling centres, indicating a widespread and systematic assault on the right to vote.”

MHRC report said its findings “demonstrate a clear pattern of systematic undermining of the people’s right to a free and fair election.”

Reads the report: “Elections cannot be free and fair in the face of several glaring irregularities, some of them seemingly minor, which nonetheless, cumulatively substantially affect the extent to which the elections can be said to have been free and fair.

“Therefore, whereas, the elections may generally have been free, these developments seriously negate the aspect of fairness in the electoral process. “

Further, MHRC reports states that the credibility of the elections, in terms of both the process and the outcome is “therefore cast in very serious doubts.”

The Commission said it finds the “wholesome pronouncements” by some commentators and observers of the freeness, fairness and credibility of May 2014 Tripartite elections “particularly disconcerting” considering the many irregularities that were observed.

MHRC said the information contained in its report raises “serious questions on the rhetoric that has applauded the May 2014 Tripartite elections as free, fair, transparent and credible in most absolute terms.”

The commission recommended that the elections management capacity of MEC needs to be strengthened, including among other things by ensuring that Malawi graduates from dependence on donors to fund its elections.

“Government should be committed to fully and timely fund Malawi’s elections,” recommends MHRC.

The rights commission also recommends that detailed in-depth investigations into the shortcomings and irregularities of the elections should be carried out “in order to identify the root causes and put the issue of whether or not these developments were a result of deliberate manipulation to rest.”

The MHRC report comes after a renowned governance body Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) criticised the “flawed” election of Mutharika, saying the result was tainted by “substantial electoral irregularities”.

Mtambo said following the public outcry on the anomalies, the court could have ruled for voter audit and allow time to carry the exercise.

In the disapproval of the outcome, Mtambo recommended that Malawi Law Commission should look at the 8 day period if the time was enough to address the electoral mess.

The commission hasalso  called for several electoral reforms, including overhauling the first-past-the-post system to a system where the winner is voted for by a majority—and further discusses flaws during the pre-election period, during the eventual period and a five-month post-election period.

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87 thoughts on “Malawi 2014 election was not credible:MHRC queries Mutharika’s victory”

  1. APA tipaone bwino apa. Chisankho aMbendera adaononga akudziwa chomwe amachita lero Malawi Ali pamoto. Shame on Mbendera, Steve Duwa and the courts.

  2. Great Caesars Ghost says:

    At what point are these irregularities going to be discussed with figures and in relation to the electoral laws? You have had seven months to do these investigations you are talking about, seven months to find figures and seven months to make a decision based on actual numbers!
    These are platitudes at best, based on a popular held view started by an incumbent president and an idiot cleric with out facts and figures to back a claim. I give you their reluctance to go to court despite all the screams of having evidence!
    As far as I know this massive rigging being spoken of affected some 2.6 percent of centers and votes. Unless you plug in the figures, the ridiculousness of all this noise is not apparent!
    the only question any way is were the irregularities enough to have affected the outcome, despite their smallness in the first place (see 2.6 % above). A difference of 500,000 was unassailable for the cleric even if all 76,000 ballots had been awarded to him.
    But why didn’t the PP and MCP go to court in the days after the process had been concluded, like the law gives them a chance to?

  3. tuvitwana says:

    That’s why I now don’t sympathise wth aku court. Zitsiru za wanthu, Pete akufuna more pay, katengeni kwa APM. Ma judge muziganiza bwino JB akanakupatsani kale ndalama zanu. Useless judges lero mukuliranso?

  4. Mkanaumphawi says:

    if only our (malawi) constitution had an act (a provision) on VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE, dziko lathuli lidakakonzeka. Sindidzayiwala zodzikwezera malipiro mwanseri. Mulungu ndiye mwini zonse. Sadzatisiya tikungolirabe

  5. BigMan says:

    Just another case of a bunch of overfed half cooked Malawian men and women barking, barking, barking and barking some more….for absolutely nothing! Where are the specifics? Who rigged? how did they rig? where did they rig? where is the evidence? what difference does it make. Why are you barking now? Shut up!!!

  6. Rift Valley says:

    Fver wondered why DPP vigorously opposed vote recount? They had alot to lose if the election went the other way. What with the K92billion, the treason case, Chasowa murder etc, etc. We know who the new DIG of Police is and his link to Chasowa. I tell you APM is not in control. DPP henchmen are. I doubt whether this government will go the full 5 years. It could, because tanyanya tulo a Malawi.

