Malawi army to patrol Mulanje Mountain

Government through the Department of Forestry has engaged the services of the Malawi Defense Force (MDF) to help in protecting the Mulanje Mountain.

Chief of military operations Paul Phiri (standing) speaking at the meeting

Chief of military operations Paul Phiri (standing) speaking at the meeting

MDF has been given a go ahead by council members from both Phalombe and Mulanje districts which surround the mountain.

Speaking during a meeting held in Mulanje, Director for Forestry Department, Clement Chilima said illegal harvesting of timber and charcoal are among the things that are depleting more resources from the mountain making it lose its attraction which it had before hence the idea to involve MDF to bring back sanity in the management and conservation of the mountain.

He added that government had done the same in the Dzalanyama Range in Lilongwe and Chikangawa in Mzimba as one way of protecting the forest reserves which he described as source to valuable things like water.

“We have involved the MDF to make people comply with regulations in the management of forestry reserves though it is just on temporary measure as we did at Dzalanyama and Chikangawa forest reserves while we are working towards tangible solutions to the problem,” Chilima explained.

Chilima further said although a non –governmental organization like the Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust (MMCT) was working towards protecting the mountain, still there was huge task considering the vastness of the area covered by the mountain hence engaging MDF in the course.

Speaking on behalf of the two districts, Member of Parliament for Phalombe East, Amos Mailosi welcomed MDF to protect the Mountain saying it was high time something was done and asked people surrounding the mountain to adhere to what the soldiers will be promoting because at the end of the day the people are the ones to benefit and not the soldiers who in this case are just partners in development.

In his remarks, Chief of Military Operations, Brigadier Paul Phiri said their coming has been well strategized to ensure that laws on the conservation of the Mountain are enforced.

Phiri stressed the need for people to understand that they are not coming as their enemies and asked them to partner with them to stop malpractices happening in the mountain.

“As you might be aware we are also working in Dzalanyama and Chikangawa and we have had several instances where our soldiers were in dispute with people in those areas because maybe they feel they are there to take away what belongs to them but that is not actually the case, we are here sorely to help in bringing back sanity in the protection of the mountain,” Phiri said.

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15 thoughts on “Malawi army to patrol Mulanje Mountain”

  1. Joice says:

    Strategic approach to protect Mulanje mountain is to keep in check all business Gurus around Chitakale and Mulanje Boma because wood is their core business. charcoal burners are just a drop in the ocean. Secondly eleminate Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust (MMCT), they are the ones exporting valuable resources from MJ mountain to their homes in the name of protecting the mountain. Believe you me we shall save our mountain.

  2. Alungwana says:

    Army yosowa zochita.

  3. kamphonje says:

    That’s good idea,,anthu akukonda ndalama mmalo mosamala chilengedwe

  4. Thoza boy says:

    iphani onse amene akupha mitengo ndi nyama.

  5. Thoza boy says:

    May you please go ahead up to Chimaliro, Pelekezi and Nyika just to mention afew. Good move.

  6. Achikulile says:

    hehehe! koma kumeneko!! these soldiers are not there for the mountain but winiko and his vocal friends from united states of thyolo!! ndi dausi mwamuputayo munya aphwanga!! timumveso wina akuti nyonyonyo tsopano munva zosatila zake!! winiko waguluka mano apa timuonela

  7. Billy Chilewani says:

    Most commendble move. Mulanje mountain being a catchment area for most of the big rivers in southern most tip of Malawi deserves protection. Just to mention a few Ruo, Muloza, Likhubula and Thuchila rivers all get their sustenance from this mighty mountain and at the rate of deforestation we might be heading to a dry up of most of these mighty rivers. Forest department please kindly concentrate on efforts to plant trees along the river banks to further enhance efforts in mitigating siltation and all concerned district councils formulate bye-laws which restrict farming up to a certain agreed limit to the river banks. Most of the rivers in Malawi are drying up due to massive deforestation in the catchment areas and farming up to the river itself without leaving any forest cover.

  8. ndadabwa says:

    Izi ndiye za nkhutu. Zoona mmalo mokalondera nyanja ya Malawi asilikali azikhala busy ndi kulondera nkhalango. Usawi, chichi? ndiye nanu asilikali kumavomereza zimenezo zowona? Kupepera kumeneku. A Malawi anzanga are we really serious?

  9. kondwani Moffat Phiri (RTD) says:

    Please extend this exercise to Nkhoma mountain; the Charcoal burners are all over the mountain cutting down every tree they see. All what you see is smoke rising from the charcoal furnaces. Nkhoma synod has literally withdrawn their efforts to protect this forest. I wish they too should contact the military for a similar exercise.

  10. Mzakwacha, says:

    Thats very good.Army will protect the dpp mulanje mt.Ma forest guards have failed to protect,Pay them off all.Ku malawi uko,its only the army that work profeshionaly,ma gadi,apolisi zonse nimbava.We rely on army basi.Ntchitoyi mukanawapas a police kuti azigwila akuba mitengo.Koma our police is not trusted.Ziphuphu ndi kuba.Mwamva bwana IG?I know,u know what our police do.If u want me to prove,call me,i dont&i will not hide my#&name.>Army is there mainly to protect malawi.These small things za apolisi,magadi etc.Anyway,go ahead MDF.Nanga tipanga bwanji?Tilibe chodalila china-boma la peter qota system mutharika mlomwe from thyolo driving malawi from thorns to fire.Alomwe !Alomwe!!Mzakwacha Nixon-+27724922299.Pretoria.

  11. Gay Envoy says:

    welcome move! akamachuluka nzeru just shoot to bring sense into their heads. however tread carefully with these Lhomwes they believe in intagible heritage lest your guns fire water than bullet or they will send you swarms of bees. Noophiyaaa!

  12. Bob Chiswe says:

    Excellent idea. In fact the MDF should also be engaged to protect the game parks from poacherss instead of just drinking and intimidating innocent civilians. These guys should also build bridges and other infrastructure

  13. ANALYST says:

    Is this how bad things are becoming in this country? The duty of MDF as per the constitutional provisions is to defend Malawi from foreign enemies. How can the MDF sink so low as to start protecting forests??? Is that Malawi has been “too peaceful” such that our soldiers feel they “are doing nothing” in the barracks?? If the latter is the case, take them to Lake Malawi in Karonga, buy them submarines so that they defend our precious lake from the Taifas! Leave these forest issues to the Department of Forests!

  14. Kanyimbi says:

    Good move. Iphani one onyezera malamulo.

  15. bangala says:

    Good move. Mitengo yonse almost yatha cos of these villagers forgetting that the tourist like the breeze and so bringing money into the country. I support the move.

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