Malawi appoints ambassador to Geneva

Former Director of Malawi Investment Trade Centre (MITC) Robert Salama has been appointed as the ambassador to the newly established foreign embassy in Geneva.

Salama: Ambassador designate

Salama: Ambassador designate

The appointment has been made by the President and will have to be confirmed by Public Appointments Committee (PAC) of parliament.

Principal Secretary for the Office of the President and Cabinet, (OPC) Chinthu Phiri confirmed the appointment .

According to Phiri , it’s a requirement that Malawi should have offices in Geneva as a UN member.

According to The Nation, the ambassador designate, in June 2014, served as witnesses and signed the marriage registers for the wedding of the president held at St Micheals and All Angels Church.

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70 thoughts on “Malawi appoints ambassador to Geneva”

  1. Nepotism – a practice of employing relatives or friends in one’s organisation even if outsider were better qualified. That’s the sedition which I got. So I have got one question, if the CEO has a relative with Masters degree & all other people who have applied for the job have got Bachelors degrees, is employing the relative who is highly qualified considered nepotism?????

  2. If it’s true that he is related to Peter then it’s up to you guys The Public Appointments Committee to shoot this appointment down. Malawi is for every Malawian, there are a lot of capable people out there whether they’re from Nsanje, Chitipa or anywhere it doesn’t matter.

  3. Everything that you journalists post for the nation to read is now just always negative. Instead of just posting the development which is there, you want to politicise every move government has done. What is your problem?

  4. Petulopaulendoachoke says:

    @ ankhoma point 51. Umbuli wa alomwe ndiumenewu kkkk! I quote “write person” kkkk English yakwa goliyati ku Thyolo ndiimeneyi. He is the “write” person indeed hahahaha.

  5. mapapaya says:

    Lets stop crying and build Malawi in unison. All of us cannot be appointed ambassadors .Fatsani udindo mulandira bola zokuyenerezani mukhale nazo.

  6. Say NO to Stupid Federation says:

    Munavotera Abiti Namaloko/Yona Lero Ukumafuna Kuti APM Akupatse Udindo.

    Ndiye Muliratu Sumanati Atombolombo.

  7. Ana amuna amphongo says:

    Whether related to the president or not the big question should be can he manage the high profile mission. For me this man in question has laboured his way up not where he comes from or who he is related to? There are a lot of competent people I know from Thyolo should they not be considered on grounds of qualification and experience.

  8. Penguin says:

    Bola kumagwira ntchito mmakomo mwa wanthu konkuno kusiyana ndi kumakanyamula mabin ku joni, xeno bwa?

  9. chefourpence says:

    akanakhala mtumbuka tikanauzidwa za ma degree omwe ali nao, his experience etc. But because he is from Thyolo, eish! Yalakwa!

  10. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    To those who are against Salama’s appointment: Please list the facts, as they relate to the job, which make this man unqualified. Not just generalities.
    And remember, his home base or origin is irrelevant here. Just facts baasi.

  11. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    People, people, people! Stop peddling in false rumors.
    Robert Salama, “Elvis” as we used to call him during our days at BSS, is from Thyolo, but is not relative to APM. And he’s NO Mulhakho.
    He has the business experience, the knowledge and sophistication that goes with the appointment. He would do us proud. It would be a travesty of justice if he is not confirmed.
    Go Elvis, GO!

  12. Chimani. Game says:

    Phodox.what are the people in the tribal areas benefiting for having this idiot as a president?poverty in still the same selling bananas and cassava to put food on the table,there is no issue about Timbuktu Yao,chew a,it’s about the incompetent president peter

  13. Sailota says:

    Bola anzathu muli ndi a pulezidenti, ife tilibe. Malawi has a president, but majority of malawians have no president.

  14. Makhuwira says:

    A country of ignorant people jealousy of Tumbuka . Take example of Zambia no nepotism .alomwe kuzolowra kugwira ntchito mu makhomo awanthu .

  15. ankhoma says:

    congrats uncle! point of correction mr writer he is Dr Robert Salama. so to me he is the write person.

  16. Kenkkk says:

    I am no friend of dpp, never will but I fully support this appointment. If you have qualified relatives to such positions, I see no reason why you can’t help them as well as long as not too many of them are given those positions. This time he is helping his wife’s side and the man is qualified. That is our culture but as long as we don’t overstep.

    It will be very wrong and utter childish for pac to reject this man simply because of the msb saga or being a relation, the issues are not related. They should just concentrate on the qualifications.

  17. Tanangachi Mtunduwithu says:

    He has failed to govern this country, soon or later the axe will be on his head

  18. ooooooh! says:

    Robert is a learned person with Msc and if he qualifies, why not. he headed MEPC…….

    What we may require in Malawi is to agree on a procedure on how these diplomats are appointed. As long as it is the president;s prerogative, there is nothing to worry about.
    Lets blame the system NOT the president!

    Let parliament propose a politics-free procedure for such appointments otherwise such ‘appointments’ are here to stay! He can choose whom he deems fit!

