Malawi achievers honoured in UK: Mapanje gets special recognition

Singers  Popp Dogg and Hazel Mak

Singers Popp Dogg and Hazel Mak

Emily Mnyayi and Brave Mnyayi at Athena Leicester.

Emily Mnyayi and Brave Mnyayi at Athena Leicester.

Red carpet affair

Red carpet affair

Laureen Mponela

Laureen Mponela

Thom Twee and wife Natasha Twee

Thom Twee and wife Natasha Twee

Project director Felix Banda and his wife (right) with 'Abiti Khologeti '(left)

Project director Felix Banda and his wife (right) with ‘Abiti Khologeti ‘(left)

Phyllis 'Sweetjuice'

Phyllis ‘Sweetjuice’

Ruth Golden

Ruth Golden

Anissa Nkuwu and his wife

Anissa Nkuwu and his sistster (We errenously first worte that his wife)

Red carpet things

Red carpet things

Angainst All Odds charity boss and two other on the red carpet

Angainst All Odds charity boss and two other on the red carpet

Project director Felix Banda and his wife (right) with 'Abiti Khologeti '(left)

Project director Felix Banda and his wife (right) with ‘Abiti Khologeti ‘(left)

The second edition of Malawi Achievers Awards in UK was held at a glittering gala event held in Leicester last Saturday evening.

The fete featured a star-studded line-up of artists that included Ireland-based rapper Popp Dogg, Scotland based Brave Mnyayi and Double Action dance group.

The fully packed black tie event, held at Athena Conference Hall, also attracted acts from other African countries including Dot&Darryl from Nigeria and South African female artist Lungo.

Joe Mang’anda and Radio 247  talk show host Patricia Peters Chirwa  ably presented the show as hosts.

The Winners

During the night, Malawi Achievers Awards recognised academician,  poet, linguist and human rights activist Dr. Jack Mapange for a Life Time Achievement award. The  retired university lecturer who  is based in York was recognised in absentia.

Dr. Milika Matiti, the chairperson of Malawi Health Care Support (Mahecas) charity, scooped an academician of the year award.

Another highlight of the night was the award to first Malawian girl to be signed by a professionally run club in England, young Asante Khamula.

She received a Rising Star Award  and it was presented to her by sports administrator and lawyer Sunduzwayo Madise.

Business and entrepreneur of the year award went to Chancy Mopho Jere owner of Robert Brown Consulting Group (RBCG) . It was presented to him by CEO for Nyasa Times, Edgar Chibaka.

Brave Mnyayi received the award of the artist of the year, Manchester  Malawi Association went away with an award of association of the year which was received by its chairman Charles Kachitsa.

Nyasa Daughters of Nottingham received an award for the event of the year as they successfully organised a fund raising event on behalf of Malawi Association UK in aid of flood victims.

Zimbabwe-owned Pamtengo Radio received an award for online radios which was received by Malawian DJ and station manager, MC Chijota.

Celebration of extraordinary

Project coordinator of the awards, Felix Banda said the Awards were “truly a celebration of extraordinary” Malawians for positive impact.

“The Malawi Achievers Awards are here to stay and the best is yet to come,” said Banda, who told the packed audience that after the launch last year and this year’s second edition, they will be in top gear in 2016.

In his speech, Malawi deputy high commissioner to UK,  John Tembo Jnr,  commended the Malawi Association UK for the awards.

“The second edition of the awards indicate that they are here to stay,” he said and urged Malawians to  continue being good ambassadors of Malawi.

“Let us promote brand Malawi at every opportunity to bring in more tourists and investors,” he appealed.

Tembo said Malawi High Commission in London fully supports and recognises the awards, as integral part of the diaspora community.

“The awards also serve to bring us together to encourage and celebrate our achievements together,” he said.

Diaspora community vital

Tembo said  the government of President Peter Mutharika, recognises the important role the Diaspora can play in the development of  Malawi.

“Already, apart from family to family assistances in supporting our relations, the Malawian Diaspora, through various agencies have been engaged in investments, social and charitable causes benefiting Malawians back home,” said Tembo.

Tembo informed the patrons that government of Malawi  is “grateful to the overwhelming response the Malawian community in the United Kingdom and friends of Malawi gave to the recent flooding.”

He said he was encouraged that part of awards proceeds will go towards alleviating the suffering of flood victims.

