Malawi army place K4bn food order without tender

Malawi Defence Force (MDF) has been embroiled in a fresh procurement scandal suspected to be a cashgate scheme by placing an order of K4 billion with a company based in  Blantyre,  Oil & Protein Limited of a Karim,  for food stuff ( tins of Sardines ) without any tender .

Maulana regrets MDF Cashgate links

Maulana regrets MDF Cashgate links

The army and police can only buy without tender if its emergency, however the Sardines order is not a matter of exigency.

Military sources told Nyasa Times the order smacks fears of wrongful enrichment.

MDF was heavily linked to the plunder of public resources, christened as cashgate.

Army Commander General Ignacious Maulana conceded the image of his institution is deeply dented by Cashgate links.

Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) have been frustrated in their probe to the military for a K2.9 Billion unaccounted for.

It is reported that the graft-busting body has been pressing the Army to produce supporting documents for examination by ACB.

Former General Henry Odillo is reported to have declined to handover the documents to ACB on pretext that they were “security and secret document”.

But ACB senior public relations officer Egrita Ndala assured the bureau was in the process of analysing documents in relation to these investigations.

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50 thoughts on “Malawi army place K4bn food order without tender”

  1. Sipherile says:

    why not malawians….can malawians fail to supply sardines or tined bef

  2. James wa Chingola says:

    Zopusa basi, eni ake a dziko ndiye kuti chani kuba basi ndikumene kwakula apa dis is everybodys country

  3. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    You go to Peter Mukhito’s house and see the number of vehicle he has bought within a short period

  4. Stupid future security guards,akanakhala eni dziko bwezi akumafa,za ziii

  5. tonde says:

    Kudyelera chani? What we know dzikoli ndilamulungu not nonsense mukunenazo. Mukuwopseza ndani?

  6. Nkhombokombo says:

    Pali bii! Pali munga!

  7. akatswiri says:

    Nanga pali zotukwanira apa,kodi bwanji kupanda ukhrisitu choncho Mulungu angapande kutilanga pansi pompano.

  8. warning to you all mukalimbana ndi asilikari mugozikumbira manda asiyeni ndi eni ake a Dziko atherwise simudyelera.

  9. hfty says:

    Koma abale, ma dictionary alipo ambiri aulere pa Internet apa. anthu aku nyasatimes tamayang’anani kaye ma words before using them nanga apa mukutanthauzanji mukamati matter of exigency

    1. hfty says:

      Pepani aNyasa – u were right to use exigency. I was just confused with emergency and exigency in one sentence

  10. zingatara says:

    oh this not right

  11. Linensen says:

    This transaction of sardines worth over $4,000,000.00 (four million US Dollar) .
    no Army in the world can ever buy such amount of sardines for their soldiers.
    as a country the entire value of this order can last for 10 years, this means the price has been inflated by 1000% profit.
    I don’t think anyone can have such large stocks, even if it is sourced from neighboring countries.
    the same supplier just received a cheque worth 4 billion kwacha from the treasury 2 months ago and the payment was freeze by the previous government and was for similar devious transaction.
    This purchase has got nothing to do with the recent floods. the supplier is a enemy of the humans and why should he go to this extreme to charge such a shocking profit, did this company not thing of the poor people in this country and going through a very difficult time, also the aid is freezed because of such companies and they should be asked to close the business and forfeit the profit and their assets.
    ACB should look into the purchase price of this sardines were acquired by them from the supplier they had purchased.
    before investigation they must first seize the money they have received and then do the investigation,
    the owner of this company has been boosting that he is untouchable and no one can question him or take any action against him .
    if you check his last 5 years transaction with the government you will find that the money lost by government in the cashgate issue is nothing compared to what he has been making the business with the government.
    I hope this matter is not rolled over under the carpet, if anyone has some humanity , honor and feelings for this poor people of this Malawi then he should be forfeited immediately.
    but please check his past dealings with the government and you will be shocked–cashgate is no where in comparison
    sad person


  13. Kangankude says:

    If these fresh revelationz regarding corruptn at MDF happnd during Odillo’s tym,,,,then why giving him another post in the governmt owned Airport Devpt Ltd?? Isnt this perpetrating corruptn? I understand dis man has a case to answer.Is it that he iz proven not guilty even b4 ACB concludes its investgatnz? This showz lack of integrity in da whole proces of apptmts.He deserv 2 b on da bentch and b throughly investgtd.

  14. Vehtekhu says:

    Ngangaube ndiwe chitsiru zedi..kusungira maliro ako ndi aaambuyako kulemba zaufiti…xiiiii..pantumbo pako

  15. christopher banda says:

    anthu enanu simumvetsa

  16. Noisey Politician says:

    Nyasatimes, tell us when did this happen? If it is within the flooding period we may understand. If it is way back we will go to the streets with Mtambo and Trapence.

