Malawi activists plan protests at South Africa embassy: HRCC demands SA xenophobia compensation

Human rights activists are planning a protest at South Africa embassy in Lilongwe to express anger over the wave of xenophobic attacks on Malawi citizens and other foreigners in South Africa.

Mayaya: We will hold protests

Mayaya: We will hold protests

Billy Mayaya a human rights activist told Nyasa Times that they have already notified police about the protests planned for Tuesday next week. A petition will be delivered to the South African Ambassador.

“Malawians have been trekking to South Africa since the late 19th Century. They have contributed to the South African economy as blue collar workers in the mining industry as well as white collar workers in various professions. They have intermarried and call South Africa home. To suddenly be forcibly removed through acts of wanton violence is simply deplorable,” Mayaya told Nyasa Times.

“The majority of Malawians have relatives down south who have been victimised in this way. We demand stronger condemnation from the South African government as well as a statement from President Mutharika on the same.

“A few years ago, when xenophobic attacks took place in South Africa, the then Ambassador promised Malawians that never again and yet here we are seeing the horrible images of wanton savagery. In response, we shall deliver a strongly worded petition to demand more action from South Africa. We are tired of lip service,” he added.

Scores of Malawians took to Facebook and Twitter in support of the planned demonstration saying they hoped that other African countries would organise similar protests at every South African embassy.

The Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC) a network of 97 Human Rights NGO’s/CSO’s has also demanded Malawi Government and South African Governments to “immediately engage” towards protecting the over 360 Malawians affected including arranging for compensation for loss of property, life and dignity as citizens of the earth who are guaranteed the right to settle in South Africa by its own Constitution and under the Universal Declaration of fundamental Humans rights which both Nations adopted.

“HRCC believes that the South African Government needs not be reminded of the role its neighbours played when it was ravaged by wars and apartheid system which saw most of its citizens taking refuge in foreign countries.

“ We have large numbers of South Africans world over and to start attacks on foreigners whether regulated or unregulated is a serious cause the South Africans may not want to take as it has corresponding consequences to economic growth and its citizens residing elsewhere,”  HRCC chairperson Robert Mkwezalamba said in a statement.

The rights group said while the Malawi Government may be pressed to repatriate its stranded citizens, the prime responsibility to protect, compensate, resettle or repatriate Malawians rests with the South African Government.

“ HRCC would like to make it clear that it holds the South African Government and its people responsible for the loss of life, property or otherwise suffered by Malawians.”

The Malawi government has decided to hire buses from South Africa to begin the voluntary repatriation of nationals caught in recent xenophobic attacks.

First batch of returnees from South African xenophobic attacks in Sunday, according to Minister of Information Kondwani Nankhumwa. They will be in six buses destined to holding/transit camps in Blantyre and Lilongwe.

“When returnees arrive at these centers, they will be screened by police, the immigration department and social welfare officials before being released to their respective homes,” he said.

The minister added that the government would also organize transport for returnees back to their respective villages.

Nankhumwa said the government had set aside 30 million Malawi kwacha [about $800,000] for the repatriation drive.

Hundreds of Malawians travel to South Africa each year in search of employment.

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69 thoughts on “Malawi activists plan protests at South Africa embassy: HRCC demands SA xenophobia compensation”

  1. Aaron Blessings Blackwell says:

    mulungu azbwezera

  2. Chenaisi says:

    The spirits of the dead Malawians, Zambians, Zimbabweans, Nigerians etc will be haunting Zuma. Almighty God is not happy with what is happening in SA. This is the begining of the down fall of Zuma. Afune asafune adzapeza nazo matsoka owopsa, mwazi wa anthu akufa uli pa iye madandaulo onse a anthu omwe akuvutika ku SA wasenza pamutu pake. Tsoka limayamba chonchi.

  3. kondowejrn says:


  4. Zondiwe says:

    Our citizens are being harassed and killed in South Africa. We in turn should boycott South African products, regardless of who owns what. It is up to the South Africans to sort that out. We are blaming South Africa as a whole for the atrocities being committed against our people. Yes, innocent South African businesses will suffer, but this is what is called ‘collateral damage’. In any struggle, innocent people suffer.
    King Goodwill did not send anyone to kill innocent people. Why did the Zulu mobs not listen to their own government? They are using and quoting the King out of context. Is it the King who sent them to kill foreigners in 2008?
    The fact of the matter is that the uneducated South Africans are a huge embarrassment to their government.

