Malawi Ambassador to Japan, Ngwenya successfully defends PhD thesis at University of Bolton

Malawi’s head of mission to Japan, Major General Reuben Ngwenya, has academically earned himself a prestigious doctorate degree after he successfully defended his thesis in Strategic and Change Management at the University of Bolton in the UK.

Ambassador Reuben Ngwenya is now Dr

Ambassador Reuben Ngwenya is now Dr

Following this development, the Ambassador can now be addressed as Major General Dr. Reuben Ngwenya.

The topic of his thesis was “Effective Collaborative Leadership among Security Actors to achieve sustainable national security and prosperity in Malawi,” of which its overall goal was to develop a holistic strategic national security policy to guide effective collaboration and make Malawi the most peaceful and prosperous country in Africa.

Ngwenya, a former Senior Lecturer at Mzuzu University, who was holding a Master Degree in Strategic Management from the University of Derby in the UK— started his doctoral studies in 2011 and he was in the same cohort with the Malawi Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima who graduated recently from the same UK based institution of higher learning.

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28 thoughts on “Malawi Ambassador to Japan, Ngwenya successfully defends PhD thesis at University of Bolton”

  1. Congratulations Dr Ngwenya. May God be with you as contribute to our national security and peace.

  2. Jimbo says:

    The universities of Derby and Bolton are very small fry indeed when it comes to rating them as prestigious. I have never heard of anyone over here in UK boasting about having a degree from either of these universities. Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, London, Bristol they are not. Malawians are obsessed with degrees/doctorates. What is more important is the university conferring the degree/doctorate. Just because a degree/doctorate is conferred by a university in the UK doesn’t automatically imply ‘prestigious’. People only apply to Derby and Bolton universities when their qualifications are not good enough to get into prestigious universities. They are in the third league of universities.

  3. mercy mwale says:


  4. waseme says:

    Dr ngwenya mwana wapa kaya uyooooo ka PHD thiiiiiii. Imwe mukuti fwefwe panganiyinu mwa ba bale. Kwali ndi Bolston yayi vilije ntchito kweni mwana wapakaya wakwela mbwenu. Congrants my GPMG man.

  5. Gadabwali says:

    Ine kudabwa, why is it that munthu akapeza Phd ndi Bolton university kumakhala kulengeza kwa m’nanu ngati kuti university ndi yokhayi pa dziko lapansi. Is it because an empty tin makes alot of noise? U look at the areas of concentration; knowledge mgt, change mgt etc, u tend to wonder kuti what value wll the knowledge gained add to Malawi being an agro based country? Za mkutu basi, za zii!

  6. Winston Msowoya says:

    Congrats Dr. Ngwenya.Eventhough your dreams come true,we are waiting to observe your contribution to the nation.Since independence,we have produced tons of so called PH Ds ,but a tiny of them have contributed their talents to our nation.The overwhelming majority have either trekked to the green pastures or remain in the country and join the useless and corrupt burocratic establishments.However,once again,I wish you all the best and good luck in your endeavours to build our beloved Malawi.

  7. Howard Sichinga says:

    My congratulations Dr Ngwenya. I have always admired your steel will and determination to succeed in anything you undertaker.

  8. me says:

    Congratulations. Your full title is now..


    Forget the low lifers making bad comments. They always dwell on negatives. You earned and worked hard for your titles.

  9. safusa says:

    What are you going to do with it?In Malawi it doesnt mean anything because you are not going to contribute anything| Mwangobvala basi| Poor Malawi|

  10. TruFactor says:

    Voted the worst in 2012 (at the bottom of UK institutions of higher learning. Currently ranked 121 out of 126 (see Wikipedia about this university). Still, we can’t compare with our UNIMA (kikiki). and congrats Dr Ngwenya for earning this degree.

  11. Beast Msonda says:

    PhD holder wa mabodza, ukazitape, umbava, and what have you. He is one of those people who don’t deserve our taxes. Please recall him home. Azamuthandize mwanawake Vusi kuyendesa ma company a ndalama zokubawa.

  12. Josejph Moyo says:

    Congratulation Dr Ngwenya. A very good example for others in security field

  13. mapwevupwevu says:

    Angodya zaulere za misonkho yathu kunjako! Adzibwerako adzatithandize kulanda nyanja yathu from TZ.

  14. levelheaded says:

    Ngwenya? Maina opanda phata’tu amenenewo. Nanga zisanabwere ngwenya ( quary crusher)Makolo anu mayina awo anali ndani? Maina ongoyamba kumenetu amenewo monga Chigayo,Simbi,zonse zongobwera kumene ndi azungu. Pezani maina oti analipobe ngakhale cha mma 1600 monga Chingolopiyo, phiri ndi ena otero.

  15. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    While I congratulate ‘Dr’ Ngwenya, may the public know that this Bolton University is not recognized by the world academia, it’s non-entity and anybody, as long as has money, can get a degree there.

    1. o says:

      You liar. Bolton is one of the respected universities in UK. It has a full campus in the greater Manchester area. You can google Bolton University and get the info.

  16. Rodious Simbizi says:

    Congrats Dr.Rueben Ngwenya

  17. Gas Machine Head says:

    MIM has just turned into a diploma mill. Very shorty Patricia Kaliati will be earning a PhD from the MIM/Bolton University. As long as you have money, you can earn Master’s Degree and a PhD from Derby and Bolton through MIM. Please search on the UK Higher Education Website and look for Derby and Bolton rankings. Ma PhD aphweka, they can’t even tell you of their research methodology. Not that different to Ben Phiri’s bogus Cypress University PhD. hahahaha.

  18. jacqueline Mbumpha says:

    congrats 4makn` `t.

  19. Funzo says:

    This university is bottom of the rankings in the UK so why is it so popular with Malawians?

  20. Gimme a breakkkk says:

    Kkkkk. Bolton MIM degree. Zabweka ndithu. All this in order to be called Dr. Someone should investigate MM, but of course it won’t be government authorities doing that.

  21. Mapwiya Namuhaya wa ku Phaloni says:

    Masiku osiriza anthu azakhala ophunzira kwambiri koma osazindikira choonadi cha Mulungu. Ku dziko lapansi wachita bwino kwambiri & im saying congrass to u Dr.Reuben Ngwenya.

  22. peter muthanyula says:

    Title ya thesis imeneyo for PhD? Bachelor’s dissertation yaku Livingstonia University ndithu

  23. Biziwek Pakhala Nginere says:

    Congratulations for the achievement sir. Amalawi kumayamikila penapake eti, I am sad with some of the comments. Kodi sitingasinthe kuti mwina the authorities should think of removing “Njala, Nthenda NSANJE” in our national anthem??? sizoona amalawi let us please change. This mentality boggles my mind full time. I have travelled far and wide koma we are so unique with this stupid and useless mentality. Too much NSANJE.. village idiots!!!

  24. munthu wina says:

    BOLTON, Tiwuzeni kuti MIM osatinamiza apa, amalawi kufuna zakunja basi?

  25. Nesho says:

    Congrats but who is he to us poor Malawians anyway…?

  26. NYONYO says:

    so what

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