Malawi beat Mali to revive Africa Nations Cup hopes

Malawi Flames in thankful prayer

Malawi Flames in thankful prayer

Flames starting line-up

Flames starting line-up

Flame and Malawi match action.-Photo by Jeromy Kadewere

Flame and Malawi match action.-Photo by Jeromy Kadewere

Kondowe in the game

Kondowe in the game

Flames celebrating victory

Flames celebrating victory

Proudly Malawi fan

Proudly Malawi fan

Mali heart broken

Mali heart broken

Flames hopes revived

Flames hopes revived

Malawi national footbaLl team , the Flames, have rekindled their hopes to qualify for the 2015 African Cup of Nations final showdown, which will be played in Equatorial Guinea, after beating Mali with a convincing 2-0 at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre on Saturday.

Recalled veteran striker Esau Kanyenda and midfielder Robert Ng’ambi netted in the 65th and 85th minutes as Malawi moved to third in the group after tying on six points with Mali.

Kanyenda  lived to his  experience billing throughout the game, creating chances for fellow players and scoring he second goal. .

He headed into the net a well executed cross from another veteran player Fisher Kondowe about 10 minutes before the end of the last whistle sending the entire Kamuzu Stadium into wild scence of celebrations.

Flames coach Young Chimodzi  made two changes to the team that lost in Algeria  last month.

Polokwane City striker  Kanyenda and Kondowe inspired their colleagues with experience as they put up a gallant fight.

Gabadihno Mhango, who struggled to regain his old form was also in the starting line-up, while  Robert Ngambi  partnered  Chimango Kayira on the midfield.

The Flames  had the brighter start, opening up a number of chances, which culminated in a double chance inside the opening eight minutes.

They continued to press and had Mali  under pressure throughout the opening quarter, Oumar Sissoko regularly called into action.

Mali, who started with captain Seydou Keita on the bench after he picked up a knock in the build up to the game, opted for patience and defensive organisation with striker Cheikh Diabate isolated and closed down by Malawi defence.

The visitors were blunt in all the department especially upfront where Sambou Yatabare and Abdoulaye Diaby operated failed to make any inroads  as the Flames continued to advance on the front foot.

Kanyenda broke through the middle before combining with a host of Malian, laying off to Ng’ambi  in the area. He was unable to get his shot away and was blocked at the last minute.

At the other end, Mac Donald Harawa was kept busy by the Mali attackers, but none were able to test the goalie, who made light work of the tame efforts coming his way.

Flames slowly found their feet and began to build some ascendancy,  Kamwendo  and Chimango Kayira dictating play in the middle of the park.

Kanyenda was quick thank the coaching panel for giving him the chance to play for the National Team despite critics who said that he is a spent force.

“I thank the Coaching panel for the call up to national duty and I think I have showed that experience matters in a game of football. I am happy that we have won,” said Kanyenda.

With the victory, Malawi has now moved to 6 points. What it means is that the battle for second place is between Malawi and Mali. They both have 6 points and are remaining with a game in hand which will be played next week Wednesday.

Malawi will take on Ethiopia in Addis Abba while Mali will take on Algeria.

If Malawi will beat Ethiopia and Mali losses to Algeria, it means Malawi will qualify for Equatorial Guinea. If Malawi will force a draw and Mali losses to Algeria, still Malawi will qualify. Malawi’s qualification to Equatorial Guinea is also dependent on Algeria to help them in some sort.

Malawi squad: McDonald Harawa, Harry Nyirenda, Francis Mulimbika, John Lanjesi, Limbikani Mzava, Joseph Kamwendo, Chimango Kayira, Fischer Kondowe, Robert Ng’ambi, Frank Gabadinho Mhango (Gastin Simukonda), Esau Kanyenda (Frank Banda).

Mali squad: Oumar Sissoko, Fousseyni Diawara, Adama Tamboura, Idrissa Coulibaly, Ahmed Tongo Doumbia (Seydou Keita), Yacouba Sylla, Cheik Tidiane Diabate, Bakary Sako, Ousmane Coulibaly (Sigamary Diarra), Sambou Yatabare, Abdoulaye Diaby.

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93 thoughts on “Malawi beat Mali to revive Africa Nations Cup hopes”

  1. Brian Bande says:

    lets beat ethiopia now

  2. Hon Dickens Chipalamandule Ngoma says:

    Congrats Chimodzi and ‘The Burning Flames!’