  7. PSALM 51 says:

    Takhala athufe tikunena kuti zisankho sizinayende bwino ndichifukwa chake palibe chikuyenda mdziko muno ngakhale mbali ya boma akuwona ngati zikuyenda,chifukwa cha ichinso muwona kuti ngati pali president wanyozedwa kwambiri ndipo wapatsidwa maina ambiri mukanthawi kochepa ndiye ndi ameneyu zonsezi zikuwonetsa kusakondwa kwa a Malawi pamomwe zisankho zinayendera, kusonyeza kuti Pitala akutsogolera amthu omwe samamufuna ndipo anyozedwabe mmene zikuwonekera

  8. Pwazama says:

    Inu mwaziwa liti and nthawi yoseyi munali kuti?

  9. Mendulo says:

    They are just towing what they believe is the pupular line of thought in the aftermath of the elections, a view which was started by JB (when she found out that she was losing) and grasped with both hands by MCP and her PP

  10. golo says:

    All along it was obvious that the elections were not in the best interest of all Malawians. what was needed then was to stop the election as jb had wanted then call for fresh elections within 90 days but MEC and the courts thought it otherwise. This country is messed up by our learned lawyers and the courts.

  11. chidumayo says:

    Not free and fair, irregularities, discrepancies etc Do not give us any meaning. Give us examples of polling centres with irregular figures please. We already heard from other sources what you have narrated in your article. The survey you conducted should give us actual figures on the ground and figures that were announced by MEC or radio.

  12. Tilinanu basi says:

    Chisankho munabela vomelezani tikadalankhula mpaka mutachoka pa Mpando munya muwona

  13. Nelly King says:

    just trying to make unecessary noise to get relevance

  14. PEOPLE says:

    Mbuzi inu nthawi yonseyi munali kuti, pano anthu akufa ndi njal ndiye muziti fweee fweee,aliyense akudziwa kuti Saulos Chilima anathandidza kubera mavoti chifukwa chake a DPP sakusangalala naye akudziwa kuti athanso kuwaponda iwowo. Wadzunditsa mtundu wa a Malawi.

  15. Bingu: once said Mungoti Kwee Kwee kwee Ngati Nkhuku zoduka makosi
    Peter lero says: Fwee fwee fwee
    Bingu in 2005 anaba Boma la UDF by crossing the floor
    In 2014 Peter kungofikira kubela mavoti
    Wina anabe

  16. ine says:

    Funny. This report is surely contradictory. They lack correct wording to summarise and describe the elections. The use of word like ‘not fair and not credible’ are not true and are careless and dangerous. Let us find other suitable descriptions. MHRC you do better than this. Please avoid cut and paste and desist from emotions as well. That’s my opinion.

  17. Mwana wa Israel says:

    Ndiponso akhoti asawaonjezere malipiro anapha mtundu wa a Malawi!!!!!

  18. H Kamdidi says:

    This is no longer news. Every Malawian noted this right during the voting and you did not need to spend money to do a study and tell us today after 7 months, it was not necessary! You have not told us anything new here.

  19. Nambuma Girl says:

    That’s how things have been cooked, there is God who is never tired to watch over us.

  20. nyasimmaso says:

    No wonder anali ndi phuma when doing things

  21. Kamba says:

    Alungwana., iwe mbuli kwambiri, zingatheke court kukagamula oluza cisankho kuti ndiye wawina?
    Osamangopita kunyikaland kwakoko bwanji? Anthu ozikonda inu.
    Zacisankho zinatha tiyeni tizipanga zotukula dziko lathu. Tiyeni tizikonda dziko lathu amalawi.

  22. aphiri says:

    Mbuzi inu.MHRC is not the same as HRCC which mtambo is heading. Mukutukwana munthu woti sizikumukhudza. That’s why amatidyela masuku pamutu coz we don’t follow our own politics. U don’t see things in a sober way. Mumalemba timacomment mutakwiya mwaumbuli. Malawi is bn failing to match Rwanda which was on wall shortly. Shame

  23. Mphembedzutsokonombwe says:

    too late for tears. Dziko linatengedwa ndi anthu ankhwidzi !

