Malawi 6,000 teachers go five months with no pay

Six thousand (6000) teachers under the seventh Initial Primary Teachers Education (IPTE7) and Open and Distance Learning (ODL2) have gone five months without receive their salaries.

Phwitiko: Some teachers have received their pay

Phwitiko: Some teachers have received their pay

The teachers, who were employed in May but reported to their work places in June, have complained that they are finding it hard to survive since they have been deployed away from their homes.

One of the teachers said despite knowing that the government takes a bit of long to incorporate new recruits on payroll, he is surprised that it has taken five months this time around.

“We understand that sometimes it takes long for government to start paying its staff particularly teachers but this time it is too much. How can one survive without salary?”

The teacher said it was hard for them to operate under such circumstances.

“Most of us do not have other means of sourcing income which is even making it harder for us. It is even difficult for us to concentrate on our work. The governments should do something,” said the teacher who opted for anonymity.

Another teacher, who opted for anonymity said life is even harder for teachers that have deployed in rural areas as they do not access proper social services especially when the fall sick.

“We cannot get good hospitals here and we need money to travel to town to go to hospitals. The government must consider because our salaries already as primary school teachers are pathetic. Teaching should not be punishment we need to be motivated,” the teacher said.

While confirming the development Ministry of Education Public Relations Officer Rabecca Phwitiko said details of newly recruited teachers are being included on the payroll and they should expect to receive their salaries soon.

She also said some teachers have received their pay while the remaining will be paid outside the payroll.

“The insertion of IPTE 7 and ODL 2 teachers onto the payroll is ongoing and will continue until all newly recruited teachers are taken on board.Out of 10,000 who were employed in May, some 2738 have already been added to payroll and receive salaries in September including outstanding arrears,” Phwitiko said.

“The ministry has made the necessary arrangements with relevant departments to pay the remaining 6636 outside of the payroll as the ministry continues to ensure all these teachers are added to the payroll and receive their salaries including outstanding arrears.”

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27 thoughts on “Malawi 6,000 teachers go five months with no pay”

  1. Baisoni Thom says:

    Ask Lutepo and his friends for a refund so that government can pay the teachers…kkkkkk

  2. Mwangolemba Mwaononga Buku says:

    thats y most of government workers run away from Malawi then flee to South Africa or London to work as domestic workers.

  3. Alungwana says:

    Why do you undermine teachers? For you to become a teacher, an accountant, a minister, a doctor or a professor, there is a teacher behind all the positions. Munali ndani popanda mphunzitsi inu?

  4. Wozinyanyala says:

    I would rather be a gardener somewhere than being a stupid teacher in Malawi while the government is busy sharing money in the name of cashgate while teachers are pathetic objects …Unfortunately Malawi will never change as long as these idiots are still in the driving seat. How hard you think you can be in doing whatever, the Munthalika’s are taking Malawi as a urinary ground. The stupid woman in the ministry of education can answer whatever she desires to please her stupid bosses. ..shame on malawians.
    we are heading for being the poorest country on earth in the name of warm heart of africa. MALAWIANS are not learning any lesson. Educated idiots will never develop Malawi because they are busy developing their pockets. Being a teacher in malawi is a shame…..

  5. Chikoko says:

    Thus why i left teaching to do another degree. Its not encouraging now to do education. I will take the ministry of education to court soon.

  6. titus says:

    I just don’t have words to express my feelings and agree with all the comments here. I left Malawi 12 yrs ago after teaching over 9yrs. amatiyesa TUVI amphunzitsi……. sorry

  7. Tortoise maganga says:

    Nde amene til mma TTC tiziti chani……..mukutikayikitsa2.mwinanso a IPTE 10 idzakumana nazo kt ilembede nchito

  8. Kondwani Nyanjagha says:

    That’s not surprising for MoE.I know of primary school teacher who was granted permission to go for upgrading in Bachelor of Education Degree on a paid holiday and got posted to Secondary school after obtaining degree and and is still receiving Primary School qualification salary for the past three years.

    All efforts seem not to work at all.

  9. pierra says:

    this is illegal! I hope government PAYE was also withheld…which would accrue interest to be borne by government. In modern times, government should not be making ppo go into debt for its own incompetence…this could be reason why the profession is shunned by ppo.

    i hope the take a class action against the department!

