Malawi accords State funeral to Rose Chibambo: Tributes pour in

Heroine and Malawi’s historic figure Rose Chibambo, first female cabinet minister, will have her last recognition as government will honour her with a state funeral.

Rose Chibambo to be given State funeral

Rose Chibambo to be given State funeral

Family member Ziliro Chibambo, who is also a politician confirmed in an interview on Wednesday.

He said Chibambo, whose youthful and beautiful picture graces the K200 bank note, was scheduled to be buried on Friday in Ekwendeni, Mzimba but family members and government may reschedule the burial day to Saturday.

Speaking as family spokesman of the funeral, Ziliro said since President Peter Mutharika would attend the burial ceremony, the state funeral would be on Saturday as the Head of State might be attending Chilembwe Day commemorations in Chiradzulu.

Gwanda Chakuamba who gave his eulogy at HHI in Blantyre just before the body was to be taken to Mzimba, said Chibambo was the strongest woman politician he had never seen.

He said she courageously took on colonists.

“You must know that during the federal days to have a woman as a leader was no mean thing. Rose was very close to Dr Kamuzu Banda and that is why she became a leader of what we used to call Amazon Army also know as Women’s League in African Nyasaland Congress,” said Chakuamba who also sat in Kamuzu Banda’s early cabinet.

However, Chakuamba said as much as he welcomed the state funeral, the government should give respects to veteran politician like Chibambo when they are still alive instead of waiting for their deaths.

Chibambo is an important historic figure because she was the only female cabinet minister in Kamuzu Banda’s first 1964 cabinet.

She however fell out with Kamuzu who became increasingly dictatorial and killed anyone with dissenting view, forcing her into exile just to come back to Malawi in 1994 after the first multiparty elections that kicked out Kamuzu and the Malawi Congress Party out of power and ushered in Bakili Muluzi and his United Democratic Front.

Former president Muluzi said politicians, especially women have to learn from “her selflessness and desire to fight for what is right for the country.”

Muluzi said Chibambo “deserves a State funeral”, because of her contribution and for being the first female cabinet minister.

Leader of opposition in parliament Lazarus Chakwera, who is also president of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) also paid tribute to “icon” Chibambo.

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19 thoughts on “Malawi accords State funeral to Rose Chibambo: Tributes pour in”

  1. HPB says:

    The Government honoured the late Mrs Rose Chibambo by putting her portrait on Malwi currency. That means she is considered a national icon; like a war veteran who has been awarded medals for special acts of service to the nation. If government can spend money to maintain a national monument, what more for a living heroine who was desperately in need of financial support on a hospital bed.

    Sadly, Government did not consider it necessary to save her life by paying medical bills. Why spend money now by giving her a State funeral? That would only have made sense if she passed away despite the Government’s support in saving her life.

    If I were a member of her family, I would have done all my best including a court injunction to stop a state funeral for her. I would have insisted on her being buried as a person who was denied support by the Government. I would go further, I would have sued Governmebt to remove her portrait on the banknote. What is the point of being recognised as a national heroine or hero—and then denied financial support when most in need?

    Malawians deserve an explanation from Government about this contradictory behaviour.

  2. Amuna says:

    May her soul rest in peace

  3. Japhet Saka says:

    This is sad, the government will spend alot of money by according her state funeral, they would have paid her hospital bills by then not now that she has died.However to choose state funeral its up to us the living not the deceased.I know anakana state funeral mwini wake because she was in pains and most of us can do that if we dont get support.My Government should learn to help pple while still alive

  4. Nkhombokombo says:

    Mzimu wao uuse mmtendere. You have left a “legacy” behind.

  5. Nzika yokhudzidwa says:

    Why giving a state funeral yet she once complained of hospital bills when she was alive. where was government that time??? I heard Kaliyati talking bullshit to Titus Linzie of YFM that since Chibambo complained to the media then her ministry which looks after the media can’t come in. that’s nonses Kaliyati and that is why amuna ako akungonyenga.

    back to our business, I heard the lady speaking on the very same radio that she does not need a state funeral if not assisted whilst alive. come on YONECO radio, give us that program again this time around. do that before she is gone some six fit down so that this useless government led by this mathanyula guy had a picture of what late Rose Chibambo said while alive

  6. Amuna Chibadwire says:

    This is death of a statewoman and an elder for that matter in this society. Please show respect. If you have nothing tangible to share just remain quiet.