  24. A Mtambo there was no way the court could have adjusted the time for counting coz a law doesnt change like in that situation it was just supposed to be followed the way it was done…musamalongololepo apa mkungoonesa your uncivilised life pankhaniyi

    1. dambo banda says:

      my friend malamulo akusokoneza dziko lathu kwambiri. we r in this poverty coz of malamulo. just imagine ndathyola bank nkutenga ndalama, malamulo akuti ‘ndikuganiziridwa kuti ndaba” chosecho mwandiona ndithu nkundigwira. z there any logic? if we stick to these decay malamulo mungodziwiratu kuti we have another 50 yrs or so in this poverty coz malamulo mukukakamilawa ndiokomera ochita bwino kale osati ampopa ngolofe. be sober plz this z our country. fufuzani zotsatila za chisankho ku Mozambique kenako mundipatse yankho

  25. mada kuleso says:

    The report does not state if the so called anomalies were prevalent in particular voting areas as to have worked in favour of one candidate over the other and most crucially it fails to answer the most basic legal test in electoral issues that is whether the anomalies were of such a nature as to have affected the final result.

    1. ANALYST says:

      Mada Kuleso, rigging in an election does not only take place if it happens in a particular place! What MHRC is saying is that the irregularities were so huge that they were either a planned move; or a system failure; both of which led to Malawi having an illegitimate president!

  26. noreply says:


  27. jones says:

    Ndimafuna ndione mmene Peter anaberera mavoti. Ndasangala kuti according to this report, Peter sanabere mavoti.. ‘only minor irregularities’. Ok…Tamva..NEXT TIME MEC WILL TRY.

  28. Fathara says:


    1. mabilinganya says:

      Fathara nawenso ndiwe mbuzi yachabechabe!!!!! Joyce ntila nditumbuka !! Pa nyo pako!!! Boma munalandana nokha kumwerako!!! Stupid idiot!!! Mwana wa hule iwe!!! Kutumbo kwako

      1. mulomwe says:

        Amai akowo atagwa chagada anathawira kuti? Mwayamba kuwakana lero? Pepani achimwene.

      2. Thengereland says:

        Kutukwana is a sign of defeat. It just shows that Fathara has arguably defeated you and that you know you don’t have any point counter-argue hence resorting to kutukwana.

  29. Ndagha Fiyo says:

    Ok tamva. APM wa opposition stole votes. Where was the ruling party? Accept defeat and move on. Tikhalira zomwezi.

  30. Keen Observer says:

    There is no report here nothing new. My question is how can an opposition party steal the votes. The point here is simple only that people are choosing to ignore the fact. There was no way that PP just came out of DPP in just around 24 months then it outmuscles it’s mother body? I don’t think so. If it were that PP stayed in power longer, well people could have forgotten & give them a benefit of a doubt. The same people who gave DPP majority vote were out there felt that they’ve been cheated so they went out to prove a point. At the same time it was not possible for DPP to command the majority vote it enjoyed during the previous elections due to the erosion which affected the party when it’s Vice President & her lieutenants were treated with less dignity so yeah DPP had to struggle to reclaim the government . As for the MCP I don’t think they were well prepared honestly speaking they lacked a winning team. The same applies to UDF they had few good players but in this game it’s not about individuals. So to suggest that the party outside the government stole the votes only God knows but I don’t buy it.

  31. Fwefwe says:

    A government of the minority

  32. Luke says:

    Reporting the obvious. Plus the researche fast becoming an attention seeker with not wits at all. Mtambo Timothy, I feel sorry for u

  33. pharisee says:

    so what?? you are still talking about elections 7 months after it was done??? please fund another one then MHRC?? geddammmitt! Instead of focussing to build the nation and raise the well-being of flea-bitten povos by alleviating poverty through novel ideas that will stimulate economic growth you are STILL TALKING ABOUT THE ELECTIONS??? What kind of people are we Malawians?? Other countries have the same issues (including US) and they move on developing their countries!! But Malawians-nooooo! it is just elections, elections, injunctions. injunctions, strikes, strikes, strikes, stealing, stealing, stealing, complaining, complaininhg, complaining, federalism, seccesion, and quotations from strange academics with dubious intelectual capacities on any number of unforgivably irrelevant topics!!!! Jeeeeeeeeeez! why don’t you join your friends in Balaka for child sex molestation escapades if u have run out of things to do!!

  34. Mwaziwa lero kut chisankho sichinayende bwino?musova inu ama court ndi a Dpp noxe dziko lakukanikani basi

  35. Namu! says:

    Za ziiii. nde muuza ndani? Nthawi yonseyi munalikuti? Tilibe Human Rights Organization ku Malawi. Otiwombola ndi Yehova ife osati munthuyi. Nthawi ikadzakwana, ambuye adzatimasula.