Not popurality contest

Commenting on the list of winners, Awards PR manager Thom Twee Chiumia explained in an interview that the selection process to pick winners from nominees was done by a separate committee led by lawyer Sheriff Kaunde.

“It is not a popularity contest to select who has more nominations but the committee analysed other key factors relations to the category,” Twee said.

Leading sponsors were Nyasa Times,  Crown and Law Solicitors of Dr. Boniface Chimpango. Others were solicitor Sharif Kaunde of Leicester, Carlsberg Malawi, First Response Group, Just Trading, Radio 247, Against All Odds and Air Malawi Cargo.

Malawi Achievers Awards UK, whose aim is to celebrate and recognise outstanding Malawian individuals and groups in the UK for their exceptional achievements and contributions to their respective communities both in the UK and in Malawi, is a project of Malawi Association UK (MAUK), an umbrella body for all Malawians in the UK.

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29 thoughts on “Malawi achievers honoured in UK: Mapanje gets special recognition”

  1. Langwani nzati says:

    This is a very poor article walembayo achite manyazi ndithu

  2. Chemjambe says:

    Please Malawian ladies watch out your diet please, nanga matupi kungofufuma fufuma choncho ? that’s why Malawian men are fond of fucking outside wedlock, we need appetising figures osangoti matumba ngat amenewa….being fat doesn’t show kut zinthu zikuyenda

  3. None o says:

    Nde mwati Zim owned pamtengo radio received award pa Malawi achievers why? Amalawi anthu ali kuti eg nyasatimes Radio 247 kkk musandisekese chinyengo .com amalawi kukonda kugulitsa dziko lanu mxiii

  4. Amalawi nsanje Mukhalachoncho anzanu asasangalale mukuwauza kuti mangani nyumba. Inu ngati muli ndi nyumba ndizanu it’s not our business please pitilizani kumanga ma nyumba anuwo, ife tipiliza kusangalala and continue posting your negative comments we don’t care. Kwa Malawi amene mukusangalala please pitilizani kusangalala it’s free.

  5. Curious 30 says:

    This photo shoot was good for facebook.Zikugwilizana ndi nkhani ili panoyi ndi mukuti kaya ma pop pop galuz?

  6. vyamuvisulo nthengwa says:

    hahahaha kweni ku ma UK kwimu uku, yayi mwafwasa!

  7. Matter o Fact says:

    Aaarrgh! Most of those pictures don’t add any value to the story! Remove them. Guest of honour was John Tembo Jnr. but you haven’t included a single picture of him at the event. What sense does that make?

  8. Wina alila says says:

    KOdi mukamati mulibe manyumba kuno ku Maalawi who told you that we want to leave there and who told you that we do not have houses here? Koma mbuli zili ku Malawi abale! Inu ngati muli ndi manyumba ndi omwewa a cash gate kapena owapeza chifukwa ca uhule. Just shut up you ignorant shit!

  9. Thanganyika says:

    It looks the event was full of single women . Too many women rather than men. Keep it up Malawians. The only credible person who was nominated on merit was Chancey Mopho Jere, he deserve the award , the guy is a hard worker . We use their product for calling international calls to Malawi . Congratulations .Koma kumudzi kuno muzikumbuka kumanga nyumba . Mukamaliza kuyanganila nkhalamba

  10. ine wanu says:

    Nabengo you have just displayed your ignorance for all to see but will educate you Achievers awards are not for malawians only but any one who has made a contribution to Malawians here in uk or Malawi so if people voted for Pamtengo regardless of where it is comes from it deserved to win and its also run by a Malawian and has Malawian DJ’S and a big Malawian audience as well so dont just talk bull coz your buddies did not win i for one voted for pamtengo

  11. Manera says:

    Tiyeni nazo nafe tidziwikeko amalawi

  12. Nabengo says:

    Zimbabwean Pamtengo radio kuwina Malawian award. Koma a Malawi Muli ku UK ndinu zizeleza ndithu. Amamvela Pamtengo radio ndi ndani?

