Malawi activist lay down gauntlet: Mutharika says ‘love one another’

Barely eight months into office, Malawi President Peter Mutharika and his government face the wrath of the country’s non-governmental organisation who will hold nationwide demonstrations for alleged bad governance, nepotism and failure to fix a moribund economy.

President Mutharika: Love one another

President Mutharika: Love one another

A coalition of 20 leading NGOs is spearheading plans for the mass action scheduled for January 13.

Of major concern to local observers is that 20 people died in 2011 in similar demonstrations over the economy when Mutharika’s brother, Bingu, was president.

“A dwindling state of governance, lack of separation of powers among government branches, abuse and manipulation of public resources, high cost of living, insecurity, shortage of medical drugs and incessant public sector strikes are some of the issues Malawians are concerned with,” reads part of the CSO’s statement explaining the planned protest.

Associate Professor Happy Kayuni at the state funded Chancellor College of the University of Malawi, where Mutharika is the chancellor, described Mutharika as a failed leader for his alleged failure to read the socio-political developments in the country.

Kayuni cited Mutharika’s inability to respond to the judiciary strike saying this demonstrated his lack of commitment to democratic governance.

Two weeks ago, the Chinese Embassy in Malawi warned Malawi that Chinese investors may be forced to relocate to neighbouring countries if the government did not improve the security situation in the country.

“Insecurity in Malawi is getting out of hand. What we see in Malawi are many traffic cops on the roads and not armed cops who can scare away thieves and robbers,” Wang Jiaxin Hudson, the embassy’s economic and commercial counsellor said.

The CSOs also want Malawi’s First Lady Gertrude Mutharika to refund about $22 000, which they say her Bautify Malawi Trust was given by the National Aids Commission. Beautify Malawi encourages good hygenie and sustainable waste management initiatives. It carries out no HIV or Aids related activities which is what the NAC should only fund.

The First lady has put her foot down saying she will not refund the money saying calls for Beautify Malawi to refund the money are politically motivated.

Meanwhile, international donor Global Fund which supports work in the field of HIV and Aids, tuberculosis and malaria has suspended $700 million to the National AIDS Commission following NAC’s controversial funding criteria.

Mutharika blames lack of love among Malawians for the problems the country is facing.

“If you take a look at what has happened with our economy, which has been riddled by the infamous Cashgate, you can surely be with me in the call for a better Malawi. We are facing all these economic hurdles because of lack of love for one another,” Mutharika said on public Television, Malawi Broadcasting Corporation.

But the spokesperson for NGOs coalition, Timothy Mtambo said they are not deterred and the protests will go ahead.

“No propaganda from government or any of its machinery will divert us from the path we have taken” said Mtambo.

In the scandal that is locally dubbed Cashgate, Malawi’s graft busting body, the Anti-Corruption Bureau says that more than $48-million vanished during former President Joyce Banda’s two-year rule and $214-million was stolen during the eight-year reign of late former President Bingu wa Mutharika.

Mutharika said his government is working towards a “Cashgate-free 2015”.

“We have strengthened the financial system, we have resourced fairly well the law enforcement institutions, including the Anti-Corruption Bureau, so that they do a thorough independent job, prosecute all suspects, and recover the stolen resources where possible.

He said he was working to exercise fiscal discipline for the country without disturbing the macroeconomic fundamentals. “We are doing everything possible to make sure that all Malawians and the international community have the confidence in their government,” he said.

On local TV, Mutharika made an impassioned plea for Malawians to “love one another” saying Malawi at 50 years after independence needed to be mature.

In July 2011, after an overwhelming public outurn for the protests, the government responded heavy handedly with the police shooting and killing 20 civilians, beating many more and arresting protesters and journalists.

At the time, President Bingu wa Mutharika branded the dead as “thieves and looters” at rallies he organised immediately after the riots.

Mutharika has described 2014, the year he assumed office, as a “successful year” saying economically the country was doing well as his overnment has stabilized the Kwacha and tamed runaway inflation.

The Centre for Social Concern (CfSC), an NGO that tracks the monthly cost of living in Malawi, in its October 2014 report notes that the cost of living in Malawi remains one of the highest in Africa.

Inflation for November 2014 was recorded at 24% up from 23% in the previous year, according to the National Statistical Office.