  5. GEZZA says:

    I was waiting for you guys to voise out!!

  6. kadamanja says:

    Our friends in Mozambique have threatened all South Africans living in their country to face the music if xenophobia continues in Rsa. Shell garages are closed and their shops. Lets go and root things in Game and shoprites shop in Lls , Mz and Bts. They think we are cowards.

  7. the bible says dat diso kulipila diso, so boycotting ma shop its oposite 2 wat bible said. Nafe tiphe anthu awo even ma bus obwera ndi anthu athuwo asapiteso kwawo and madriver ndi ma sistance tiphe basi… Kodi boko haram where are u? Do something with these pple of jon bcz even ur relatives have been killed.. Pliz boko stop killing innocent pple in niger and substitute with a zulu.. Guys anyone with number ya boko drop it here.

  8. soko says:

    developed cities and countries wii always attract foreigners. Despite france being a large economy, it is said that no other city in france after paris holds more french population than london. So whats the fuss with these south africans

  9. Mwamfunsa says:

    Our National Assembly had also contributed To this serious attack. It blievd put their interest First on the table than deliberating about job creation. Government officials were buzy cash gating leaving Malawians fall in deep poverty hence flew To SA for greens.

  10. the warm heart of africa says:

    only God knowz.indeed we r in last days

  11. Chimalilo says:

    pakhale kufufuza kwa anthu ovulala komanso kuvulazidwa madela onse ngati ku engelo usiku wa pa 15 anthu avulala ochuluka potero mwina boma la SA likanayika lamulo lokwima pa nkhani ngati zimenezi komanso boma lithandize omwe akufa pa ngozi zamagalimoto kuti mabanja awo azithandizidwa

  12. innovative says:

    It is really sad for an innocent Malawian and other foreigners to be victimised this way. Let us work alongside governing goverment and create condusive job opportunities which can engage people fully and avoid dying cold blooded. It is my prayer people arrive home safely.

    Newell Singine

  13. Kulibe kantu says:

    Government should have been more vocal on this issue!

  14. Kulibe kantu says:

    Malawians should also boycott boarding South African buses like TransLux, TransZambezi. People should also boycott Shorprite, GAMe.

    In fact, all South Africa shops should close and go back.

    But the biggest culprit in the attack is king of Zulus Goodwill Zelethini. He is the who has instigated the attacked. He said foreigners should leave South Africa. Zuma’s son also echoed the same remarks. The Zulus brutal and heartless as they are started attacking foreigners. The king has not issued any apology for the blood he has caused.

  15. saindi misale says:

    They kill our brothers and you say we shun their shops or not trade with them. Don’t they have their brothers here also who we can kill all. They are not shining our brothers shops so why should we. We do exactly what they are doing.

  16. PORTMWEXY says:

    They are evil pple.They are being used by demons.,may God protect the foregners.

  17. crimebuster says:

    We r waiting for the South African Police who come to Malawi to confiscate cars from unsuspecting motorists, we will burn them as they r doing to our brothers and sisters in their stupid country! Let us unite that the RSA Police will never come to Malawi and harass our motorists!

  18. Nicholas tomoka says:

    This is unfair treatment because in malawi we have alot of foreigners but nothing bad we do with them.

  19. icredible says:

    so help us GOD

  20. Ana amuna a mphongo says:

    I cant wait to demostrate. Billy fast foward your clock we are tired of these uncalledfor behavior.

  21. truth says:

    Agreed 100 percent. Let us protest by stopping trading with Rsa for some period. Let us stop buying their stolen Fortuner and other vehicles from Rsa. There are plenty vehicles of all makes in Japan and Uk at cheaper prices. Difficult but implementable. Let us stay in this country and develop it. Rsa has become hot headed. Let’s teach them a small lesson.

  22. GRITTY says:

    boma lichitepo kanthu mwanzeru and boma lizwe kut chiwerengero cha anthu omwe asali pantchito chichuluka mapeto ake anthu aziba uchifwamba ndi zina zoipa zichuluka just pry for our country.

  23. Emmanuel Pagone says:

    How many buses? K30mita?

  24. Yakowela says:

    Zambia is advocating the closure of all South African multinational firms operating in Zambia or shun buying goods made in South Africa.

