Malawi activists claim threatened with death , report to UN

Malawi rights campaigner and prominent leaders of Civil Society organisations (CSOs) leaders, who have been critical of government and issued a communiqué calling on President Peter Mutharika to address economic challenges or resign, have been receiving serious threats to their lives including warning of their impending death.

Mtambo (left) and Trapence at UN office in Geneva: Reported their claims of threats

Mtambo (left) and Trapence at UN office in Geneva: Reported their claims of threats

The threats are said to be forcing some activist to fall silent at great risk to themselves and their loved ones.

Outspoken executive director of Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) Timothy Mtambo and Gift Trapence of Centre for Development of People (Cedep) said they have received threats to their lives through anonymous phone calls.

They accuse the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) operatives of being behind the death threats, saying the party is now unleashing terror similar to what they face during late Bingu wa Mutharika’s regime.

Mtambo and Trapence said they have reported the matter to the United Nations (UN) seeking international protection.

Mtambo said among those that are threatening him is Nelson Chijere Mwase whom he described as an operative of the DPP.

Mwase, who in 2011 was arrested for threatening Mtambo’s predecessor at CHRR Undule Mwakasungula, is leading what is known as a National Youth Forum.

But Mwase denied issuing threats or aiming at harming the activists, saying he is only challenging the CHRR leader, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokesperson Jessie Kabwila, former Bingu wa Mutharika’s legal adviser Allan Ntata to a public debate on Malawi situation.

Mtambo said he cannot debate with Chijere Mwase because of his criminal and said he believes the intimidation and threats against activists were a consequence of their legitimate work on the human rights defence and the governance situation in Malawi.

In a letter which Nyasa Times is in possession signed by Nelson Chijere Chirwa Mwase which is reportedly to have been dropped by unspecified person at CHRR offices gates in Area 47, Lilongwe.

“In recognition to the recent topical issues which has been tackled by a number of individuals and organization in Malawi, I Nelson Chijere Mwase wishes to challenge the following to public debate that will enable populace appreciate reality behind the same: Ms J. Kabwira (Malawi Congress Party Spokesperson); Mr. Allan Ntata (former Presidential Advisor on Legal Affairs), and the Director (Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation),” reads part of the letter.

Ironically, in a news story carried out by The Nation newspaper prior to July 20, 2011 demonstrations titled “Bingu sympathiser arrested for threatening Undule”, Nelson Chijere Mwase was once arrested for allegedly warning the-then Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC) chairperson and CHRR executive director UnduleMwakasungula with unspecified action if he did not apologise to President Bingu wa Mutharika and First Lady Callista Mutharika for his remarks on her salary.

“It is true that Mr Mwakasangula lodged a complaint following a letter written by Mr ChijereMwase. We arrested and released him on police bail after he was cautioned. He was charged with intimidation under Section 88 of the Penal Code and today [Wednesday], he appeared before the court but I am not aware of what transpired,” the then Central Region Police spokesperson John Namangale was quoted in the paper.

DPP spokesperson Francis Kasaila has since dismissed the activists for their claims of receiving death threats and decision to report to UN, saying that are “seeking attenting.”

The DPP government also accuses some CSOs of exceeding “their terms of reference” and are into political activism.

Mtambo and Trapence dismiss such accusation, saying the government should ensure the safety and protection of all human rights defenders in Malawi, investigate the threats being made against them and bring those found responsible to justice.

Meanwhile, veteran activist Mwakasungura see the solution in dialogue between CSOs and government.

Government said it is open to hold talks with CSOs.

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62 thoughts on “Malawi activists claim threatened with death , report to UN”

  1. Kenani Thambala says:

    Some of you are making ridiculous comments – I am actually surprised at how dull you are! I do not see anything wrong with the CSOs asking for the President’s resignation and reporting threats to UN. If Mutharika is doing badly, someone in Malawi must say it otherwise it will be like the old days of Kamuzu where the President was never challenged to think outside the box. The main problem with Malawi is that it is being governed by the largest tribe, whose members cannot even see that this country is off track. You support Mutharika because he is Lomwe and you would support him even if he didn’t nothing. I think you Lomwes are the worst tribe in Malawi – we would do well with Chewas, Yaos, Tumbukas, Tongas, Ngonis etc except you LOMWES

  2. m2 says:

    I have never seen magondwani like these two what u called CSOs leaders.NDE mukhale Ku UN komko akutetezeni. I wish one could beat theme up aziona Patsogolo Acham’matowewa

  3. kanjati Bengo says:

    DPP strategies. Why APM listening to Mr Ben Phiri and Mwase, mupeperatu iwowo akungofuna ndalama basi osati kukuthandizani becareful APM

  4. thako says:

    Atumbuka, Ambwenumbwenu, Atsibweni this is what mbwenumwenus call kuzindikila, atumbuka onse ndi mbuli, we need a kuapanga atumbukawa za ku Rwanda.

