Malawi army, police top water wastage list  -Lilongwe Water Board

Lilongwe Water Board has named water wastage culprits which include the Malawi Army and the police who top the list and say they consume 10 per cent of the water board’s supply when they can reduce their consumption much lower.

Chikuni: TArmy and Police

Chikuni: Army and Police top water wastage list

Lilongwe Water Board chief executive officer Alfonso Chikuni said officials from his office have time to time sat with officers from the two state security agencies to discuss how best to deal with the situation but things not to be improving.

“This is a very serious situation we are in, we have to find ways of ensuring that the water wastage is drastically reduced. They can do much better,” he said.

Water bills in most official residents of army officers and the police are paid by the government through their institutions.

Chikuni said it was unfair that two institutions, the army and the police should consume 10 percent of the water supply in the Capital City whilst the arrest is rationed among the hundreds of thousands of city residents.

He said the board will continue to engage the leadership of the two institutions into discussions in a bid to address the situation.

Others named, though on a lower scale, are public schools and public health facilities.

Chikuni said the current situation on water in the capital demands that it be used prudently.

The board has of late being running radio and television campaigns urging residents to avoid water wastage, giving tips to residents on how to use water prudently.

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18 thoughts on “Malawi army, police top water wastage list  -Lilongwe Water Board”

  1. wakisa branco says:

    One thing i don’t understand about water board is that
    They do their thing upside down
    If the pipe is broken they don’t replace
    They just go into so called office and drink TEA
    We have water from lake malawi enough for small and beautiful malawi
    Wake up
    Water is life

    Wake up

  2. Joseph mkasa says:

    muyambe kaye mwayendera mu nyumba za anthu amenewa mupeza kuti vuto si anthu omwe akugwirisa ntchito madxiwo koma boma likukanika kukonza ma pipe ophulika madzi amangotauoka usiku ndi usana. Choyamba seal all the leakages then blame individuals.


    Please, please you Water Boards do not worst our precious time be innovative. It seems you are too busy drinking TEA from Thyolo chat then off you go TUKUMU-TUKUMU. Ever heard of water harvesting and Strategic Planning.If I may ask what are your plans for the future knowing that urbanization is booming at an alarming scale. Musamangokhala PHWII (dead wood)and and at the end of the month drawing fat salaries nor busy with unnecessary board meetings. I thought deforestation is now very high, how are collaborating with your colleagues in the preservation of watershed and aforatation. Ife takutoperani kumva za ZII zopanda ndi nchele womwe! ZANKUTU!!! It all started with Blantyre Water Board then as if BT had not danced properly, you are in with another KWASA-KWASA. Please guys be innovative and stop waving in the air your useless credentials.I believe you treat this water properly to rid off any contamination. Why not dig dams in various zones of our city communities and pump water from Lilongwe River for purposes of irrigating office premises and homes, car washing etc and preserve the treated water for appropriate use fully knowing that there is climate change and come with the necessary By Laws. Yesterday it was the City Assembly dancing its own tune. As if this was not satisfacory now it’s you. Remeber Water is Life and nether does it say electricity. Wake Up and do what is required of you. Tisiyeni ife tithane kaye ndi za ma ALBINOZI. Nzungu wina sananame to mock that Malawi is a very funny country, She comes out of one problem and enters into another at the same time.

  4. Why should government continue to pay for water bills for soldiers yet these people are highly paid if we compare to the common civil servant? The water is being wasted because the soldiers do not feel the pinch of the bills. The best way to control this is to install each and every soldiers’ house with a meter so that each individual soldier should be responsible for his/her bills.

  5. Mzakwacha NN, says:

    Even if army pay millions to water boards,doesnt mean that u have to waste water unnecessarily.Wake up!.Water is life,can u waste ur life.80% of Army places kuli umve.Army yinali yaukhondo yinalikale.Army ya DPP ukazuzi&kunanga maji.Apolisi nanu wake up,madzi mumawononga kwambiri,koma simusamba,azikazi/antchito anu kugulisa mandazi ali mbuu.Mzakwacha Nixon,Pretoria.+27724922299.

  6. therere says:

    they need civic education, most of areas spend over a week without water

  7. Nosense says:

    Kodi mmesa amalipiriratu in advance so why complain? If Lilongwe water board is sustaining itself it is because it gets millions of kwachas from the Army. MDF pays in advance millions and they owe not a kobo to Lilongwe Water Board. Osamangosangalala bwanji that you have such a big client like MDF who pays in advance madzi asanamwedwe? In fact water board owes MDF lots of money. Mmalawi is just used to complaining. Mukanati sakulipira ikanakhala njira ina.

  8. USTM says:

    If they were paying bills on time,then every one will be billed at half the rate.The reason bills are high is because ordinary consumers are subsidizing army and police utility bills.
    Malawi does not an army.It is a drain on the national budget.Countries like the United States Of Thyolo do not have an army.We can do the same.

  9. Kholowa mkabudula says:

    Why cant you pump more water that is just wasted to the indian ocean? You cannot dictate how pipo should use water as long as they are paying you. You have more engineers there what are they for? You make money but you cant invest to satisfy the demand, rubish! Why not moslems as they need water to a very toilet visit, are you afraid to point out ?Stupid pipo why cant you blame your fellow staff members for failling the public instead you keep blaming pipo? Idiots right away from the minister who is not laying you off to the managers and enginneers,you are all fools,stupid and ignorant! You dont know your work.

  10. Generation of vipers says:

    And yet the two institutions dont generate income in any way. Cant we out-source?????

  11. enock mavuto says:

    don’t blame these two instutions coz akakuberani mumafuna omwewa kuti akuthandizeni so take note of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Ndinakuuzani kalekale, this useless army should just be dissolved! Ati kumakhala mpaka general koma mfuti chilizireni pa training using blank bullets!

    General pokumwa madzi a Lilongwe Water Board, chani?

  13. Little Bwana says:

    Growing up in Kasungu (and still today!) I could take a bath with only one coffee mug full of water. I never paid a water bill. We had delicious water. We didn’t waste water and we never had to ration a single drop. We had clean, clear water all through the dry season. Madzi a mtsuko amazizira kuposa amu fridge. A luxury! Of course there are problems and difficulties in the villages and I don’t want to minimize those – they’re very real – but nthawi zina moyo kumudzi ndi wokoma kuposa kutown.

  14. Chemwali chimwene says:

    How then does our president instruct the boards to use the water for irrigation? Maybe that is how the 10% is being used. President uyu iii

  15. Samuel says:

    Malawi sathatukuka chifukwa cha nsanje ndi kaduka. Lilongwe Water Board adakana kusayina project proposal yabwino designed to be funded by Eu. Pano mukulira mokweza bwa? Mpaka kulamula anthu adzisamba 5 minutes. This is may. Mulira zenizeni akakumatchani, mudziganiza, dream in colours nyengo idasintha bwasi.

  16. Pablo Escobar says:

    Kkkkkkk!Eeeeetu eeeeeeh!kupukutira mfuti ndi kuchapira jombo! Enawa kumangochapira ma andiloko!Keep it up !

  17. Ujeni says:

    They don’t make much money, so water is the only thing they can afford to waste, they make peanuts, forgive them

  18. Zilani says:

    The Army and Police seem to own everything in Malawi.

    Abuse of public resources is the highest in these two institutions.

    There’s need to school them on responsibilities over public resources. In case they don’t know it’s our tax they’re abusing.

    Even cashgate is still going on underwraps in these institutions.

    We have seen more but I have said enough.

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