  3. kalidozo says:

    Good kwa good guys!

  4. Mendulo says:

    Flames did well not to relent in attack even when we were two nil up. This ensured that Mali did not have a chance to pressurise us in the dying minutes, as they say the best form of defense is attack. Maybe if we are leading, we can reduce the number of players committed to attack and move them to defense to ensure we are not caught on the counter attack. Flames should deploy similar tactics in Addis.

  5. myaoweniweni says:

    But that cross came from John Lanjesi and not Fischer, Lanjesi is the one who got the ball from Fischer.

  6. george says:

    imeneyi ndiye malawl

  7. Kanyimbi says:

    Malawi! Malawi! Malawi! Malawi! Malawi!

  8. Ma Frames awina chifukwa chomva malangizo a aMalawi. Malawi Queens ikadachita bwino akadachita feature Mwai Kumwenda ndi ena mapriofe. Do not practice quota system in football & netball, I warn. Also increase allowances to our young lads

  9. Eyes on front,forward ever and backward never.
    Frames Woyeee!!!!!!!!!.

  10. Ronely Jere says:

    malawi we must know that, nkhalamba zofunikira.Good Chimozi & Juck. pokumbu kondowe,kanyanda ndi nga’ambi.Thanks malawi for warking as a team.we have ahope that you will do the same on the wednessday game.

    1. Kanyimbi says:

      Koma achimwene mwalemba chingelezi simasewela.

      1. myaoweniweni says:


  11. David Chibaka says:

    After a very long time yesterday it was quite refreshing to me seeing the Flames giving a more purposeful & organised play. Kanyenda & Simkonda always a thorn in the Mali defence, in midfield Ng’ambi, KAYIRA & Kamwendo almost no pass misplacements & confident on ball. (in Addis continue with same pattern). Kayira did so well to protect his defenders. Defence always alert and 1st to the ball. In previous encouters we committed numerous fouls in dangerous areas but yesterday it was quite ok. In Addis we have to avoid fouls by being 1st to the ball. Young & Jack you need to remind the boys (including Gk Harawa) to be extra alert when defending set pieces. Fischer & Lanjesi u supported each other quite. YEWO

  12. dadaboma says:

    There is Ebola in Mali, do Malawians know this or they’re simply mad with footballing regardless of whether we’re risking our lives? Malawi would better prevent the disease because it has no capacity to contain it if it comes to Malawi. Please spare us this EBOla. Be wise, we don’t eat football.

    1. Mpatamanga says:

      My friend, read article ‘Beating Ebola Hinged on Sipping a gallon of Liquid a Day’ on Yahoo! website. A gallon is equivalent to four litres. Let us share this good news even before, God forbid, the scourge hits our soil.

  13. Patrick chamveka says:

    Ndikuva kukoma!

  14. anduna says:

    Maflames amene tikuwaziwa ndi amenewa osakhala zija mumatengera mitundu zija.

  15. BANKX says:

    Mwala umene amisili omanga nyumba adaukana unasanduka mwala wapangodya bravo flames mwatichotsa manyazi yes we can .

  16. keston says:

    Big up my nation mwatichosako ma fras

  17. chams j says:

    Its stupidity ndi umbuli kumakangana ndikumanyozana zamitundu apa instead of celebrating malawis everywhere in the world brings people together. Hatred remarks will not help, mudzanfa choncho anzanu akupita patsogolo

  18. Mendulo says:

    Sometimes winning or losing a game is just a matter of belief (psychology). You may have the capability but if you do not believe you can do it against a particular opponent, you will not do it. Flames have the capability to beat any opponent if we can improve our finishing. Let us believe as we meet Ethiopia away that we can beat them at their own backyard. We should for the moment focus on beating Ethiopia and the rest will follow. I repeat, Flames are more than capable of beating Ethiopia in their own backyard if we can utilise more of the many chances we create. In the home games against Mali and Algeria, we put our opponents under pressure and created many chances. It was just unfortunate that we could not convert any of our many chances against Algeria while they converted two of the few chances they created. Let us polish up our finishing to get positive results.

  19. Izi ni zamene ise tifuna manyasa mwatiwamizya ngako

  20. andrew says:

    Guys osamatukwana apa

  21. Spectator says:

    Clement @ 51

    you do not have to use that languge to express your views. I totally agree with 29. Had N’gamb missed the goal, you would have been the first to fire insults, not at n’gambi, but all people from the as your type always do.