  • This article first appeared in the Mail and Guardian Newspaper of South Africa
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74 thoughts on “Malawi activist lay down gauntlet: Mutharika says ‘love one another’”

  1. hassan says:

    mr muthalika are u not shem of urself for telling people for loving one onather while one u called ur wife stolle hurge amount of money & u do nothing or say something about it is t love which ur preaching about how stupt r u muthalika

  2. Kanyimbi says:

    Mr President, silence is the best word. If you will be responding it will be like war and will gather momentum.

  3. Political Analyst says:

    Malawians are tired of rhetoric speeches.Walk the talk mr president!

  4. REX MSISKA says:

    Mr Telvin. You have got it wrong. It is not about being a lomwe. Malawians especially in Malawi are all tribalistic. The President’s silence to address this makes tribalism legal. The President must just take unpopular decision to outlaw tribalism. Tribalism starts in families and spread outside.

    The President is talking about loving one another. What manner of love is it when there is unshameful corruption, corruption that is condoned by leaders based on political affiliation. Now that there is dpp led government the only corruption you hear of is that of pp. How do you preach of love.

    Corruption steals the right of people to have the necessary basic life. How do you preach love.

    Mr President please refer back to my request sent to you on face book concerning corruption.

    Malawi will not know love unless the leaders start walking in the ways of God and keeping His requirements. Mr President you will not know how to administer justice unless you personally walk in the ways of God and keeping His requirement.

    As the President of my beloved Malawi, i love you. I may be tumbuka, but i fear God and love Him. Thats why i love you.

    Malawians desist tribalism and hate.

  5. clement says:

    My appeal to Police Service.Don’t entertain these so called failed CSO’s with those lazy pple who will attend the demos to rob innocent citizens.Those find stealing shoot them.

  6. Telvin says:

    the key to Malawis economy lies in the foreign policy, this needs to be recognised. This Bingu guy Mlomwe guy I dont is just sleeping…

  7. Mtambo think it wise b4 going to the streets with your mobilised thugs. Other wise you will be accountable to any loss of properties or life. How can you expect a miracle of economy in just few months for a population of over 16million people? Let Apm rule the country and judge him after an year. Lets be realistic please.

  8. kalapashi says:

    You can take Peter out of the Lomwe, but you cant take Lomwe out of Peter. On earth, know that the language we speak has influence on inteligence and wisdom. The least language is Lomwe. The intelectual languages are Sena, Tumbuka, tonga, nkhonde, nyakwusa and chichewa. Yao has no place in rating school intelegence because it is a market language.

  9. BalakaGuy says:

    Why didnt you blame the JB administration when that Jezebel was in power,coz the vice prezident was from North

  10. Mukhalira yonypza atumbuka yomweyo, ife anuwake tikumwa wankaka. Msanje mbuuu, mfwiti heeee!!!

  11. Jimmy says:

    Stupid kwambiri Peter Mutharika your family is cursed you will never produce anything soundable to Ppl of Malawi,bcz you have proven to be unreliable,selfish & thief.How can we love one another without basic necessities,People are pregnant with anger on how you handle important issues to benefit citizens.You owe Malawian ppl an explanation on the state of the things in Malawian to day.I support demonstrations 100% bcz this country is directionless.



  14. Rift Valley says:

    Mungoti atumbuka this, atumbuka that; northerners here, northerners there etc, etc. Nanga inu mukulephela bwanji to lead ma cso? Kupusa Alomwe, Achawa. Ntchito kukolola pomwe simunabzale monga wachitila JB, Bingu, Mrs. APM ndi mbava zawo. May God help us.

  15. God Hear Me says:

    Iwe dadaboma ndiwe bulutu kwambiri if having 10 points qualifies you to go to university automatically then why are entrance exams administered?
    I have 36 points and I am at chancellor college but I can assure you no and no Mtumbuka with below 10 points has ever and ever scored better than me they come even 6 or 7 levels after me so what are you talking about.

    Mukawuzirana mayeso uko ku nthalire muzitinamiza kuti mmakhoza shupiti fotseki!!!!!!!!
    Atumbuka mmawuzirana mayeso mmabera and if you talk of nepotism its you tumbukaz who are very nepotistic.

