Malawi Anti-Corruption Bureau staff to stage strike

Employees of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) have called for a strike action starting on Tuesday as part of an ongoing dispute over pay and conditions.court strike

The ACB workers are renewing their demands that the government should raise their salaries  to an average of 70 percent in line with their conditions of service .strike

The workers said the government had left them with “no alternative”. But to strike, arguing government has breached contract by failing to enforce what is stipulated in the ACB Staff Terms and Conditions of Service.

Article 01.09.2 of ACB’s Staff Terms and Conditions of Service provides that their salaries shall be revised by the bureau any time there is (a) a raise in the civil service salaries and (b) an increase in the cost of living, according to the employees.

Further to that, Article 01.09.3 provides that in the case of devaluation, the salaries will be adjusted to maintain their current value and in the case of a raise of salaries in the civil service, the bureau’s salaries will be adjusted to a percentage more than the civil service rate to keep them competitive.

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe has appealed to the ACB workers to exhaust the “existing mechanisms for dialogue”.

He said the government “remains committed” to improving the working conditions of all its workers within the provisions of the available fiscal space.

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17 thoughts on “Malawi Anti-Corruption Bureau staff to stage strike”

  1. thosimo matapwata says:

    Government should render a listening ear to the cries made by these sons and daughters of Malawi who play a vital role in ensuring that Government monies are not embezzled. The Terms of employment for officers of ACB are very clear as stated by the angry employees, They are not asking anything outside the TOR’s.
    Over the last five years, the ACB has lost well experienced personnel in both Managerial/Administrative and Technical fields due to low wages. Good investigators and lawyers resigned from ACB because lack of recognition in terms of remuneration packages by the Government . Please save this very important institution from collapsing and give them what is due to them.

  2. Tili Chenene says:

    So everybody is corrupt in one way or another

  3. god says:

    who feels it knows it

  4. Kanyimbi says:

    How many cases have you finished to demand more money? A chule achabe chabe.

  5. mphini za mutchafu says:

    Dont pay these guys if they go on strike after all they are not all that important betere anakapanga strike ma nurse and doctors tikanadandaula

  6. mphini za mutchafu says:

    Agalu a acb awonjeza every year strike ndi anzao a judiciary yet it takes ages to finish cases l agree to fire all these lazy bastards and recruit us willing humble and jobless intelligent guys

  7. simulemba says:

    Any daft govt should be capable of handling this strike. Fire all ACB employees and hire new staff on a realistic salary. ACB does not add value to the country. Realistically speaking we dont this institution. It is tool used by politicians to hound its opponents. To make matters worse govt hired a wrong man as the head of this stupid org.

  8. The ACB employees are being used as weapons by the rich

  9. mulomwe says:

    Lets love our country this will not help to develop this country or ours

  10. ACB musapange matukutuku mmesa mukagwira okuba ndalama ma boss anu amagawana? iyayi ndinu augogodi. ufitina, njamja, njombwe, dikhwi, khwinthi, okonda chuma kuposa milandu, mbatizidwa pa mate,,,ngati simukufuna siyani ife tiponye kalaya atitenge kumeneko

  11. Mbanangwa says:

    These are real signs of a clueless government hat believes only in stealing and defending the wrong. Look at the MSB issue and the way it is being handled. They want to settle toxic assists. Pay the judges instead with those billions. Kikikiki CLUELESS government. It will take one misguided fellow to set fire to make this country ungovernable.

  12. munyaradzi says:


  13. Akatswiri says:

    Koma ma guy are you serious with this strke or you are going to go down again.

  14. wamkulu says:

    Who said civil servants salaries should always be on the lower side? Very absurd.

  15. mathanyula says:

    Go on strike makobiri boma lili nazo nazo zina zake akufuna kubwezera ngongole mulli B go ahead akupatseni salary hike ya 100% .

  16. mtubuka 1 says:

    Are you guys not the used condoms of the so-called government of the day?? You jump when they tell you to arrest their political enemies but when you ask for a pay rise they sink their heads in the sand and that’s politicians for you.

    1. Chithumwa says:

      Things are not always what they seem. The DPP government does not want the cashgate cases to be move speedily lest they reveal DPP’s role since the real cashgate started with them. To say the truth justice in the cashgate cases is moving at a snail’s pace. These frequent ACB strikes may be a deliberate ploy.

      Think about this: Many people were arrested when the report first came out during JB’s rule, but how many of these people have actually been taken to court one year after DPP came to power?

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