Malawi army commander Supuni fires warning shot: National security critical including protecting Lake Malawi

Malawi Defence Force (MDF)  commander. General Griffin Supuni says his force will not tolerate any threats on the country’s territorial peace and integrity.

General Supuni Phiri with a sword of command

The General told officers of the MDF, invites guests that included foreign defence attaches and advisors, that he and the MDF is  committed to defending Malawi at all cost.

Timba samachepa ndi mazira ake,” he emphasized in vernacular, meaning, “no matter how small a humming bird, it will fight tooth and nail for the safety and ownership of its eggs”.

The top soldier was also quick to warn his officers and all soldiets that he shall deal with all manner of indiscipline.

“When traffic police stop and ask you about driving licence, just produce the relevant document for inspection. I also dont want to hear that any soldier is harrassing anyone, be it a police officer, a civilian, anybody. You will go!”

General Supuni, who was brief in his speech during the 2016 Year End Ball that took place on the night of 30th December at the Officers Mess, Kamuzu Barracks, added that he will also not hesitate to fire anyone who is caught dating a fellow officer or soldiers spouse.

“I have already fired some. I will fire you as well. Your careet will be short lived. I liken this to witchcraft which can never be tolerated,” he said.

He also warned service staff to avoid expressing their grievances to wrong quarters

“There will always be differences and disagreements. Relaying these through politicians, social media, and other places will not help us. We have the rightful channels for complaints and grievances.”

Supuni then shared his ambitions for the defence force.

He highlighted that his vision includes construction of a weapons manufacturing plant, opening of a second engineers’ battalion in Zomba City, the construction of a military reference hospital, and upgrading of the farm department.

“We have engineers to out source. We have so many other plans that can help the defence force to lessen overburdening the national coffers,” he said.

The General then wished all soldiers in the country a prosperous New Year 2017, and said that those who just sit, drink and eat and are not physically fit, and are obese, will see an early exist from the force.

“I have always emphasized physical fitness. If you are not, am sorry to say you joined the wrong profession and I will help you go out as quick as possible.

“If I can jump 6 metres, ask yourself have high or far you should jump. I am telling this to everyone here. Go back and tell your troops about this,” he said.

The genral also advised that promotion will never come on a silver platter and challenged the soldiers to earn their promotion.

“No homeboy syndrome here under my watch,” he advised.

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Walk the talk General. I salute you

Rude boy

How about constructing new barracks in Nsanje and Mulanje. We’re are surrounded by enemy neighbors minus Zambia. Don’t buy fake military equipment from India. Buy from our old friend Israel. I hate the committee who agreed to buy those Tatas for army transport. How far can they go in time of great need. That was suicide and unnecessary selfishness! And this deal of Ashok Leyland, are those trucks for the army?! My foot. They can’t work, let’s love our country, the whole world is militalising and not in a far time there will be combats all over!


Good speech Sir


Come Malawians…. I think now you want to be one of Tz districts…. Magufuli “The Bull Dozer” will straighten you small buddies


We salute you sir General Supuni , a true solgier of very high integrity, courageous and with patriotic principles, where were you bwana? May the Almighty God continue blessing you; guiding you and give you more and more surprising powers and knowledge


Well spoken general..i like the part where soldiers must comply with traffic officers..some soliders take advantage and abuse their powers for the fact that they in military.ena do not bother puttin registration plates instead they display military..this is truly indiscipline…bravo Supuni

John Thelele
General Supuni, did you deal with the Police Constables who arrested and put you in Area 3 cell after you assaulted neighbors security guards a year ago? Through reading your statement, I think you are a coward. Malawi defence force is a the poorest and weakest in the world. MDF is under equipped three folds; first poorly trained human capital; second obsolete light & heavy fire, no tanks, no jet fighters, no bombers, trailer artillery; third, no funds to stock adequate guns, rockets and bullets. Malawi can just close the MDF and remain with the Police – Yes, unless the… Read more »
Andrew Machemba

Well,articulated boss.


Defend Lake Malawi? Is another country invading Malawi to steal USIPA?…
Malawi better stop interfering with Tanzania. This whole lake matter is about greed on
the part of Malawi and lack of common sense and consideration for its people. The lake
is a big source of good for the people . After it is destroyed what happens?…

Furthermore Malawi don’t have a Military… those few inexperienced old men carrying old guns is not
a Military. Be warned that the USA ???????? have a new President that won’t help Africa because he
knows of all our foolishness and laziness!….

Joe chibweya

He said dating officer’s spouses. Chingerezi kuvuta

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