  36. Underground says:

    Zausilu basi,mwaziwa lero kut chisankho sichinayende bwino?nthawi yonse ija munali kut,ama court nanu musova pot munachita kufuna pamene JB ankat mavot awerengedwexo inu muli ai,lero mwakhaulitsidwatu,mumaenda mmbali

  37. mwanamwanalume says:

    Munalikuti ndawiyoseyi

  38. Galu wapananji Mwale says:

    Zaziiiiiii! tyen tzngokhala likakhala dziko adawonongakale ndi atsogoleli akale aja,mucyen Pitala adyeko nthawi ndiyake

  39. It true n that is why Muthalika is failing to lead. Ndipo dzulo la Malawi livutika kwambiri,zinthu zifikapovuta kwambiri Muthalika ndi anzake palibe atachite ndipo nzelu ziwathela.

  40. King bwai says:

    Achedwa nthawi yosei adali kuti mbuzi za ma gay izi bwanji

  41. Nyamakumutu says:

    Thulansindo!!!!! Or shartup what do you mean by not credible. Mwakhuta inu

  42. Fig says:

    Too late

  43. Amfumu says:

    6 months down the drain and people keep saying the same things. Eissssh

  44. Bongololo says:

    Hail to the thief!

  45. Fwefwefwe says:

    Why now so whats going to happen? We are in a mess because of this fwefwefwe.

  46. Zimukambani says:

    8 days is not enough. I suggest 60 days. There is nothing to hurry about these matters if the transition is to be smooth. The State President becomes the president of all Malawians whether one voted for that president or not hence need to be prudent and give it 60 days to attend to this very critical matter of National interest.

  47. Abdul says:

    The truth has come out

  48. Alungwana says:

    Dont remind people of those days when a large population of Malawian voters became fools while the Blantrye court was clever enough to endorse a looser into a winner. Where was the MHRC?

  49. Mr.Bambo says:

    Too late too bad.You should have used your teeth stoping the declaration and swearing in of the president designate useless COMMISSION.

  50. njolomachipilingu says:

    Zikomo kwambiri a Mbendera kufuna kwanu kunachitika ndipo president ndi ameneyu wakumtima Kwako Mackswell Flag.

  51. zondwe says:

    mwaitha nanga sienawa phuma kuufuna Mpandou.Pakuti avela wokha

  52. Thengereland says:

    Atumbuka mwawonjeza. Tithamangisanapo apa tsopano.

  53. achewa says:

    Mtambo kkkkk koma akadakhala JB ukati chisankho chidayenda bwino,koma aTumbuka inu muli ndi vuto.Cholinga kufuna kusokoneza mtendere m’malawi.Koma Mulungu wathu salola izi kuchitika.

  54. acn says:

    Then, why was this traitor declared a winner? Let’s have fresh polls or let him get impeached!

  55. nyamusideni says:

    boma lakuthimbani pa khosi lero.

  56. Phil Domue Chilipanonchaine says:

    The elections were rigged that is all the report wants to portray.

  57. Patriot says:


  58. nsanje port says:

    So what do you want?? clever come 2019…kumachenjera pa taoni,osagona

  59. Kalanga says:

    Better though late! So shortfalls cd lead to something big! Look @ the trends mw z heading to!

  60. Mtungah says:

    What were you doing at the material time. You sided with those thieving the votes and now you are seeking sympathy from those robbed of victory. Stupid.

  61. Emanuell thembachako says:

    Kho kho kho kho

  62. RoyK says:

    Your report is useless at this time.

  63. Kadakwiza says:

    This report is useless. MHRC get lost. Don’t remind Malawians what happened. Where were you before or after the May 20 Elections? MHRC what is your job then? Analysing the elections today? You are not serious. Go and tell your DPP government that 700,000 Malawians will need food aid. That people are sleeping at immigration offices to have passports so that they run out of the country to look for jobs somewhere else. Tell your government that people need jobs, fertiliser is expensive. Your report is not helping.

  64. Nabetha says:

    Uku ndiye kufuna kuwonjezera mukwiyo wa anthu. Just organise mass demonstration and force APM to vacate the state house. Nkhani za ma sitalaka ndikongozembera chabe komanso nkhani yalembedwayi ndiyongofuna kuwutsa mavu pa chisa kuti APM zimuvute chifukwa sanawine.

  65. Piper says:

    It’s too late now to come up with this report…. You are the ones who failed the nation big time !!!