    By the way, Fisher and N’gambi’s relations with 12 points can NOT be selected to unim, despite their having been raised at Chilobwe as you claim. You know that very well. So instead of kutukwana, help solve such double standards in malawi

  22. charles says:

    kanyenda’s goal was assisted by lanjesi not ficher

  23. jonh says:

    maflames well done m,mene mwamenyera soccer yanu mwamenya ngati simaflames plz fam pelekani ma bonus abwino kwa anyamatawa amenya bwino kwambiri moti kuno ku JOZI nkhani ndiya maflames anthu sakumvesa kuti tawina big-up suppoters,players &sponsership keepit up lift MALAWI to another level ,well done NG,AMBI & KANYENDA 4scoring goals the flames ooyee!

  24. Zamatikitiki says:

    Flames are not only playing well even against tough opponents like Algeria and Mali. They are also creating more chances, The only reason we lost to Algeria at Kamuzu Stadium is that we were unable to convert any of the many chances while they converted two of the few chances they created. The way we are playing we should believe in ourselves that we can beat any opponent on the continent and even beyond as long as we continue playing like this and convert more of our chances. What the coaching panel should do is to spend more time training the boys on finishing and delivering good crosses into enemy box. Some of the crosses delivered were too high to be of any use so more practice in finishing and crossing into the box. This should be done before we play Ethiopia. Bravo Flames!!!!!!

  25. Cashgate1 says:

    #51 did your mother raised you in obscenity environment? She should be sorry 4. You. Nyasatimes editorial team need to censor and take your responsibility in some of these posts. Or do you tolerate such a post?

  26. Joseph Steven says:

    Thats great!big up

  27. Manjawala says:

    Thank u guys for making malawi proud. Go all the way and malawians are behind u.

  28. sambaunyade man says:

    Blow forgive them they want to make the name of tumbuka to be famous through our players koma azindikira kumene kuti ali kuno ku malawi sinanga ndi maforeighners anthuwa alj ngati mabrundi. Koma tiyeni tingowaunikira kuti aliyense ndiplayer wakuno kumalawi

  29. Eliya Chimtengo says:

    Carlsberg wakwera mtengo guys

  30. Raphael Mada Banda says:

    Jah man niluso lokhalokha osati manyaka matengawo ayi.Akochi chamba chamba dil ameneo ndie akululu mozimila moto

  31. Gommy says:

    We are not yet there and let us wait for wednesday’s game. Ethopia has also a chance of qualifying if they beat us. Mali has also a chance. Flames need to win at all cost in Addis ababa.
    Lets remain calm and composed.

  32. clement says:

    Koma atumbuka ena nzeru alibe.Mukuti tidziyamika atumbuka are you serious? Machende ako wamva iwe #29. Kanyenda anakuuza kuti ndi mtumbuka? Mbole yako. Fischer mwana wa pa Chilobwe BT anakuuza kuti ndi mtumbuka? Ng’ambi kumpoto amadziwako? Mapwar,amenewa ndi mafana a BLANTYRE better be quite than bringing confunsion among players.

    1. Tizgowele kumwenda says:

      ok, onse ndi Alomwe, usangalare sopano.

    2. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

      Better be quiet ngati ulibe chokamba. Iwe ndiwe umapangitsa kuti anthu azinena ife alomwe. This is not for mtundu but for malawi as a nation. Nyasa plz zolemba anthu ngati awa muzizichotsa.

    3. Mendulo says:

      Kutukwana tithetse. Komanso inu atumbuka musiye kubweretsa zithu zogawanitsa pazinthu moti m’malo moti tikondwere kapena kudandaula ngati aMalawi, (pamene zinthu zikakoma kapena zaipa) inu mumabweretsapo nkhani za zigawo. Tiyeni tithetse mchitidwe opiawu. And others will not be given a chance to get so angry and start using abusive language

  33. Kontinyu Mayi Malawi, Mayi Felemuzi Mayi Timu.

  34. IamCitizen says:

    .How about the EBOLA factor, is no one dconsidering the unecessary risk we are taking by having west africans from an infected country; (in case you didnt know, Mali is NOT EBOLA free) to participate in games that can be postned. People are dying daily. Morroco had the good sense and foresight to do the right thing and not put its people at risk for football. Are we not good enough to protect?