    If you do not agree I can start with Timothy Mtambos organisation has their been non mtumbuka who has ever headed CHRR apart from people from karonga?

    1. dingiswayo mpezeni says:

      No wonder the standards of Unima are going down with the calibre of student like the God hear me who are using God’s name for their selfish motives and I wonder which Chanco are you?You have so much hate for Tumbukas for no proper reasons that you end up creating unsubstiated stories for them.You mean you will deter Tumbukas with your false stories?Stop spreading false stories and stop using using God’s name for your selfish motives.

    2. nthandalanda says:

      Inu a God hear me, ndinu mbuzi ya mano pansi. Muganize mmene mulili. Mukayezese magazi anu – DNA and HIV. NDINU GALU! HU HU HU HU HU HU. Stupit!

  16. Nkhuwawe says:

    Palibe mfundo pa zomwe zalembedwa apa. Zauchisiru basi, ukakhala iwe mtambo ask Mwakasungula lero ali kuti. Uzafa imfa yowawa.

  17. Busy Brains says:

    Inu a BOMA, let these northern region dogs masquerading as NGOs march. Because the more you see, to prevent them from marching, the more you are making them popular. Govt should not worry coz it will rain dogs and cats on that day that their march will have no impact at all. After all, they have to march, because march, they have to in the sense that it will be difficult for the Mtambos to go and refund the money to whosoever gave them coz they have already eaten. Ndiye tiye nazoni anyamata!!!’n

  18. Ciss says:

    he is saying the love,remember what happened to ginnery?he denied to great Chakwera,where was love that time? When they are celebrating of mlakho alot of things happen sexual practices among member because of their behaviors bt wat was money used for from NAC?

  19. Busy Brains says:

    Is it a coalition of 20 leading NGOs or 20 northern region ngos based in the centre? Don’t confuse people! Is mtambo and his northern region fellows a coalition of 20 leading NGOs? Mwatani nanu a nyasa!! I urge my fellow central region people to concentrate on other issues. Leave these northern maggots to fight Peter Mutharika alone. After all, Mutharika will attend Ruth Tembo’s funeral, so why should we waste our time?

    1. nthandalanda says:

      Inu a busy brain, ndinudi a misala. It is you who is a maggot. You are just making noise. Sukulu take iti yongokhalira kutukwana.

  20. alison milanzi says:

    tangobwezani ndalamazo, ndiye cashgate imeneyo

  21. Dawood says:

    Profesor wanuyo asazapondenso ku Mangochi…. Tizapha tokha ndi manja… Angakweze passport ngati ngati msomba ku nsika.

  22. Phiri says:

    Wot I have observed is that those who are against the word that we should love one another for to develop are 100% fools and if they support their party to be honest their is madeya and have no room or capacity to contribute to their party because they are fools and in them their brain is full of mamina, let’s build our mother Malawi, remember Malawi is not for Muthalika but all of us so if Muthalika is giving you a tip to success inu mukutukwana pali nzeru pamenepa you crazy commentors, put hatred aside to let Malawi develop.

  23. alukosyo says:

    Oh God bless our land of Malawi
    keep it a land of peace
    Put down each and every enemy hunger disease envy
    Join together all as one that we will be free from fear bless our leader each and everyone
    And Mother Malawi

  24. mtila zomba says:

    Kodi bwana APM tangolamulani kuti atumbukawa adzipita kwawo ku mpoto. kodi kwaoko amathawako chani? anthu amenewa ife amatinyansa

  25. Patriot says:

    Umuuze Getu ndi Mulakho abweze ndalamazo.
    Muwakonde anthu akubvutika ndi mliri wa Edzi,
    Nanga ndatukwana apa ngati?

  26. Homohabilis says:


  27. Pangani ma demo muthilidwe machaka. Makamaka iwe mtambo or is it mtumbo?

  28. Patriot says:

    One cannot overemphasize the importance of the need for us, Malawians, to love one another. It breaks my heart when I read reader(s) comments attacking each other by tribes other than by content of ones comments or deeds! Who said that one tribe is better than the other? God forbid!
    Allow me to suggest two things because I agree with the President that Malawians need to love one another and, I add, to love their Country and not just their Region, district or village. But to develop genuine love there is need for genuine forgiveness. Therefore, I suggest the following:
    1. Establish truth and reconciliation Commission (those who confess should surrender stolen wealthy to government)-From 1964-2014. Those who confess and return back the stolen wealth should be forgiven and accepted by society
    2. Churches and Mosques should go on a one year campaign preaching on nationhood and morality. Most Malawians acknowledge God but such corruption is a symptom of societal moral degradation which can only be fully restored through spiritual intervention.