  5. chikondi says:

    Both CSO’s and Government are to blame. Can’t you settle the matter as a family of Malawi. Shame on you.

  6. INNOCENT says:

    I am a follower of Mr. Tray and his gay activism in the Weekend Nation paper.Your ideologies are devoid of development.I challenge you Mr. Tray to outline gayism and development otherwise you push for something that is not worthy dying for.If indeed someone want your life your legacy will be a shame to your children.I read the Times and other news but no journalist gives gay lifestyle a push like you.Before jetting in from there tell yah UN boss Malawi need autonomy too for it is a sovereign state.Too much politics is delaying development.Fight corruption and the plunder in the land.The pope dismissed a high profile clergy for openly being gay report that too.

  7. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    You people who ever supports you is wasting time and money. The whole of you going to UN to complain about the threats. Work out plans to help Malawi strengthen its economy. I have always advised you to engage your selves in activities that will provide more food, earn more forex, reduce forex sent abroad, help take care of the environment then we will know we have NGOs helping Malawi to grow and improve peoples lives. Always complaining. Yes we don’t trust you because you always complain on useless , immaterial issues.

  8. Nathan says:

    Chindere Mwaseyo abwere kwa ine ndithane naye! Nyaniyo asakuwopyeni, kaya amadalira Nicholas Dausi yemwe ankapolisha nsapato za Kamuzu, ine ndithana nawo onse afisi amenewa.

  9. Malingaliro says:

    The unpatriotic Malawians… You report to UN for what? You must be fools!! How did these two stupid rats become activists? Have the security agencies in Malawi failed to provide security? You are just attention seekers and Malawians are tired of your stories.. Go to hell!!!

  10. Pitani kaneneni says:

    Thamangirani ku UN Komweko. Vuto la anthu akuda ndi lokuti mumayesa kuti mzungu ndi timabungwe take is there to help you . Anthu akuda amalola kuti muthu wakuda mzao amangidwe, aphedwe ndi a zungu so that iyeyo ndi mzungu adyerere. Forgetting that at the end of the day you are just a a pawn and a puppet akafuna atha kukuchotsa. Learn lessons from other African countries who sold other africans out ngati ku Libya. Why do we keep putting pressure on African leaders to develop when they inherited broken systems set up by colonial european goverments and they are given unrealistic measures to develop in such a short period of time and allow the countries resources to be taken by these globalists. . Europe has been plundering africa and other nations for hundreds of years and Africans expect this to be corrected by African leaders with the help of a european and his UN forgetting that this organization has very little interest for African development. Please chonde. khalani ndi mzeru. Koma ngati kuli kupempha osanamizira anzanu kazingopemphani. Just for the record all goverments are corrupt.

  11. jk says:

    Killed for what? Gay activism? Mach……anu ndithhu!

  12. mdk says:

    #Nellie bola musayambe kumwalila inuyo. Ndale zomwezi mpaka kufuna mzanu atamwalila?ndiye mukuona ngati atamwalila mavuto amnyumba mwanu atha?kkkkkkķ

  13. mdk says:

    A bunch of attention must be having a laugh kkkkkl

  14. Useless individuals worse than the government itself. A demon can not remove a demon. No evil spirit will ever cast out evil spirit.

  15. levelheaded says:

    Now running from your shadows you stupid csos. Which one are you asking now? Your protection or president to resign? In facts only threats are not enough, you deserve death itself because you are the biggest enemy mother Malawi has now. Fu** you.

  16. ngongoliwa says:

    Mukunyoza ma csos lero, akubweretserani ndalama zama arv kuti inu ndi AUNT muzimwa.

  17. sapitwa says:

    I never thought these guys are as cowered as all this. Scared of their own shadows without being chased yet no one sane enough can waste their time to wage death threats to these two guys. Actually for what? They are not a force to reckon with anymore especially this time when there is no Donor Aid Budget. UN is really not so stupid to see what is happening on the ground and they already know that these fools are begging money. They have run out of their ideas and their relevance is no longer existing.

  18. Anabanda says:

    Police n army show your true might now by keeping in mind God is watching and b serious or the DPP goonds will finish malawi arrest the hooligans
    The activits are just trying to protect tge already bankrupt malawi

  19. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Government cannot be held responsible for death threats over the phone. What evidence do you have that it is govt that is doing so? Do you think govt can struggle if it wanted to do away with helpless individuals like them? Who do these rats represent? Did they even go through any interview for the posts they are holding? Timothy and Gift should just publicly admit that they have hit a blank wall with their wild and crazy call for the president to resign. We all know they are PP and they should forget it because history won’t repeat itself this time around.

