Malawi albinos welcome life sentence ruling on killer: Mutharika says ‘chitsilu chokumwa madzi ometela ndebvu’

People with albinism in the country are over the moon following a landmark judgement in Mzuzu where a 33 year old man has been sent to serve a life sentence without parole for attempting to kill an 11 year boy of the condition.

Kaumba, 33, to spend the rest of his life in prison with no opportunity for pardon

Kaumba, 33, to spend the rest of his life in prison with no opportunity for pardon

An official from the Association of People with Albinism Overton Kondowe described the judgement as landmark.

“This is very important development. This is what we were asking for, this is what we included in the petition we presented to parliament,” said Kondowe.

High Court Judge in Mzuzu, Dingiswayo Madise handed down the judgment to Samson Kaumba who had attempted to kill Morton Juma in a ritual killing in senseless belief that the body parts of a person with albinism brings lucky and wealth.

“Today I have that worst offender before me,” said judge Madise as he rebuked the convict and his unknown accomplices for setting out to kill Morton like a chicken or goat.

Madise dismissed the calls for a lesser sentence prayed in mitigation by the convict’s  lawyer Chimwemwe Chithope who  described the convict as a first offender, youthful, sickly and deserving of mercy, saying the offence was “a mere attempt”.

Meanwhile,  Kondowe  has since asked other judges and magistrates to emulate the example of Judge Madise, saying the judgment was a deterrent to would be offenders.

“Next, we want the police to speed up investigations of all abductions and killing of people with albinism so that the cases do not delay. We want the state to review all previous cases and make retrials so that stiff penalties such as this one are meted out,” he said.

President of the Association of Persons with Albinsm Boniface Massa paid tribute to Judge Madise, saying he had set above the bar of sentences of people with albinism abductors and killers.

“This judgment sends a clear message that we are not chickens,” he said.

Massa  said such judgments will bring back normal life to people with albinism whom, he said stopped going to school, going to work and doing other day to day jobs in fear of being murdered.

Senior chief state advocate Dzikondianthu Malunda  also embraced the sentence meted out on Kaumba as a cause for celebration in the crackdown  on the killings of vurnerable people.

“Justice has won,” Malunda told reporters outside the court.

Justice Madise’s ruling marks the conclusion of a case in which Kaumba and Fiskani Mtambo stood accused of coaxing Morton Juma, 11, into a bush where they hacked him on the neck and left biceps in a shocking episode of the infamous killings in September last year.

The court has however acquitted Mtambo because  prosecutors did not prove his involvement beyond reasonable doubt.

Presidential stern warning

President Peter Mutharika  has since  declared war against albino “terrorists”, claiming that his administration will win the war against them.

While making his address on International Albinism Awareness Day, Mutharika said that perpetrators of crimes against albino nationals would face the full might of the law.

“People elsewhere are taking us as fools, they think we are ignorant, this is embarrassing… it is sinful,” he said.

Fuelled by a belief that albino body parts brought wealth, attacks on albinos have increased in recent times, leading to the deaths of at least 17 albino nationals in the last two years.

Mutharika has since slammed the belief among some Malawian residents, describing the superstition as foolish and ignorant.

“The people who are telling people that it makes people rich are not even rich. They are wearing rags. How can a person like this make your rich if he himself cannot make himself rich?” he said, adding in vernacular: “Ndi usilu umeneweo, kwathu munthu ameneyo timati ndi chitsulu chokumwa madzi ometela ndebvu, chitsilu chenicheni “.

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chief activist



If this sentences were also given to these cashgate people so that they should not enjoy their monies,am tell you kuba komanso katangale kukanakhala kulibe.
Mind you kuti zikupangitsa anthu kukhala ndi maganizo okuti munthu ungalemele pokupha munthu ndi chifukwa cha umphawi,
Maganizo anga bwanji anhtu amenewa tchuka ndi cashgate apangidwenso choncho bwanji? Bwana Madise, cashgate yapha anthu ambiri kobasi kuno ku Malawi, as ama writting this mpakana pano anthu akuzunzidwa pa nzera wofuna kugula chimanga ku madera ochuluka chifukwa cha anthu amene anononga chuma ndikusakaza chuma cha Boma.
Inu muti bwanji?

Jah Man
Much as do I distaste ritual murders of Albinos and harvesters of human body parts , I feel I have a point in condemning judge Madise ruling. This judgement does not make sense at all. Which books does the learned judge Madise is referring from for his ruling. I feel the sentence is unjust, unbalanced and a recipe for appeal. If we look at the recent recent ruling to a Albino killers to face 25 years in jail, then there is an extrinsic motivation behind Madise ruling. Madise may be motivated by fame or pride but otherwise he has made… Read more »

Koma ngati opha azathu achialobino akuyenera kuphedwa akapezeka chonde zikueneranso kukhala chimodzimodzi ndi ena omwe analemera kudzera ku ndalama za cashgate,dziwani kuti anthu akumwalila chifukwa chosowa mankhwala ndipoa ena akumapezeka ndimilandu yamankhwala koma ikumandothera m’mazila apapa tipaonenso bwino..chinde tiyeni tikonde dziko lathu.


eyadi chitsilu chomwamadzi ometera ndithudi,ophamzake nayenso aphedwe ndithudi..


Look at the way he is looking! I doubt if he has even handled K50000 in his life and who paid for the services of the lawyer? Who ever paid the lawyer knows something about this


inu tikamupeza tizingonyonga pompo pompo basi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nanga a cash gate bwanji??? It’s takes forever the make a ruling and when there is one, it’s not stiff enough. The sentences for cash gate people are very lenient. When a poor man commits a crime he faces the befitting or maybe even harsher sentence but when the offender is educated rich, the sentence is almost a joke… Bwino tau bwino..



The Analyst
O……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….O I dont understand why people are running around stark naked and swimming in sea of happiness with this sentence, sadly, including the Albinos Association of Malawi. . . . Inu . . . If previously; murderers were consistently sentenced to 1 week in prison; and some random judge unsystematically and haphazardly increases the sentence to 1 month; are you sure you can celebrate and call this a landmark sentence? Come on people! . . . yes, the 1 month sentence is stiffer than the 1 week sentence, in relative terms; but is it enough, in absolute terms? Let us… Read more »
Kriminal \'A\'

Zako izo, enafe we are so happy with this sentence. Ukanakhala kuti unapanga experience life in Malawi prisons sukanalemba trash yakoyi. A life sentence in Malawi’s prison is worse than death sentence itself. And where is this hope coming when the guy has been given a life sentence with no possibility of parole? Adzachita kuthawatu kapena?


Malawi goes by justice by emotions not by law – a Judge ruling based on public feelings – just because the issue is in the public domain. If some wife hacks her husband, she will get 3 years as if lives differ


Mawu mawu!

Mathews Nyirenda

But this sentence is good in this case becoz the albino man is still alive. If he was killed then indeed we could have been happy with a death sentence.

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