Malawi Anti-Corruption Bureau staff strike over pay

Employees of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) have started withdrawing their labour demanding the government to raise their salaries  to an average of 70 percent in line with their conditions of service .strike

“What the workers are asking for is not anything out of this world,” commented one of the striking workers.

The workers claim their employers—ACB and government—have breached contract by failing to enforce what is stipulated in the ACB Staff Terms and Conditions of Service.

Article 01.09.2 of ACB’s Staff Terms and Conditions of Service provides that their salaries shall be revised by the bureau any time there is (a) a raise in the civil service salaries and (b) an increase in the cost of living, according to the employees.

Further to that, Article 01.09.3 provides that in the case of devaluation, the salaries will be adjusted to maintain their current value and in the case of a raise of salaries in the civil service, the bureau’s salaries will be adjusted to a percentage more than the civil service rate to keep them competitive.

However, Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe categorically said that Treasury would not implement the salary increment requests because that would defeat the purpose of harmonisation of salaries in the civil service, which government is working on.

Gondwe said government was concerned that the ACB workers went on strike “without exhausting the existing mechanisms for dialogue”.

He said the government “remains committed” to improving the working conditions of all its workers within the provisions of the available fiscal space.

Already, government is grappling with the ongoing Judiciary support staff strike, which has now gone into the fifth week while employees of the National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) are also on strike demanding a salary hike.

The Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) and Civil Service Trade Union (CSTU)  have also warned that should government go ahead with the salary increments, the union will also ask its members to down tools.

‘Low funding’

Meanwhile, ACB czar Lucas Kondowe has complained that the low funding of MK1.4 billion it received from the national budget is not enough to run investigations in the Cashgate scandal.

Kondowe told journalists on Sunday that the graft busting body only received MK1.4 billion from the 2014/15 Zero Aid Budget instead of the required MK3.6 Billion.

He argued that the investigations which are not only to do with the Cashgate require more resources and that the money the body received was below par with the needed sum.

This means ACB has a MK2.2 billion shortage.

“The funding is disturbing our effectiveness in the investigations. We needed MK 3.6 Billion and the MK1.4 we got to use in the fiscal year is too little from the investigations we are working on in the Cashgate and others,” he said.

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40 thoughts on “Malawi Anti-Corruption Bureau staff strike over pay”

  1. akumudzi says:

    These ACB and Pitalayu ndi amodzi. Can you believe these who just looking for others and yet they claim more moer money for sly while they are failing to finish cash gate cases

  2. Manjolo says:

    2014 has been the year of strikes.

  3. Zekezeke says:

    Ife kwathu ndikupenya

  4. Zachisoni Phiri says:

    Mukaliralira mufunabe boma ligwepo. Pitala yemweyo

  5. Volo says:

    Petulo ukaona ngati ndiwe shasha u sova…

  6. micheal says:

    aforeigner fm us has failed,lets just empeach hm cifukwa apa ndye tikupita kuphompho imeneyi tgwa nayo

  7. chatonda says:

    Nanunso a Kondowe aku ACB, when you say the money was not enough, how many cases of cash gate have you completed? So you have also started making noise within few months of your recruitment? We will follow your trend of performance in the cash gate cases keenly.

  8. padoko says:

    Breaking news!! the minister of finance, Mr Godel Gonduwe has gone on strike for pay hike!! Hahahahah! Osalira, behind the darkest cloud there is always a blue sky

  9. opportunist says:

    Dziko likukoma bwanji

  10. Mgoloso says:

    Gvnt messed up things by increasing perks for MPs,president and vice. Why just a few individuals who do not do anything in their constituencies.

  11. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    Let me get this right: UNIMA support staff on strike? UNIMA teaching staff preparing to strike? Mzuni on strike? Judiciary on strike? National Food Reserve Agency on strike? ACB on strike? Ndiyeno kwatsala ndani? If this is not a crisis, then I need someone to school me on the meaning of “crisis”. Fellow Malawians, let’s face it: what we need (and need urgently!) is Devine intervention. Am I asking too much if I say let us all commit the situation to God in earnest prayer? Apart from this, I don’t see much else that we can do about it.

  12. C says:

    On behalf of the entire Judiciary, I do welcome u all ACB striking staff, please I urge u to tighten ua belts for the govt of BWAMPINI is having greedy and very stupid and useless ministers as well as advisors, May His Soul Perish once he passes on, mxieeew!!!!

  13. Acb says:

    Bola CCTV footage ya Nankhumwayo muisamale kuti mukamaliza ma sitiraka anuwo ife tizaonele.
    Film Director DPP Nankhumwa
    Featuring JB and main actor Lutepo. What a joke.

  14. kobus says:

    Ed. Gyus from chanco!

  15. brutsha says:

    Even if they close this institution today.I hardly see what it does. It’s an unnecessary burden to the taxpayer money. It will only be relevant if the top brass running the organization will not appointed by the president.

  16. Mute Gama says:

    Article 01.09.3 is non starter and should have been removed when the ACB donors withdrew. In the absence of any foreign cash injection it would imply that the ACB is an entity that exports and earns itself some forex. The other articles may be fair to curb corruption…if it can be curbed at all.

