Malawi ‘among worst places to grow old’: Global report has found

Six African countries, including Malawi and Mozambique, have been ranked among the 10 worst places to grow old, on the third annual Global AgeWatch Index from charity Age International.

The index shows Malawi as the worst country to be old

The index shows Malawi among worst plce to grow  old

The Global AgeWatch Index measures the quality of life of older people across the four categories of income security, including pensions and the poverty rate; health status, such as life expectancy; capability, which covers employment and education; and enabling environment, from physical safety to public transport access.

Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda and Uganda were all in the bottom 10 countries for people over 60-years-old.

Switzerland topped the list and Afghanistan came last.

The report includes 96 countries that are considered to have adequate data sets.

There are 901m people in the world who are 60 years old or above, representing 12.3pc of the global population. This is expected to rise to 1.4bn people, or 16.5pc, by 2030.

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26 thoughts on “Malawi ‘among worst places to grow old’: Global report has found”

  1. kebra tafari says:

    That’s why me love wiseblackpeople coz dem r always proud meaning that dem got pon rastafari.

  2. munyapa says:

    Abro mukufuna ma glass a padreyo pitani mukamulande bcoz those glasses amavalidwa on special occasion and also do not hesitate when shops “says hurry while stock last”ndi a swagg pakati pa chic kwa padreyo

  3. Nyapapi says:

    Mr Banda in big spectacles from Kasiya in Lilongwe, are you still keeping that pair of spectacles which you bought from gold mines in south africa in the 70s? Shaaaa koma a Chewa.

  4. Mwanangwa says:

    Among the people in the world who have crossed the 100 years age is my own father who is now crossing his 102 years. My mum who is 89 can still read without glasses, sing her Tumbuka Hymnary every day with ease.

    We owe it to the Lord with this grace

  5. Fury Road says:

    Can someone tells me where I can get such kind of glases! Seems to be hot

  6. nophiya says:

    Tinazidzuwa kale izi and thats why we put our lifespan at 37 kuti tisamakalambe shupit

  7. peter says:

    Must be understating the position, possibly they should indicate the magnitude or the gap… what about with all the torture of the old being usually accused of witchcraft?

  8. Watcher 30 says:

    Malawi is the worst country for everything.It is normal to Malawians.It is normal to them busy sleeping while politicians are busy throwing every little penny into their pocket meant for pension for these old folks reeling into shameful poverty.

  9. januaryphiri says:

    I Am Aged 61 and life is not easy.

  10. wachisoni says:


  11. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    It is perhaps obvious that theft of public money (exhibit Cashgate), endemic in Malawi governance since 1964, has contributed to this problem, exponentially. There is no question that “petty” corruption in the daily provision of public services is also a big problem; and it has to be rooted out!

  12. Phwado says:

    But we have very old asses of APM,Badaall Gondwe,Chikanenepa etc enjoying.We also have a very old corpse enjoying 6feet deep @ mpumulo wa bata bull…. @ the expense of other grannies and grandpas.Shame!

  13. drzeus says:

    My dad retired from the civil service. He is in huge financial problems worst still his monthly pension pay cannot sustain him for the whole month. His pay comes very late. The whole pay is only enough to pay for water, electricity at Area 47. The way things r if government does not adjust pensioners pay he will not survive. Agwa ndi pressure.

  14. one man says:

    Malawians r gud @ shifting the blame 2 sam-1 else. It’s the duty of us o 2 care 4 the grey haired folks & not politicians alone. Coz the majority of these folks r neither educated nor r they on pension. But r parents of multitudes.

  15. Mirella K says:

    It is even more worse to be a youth here. I think ll categories except the ruling dPP are better off!

  16. ALOSWEA says:

    It really a bad country to grow old,after signing NICO pension paper our grandfather go with empty stomach cheesing their pension funds ,the scheme seems has no auditors to query them poor customer service,GoGo after working for thirty yrs only kumangomuyendetsa come next week,MALAWI REALLY ABAD COUNTRY TO GROW OLD go and learn in ZIMBABWE ,NICO anD OLD MUTUAL should be given time flame,AKUZUNZANSO MA GOGO anthu

  17. musisipala says:

    MALAWI is only concerned with yourth development and have nothing to do with the aged. Look Trapence and mtambo are busy advocating same sex and do not care the aged

  18. Mzungumbuli says:

    If you are in Africa blame it on your forefathers, because they should have been taken to USA to work in sugar plantations so that you born in America

  19. Big Boy says:

    No news, not surprised

  20. Bololo says:

    Malawi worse for everyone

  21. The Most Concerned says:

    So why did Joyce Banda kill the Silver Grey Foundation? Politicking everything wil not take us anywhere.

  22. The Most Concerned says:

    We ought to develop a saving culture!

  23. Sapitwa says:

    We have no yearly medical check ups and to go to the hospital for just a check without being sick is classified as madness.

    We have no drugs for diabetes: low or high sugar.

    We have no adequate cure drugs for many diseasees

  24. changu says:

    All statistics on Malawi are pointing South. God is not happy with this Government. Let us not force matters. DPP should just resign. Remember Yona who was told to go and preach in Neneve and he decided to run away on a ship? The ship was hit by a fierce storm until they had to throw Jona into the water and the sea calmed down.

    We should not pretend. God is angry with the one manning our ship let us throw Peter Mutharika and DPP over board and we will have peace.

    I have advised you, Malawians.

  25. The real ujeni says:

    We spend too much time in Malawi practising witchcraft, if you are not involved in witchcraft then you spend more time on witch-hunt like Peter Mutharika, or you spend time on practising jealous, nsanje, forgetting that your standard of living is pathetic, dirty.

  26. Saphwera says:

    Proud of them our grandparents…Zamunyasa azilume kusana!

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