  20. Mapiri says:

    This is the beginning of rule of terror. This time around we just have to arm ourselves. Malawians please don’t trust the police. They will NOT arrest these DPP thugs.

  21. mapwevupwevu says:

    Mathanyula Trapence and Mtambo are just looking for more funding!

  22. phyuta says:

    kkkkkkkk Anthuwadi ndi makape. Atha mapulani. Mr. Ntambo. Amalawi alibe nanu ntchito. They would like to concentrate to solutions to the problems. Mwadya ndalama za amanu !!!! kkkkkkkkk mwabalalikatu !!!!

  23. che muyaya says:

    Malawians are passing poverty exams with distinction due to YOU who voted for this fucken gvt

  24. chatonda says:

    Point of clarification, This Chijere Mwase is in no way connected to Professor Chijere Chirwa of Chancellor College.

    The one under discussion is one of the ose suspected of doing something to the former ACB boss.although Dausi is doing nothing but politicking. These are things that are making people think of demos. Deal with any such threats now than later.

  25. nachisale says:

    CSOs activists are busy threatening government in order to be reporting to donors, solicit funds for their NGOs, get fat allowances and fly to Western capitals with letters and get invitations to human rights conferences. Activism is a money makibg activity.

  26. mache Joy says:


  27. munyapa says:

    it is fashionable for activists to claim that they are being threatened every time DPP government ignores them. The so called activists think that the so called United Nations does not have its eyes on the ground in Malawi to know what they are actually doing. This is rubbish and UN knows this pretty well. It is a shame to the CSO community.

  28. nellia butaoMartha Chombo says:

    Elias Chijere Mwase ure so stupid and silly and stop what you doing,and DPP YA PETER NDI BINGU CHIMODZIMODZI WE ARE PRAYING PETER AMWALIRE TANOPA NANU A GALU INU

  29. pwiya says:

    kumeneko ndiye kupusako,all the way to geneva kukanena kut akukuopsezan,zopusa basi,anthu ngat inu ndi amene mukuika ziko pamoto.shupiti agalu a a

  30. tsetsefly says:

    Do not be afraid Malawians, stand still and see the writing on the wall for the DPP you see today, you will never see it again soon.

  31. aurora says:

    continue hating on DPP thats how its attaching us to it…mufe kaye thats when we will believe kuti mumaophezedwa…i wonder y they have to threaten u first istead of just killing u…..aaaah nde afoilatu…

  32. Alfred Minjo says:

    Sir Bentby, I plead with you to leave Taphael Tenthani to rest in peace. Leave this Raphael issue tp us relations. Maybe you know more about his death. Xhondd tisiyeni timulire m’bale wathuyu chonde……..

  33. I can not believe that there are some Malaians who are so foolish. These people who can for human rights are the threat for governments and that is why they are threaten. We have already seen Chasowa, ACB man and others being killed. Do you trust APM a man who work Bingu,s side by side with his brother? Do you remember that did well first 5 years befor APM came to Malawi second term? Ethel never allowed Bingu o let Peter come to Malawi and be in the government. Peter is evil at the same time a good player in people like you Malawians. These people can be in danger. Are you going to believe them when one is killed? Peter said he will continue where Bingu left. Where was that. I wish I was born. Zambian or had stayed in Zambia. A country with shape minded people.

  34. Man G you are ignorant. Human rights or NGO are employed by UN. If you thinkn UN is not important why your so called president took more than 100 people there? Stupid Malawian. When are you going to learn that human rights are the organization which can save and protect people including you and your family. Come on when a better knowledge.

  35. Dominic says:

    Are these really Malawians? I wonder – akunama, anapita kukachindidwa, mauka anawavuta konyera koopsa. Atamaliza kukweredwa anakatoletsa chithunzi ku UN, otherwise they are stupid opportunists.

    BUT who are they married to? Their wives MUST be stupid as well. How can mwamuna wao kuwachinda, ndikupitanso kukachindidwa ndi amuna anzawo iwo akungoyangána?

    Makobiri avutadi pa Malawi – tiye nazoni

  36. kwatanani pa chuma says:

    So you are reporting kwa azungu kkkkk.Inu ndidzitsiru eti,,ndi kwanu ku Genevako mesa mubwerako panyapanu mwabva.Mukuona ngati mutatiuza singabule,,,

  37. Rumphi says:


  38. TT says:

    Push = pray until shit happens!

  39. losco says:

    Baseless claims! Is a threat an action? More over with u ,its too much noise.

  40. VYOTO says:


  41. Amos jumbe says:


  42. Amos jumbe says:

    Zankutu izi,

  43. Tchaka says:

    I think mtambo and trapence are taking this government too far- uku ndiye kuyesana uku- what do u want guyz? Can u slowdown abit?