    1. johnM says:

      Most of the players in the Mali squad play in France and as far as I know only one person in Mali was found with Ebola and she was from Guinea. The United States has had five or six cases yet you are not calling for Malawi banning Americans from coming, what is that you have against West Africans?

  35. Paul says:

    Nyengo yakwana yekha Golesa Malawi chinya

  36. You must know!!!!!! says:

    Thank, Flames. Congratulations, more fire more fire. Ethopia yambulingidwa ndi Algeria 3 to 1
    You need to prepare. Ethopian team is very tactical.

    mwatichotsa manyazi

  37. Zikomo kwambiri mwatichotsa manyazi.from now eat a lot of mgaiwa so that Eithoupia ingathe kuchinyidwa

    1. IamCitizen says:

      How about the EBOLA factor, is no one considering the unecessary risk we are taking by having west africans from an infected country; (in case you didnt know, Mali is NOT EBOLA free) to participate in games that can be postned. People are dying daily. Morroco had the good sense and foresight to do the right thing and not put its people at risk for football. Are we not good enough to protect?

  38. galu wa galu says:

    Job well done Flames!!!

  39. kkkkkkkkkkkk says:

    akanyenda kukula kulibe kanthu koma luso

  40. chamba lekani says:

    bravo the flames! we hope that u will do the same in ethiopia

  41. Thanx onyata inu mwatichonsa manyazi kmano mkachitenso zomwezo next wk

  42. Me says:

    Good news.I never gave them a chance against the Mali I know.Ethiopia is beatable and this Mali may not find it easy to pass past Algeria.Flames have a high chance of qualifying.

  43. Hst says:

    Congratulations ma flames. Please go to Addis to finish the job. To E. Guinea for sure!

  44. kyroc says:

    thank u guyz.u hv brought us happiness. at least, we’ve forgotten seccesion and federalism issues. mw woyee! flame woyee! welcomw anong’a and black mamba. kkkkkkkkkk!

  45. mafiloe says:

    Yah thats what we
    have been waiting 4, now i can see Flames qualifying defenately we gonna beat Ethiopia.

  46. LINESS2 says:

    Hey.. that supporter/fan of Flames is very creative, wearing an artistic jersey…! He really deserves a replica jersey………..

    1. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

      You are right

  47. king khalupa says:

    Well done Malawi,keep it up.

  48. Bongololo says:

    It’s about time they won a game. Now, why are they celebrating as if they won the championship?

  49. nkhedu says:

    Congrats the flames.If u can repeat this kind of display in Ethopia, we will atleast b proud u guys.

  50. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    Kaya nkhumba ija inkamenya buleti mpaka kukafika ku Mdeka ikuvuma bwanji. Tiyi ikanasewera ndi Algeria, Algeria ikanawona zakuda!

  51. Gift Maliseni says:

    Nice work guys keep de fire burning

  52. Flames says:

    Job well done, keep it up flames we are with you. Nazitere bwezi zikoma, well composed team!! continue to beileve in yourself its a key in a game field. Cheers

  53. kasim says:

    Say it again atumbuka once again have inspired the team. Bcoz we have won no stupid talk against them pazoipa atumbuka azipita kwao

  54. Binguster says:

    Muthokoze Atumbuka kuti muwine Ng’ambi kuchinya, Kondowe sets up Kanyenda to score….Fwe! Fwe! Chani????
    Achimodzi muziyamika!!!
    Ku University you want quater but football you load Atumbuka thoooo no quater….kkkkk

  55. Bibo says:

    Victory is always good especially when resurfacing from back to back losses,but uncertainty is still there for the Flames.

    Malawi won partly due to the casual approach by the Malians and partly due to some injection of forgotten experience which fans had been crying for.Qualification for the AFCON qualifiers dictates experience,physique,pace,and a good game plan because competition for qualification is high.Yes there is some talent in the name of Ngalande,Gabadhino, and other young players,but I think these players need to lead the under 23 at the moment and not starting a tough game in the qualifiers. They are not fully mature.My argument is that Malawi still needs players like Kanyenda and Mwafulirwa upfront supported by Nyondo,Mkanda,and Simkonda.

    I still believe the left flank is the weakest link.Gerald Phiri Jr needs to be incorporated and given intensive fitness training.Fischer Kondowe is ageing and a good replacement with strength and pace is needed eventually.The Mozambiquan league harbors some good Malawian defensive midfielders worth scouting and who are not well known to many Malawians.