  7. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    Some of us know of the late Rose Chibambo, based on media reports, while we were in primary school, in the early days of independence. She was a force indeed, and will be a tough act to follow.
    RIP, fine lady.
    But Chakuamba should not have been allowed, even to attend the ceremony. Bad man. Evil man.
    He was instrumental in the troubles that, made in the first place, made many of our heroes (the Chibambos, “Chip”, Chiume, the Chirwas et al) literally run for their lives. Chakwamba was the field captain, while Tembo and kadzamira were pushing the buttons behind the scene for Kamuzu Banda.
    Can you believe this? Chakuamba was so overzealous, and power hungry that he actually got people to fall large trees, at Thondwe, and elsewhere, and use them to block M1 to prevent the escape of the so-called rebels (patriots in many peoples’ minds even then) from Zomba to Blantyre. Futile project anyway, because all the patriots were able to escape. Some, by seeking refuge in foreign embassies.
    Thus, Chakuamba will stay in our history books as one major figure that was responsible for the establishment of that deadly proto-dicatorship of Kamuzu Banda. And the real beginning of worship of Kamuzu, as the only “Father” of the nation. We all know what that regime eventually turned out be: murders and abusers of basic human rights, even by the standards of that time. Chakuamba’s hands are tainted, to be sure.

  8. Mlomwe says:

    Mtumbuka adabadwa wa nzeru waphamvu ndi wakhalidwe

  9. concerned citizen says:

    Why giving her state funeral?? I heard her on Yoneco radio complaining of hospital bills Kaliyati mkumayankha zako zopusa kuti poti wadandawula pa radio your ministry cannot come in. Ndiye lero mudziti fwefwefwe state funeral. Come on yoneco radio, give us that interview again. Mwini wake adakana state funeral, ask yoneco radio

  10. P t chinyamula says:

    Chimene wankulu waona atakhala pansi,wachinyamata ngakhale atakwera m,tengo sangachione. ..may her soul rest in peace

  11. FredMan says:

    Pliz stop being silly..Mr Dossi n friends. …..u think u can just burden the government’s purse with your nonsense. ..if u did not use your chance it’s your fault. .

  12. mzamba wamkulu says:

    Gyz there was no with Kamuzu starting from the middle 80s. Kunali akumpoto kumpoto akumwera kumwera apakati pakati. be historians gentlemen and ladies. where is Gadama, Sangala, Chisiza, Albert Muwalo Nqumayo, Orton Ching’oli Chirwa………list too long to mention. have brains gyz.

  13. Viyazi Tembo says:

    kamuzu never killed anyone but the minister in his name

  14. Tione says:

    Amapha anthu si Kamuzu koma nduna zake kuchitirana njiru Ukadyole too much even in the present government tarnishes the image ad character of the president

  15. 2016 welcome says:

    If Malawi had voted for Gwanda as president that would have been another goof like we with a Tcheya. I don’t understand what he is talking about. What sort of respect are you talking about that government should accord politicians when still alive? Foolish granny!

  16. umziya says:

    Agalu onsewa. mukamukonde lero kuti mupangilepo campaign. Dzitsiru state funeral yachani

  17. LessChildrenPlease says:

    “She however fell out with Kamuzu who became increasingly dictatorial and killed anyone with dissenting view..?”
    Really?? Did I live in a different country? Please leave my hero alone. You need a bit more balanced view and perhaps an education of that part of our history. He ensured Malawi was united and without war. Thank you.

  18. mmmmmmmmm achakwamba mwaonjeza kuchemerera osangonena kuti chinali chibwezi chanu bwanji?

  19. rankin kumwenda says:

    Nana walonga viadidi khokhokho !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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