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      That does not hold water. The xenophobia is emerging from the poor fellow blacks who reside in slums or shanty townships not the wealthy whites who actually own the shops like Shoprite, Game, Intercape buses etc. Its poverty and frustration as well as unemployment which is being then blamed on fellow migrant blacks.

  25. kamwera says:

    use malawian buses to repatriate our fellow friends in south africa
    ndalamazo mukufuna kupereka kwa ma south afticans amene akuphera abale
    ganizani bwino

  26. kamwera says:

    let shops which belong to south africans be closed till their fellows stops attacking our brothers and sisters.

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      Do the shops belong to black South Africans?

  27. may all our people from nyasaland come bak home….leather than dyng for nothing ?why xenophobia again in sa

  28. Mubwe says:

    I will join the peaceful match. But we need also to immediately boycott South African Chain of Stores including SABS products alongside the match.

    1. Mad Professor says:

      Why do have to boycot South African investments in Malawi? Do you know who owns them? Are they the Zulus or Xhosas from Umlazi in Durban? Are they owned by Kingf Doodwill Zwelithini, the Zulu Royal Kiong who said foreigners must go home? When you respond to thse questions then you can justify your argument otherwise its what we call in argumentation a “fallacy”.

  29. Erin Phiri says:

    Malawians would not have to leave Malawi for greener pastures if the government was doing what it is supposed to do. A Malawi osauka tizingofa chifukwa chofuna kuyesetsa kupanga moyowabwino for ma banja anthu. Government itstime you started creating jobs and improving security kuti a Malawi tisamapite kumayiko akunja!!

  30. cbk says:

    do they think that no any country has south africans?malawians should shun their shops here to give them a,pep,shoprite,you name them,period.

    1. Boo ya ka Shaah! says:

      That’s a fallacy. How is it conneted? Do the poor blacks of South Africa who are behind this irrational attitude called xenophobia own those shops? Do your research.

  31. tony kanyenda says:

    ZUMA is a heartless fool, this is the beginning of his downfall

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      Which downfall because he just won an election last year. Do you follwo South African politics? This is his last termof office

  32. Benard B says:

    So sad!

  33. Dick says:


  34. Charles Naphazi says:

    A malawi samamva, ngakhale muwabweletse kuno kwawo, abwelelakonso.
    Ingowalekani basi,
    They go each-each and they’ll come each-each also.

  35. Mwendanato says:

    Protest march wont make any changes because another one was already done. Suggestions
    1. RSA govt must pay compensation and resettlement fees for all Africans currently there
    2. All RSA embassies must be closed in all African countires.
    3. The Zulu king and Zuma’s son must be prosecuted immediately for would be perpetrators to learn a lesson.
    4.RSA govt must pay compensation to Malwi, Tanzania and Zambia for keeping ANC frredom fighters thier families and educating them during the aparthied days. Only these measures will send sense into Zuma under whose watch there have been three xenophobic madeness.

  36. MELODYSON says:

    On my own point of view as a Malawian citizen, and also as a beliver i think when these acts are taking place ,we should put in consideration that ;GOD created human beings,and us as fellow human being s ,we don’t have the rights to kill one another like chicken seen on photos.#xenophobia..and those who do so shall answer accordingly…….LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MONEY OR ANYTHING IN THE WORLD……….

  37. Neema says:

    we were waiting for this, it is long overdue!

  38. Boycott SA products and services says:

    Let us all boycott buying SA products and services, starting with GAME, SHOPRITE, PEP, USAVE, STD BANK, SAA, etc!

  39. English Guru says:

    I hate south africans, how can they kill fellow human beings (fellow africans at that!) just like that!! I with tb joshua killed more of you at his collapsed building! I cant believe I wasted my sympathy for you people when that tragedy happened!

  40. “South Africans will kick down a statue of dead white man but won’t even attempt to slap alive one.Yet they can stone to death a black man simply because he’s a foreigner” ROBERT MUGABE

  41. Zondiwe says:

    Should we not throw out the South African businesses that are operating in Malawi?

  42. popapo says:

    For the first time I will be part of the demonstrations. These South Africans were hosted by all African Countries during Apartheid and their struggle to root out the same. Today they are on the very people who helped them during the most difficult times. By the way are these fools told or taught about their history?