  44. anadimba says:

    kuMalawi munthu akafa wafa basi. Taganizani zaA Njaunju,no body cares because the same govt machinery were behind it. Mulungu wa makamu kodi tidzalirira kwa inu mpaka liti.? Anthu oipa akudzitamandira ndi kupha anthu. Yehova Nkhondo siyathu, adziwitseni kuti inu mulipo.

  45. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr. Chijere Mwase is looking for a public debate on economic situation in Malawi. Is the debate a solution to the problems we are facing sir ?

    Just give our patients decent meals and right drugs. No more debates until 2019.
    Why can’t you implement the policies you told us during election campaign.
    Were you ready to govern this country or not ?

  46. ndikutelo says:

    its an open secrete that the DPP has violence and blood in its DNA, imagin if they were able to kill a cop at goliyati when jB ws the president

  47. Josophat Returns says:

    Minyala amene munawavotera DDP. Si chipani ichi. This is a terror group. Kusamva Amalawi. You allowed DPP to strike twice. Kkkkkkk. Mudya muona. How many of those activities didn’t vote for DPP? Raise your hands.

    You have it coming. Welcomeooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Sir Bentby says:

    So you think Malawi police is independent? you think Malawi police should be trusted? Since when,had Malawi police detached itself from ruling party? Where were Malawi police when chasowa was murdered? Where were they when tenthani Raphael,Ken sonda, etc were Murdered by this govt…..
    98% of malawians including me, we don’t trust Malawi police, they are part nd parcel of ruling party toursherists

  49. gama says:

    hahah, ndiye mufuna atani? abwere azamuchose apm? azunguo adasiya kupereka chithandizo chifukwa chainu nomwe, kodi lero akuvutika ndindani? apm kapena anthu wamba, ngati mukufuna mipando ingonenani, chifukwa bomali simuntha kuligwesa, azungu adapita kuma boma likuyenda

  50. MAN G says:

    Gift and Timothy , you are supposed to report to police not to your so called UN. You are Malawians and let’s respect our Nation. Even mutafa , sizinayambe ndi inu . ,ufulu tikudyerawu, mwazi wa Chilembwe umeneu.

    1. i miss kamuzu banda and john tembo says:

      MAN G, grow up!





  52. chilungamo says:

    Csos you are hunted because of us the poor if we had financial capability we could have protected you cso, they have made us poor with high taxes etc and they want us to clap hands for them never and remember we are behind whoever is behind us the poor please cso try as much as possible protect yourself from these so called ddp people.

  53. Chibanja tv says:

    Threats, threats for what? just go and seek that assylum status in the west other than talking nonsense and seeking public sympanthy we are tired of you. We want to see Malawi moving forward and you are not either owning Malawi nor representing me. Iam matured enough to know the wrong and the right thing, so please off my way!

  54. Mkwapu says:

    Report to police?
    Mp reports to gov u damn fool

  55. guarantor says:

    Really if anyone threatens you you report to UN, just an anonymous call. Are you trying to get attention? If the UN listened to that then I have serious issues with them….those are petty issues that can be dealt with our police here.

  56. hippo says:

    These two clowns are attention seekers nobody has time for you two ugly faggots.Death threats my foot you wish you were on people’s agendas kagweleni uko

  57. chinyophiro banda says:

    These people are agents of satan. People who follow your foolish ideas end up in graves leaving behind widows and orphans when you are in your homes drinking tea and enjoying bloody mony. Advocating for kunyengana kumatako will take you no where.

  58. truth says:

    Dpp must fall. It’s high time for Malawi to organize itself against this mafia government

  59. The Analyst says:

    ” Father. . . let this cup (of suffering) . . . be taken away from me . . . .” – Jesus Christ

    I understand you, even Jesus was scared of death. But was it not worth it? What other noble cause is there to die for, if not one’s own country? Speaking for the voiceless. For a wife, you think? No!

    How can you claim to be the village warrior who shall keep a beast at bay and protect the village if you are scared even when the beast just stretches its fingernail for a better posture?

    I thought you are as courageous as your face looks! Then . . .

    Whom shall I send! Who will be our messenger! The Lord asked in Isaiah 6:8

  60. Inu says:

    Timothy Mtambo and gift Trapence, your attention seeking is nauseating. What do you intend to achieve? You want the UN to send a peace keeping mission to protect you two? Did you report this to the police? Was not that supposed to be the first step?

    Malawi is poor because of people like you, self centered egoistic seeking free hand outs. You are not patriotic and everything you do you do it for your pockets. Seek the voice of wisdom. Homosexuality issues have blinded your reasoning capabilities. Just seek asylum and gi and never come back

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