    I pray that Malawians of goodwill would help to promote these ideals!

  29. Malindima says:

    Mtima pansi. Zidutsa izi. If bola fuel, forex, zinthu mu ma shop zikupezeka. Kukakhala kudula kwa zinthu ndiye zinayamba kale kale kuchokera nthawi ya Kamuzu mpaka lero. Tinazolowera nazo izi!!

  30. Simbongoya says:

    Ndakumbukila nyimbo ya late matafale, ” nanga akubawaah, awachitabwanji, ingoti phee! Uwone, nanga opondelezawa, awachita bwanji, ingoti phee! Uwone”

  31. Manzy j says:

    Tangopitani mukapange mademo bsi bola pobwera kumeneko mukabwereko ndi ndalama zosisira mitengo ya zinthu coz mwaona kuti chinthu chanzeru chingasinthe zinthu ndi mademo. Enanunso nkutheka simukabwerako kumeneko. Kayazanu izo inendizakhangola pakhonde ndikudya mpeya basi

    1. Inu a Manzy j.zaka za mmbuyomo mwana anaphedwa ku Chilobwe atakhala pa khonde nthawi yazipolowe.Ngati mukuopa mademo kulibwino tsikuli mudzabisale mudengu ku chipinda pamwamba atakuvindikilani ndi ma andiloko ndi ma g-string akazi anu!

  32. Alot of people especially from that region and area dont believe that the sirenes are now whinning for somebodyelse.From the home of democracy,UK,Chelsea coach has been penalised for talking against conduct of refs,what more callin a whole president of an independent republic names?watchout empty cabbages.

  33. Gabro says:

    I like it especially when all anti Mutharika commentators(including nyasatimes) are from the north

  34. chatty man says:

    Can someone help this man before he gets worse! pls! pls! what is saying is not adding up!

  35. TRUTH says:

    My fellow Malawians time of sitting behind readers is over.Kamuzu knew all people who were in exile are crooks.Love one another what does this man APM mean????????????To be a professor doesn’t mean you can manage a country its too different things.
    true readership talent from God no additional.Sorry mr APM for its just gift you are not made to be a reader that’s why there is no feeling from people of Malawi that you are a reader who can manage the country. Except the ones you eating together with. Malawi doesn’t look like a country anymore but a township somewhere in Africa.May God bring us a talented reader in Malawi. Every one say Amen, Wakibalu.

  36. Marioshona man says:

    Your demos will yield nothing except plunder your piece of mind till . . . . Mikupalamula Mavu pa chisa dala . We are not taking part in your demos.

  37. chefourpence says:

    atumbuka against APM. Not CSOs! Kayuni is a hardcore nepotist and has no kind words for DPP govt. By the way, why not ask Prof. Dzimbiri? ? Jamali? Prof Dulani? But always atumbuka? We stopped trusting garbage from tumbuka associates or whatever!

  38. supuni says:

    Where were these Mtambos, Joyce Ngomas and Kayunis during Joyce Banda’s lost 2 years? They were all quiet! Pano nde fwefwefwe! Atumbuka are failures due to their selfishness and gross nepotism! Wait, 2019 kuti mwina! APM woyee! Asafuna asiye!

  39. Wanela says:

    APM is stupid, dumb, corrupt, tribalist, controlling K91` billion that Bingu stole from the nation. And he talls of no love. We say YES WE LOVE the K91 billion, return it to Malawi

    1. Anonymous says:

      Wanela or whatever you call yourself I think you maybe confused can you please narrate why K91 billion comeup about this topic of love ,oh indeed tili ndi azimwale ambiri ayi zamanyazi

  40. Mwanza boy says:

    Can we talk about the K91 billion stolen by the Mutharikas. Love? Yes we Malawians love our K91 billion Peter Mutharika, please return our money to our nation. Your brother Bingu left you in control of the monies that he stole. Stop talking nonsence we do not want to hear your stupid mumblings, return our national treasure NOW.