  13. Dziko lathuli lizakhala losauka mpakana muyaya no mata wat, anthu ake amene akusangalala ndi omweomwe (okumwa tea azamwanso and mukuchita kumwera ma cornes pastry ndi masoseg). Tiyesni tizingogwira ntchito kuti tipeze chakudya chalero, WARNING!!! Mukamapanga maphwando anuwo musamaike pa any sort of media. Ndatha ine BWANDE,

  14. Chingaipe says:

    Hudson Number 7. That is Chauncy Mopho Jere ndi matchona aku America. I think Mopho Jere is their clan name . Achimwene that guy is very smart , he deserve it .I have followed him for years .

  15. xtra says:

    Nyasatimes, I thought this is a news forum, isn’t it?? Do I see any national news on here?? If anything, you could have advised these people to paste these pictures on their Facebook pages and not Nyasatimes page because this is more personal than national. Please give us news that has the potential to influence us for the better, to instill something in us that can energize us for a good action, not these showy display of people living abroad, aaaahhh guys be serious

  16. human says:

    Perfectly choreographed kuti tiziti zili choncho kunjako. sinkuonapo ine apa. The usual UK nyasanetters let’s see what you will say about this. Let me guess? you will bill it as the best night and we’ll organised. But Malawi is a country starved of celebrities basi tizingopangay chonchi tokha ma red carpet, uku a president ndi akazi awo akukankha make wheelbarrow, uku non known Malawi couples doing red carpet things. Fame iyi

  17. Thats great, that way you develop Malawi keep it up in diaspora

  18. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Abiti Khologeti ndiye maina achiMalawi osati sweetjuice, Ruth Golden. Achieving in a foreign is not a joke though we know coming home is not in your plans.

  19. Shoes says:

    Great stuff ladies and gentlemen, For the person who is concern about us not having houses in Malawi, I just want to remind you we do not live in Malawi and I do not see the reason why we should have a house in Malawi when we have already bought houses here. The best thing to do is to concentrate on your personal development and your family. You will never regret in your life.

  20. Mac Hendy says:

    koma guys muli ndi nthawi

  21. Hardson says:

    Which Mopho Jere is this… That player friend of mine or somebody els.

  22. Kodi nzatchito yanji izi.Koma chonde please tamapangani zinthu zaphindu zotukula miyoyo ya amalawi.mukamapanga manyado anuwo muzikumbukila kuti we are the poorest country in the world

  23. daniel phiri wa mutharika says:


  24. nana says:

    Tamavalani mulibe manyumba kuno kwanu kwadzadza malo kulibe za ziii mudzasowa pokhala ndiye ife tisilire za njee

  25. Geoge Ndatopa Phiri says:

    Overall this is brilliant .matchenedwe azimayi mukusamba

  26. Geoge Ndatopa says:

    This is good for Malawi . The government is time to being tapping in the diaspora . There are some hidden skills which the government can get . example the academician PRof Mapanje , MAHECAS , NYASA Daughters for event organisin and businessman and entrepreneur Jere .

  27. Masoambeta says:

    The function was crap.
    1. Food was rubbish and the turkey tasted stale. Chicken wigs were badly done (soaked in msuzi) and the rice was not cooked enough. We were ripped off besides the pandemonium of trying to find a table to sit on.
    2. The idea of a bar inside the function room was rubbish. The pigs embibing rose hell and we could hardly hear anything apart from the badly spoken MC who continuously said CRAPP your hands- typical of std 8 graduates.
    3. The idiots arguing at the bar made things worse. Typical of Malawians when they’re trying to show their £1 egos.
    4. Starting time was not the one on the program. Try to stick to your time.
    5. I won’t menton names here but the womaniser who flew from Malawi was not worth CRAPPING hands for. It was an insult to civilisation to make people venerate such a Casanova.
    6. People came with kids and babies which I don’t think is endorsed in faculties of a family.
    Next time organise it better and make the food appealing. It was shambolic to be at a Malawi ceremony with nsima not on the menu. Where was the culture??? What were we celebrating for??? Please spare some decency and embrace the culture of where you come from.

    A similar Nigerian function I attended had indigenous food and much more representative than that amateur circus.
    On a lighter note, big up to Justin Malewezi Jnr. The boy is a gem. His pictures were really professional.

  28. Sweetjuice Admirer says:

    Phyllis Sweetjuice, congratulations babe! Zikukukhala.

    Amalawi kukonda kudya nanga taoneni ma awardees maziduntu okha okha, tsono Malawiyo mumuchita promote bwanji?

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