Malawi army officers in Rwanda to ‘foster military relations’

Malawi Defence Forces delegation of senior officers led by Maj Gen Clement Namangale, the Chief of Staff; is in Rwanda for a four-day visit from 30th November 2014.

Malawi Defence Force delegation in Rwanda led by Major General Namangale

Malawi Defence Force delegation in Rwanda led by Major General Namangale

Malawi army officers with their Rwanda counterparts

Malawi army officers with their Rwanda counterparts

According to a statement from the Ministry of Defence, their visit is aimed at fostering military relations between Rwanda and Malawi.

On 1 December 2014, they paid courtesy call on n Minister of Defence, Gen James Kabarebe and the Chief of Defence Staff, Gen Patrick Nyamvumba at RDF Headquarters, Kimihurura.

Maj Gen Namangale said that they are in Rwanda “to cement the existing relations between our sister armies”.

He said that they are here to learn from the success story of Rwanda including RDF progress, contribution to Peacekeeping and explore how to renew training exchange programs in Military Training Institutions.

At RDF Headquarters they had a presentation on the threat of FDLR in the region, the role of RDF in nation building and its contribution to international and regional peace and security.

Brig Gen Joseph Nzabamwita said that Malawi is a good friendly country to Rwanda and said that the military cooperation will contribute “to take our relations even to a high level”.

The delegation also  visited Gisozi Genocide Memorial where Gen Namangale told  the edia that they learnt how decisions made by politicians and military leaders should never divide people either through social classes and races.

He also said that Rwanda teaches the World that “from ashes we can do something”.

During their tour they will visit Defence Institutions and Installations such as Zigama CSS, Military Medical Insurance, Rwanda Military Hospital and Military Schools.

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15 thoughts on “Malawi army officers in Rwanda to ‘foster military relations’”

  1. I mean banda says:

    How fat

  2. Makileni says:

    ha ha ha ..mwai chani? Dimming dzakula kwambiri? These guys am sure they will learn something from Rwanda….KOMA mwayisanja Namangale is from lines? News to me….I thot ku area 3 ndiye Kwao ….munthu ovuta koooooopsya Kuposa wanyau. Samafunira azache zabwino ayi. Kapolo wa diso

  3. Khalidwe Madeya says:

    Yes, learn the descipline from your colleagues in Rwanda and also try to appreciate the security in that country.

  4. Amuna ngunda ngunda- aku malowa . says:


  5. Awa nda galu basi…..mmene zithu zilimu maso Ali pa iwo taonani andale mmene alipangila dziko kuba kwachisawawa ngati asilikali tilibe mimba chochi U just think of eating, palibe cha nzeru chisithe apa. Anthu oti anali pa nkhondo ndomweso ali aphunzitsi anu, sii uchitsiru uwu a Malawi … Fuck!

  6. Nyambitoni says:

    are my eyes deceiving me? I see a senior officer taking photos using his mobile phone while being briefed by I don’t know who! chibwana cheni cheni!

  7. johnM says:

    Our generals, from the picture above are not inspiring. None of them are fit. When you see US Army generals, you will never see any of them with potbellies. Generals have to be exemplary to their men and subordinates and these guys are definitely not. Are you telling me that you need money for exercises that will make the army fit as well?

  8. isa kanthiti mbewe says:

    Mukanatitsanzika kuti mukupita ku Rwanda, ine ndikanaku tumani kuti mundigulireko tsabola okoma zedi otchedwa “akabanga” ,enjoy your stay in the beautiful,ever smart city of Kigali!




  10. Ngagu says:

    Sorry to Malawian

  11. Ndili komweko says:

    Please learn from the Rwandan Military.

    The RDF guard their country from within and from outside. They work hand in hand with Police in patrolling all populated centers and residential areas throughout the country at night. You see them in groups of 4 or 6 moving in line formation with their radioman (whatever they call him) in their military gear.

    No wonder, Rwanda is one of the safest countries in Africa where children and young girls walk in deserted streets at night while talking on the cell phone without fear of being victimized. No wonder Banks open up to 8pm, and many shops operate 24 hours a day. Security and safety of a country can not just happen, it has to be strategized and implemented. If MDF is indeed in Rwanda, give them more days so they can learn from RDF on how they can help secure Malawi from within.

    To me it does not make any sense to be concerned with keeping peace in Darfur, Eastern DRC, God knows where else, when your own mother, sister or brother is besieged in her own home.

    Please MDF, learn from RDF and play a useful role to mother Malawi.

  12. nyenga says:

    bwinotu kumeneko…ngati mukufa ndi mfuti za wapolisi kuli bwanji za zigandanga ku Rwandako?

  13. mchona says:

    Cry my beloved country, when I remember that senior officers from Rwanda used to come to Malawi to learn from MDF on all the things the MDF delegation has gone to Rwanda to learn, military delegations used to come to MDF Hq for briefings, and then proceed to MAFCO for indepth briefings! The Rwandese used to send Cadets and other officers for training at Mafco! Mind u the MDF was in Rwanda from 1985 to 1987 for Peacekeeping after the genocide. That time the RDF was just rebuilding its force. We r a sorry state, Henry Kachaje posted on his FB about a Malawi powerful delegation which went to Rwanda to learn about how they have achieved to turn around their economy from being a very poor to a middle income economy! The answer from the hosts was straight forward “they learned from the Malawi Vision 2020 blueprint and implemented it and called it Rwanda Vision 2050”! What is wrong with us? Recently the UNaids- in- country Director said Malawi has submitted one of the best and ambitious HIV program (90-90-90) on the Global Funding yet the Director of NAC is on suspension and NAC is embroiled in Political witch hunting! And the opposition is trying its best to stop our donors from funding NAC, what is wrong with us? As I am writing this there r some tears in my eyes, I ask what is wrong with us? We have the best strategies on paper but we fail to implement!

    1. mkamwini says:

      I cannot disagree with you on this one, There is something wrong with us indeed. even if you talk of the ICT policy that Rwanda has and has made headlines with, its our copycat. they got ours and they implmented it. there is need to overhaul the cevil service and bring in new thinking and new ways of doing things.
      I have always liked the FISP programme, but having such programmes withiout fertyilizer companies incountry, just contributes heavily for the scared foreign reserves that we struggle to build. it seems we lose track and direction in many ways despite having very good

  14. Wawa says:

    I wonder how this malaini boy has been trusted by MDF superiors mpaka kufika udindo umenewu. Out of manong’onong’o (mabodza) and kubera soldiers and civilians he is now CoS. A Maulana chenjerani ndi njoka imeneyi chonchi ikulota udindo wanu. Mpatseni dunyu asanafike patali.

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