  41. We will never change Malawian

  42. dadaboma says:

    The “love one another” call is rhetorical and hypocritical. Does APM love all Malawians equally? If so, why does he cling on so tenaciously to the infamous, outlawed and discriminatory QUOTA SYSTEM? If you discriminate between tribes and regions does it mean “love one another”? To demonstrate that APM loves all Malawians equally, he should do the following:
    1. Abolish the Quota system. Malawians must be treated equally despite tribal and regional differences. They must all be measured and assessed by the same yardstick. A fail in Chitipa must be a fail in Thyolo. If a 10 points student from Karonga cannot go to the University, a 10 point student from Mulanje should also not go to University. That is “love one another”.
    2. If APM so dearly loves the Quota system, he has to redesign it so that each district should sponsor a certain fixed ‘potential’ number of students (e.g. 10 as it is now) to the university but the students must have equal points. The best students in Chilazulo must have scored equally to the best students in Karonga. If Chilazulo does not have students with the required points then Chilazulo must not send students to university – we must not favour them by saying these students are ‘the best in Chilazulo’ although their ‘bestness’ differs from the best in Karonga; the best in Karonga must be equal to the best in Chilazulo where ‘best’ is measured in terms of number of points at MSCE. So although the number of e.g. 10 can be fixed, it is a ‘potential’ number with some districts sending less or more than this number depending on the performance of the students. Ultimately, this second point is the same as the first point above where quota system just has to be abolished because it is selective, discriminatory and is inconsistent with “love one another’ principle. This also applies to promotions, appointments, allocation of resources, training opportunities, etc. The case where one Nicholas Dausi gives preferential privileges only to Mwanza and Lomwe people at NIB goes diametrically incongruent with “love one another” principle and is symptomatic of pathological tribalism and nepotism, typical of DPP. If APM and DPP continue the path of hating some tribes and marginalizing them, Malawi will be in flames shortly – it could just be a matter of time.

  43. We,malawians, do fail to achieve the success because of these numerous satani’s agents so called ‘CSOs’.They come in the name of concerned citizens but we must greatly take care and avoid them.

    Anyway…A teacher by professional warns!!!!!!

  44. Yakobe Munthali says:

    zanu zimenezo munavota nokha. Munya moaka 2019 wooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Liberalist says:

    With respect to whosoever has vented anger on APM, the bottom line is indeed we Malawians hate each other so much. Why? We need to love one another as brothers & sisters regardless of imaginary socially constructed tribes which bear no significance before God. It is the greedy & selfish politicians such Peter, JZU, Chaponda, Enoch et al that promote & perpetuate hatred among Malawians which solerly benefits them only & condoned by the larger citizenry. Let us change our mindset. After all we have one Malawi

  46. Chigawenga says:

    Malawi has everything it needs to develop. Natural resources, human capital and you name it. The problem with our country is lack of committed leadership with vision. Leadership that has the so much talked about “love” for the country. Sadly in the last few decades we have seen leaders with different motives for leading us. From Muluzi to Joyce Banda there has been massive abuse of state resources with impunity. At the same time our parliament has not been effective in nipping the arrogant wings of the executive. I do hope that this planned demo will not end here. In fact it needs to go further and demand the president to resign over his failure to rule. APM has no idea as to how to ran a country. The kwacha has stabilized from borrowed money from Mota Engil and act that is illegal as it was done without parliament’s approval. Malawians need to take to the streets to demand APM removal from office. His arrogance does not warrant sympathy nor a second chance.

  47. MBACHI says:


  48. MBACHI says:

    He APM should not preach love today, it is him who doesnot love us. We Malawians ever since love each other. That is what Kamuzu taught us. You thieves who were in exile have come to steal our money are spoiling this country.