  17. Skky blue says:

    Inu a ACB olo mutanyanyala ntchito for one year who shall really miss your services? Zinazi tamaganizani before acting osamangopanga copy. Go ahead because the ordinary Malawian in the village won’t be directly affected.

  18. Jozijozi says:

    Mungosiya ntchitoyo ngati cash ikuvuta cz mukuzitenga ngati madolo cz muli pa ntchito yomweyo,akakuchosaniso muzidandaula

  19. Tsamba Likagwa says:

    Ine ndikudziwa kuti na ndi Boma ili. Better days are coming. Mark my words

    DPP oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    APM oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. Thyolo says:

      @ Tsamba Likagwa

      Alice in Wonderland.

  20. ochewa enieni says:

    zawo adpp life chuma tidapanga kale

  21. AZIMAYI says:



    MBWERERAZI Aaaaahh !!!

  22. bwampini alipo koma? Mutipelekeleko moni.

  23. muny'apatatu says:

    It never rains bt pours for the gvt, ukalira mvala walira matope baba Patala. Nthawi ya campaign munkalalata ngati mungathe…..apa nde musova simunati….ok chabwino ngati palibe dollar mungowapanga promise kuti azalandire ma arrears chuma chikazayamba kuyenda bho…bt you know what, there z no any hope kuti zinthu ziyamba kuyenda bwino any time soon. So or ndiri ine sindingalole zopusa koma kukweza kwa pompopompo!

  24. hebbie says:

    only god can solve this issue

  25. Chengolopiyo says:

    Koma Kumeneko



  27. cbk says:

    koma kumenekoooo,fumbi koboo,tisamvetu za cardiac arrest,kkk.mumasangalalatu kuchezela kuvina kuti mwawina ndizimenezotu.

  28. chengolopiyo nyopi says:

    eh koma boma ili bwanji kodi……

  29. fisi Gammar says:


  30. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    APM ayisova amaona ngati kubela mavoti was a way forward for a happy life!

  31. dadaboma says:

    Anthu mukusokosera ndi mastrike anuwa. Did you vote for APM so that people should not get services from govt institutions? Judiciary is already on strike, and many other institutions, and now ACB also? Did you not know that DPP is not fit to govern this country? You’re disturbing the country which is already in the hands of dogs who don’t care a hoof about the poor people. The only thing they care most about is hiking their own perks by over 100% when everybody else is crying of low wages that are not in tandem with the cost of living. But this is the behaviour expected of DPP. Anybody who voted for DPP and expected better life for Malawi is a full fool. And most Malawians did vote for DPP. We expect they knew what they were doing. So why these strikes? Are you striking against your own handiwork? Crazy. Mukusokosa. Be quiet and get along with the animal you resurrected after God killed it. DPP was erased as ruling party, but the imbeciles brought it back, seemingly accusing God of having erred for blotting it out of the face of Malawi’s leadership. I’ll not join the strikes; I’ll be working in my office.

  32. Johb says:

    Why should all the other workers exhaust the dialogue options first before increments when MPs and APM are getting it at the click of the finger? Who did they exhaust their talks with? Not only that, you supported the increments. Anthudi akakula nzeru zimatha eti? How useless will this gvt get before they start realising that their policies and their blind loyalties are…….pure crap! Everyone warned you that this will happen! That you were sending wrong signals to the public like you have money. The arrogance without brains! You are so eager at pleasing the MPs because you know that way you will get away with anything in parliament. Well,,,since everyone is on strike now, next will be your maids.

  33. Chuma chobisika says:

    Goodall Gondwe muli ndi ndalama inu a DPP mpaka pulezideti kumuwonjezera 80% nanga mukanika bwanji a boma kwawonjezera 100% ndinu anthu akuba zedi chifukwa chake anthu amakuchula agalu inu. nonse a boma akupatseni malipiro amwezi uno 100% musalole kulandira 40% yachepa pano chirichonse chakwera mtengo zedi
    boma ili ndiloipa.

  34. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    ACB employees get a lot of money already. After all they never prosecute politicians in office. Have they followed-up the 72 billion kwaca case? Nope.

  35. Happening boy says:

    I think we are getting at the real front, Goodal, your harmonization language will not hold water, please visit Peter again and find a good solution, a guard at the forest cannot get same salary with a guard at MRA office in Blantyre, high court or acb, come up with something reasonable. MRA Director of Finance cannot get same salary with someone at vertinary dept even if they carry same qualifications and qualities, it can’t work.

    1. Dreamliner says:

      Then tikuwonelani who shall be teaching the kids of your relatives in the village since you can afford to send yours to a private school. Such type of thinking ndi imene tikukana ife in the mainstream civil service. Mutimvanso should government buy your type of thinking.

    2. Thyolo says:

      @ Happening Boy

      You should be very stupid. Why should a Director at ACB or wherever you are talking about get higher pay than a director at say Ministry of Health, Agriculture, Defense etc. Stop being stupid. When you are making your salary demands stop making reference to civil service. It pains too much. Do we go different schools where you think you get more knowledge than civil Servant. You are very stupid and lugubrious. We hold the same papers, mostly handle tough work than some of you and work under very tough conditions and you think we don’t deserve better than you do. Iwe never do or say this gain. Sily

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