  10. Redeemed says:

    I work for one of the Department of Education and my duties entail appointing, terminate and payments of salaries to the teachers. Ther was a period where we experienced constant delays in salary payment fue to various reasons, like forenstance one would find that a teacher has transfered from one province to another before the termination was finalised, resulting in blockage of access to be reappoint by the new department. The Education MEC made an order to freeze salaries of those responsible, in order for them to have a taste of their own medicine. Since this threat, we seldom report unpayment of salaries.I guess its high time the Malawi government apply the same method, because some people ase just too self absorbed to understand the inconviniences they cause in other people’s lives.

  11. Atate says:

    Ma!Ma!Ma!Ma! Mkazi ngokongola uyu asaaaaaa!!! Koma dzina zoona nkukhala Phwitiko?? AAAAAaaa!!! Ayi asinthe basi!!! Bwera kwa ine udzakhale mayi ujeni!!!

  12. pooooopo says:

    Why cant you down tools guys??? pliz pliz pliz mumawasekelera dala anthuwa. Labour Laws are against such practice of unpaying workers. Iwe PWITIKO, PWITIKO PWITIKO, BE SERIOUS NDI MAYANKHIDWE AKO PA MA ISSUES A CRUCIAL NGATI AWA. WHY DO YOU ALWAYS SAY WE ARE WORKING ON THAT, UP TO WHEN???? SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE DOES NOT DO HIS/HER JOB. NDIKUYALUSANI.

  13. xdffdfd says:

    mahope anga tsopano. proud of you dear, when are marrying

  14. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    This is modern day slavery, no less. Absolutely dehumanizing and unacceptable.
    Does the employer expect these people to eat “thelele” la mchire, without nsima eti? Heads should roll at the ministry in Lilongwe baasi.

  15. Chiteboy says:

    Boma ili likadzangotha,ndidzaimba nyimbo.kandalama kochepa kokhala kumidzi kodi mfiti zophunzirazi siziganiza bwino eti.kuti afike alipo adachoka kuti.i wu fight 4 teachers rights. Za munthawi ya welensky basi makape

  16. Msambizi says:

    The way teachers are treated in Malawi in pathetic. They are vital for Malawi and they should be treated fairly.

  17. Fumu says:

    Very sad.You employ people without pay!!

  18. Phwetembwe says:

    Black people do not stop amazing me with their black thinking. It took 5 months to be paid & now 5 months again to pay our dear collegues what makes things even worse government pays Primary teachers peasants. Well the ministry is well disorganised but staffed with well educated people, what an irony? We hear that hardship allowance is to be removed. This defeats the reform drive to make services good since teachers will start Work As You Earn, little pay equals little work to match Paye As You Earn.

  19. Favour says:

    Muziyika chithunzi chogwirizana ndi nkhani.How can you put a picture of someone smiling while you are talking of 6months without pay?Is Phwitiko happy because teachers have gone 6months without pay?

  20. Mfundidisi says:

    I got paid let last month but now have literally nothing. Even ndiwo palibe. what more with somebody staying for 6 months without pay. Even wangongole sangakongoze. Let’s have a human heart Min of Education. It’s always this ministry. Why? Somebody is not doing his/her duty their.

  21. achewa says:

    sometimes you wonder whether government is serious in its programs, teachers at colleges and schools for this odl2 are staying without allowances yet they expect them to dress nicely in front of pupils so you wonder where they are going to get the money.

  22. chatonda says:

    Pay them now please. How do they survive in this tough economic times? Think about them too. Some of the bosses get angry when they have not been paid allowances, what more with someone’s salary? What is MaGWIRA doing and Kabambe there?

  23. eye eye says:

    ooh boy…kodi mabwana mmamva bwanji when u treat ur subjects like this? Obviously that beautiful Rabecca smile wouldn’r be there if she went FIVE months without pay1 yes?

  24. manman says:

    teachers when r u going 2it bread without complaining,am sory 4 u

  25. Mbuzi says:

    i wonder about this lady phwitiko, is she laughing for the 6,000 teachers not getting paid?????? what do minisry do everyday when they do for their duties???????????????????? these people deserve hanging, and not salary increment!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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