  49. Malawi’s untrustworthy politics propels all these problems ahead. The misunderstanding of what is meant by politics is what killing our nation. Everyone needs to become a leader even though they lacks leadership skills, so the fact that jealous, intolerance, lack of love, untrustworthy, and that everyone/NGO or whatever needs to be known, we put ourselves in problems we fail to rectify. should I advise everyone in this case to, before taking over anything, identity who is he/she so that can use their capabilities, abilities, skills and values in the right place, time and situation for good Malawi I guess.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I do not understand what is this fight all about .Mtima ukawawa umafika powawa zedi nane nditapeza ndalama osamachedwa ndi kuchita ma jelous kujijilika ,that was Mbenjele song ndiye nonsenu ndinu olira ,kaya kutumani amayi anu so called JB ,whether you like APM or not the funny thing is the FACT is still running that AMP is a head of state .hahahaha bwanji manyazeee mumvabebi weruu walawalala

    1. Greencardless Malawian says:

      Ukayendela nzengo usamati asakhwi afundula

  51. Namarokoro says:

    Tingoti pheeee tiwone!

  52. Chikopa says:

    What type of reporting is thi no patrotizem at all

  53. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Physically, Peter is in Malawi but mentally the Mathanyula guy is in USA. It worries me a lot to hear the President saying now and again that things have improved. For instance, the other day he said robbery had actualy reduced to 8 per cent, in agreement with his IG. Now he is talking about the stability of the kwacha – only for a few days. This shows that he does not believe that this country is in trouble. How can we expect such a person to have in his dunderhead any such thing as improving Malawi from the current mess.

  54. the quencher says:

    Very clueless leader @nd his government… stupid! Munya muona kaya umaliza term yako kaya

  55. jonah pwele says:

    guys wabwino akhale ndani?a president u wil like nt everybody wil lik.amene ineyo ndingamufune inuyo simungamufune. Take my words Malawi nthawi ina yake izatukuka mufune musafune thru whicheva leader at that tym. If we dont lv one another malawi wil nev devlop at fast pace. mandela winanso sazapezekanso ndeno tiyeni tigwire ntchito limodz ndi amene alipoyu. Democracy is like that olamula amakhala mmodzi .

  56. Abambo pita mwati 2014 was a succesful year economically,kunyumba kwanu,kapena kumwera? Anthutu akulira mmakhomomu m’balewanga,shame on you.

  57. Google says:

    Mr Kanyama and your company kozekani kuthira machaka ambwenumbwenu awa,gule wamkulu thenga za nkhuku zonse apolice asosola pa 13 january.

  58. brutsha says:

    Equate rhetoric with action Mr President. I had high expectation for this government to demonstrate high level seriousness on governance especially that the nation is coming from cashgate scandals. But to hear again that some quarters of society could have the energy to tamper with NAC funds for their trivial and irrelevant activities makes me sick. For sure Mr President if you were serious minded person you shouldn’t have allowed this happen under your watch. Am saying under your watch because the BEAM and Mulhakho wa a Lhomwe are so much closely associated with you personally. Did you know that Malawians of upright morals disliked Joyce Banda administration because of her mediocrity and voted for you with hope for change for the better? But you seem no different at all from JB! What you speak is directly opposite to what’s happening on the ground.

  59. sd says:

    How can an economy that depend on agriculture,zero deficit budget,rocked by Joyisi banda cashgate b turned around in 7months?let’s b honest&fair or we don’t know wat we R talking about


  61. Wopondaponda says:

    ‘Dziko lili mmanja mwa agalu’

  62. Rambos says:

    Malawins dnt nid aleader like this, this man is clueless ad crazy. Watch on 13/01/2015. If blood wl nt b shed

  63. Callister Daniel Phiri says:

    Nepotism , regionalism and tribalism is pulling Malawi backwards. In positions requiring highly skilled people, its only homeboys filling the posts. George Mankhwala at MRA is classical example. Amapatsidwa dzima udindo coz he is from Thyolo , TA Chimaliro. Anyapapi

    1. Mkwaso says:

      Callister Daniel Phiri ndiwe chitsiru, mbuzi, galu. George Mankhwala is highly qualified and competent. I guess ndiwe mtumbuka, paja atumbuka mumaona ngati you deserve everything. Kamba nkhani ina, leave George Mankhwala alone. Nyapapi ndiweyoo

  64. Tom Cruise says:

    Useless government

    1. concerned citizen says:

      Honestly, Malawians can not accept such un empty headed man called APM for a president. He is completely clueless on how to run government affairs.

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