  43. mchewa says:

    Midyomba inzanga basi jaulere twende kumangwetu. Yawa ma zulu atiminitsa chimbenene

  44. Juju says:

    Why waiting till Tuesday when our brothers and sisters are being tortured, burnt and killed? I wonder what type of president who could leave his own country for USA while his own people are being slaughtered like chicken in RSA? Our CSO’s lets do this even today, no need to seek permission frm police, do those killing our bros and sis seeking permission to kill them? Mr President, leave whatever you are doing there and come back and mourn with your people in Malawi. I remember, last month when Air France plane crashed, the King of Spain was on official visit to France, he cut short his visit and went back to Spain to mourn the victims and be with his people,

  45. Kamuzu Banda says:

    komatu za compensation talawilira. we need to focus on saving the Malawians in south Africa first then we can can follow up on compensation if need be. the sad truth is that indeed many foreigners in south Africa are illegal. while that doesn’t make it right to kill them, it posses a challenge on how you can demand compensation.

  46. Ngongoliwa says:


  47. Mulomwe zamunyasa says:

    we are also looking for south africans hu r staying here in Malawi. akapezeka palibe zonyengererana apa. kupha basi agalu amenewa!!

  48. Che Matola says:

    Why r u hiring South African buses?it sounds so retard

  49. Kanongwa says:

    tisonkhe limodzilimodzi kuthandiza anzathuwa, pajatu ena anatithandiza pa mavuto a kukuloka kwa zinthu mmiyezi yapitayi.

  50. Williiams Kay says:

    This, what z happenning in SA z really very sad, something has to be done immediately. I personally welcome the idea.

  51. HE JOZA says:

    Ambassador wathu wachitapo chani wana wathu akuphedwa kumeneko ???

    Tumiza report lazomwe wachita kumeneko pokhuzana ndi zipolowezi

    Osangobissla mu office nkunadya ndalama zathu zamisonkho mimba thoooo

    Nkumangophwisa mu office !!

  52. Special advisor says:

    Protest at SA embassy sounds good, but listen to advice: if CSO are serious about protests, they should network with CSOs in other SADC member countries. If such regional mobilisation is not possible, just send a letter of protest to the SA ambassador. This is cheaper and more dignified than chants and plackards on the street. You can also publish it as an open letter, in the local daily both in Malawi and South Africa as well as online. Further, you should also engage your own government to speak up against it – making sure they don’t “whisper” but rather they make transparent statements to their counterparts in RSA – of course some of it may be classified, according to diplomatic protocols. Otherwise, if not well thought through, a solitary march in Lilongwe won’t create a wave that could be strong enough to send through the intended message. There could even be a worse social back-lash on the ground in south africa. So, work at system level rather than at street level, CSOs. This is the 21st century. Use internet effectively to mobilise the region to condemn xenophobia.

  53. Wiseman Nyasulu says:

    I am first surprised that our government is just sitting quiet without condemning SA govt. why? Providing transport is a positive development but why should government play down such a heineous crime committed by SA criminals? It should condemn in strongest terms, our people are being chased and slaughtered like goats.
    Let them ( SA) close their chain stores and their High Commission here. Just marching is not enough if we equate to the degree of crimes that their people are committing against our people in SA.

  54. PRENSOORE says:

    deport the ambassader

  55. Brilliant idea Mr Mayaya and if it’s possible communicate with your fellow activists in affected countries and stage the protest in all SADC countries.

  56. musandifunse says:

    Who saw this with his eyes. He’s too scared to talk. Bravo Mayaya. Let other Nations to wake up for their citzens

  57. Nanchidwe says:

    South African Shops In Malawi Should As Well Be Closed Ie Game Shop Etc Untill Our Fellow Malawians Affected By Xenophobia Are Compeseted By SA Govt.

  58. Yankees says:

    South Africa, mind U we have People in MW from your country, what if is this happening in MW for for your pple? We are differenr only in Culture but our same skin tells a Story, we are all one Pple! Guys come back home!!!

  59. Peter Nkosi says:

    Re second-last paragraph: 30 million kwacha is correct, but dollar equivalent is only $80,000

  60. chejaali says:

    Shaaaaaaa Jon Ana a mazulu kupha azawo ngati mbewa very sad story

  61. Garu Wa Garu says:


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