    1. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

      No need to change the procedure for diplomatic nominations/appointments, achimwene.
      I am actually of the opinion that these appointments should not go through a committee of parliament at all. Some times such committees are stacked with people who have petty political issues, and they see an opportunity every time to embarrass the president. Any president.
      Either we abolish this second hurdle, or get an independent non-political group to assess. And with strict criteria that would disqualify a candidate; like criminal or corrupting practices.

  19. says:

    Don’t worry guys next. My qualifications are the following. Petals concubine. His wife’s distant son will son marry his daughter. My uncle is thinking of eloping with one of his aunties. Fine creditials for any higher postion both eithin or outside the this space

  20. Patriot says:

    Kaya asolva.
    Ikabaunsa ku PAC.
    Kuli bwino pitala akhale ndi plan B.

  21. phodox says:

    Atumbuka are very selfish why not acting Andrew Nyirenda. You want all those appointed by president should be bwenubwenu. Tigule bank, zolankhula zambiri. Mkuti kumene mfumu imanyoza abale ake. Sayenera kukondera ayi, koma kusakondera kusakhalenso kunyoza abale ake ayi. Atumbuka bwanji kuzikonda kotero.

  22. Mchewa weniweni says:

    The issue is not about Tumbukas.Nepotism should be encouraged at all cost in Malawi.There has been stinking nepotism with this failed Lomwe govt.How long will Malawi go like this?Merit should be the yardstick for picking people into influential position.

  23. katakwe says:

    Its time for the President to know the power of Parliament through PAC, will be happy if PAC reject this man, the way Peter did by selling MSB without considering Parliament.

  24. gule says:

    Basi, kuti ndi m’bale wa president ndiye disqualify?

  25. Chosamva says:

    Lazarus Chakwera said there will be consequences for APM selling MSB the way he did. I wish for once that MCP would do its homework and work together with PP to make APM pay for his arrogance – starting with this nepotistic appointment.

    If MCP really wants to form a government in 2019, they should start being proactive, instead of being reactive. APM should not be given the impression that he has carte blanche to do with Malawi as he wishes. MCP needs resolve and good advance planning…

  26. Charity Saiwala says:

    Nsanje bwanji anthu inu,mulibe manyazi

  27. Suthasiri Mikaele says:

    Tell me who would not appoint a relation if he was holding influential position! I for one would appoint my sisters, brother, cousins , nephews and nieces! Charity begins at home

  28. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:

    Peace does not equal absence of war. Malawi has never been at peace since 1964. There is a silent war in this country that has been raging since that time. For as long some people from some parts of the country are regarded as undesirable by those in power then forget about peace and prosperity in this country. This war will continue to hinder development. Unless we have a society that is all inclusive and devoid of suspicions against each other we can forget about advancement. We have to accept that

  29. Why do we need another UN office in Geneva? I thought the ambassador based in New York is our UN ambassador? If something important is taking place in Geneva he’s the one who should be flown there instead of establishing an entire new office with staff, rentals etc

  30. adona kuseli says:

    Apita woyee, munya muona simunati. Nthawi ya bakha wanu uja simunadzaza Zomba yokha-yokha. Bola ine ndiribe m’bale.

  31. Phwexy says:

    No problem……………. Ukufuna atenge iwe?? Mbuzi imadya pamene ayimangilira…. Nsanje..

  32. Chemusa says:

    Mutharika has a VERY VERY VERY VERY BIG PROBLEM WITH NEPOTISM. He can’t let go

  33. mkwenyalonzi says:

    Kodi atumbuka nsanje bwanji ? Basi akakhala kuti wasankha Nyirenda kuti akhale Chief Justice ndiye mwetumwetu, basi mumafuna kuti azisankha achina : Kalua , Mukasa Zuza , Levi Nyondo. , Moses Mkandawire, Msowoya , Chirambo , basi ndiye nkumati zili makora . Zitsiru zi atumbuka

  34. innocent says:

    i don’t see any problem there as long as he is having the required qualification. The issue is to sell Malawi.

  35. central says:

    PAC now its the time to show bu bu bu you are stronger than him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simply tell bu bu bu’s relation he is over qualified for the job like you told Prof. Chimphamba that other time!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Sapitwa says:

    As long as he appoints a qualified Malawian.JB had a good relationship with JZU and his son was appointed Deputy High Commissioner to the UK. It happened during Kamuzu, Bingu,JB and it will continue to happen; no news here baba!

  37. Adamson says:

    Palibepo nkhani apa yakula ndinsanje basi.

  38. Chingondo says:

    Nepotism is what this old toothless and clueless old man you call president knows best. Nazoni!

  39. gloria says:

    congrads salama

  40. loscosoko says:

    Does it mean that relatives of the President should not be given top positions because there is a root of relationship? Shame on u people who criticise for the sake of pleasing the fake oppossers.U r helping in misleading the president in so doing.As long as one is a Malawian and fit for the job ,let him or her be picked.

  41. Happy Eduardo says:

    If Mr. Salamba has the right qualifications, I don’t have any problem at all. I would have done the same.

  42. Chisale chindipha makina says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmh! Once ur buzy wf ndale zapamalawi ungodwala nazo mutu koma chomwe mudziwe ndi ochepa ömwe ali ndi money abale ao ndikumavutika,& ngati munthuo ali ndizomuyenereza kukhala paudindowo chalakwika ndi chani!