  17. ngangaube says:

    kuba kumeneko basi awatuma APM kuti asungire zamaliro ake eti

  18. Straight talk says:

    Sindikuonapo chodabwisa apa cashgate ikupitilira mma department ambiri ngati ku Lands. Mostly facilitated by a Tumbuka and MCP with the intention kufuna kugwesa boma. Achina Peter and Saulos Muli doooooo kumeneko

  19. Clement says:

    zimvele mtolo!zilipano nzatonse.

  20. Dr.Jack says:


  21. che Zumba says:

    I think as a Nation, we underestimate Indians. It is the same OIL guy who connived with Lutepo and milked MDF of billions during Amai’s time. Now he has Maulana’s balls squeezed tightly in his grip. Eish! Lucas, where are you??????

  22. Zuze says:

    Panopa achotsa Malawi Catering Services as official catering company in favour of Malawi Sun Hotel owened by Indians in suspicious ways!! Ziliko kumuneko.

  23. Cashgate 1 says:

    Ma soldier processes a procurement sikwenikweni, amaona kuchedwa. Koma 4 Billion nawonso awonjeza.

  24. Byokoto says:

    Our soldiers are pretty thieves masquerading in service uniform.

    Disband the army and reinstate the MYP.

  25. SIBO says:

    Not surprised.

  26. Kuba sikutha pa Malawi. Inu ndalama zonsezo?


    1. Gitabo says:

      Olo mutatifaila doom mkamwa we are not mad to vote for Gule. Olo DPP itatha tikavotera UDF olo Amai zagule zanuzo ife ayi

  28. Sheeee anaselesi sakuogoya!

  29. moniredada says:

    The news herein is not contextual, we need to know when this order was placed, was it during Odilo’s term or is it during Maulana’s term? The MDF cannot buy K4bn worth of tinned fish, nor K4bn tinned beef, something is terribly wrong here! Was the tinned food for local consumption or was it bought for UN Operations? We want to comment objectively.

  30. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Our country rotten nation. Its not only the army that is corrupt but almost each and every department including OPC. So we need new people and new systems that can move the country forward. It has now reached the point whereby some one must even bribe a medical personnel at hospital to be properly treated for a disease or injury. What a shame!

  31. Ghost of Kamuzu says:

    Again these Indians entering into corrupt deals by bribing the Mutharika’s. Let’s hope that the donors and ACB investigates this deal and all other deals involving Indians. QUESTION TO ASK IS CAN THERE BE CORRUPTION IN MALAWI WITHOUT THESE BRIBING INDIANS?

  32. Malawian says:

    I feel this article is incomplete because among other things, it does not tell us when the order was placed so that we may determine whether or not this is part of the cash gate we are aware of or not.

  33. BigMan says:

    Investigate and arrest the guilty.

  34. Kwangwagwa says:

    Eee! Kaya. Muasova koma?

  35. manyasa says:

    MDF, you steal tax payers money yet you dont even have Helicopters to rescue flood victims? shame on you

  36. dyton Chiwaya says:

    Eish! What policy is there at MDC concerning procurement? We have a problem in Malawi. There are standing orders follow those. Musatitopetse

  37. banksy says:

    Malawi Army needs auditing. It is a public institution and therefore we need explanation of how the finances are going. We have said this time and again.

  38. Kanyimbi says:

    These people instead of protecting Malawians they harass them. Now they have gone to the extent of stealing government money. Very sad.

  39. Javier says:

    He really looks fit for a Solder. Msilikali azioneka choncho

  40. Tabani zimenezo. Even the president stole the elections

  41. Malawiana says:

    So these are the people we have decided to reward with other senior positions in parastatals? Just shows one is not serious out there or else these guys are so feared that we cant take the risk of booting them out altogether.

  42. mr chimbwititi says:

    gwirani chachikulucho. eee ndikunena henrly wama diloyo iiii kani odilo yo kuti mumumange!!!! .naye amve ntedza

  43. Mwama Du says:

    General bro Odillo the person in Bingu times!!!

  44. Tengupenya says:

    Public money is sacred, not to be desecrated by uncharted expenditure. But matters of some institutions must enjoy some contemporary classification even when public funds are involved. For instance this story is prematurely being unclassified. It would be enough to investigate and inform only the appropriate committee in parliament until fully investigated and resolved and adequately passed the suitability for unfettered public consumption.

  45. tuvitwana says:

    This is the Army which has never FOUGHT a war Luna basi?

  46. wadabwa says:

    Company yo gulitsa mafuta ya yamba ku gulitsa nsomba! Kikikkiki Cash gate pa Malawi sizatha

  47. Wawa says:

    Failed and frustrated DPP still trying hard to implicate Odillo because he stood by the Constitution and helped keep its order when Bingu died.


  48. atate says:

    With this Government I don’t think cash gate will stop. These guys in statehouse are busy competing buying Mercedes benz. They are the ones who influence Tenders. Mavuto alipo

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