  66. dadaboma says:

    Too late. Where were you when the former president Dr JB asked for either a vote recount or nullification of the vote and hold fresh elections when it became clear that the election was losing credibility?. What do you think that intelligent lady meant? She blew the whistle, but nobody listened including the judiciary and MEC. Everybody just wanted to change things foolishly. Now you have APM “drinking tea at Sanjika.” What effect will these new revelations bring? And the report is not even recommending anything in light of the rigged or marred election – it is just making recommendations for future elections. So what? Enjoy the kleptomaniac on the stage of Malawi’s presidency. The baffoon ruling a country full of baffoons. Bullshit.

  67. Mirella K says:

    Nanu inu…zoti zisankho izi sizinali credible sumadziwa? You mean you can take a whopping 7 months to notice that? Pamnyo panu ndithu!

  68. ngangaube says:

    thats true Malawi Human Rights Commisdion you got it correct and not this fake Maxon Mbendera abd Steve Duwa of MESN who were very partisan and now dissappointing Malawians with this no clue leadership of Bwampini Peter Mutharika

  69. Chibwe says:

    My understanding of this report is that there was poor preparedness and insufficient funding which goes to question the government that was in power then. Fortunately the winner was outside the system and there had neither control nor power to smoothen electoral management. Perhaps PP deliberately did that to rig the elections, who knows?

  70. ujeni says:

    We blame Mbendera for giving the elections to Mr Fwe fwe fwe

  71. aphiri says:

    Why taking all these months to release these statements? Both PP and DPP were busy tampering with figures. UDF and MCP were the smartest parties on those elections. MCP had trust on this guy who was running their fake tally centre. They didn’t know that he was on DPP payroll. God knows what really happened. Kenyatta delayed his ruling deliberately coz was waiting for his package. Mbendera was outplayed by the mafia. We always blame him but was a small player on this game. It involved a lot of people in Blantyre to manipulate the results. It was really a horrible night never forgotten in our lives. Someone deserves the seat. U really rigged

  72. Mbonga Matoga says:

    Too little too late, we currently have a senile old man in the state house destroying our country as we speak. What are you gonna do about it, order a rerun? Stop playing with peoples’ emotions, We are trying to forget this whole thing about the May 20 elections.

    People outside our country think Malawians are insane people becoz we are very good at identifying what went wrong in the aftermath but keep repeating the same mistake time and time again.

    The question is, when did we last had a free and fair general election in Malawi? As far as I can remember the only election that was credible was the 1994 one and no wonder the opposition won, but since then no single election has been free and fair let alone credible.

    This is why Malawi will never develop becoz though the country does have enough resources that can turn the country into a developed country, the leaders we end up with after every general election are people who are not chosen by God but those that use their financial and evil powers to propel themselves into the driving seat, taking advantage of the high illiteracy rates we have in Malawi. This coupled with the endemic problem we have of voting on regional lines even amongst the educated people, there is no chance we shall ever develop our country.

  73. Mwachedwa mbava ikulamula ndiye titani?

  74. Dr Mbewe says:

    This has vindicated peoples conclusion that May election was rigged in favor of DPP tbrough machination of MEC ie Mbendera and his evil doers. These people had a craving fo money

  75. Patrick says:

    Yes ! These NGO were suppose to demonstrate on the same day when irregularities occurredits unfortunate that they allowed these fraud elections to be announced after seeing kuti dziko tapeleka kwa munthu wolakwika now its when they speak out.

  76. opportunist says:

    Musati kumbutse zatsiku limeneli zoti wina analira mukuziziwa

  77. Mmihavani says:

    Stupid! How will this help us? Can’t you for once start telling people how to work hard and prosper

  78. chipatso says:

    Koma mavuto tili nawo reports amenewa nthawi ya ma results ija anali kuti.this will serve for nothing if not hiking up the anger in the minds of the Malawians.

  79. Gogo says:

    Rubish,too late releasing the report.

  80. John says:

    Stupid MHRC. Ndiye ife titani nayo report imeneyi? 7 months after elections? Munthu waba ndalama za AIDS watopa nkutopa nazo. I will tell you what recommendations we need on MEC. Mbendera apite, give him a diplomatic post to Zimbabwe if APM have to. That is it. Osamangotibowa ndima report opanga pake apa.

  81. Richard Lozi says:

    It is too late for tears.There is no any soluytion to this problem. Lets just put ceverything in the hands of our heavenly father.God will assist us.

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