  43. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians are watching very closely until 2018

  44. Khonsolo says:

    Mwayambapo!!! Mmmmm as Malawi? Mukanakhala inu m’bale wanu mukanamusiya?

  45. Mhesha says:

    The usual HATE businesses in Malawi. …

  46. Chibanja tv says:

    So what is your problem? Doesn’t he have required qualifications for the post? Is he not a Malawian? Is it perhaps is coming from the South? Is it a sin to have relations with the state president? eeesh! check you tougue|

  47. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Iwe Number 2 “Truth”, my opinion is this:

    Anybody can appoint a friend or relation but the problem is that these appointments of friends/relatives may be an act of appeasement or strategical to facilitate an evil act. Eg Mr. Mwanaveka and Mr. Ligowe in MSB scandal, they knew what they were doing right away from start.

    Now the most painful moment is when these appointed people misbehave and are asked to give an account. The appointing authorities start sheilding them. Yet they are being querried on very relevant points. Eg people were asking questions as to why is MBL loan is not being repaid and appointing authority decided to repay the loan on behalf of MBL and sale the bank.

    Now the question is who gave MBL the loan, was the appointed or appointing authority? and who has repaid the loan?


  48. The Real ujeni says:

    You wont see Obama, David Cameron, Angella Merkel, appoint relatives in top positions willy nilly like we do in our failed state, that will be scandalous and political suicidal. This I cronyism and tribalism being practised by Peter the dull president Mutharika.

  49. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:

    I have no problem with relatives of the president being appointed in key positions as long as they qualify for the job.

    However, to teach the president a lesson that PAC is also important following the arrogance Peter portrayed during the sale of MSB, PAC must find a reasonable reason to turn this appointment down. Thank you

  50. nana says:

    Nambo ngopejo shaa makwinya gelego

  51. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Parliament should reject this appointment if he is a president’s relative nepotism bwanji

  52. nyikaman says:

    Atumbuka nsanje. Akakhala mbale wake wa pulezident pali vuto lanji? Mumafuna akhale mbale wake wa Chihana ndiye mano ngwii kusekelera.

  53. Nangozo says:

    Salama represented Getrude as her parent during the wedding. So he is being rewarded for that. It is those related to the ruling party who enjoy all the good things. Those who do not have relatives up there need to find their own means.

    Not every one can be connected to the leaders so we just need to work hard. Hard work always pays, whether you are related or not you enjoy the fruits of your work.

  54. Mbuchindele says:

    Pitala watiyenjeza

  55. ndaona says:

    Iwe number 1 what do you mean by ugalu? Kodi abale ake mumati akhale ndani mdziko muno? Even if it was me, abale anga ophunzila sindingawataye ayi. Mwangodana naye basi.

    Nthawi ya kamuzu amakhala omwe omwewo.

  56. namatikitiki says:

    Robert Salama is Getrude Mutharika’s uncle. If u watched the Mutharika’s wedding u will see that he is the one who gave the bride to the bridegroom at St Michael and All Angeles church. Robert is a career diplomat, let him go and enjoy in the few years left in his life. He is too obese.

  57. ndadabwa says:

    koma Peter Mutharika ulaliki wa Bishop Msusa unaumva pa 5 July. ndiwe wosaphunzitsika. ukuputiriza kulemba ntchito abale ako

  58. MKWAPU says:


  59. bwangazi says:

    A belekanyama pliz dont confirm this rat!! Munthalika fooled parliament on msb and now he wants it!! This is the time to that ur also import!!! Pliz reject his useless appointments!!!!!!!

  60. Stanley says:

    Ambwiye alembeni ntchito sungatenge mdani wako kumuika pampando akulepheresa iya fotseki

  61. Professor Seyani says:

    Am from Phalombe but this nepotism should stop forthwith. We cant develop with this bad manners

  62. patrick banda says:

    Abale,kodi abale a president akuyenera kugwira ntchito zanji?kuti?bwanji?ndithandizeni.

    1. He says:

      Ayambitse ma company awo using the money the president steals!

  63. Truth says:

    So he can’t choose a relative even if they are qualified? Pathetic

    1. DPP Memorial Homes says:

      out of 15 million people a “qualified” ndi a nkhoswe okhawa?

      1. Druza says:

        No he is not the only one qualified but unfortunately for you he is the only one that the President knows, let all qualified people network with the President and let them show their mantle and allegiance.

      2. Druza says:

        No he is not the only one qualified but unfortunately for you he is the only one that the President knows and trust, let all qualified people network with the President and let them show their mantle and allegiance. Do you want him to appoint Prof Danwood Chirwa or Blessings Chimsinga to Brussels? are you for real? Do you know how important and strategic Brussels is? In your dreams.

  64. Ndangupitamo says:

    Tikamati ugalu wa Peter Mutharika ndi umenewo. Don’t confirm him nonsense!!!!! Thats why Mathanyula has got only one tooth, akadatha wanthu, mbuzi ya munthu fotseki.

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