Malawi army, police in joint anti-terrorism drills

Over 40 Malawi army soldiers and police officers have completed a joint five week anti terrorism drills gaining extraordinary skills on how to find insurgency, just two  days before terrorists hit Ivory Coast where 14 people were killed.

Deputy MDF General Supuni  and Foreign Affairs Minister George Chaponda  and Deputy Minister of Defence Malisoni Ndau (C) is met by Commander of Malawi Defence Force  C) Stanley Makuti

Deputy MDF General Supuni and Foreign Affairs Minister George Chaponda and Deputy Minister of Defence Malisoni Ndau (C) is met by Commander of Malawi Defence Force C) Stanley Makuti

Deputy Army commander Supuni Phiri and Deputy Police Inspector General of Police Rodney Jose were all smiles during the graduation ceremony at Malawi Armed Forces College in Salima on Friday, saying the men in uniform and the law enforcers were now well prepared to take on terrorists should they dare struck Malawi.

Phiri said the security men learned advanced and sophisticated methods of urban shooting and how to deal with hostage taking.

“This was a very important course for the security of our country,” said Phiri.

Malawi and other countries in southern Africa are hitherto free from terrorists that have now taken West Africa and East Africa, the mostly Muslim nations as their bases.

Boko Haram is a Nigerian based terrorism group which has since linked up with Somalia based al Shabab, an Islamic fundamentalist group terrorising Somalia and Kenya.

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Defense Minister is APM. His Deputy is Ndau. What does Chaponda want here? Ndau can handle this!

wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!!
wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!!

Supini for next Commander, basi!
What the officers learned will come in very handy, if the country has to fight zigawenga (ungrateful people who want to grab power thru unconstitutional and back lane routes.) Those would be rebels should take now take note: Malawians will protect their democracy every which way. They are willing to pay the ultimate price, death. To protect the democratic constitution.


Nde wina nkumati tikufuna access to information, cholinga muzingolemba zili zonse, mbuzi za a malawi ndithu. Zinazi muzipweteketsa nokha


Koma chaponda a bale ndi kape weniweni idiot iyeso anali kupanga training koma training yikhale yothamangisa apusi ku salima shit chaponda pwala lako ndithu

Parallel Market

My country men,

Issues of national security should not be publicised in the media. This is not good. Journalists please learn to be patriotic. Don’t expose nudity of your country to the whole world. Please learn to avoid washing dirty linen of our country in public. I rest my case.

Urban warfare is not a response to terrorism but a response to rioting. In a situation where a bomb goes off urban shooting skills will be useless. Preparing for terrorism means our officer are trained in in intelligence gathering and psychology they should be able to pick out certain people in public as trouble makers, just by looking a at them and observing their behaviour. It’s better to keep a terrorist for questioning than to kill him on the spot. Our Airports are insecure I am worried everytime I fly out of a Malawian airport, Our land borders need to… Read more »

You are just playing you fool s. You can’t stand those terrorists. Just keep quiet. You are letting these Asians to feely to invest in Malawi. You will regret one day. These guys are on a mission to stabalise the world. They are spreading everywhere.

No country is ready to deal with insurgency! USA, suffered frm the Alquaida, they are even failing to control their own guns. France is still shaking with the aftermath of the ISIS, Turkey is in trouble with PKK and ISIS, Nigeria is in trouble with the Boko Haram which is spreading to Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Somalia etc struggling to contain Alshabab, i dont think its gud to publicize these drills, just know that Malawi Police and MDF are ready for anything, but i doubt becoz they have been failing to contain the 11 bongos, sekaunyes, etc that have been… Read more »

Kodi ife amalawi zilizonse basi ayi tikuziwa chitetezo bola enafe tinapitako ku Afghanstan tikuziwa nkhondo mmene imakharira bwanji kumangowulula zili zones.


Preparing for a terrorist attack or for a public uprising against the current useless and corrupt government?

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