    There is need for depth in the team in order to compete with the elite at the AFCON finals assuming the team qualifies.

  56. Black mamba+anong’a sadathe ndizomwe akwanitsa kuchita lero pothambitsa mali,flamez more fire.

  57. all the best ma flames az u off to Ethiopia tomorow

  58. Chiwambo says:

    That z wat we wea expected,kip it up n mo fireeeeee Anong’a,koma boma ndalama lipereke osati kumapangira zinkhoswe ndi mulhakho.

  59. unfortunate says:

    Welcome to the warm heart of Africa, proudly MALAWI, so great guys, well done.

  60. mjiba says:

    I still love you; sometimes you make me sad, sometimes you make me cry. You let me down in Algiers, Bamako and Blantyre. Sometimes I think you are becoming ashes but my love for you is like a flame of fire together we are called the flames. We kiss and make up because today we just won a good game. I love you the FLAMES.

  61. Eeeeeh! Kaya kwgwa chan lero………….kkkkk

  62. pdf says:

    Cross was from Maunde for Kanyenda to score by heading the ball into the net

    1. Kaula says:

      Maunde sanamenye game ya dull. It was John Lanjesi.

    2. mwe says:

      Kanyenda scored from a well calculated cross from John Lanjesi who had coordinated well with enterprising Anong’a.

  63. Nathan says:

    Excellent work,’FLAMES.’ Lets hope we do the same in addis ababa. God be with us…..

  64. Chembe lumbe says:

    What Malawi can control is a win against Ethiopia and rest will follow.

  65. achanguti says:

    well done guys u make us proud.

  66. Momo sam says:

    Kanyenda’s goal was amazing but the cross came from Civo united defender John Lanjesi..bravo frames for giving us a smile for once..

  67. well done guys! thus what we looking for. Keep it up!!!

  68. Overseer says:

    Mukuona? Mukangolimbana ndi chiukepo msowoya ndi tawonga chimodzi mbawona munkangolephera. Anthu odziwa mpira ena mumawasiya kunja ndipo mumapwetekesa achina joseph kamwendo. Makochi nthawi zina ndinu amene mumaononga mpira

  69. Mpatamanga says:

    Chimodzi and his charges have proved critics wrong. They have delivered in style and the goal margin could have been much better had it not been for the many chances we squandered. What is even more is that we played very well and even when Mali brought in their veteran Seydou Keita to improve their fortunes, Flames were able to keep Keita out of the game and even score a second goal with Keita on the field of play. Even in the home game we lost to Algeria, Flames played very well and created several scoring chances which we were unable to take. Chimodzi and his colleageus on the technical panel should continue to drill the boys in goal scoring to ensure we get a favourable result away in Ethiopia. I wish to sincerely thank the companies that rescued the Flames by providing funds for the teams’ camp. Let the companies continue the support and other companies to join in for us to keep the fire burning. Bravo Flames Players, Bravo the Flames Technical Panel. We have beaten a team coached by an expatriate with a our local coach!!!! We can go all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finalise Chimodzi’s contract if this has not already been done. Funds should be provided on time to help Flames prepare well

  70. MALAWI FAN says:

    Kodi anthu mumanyoza aja mulikuti? Malawi has won tu. Lets be positive guys osamangonyoza. Congratulations Flames… Always your Fan

  71. Nagama says:


  72. Mzukuzuku says:

    Congrats ma flames, koma chifukwa chiyani simumasewera chonchi ma game ambuyomu? Mukalephera kupanga qualify basi muzikalima chamba ku Nkhotakota chifukwa nawo ma queens ayamba kutengera kulephera kwanuko.

  73. True man says:

    Zawonetseratu kuti umphawi ndi umene umabweza mpira mbuyo. Money is a big motivator brave airtel & tnm though you will ova charge us to fill the gap mbava inu.

  74. Wanex banda says:

    Bravo Flames!

  75. kassim Daudi says:

    Well done guys! Let’s focus and beat Ethopia.

  76. amp says:

    good news. congratulations guys. it is not yet over until it is over.

  77. Akumudzi says:

    Fischer nice game but coach be careful on tactics. We needed fresh legs of Ngalande to replace Fischer in the last 10 minutes watch this out

  78. Kalulu says:

    Congratulations Malawians we have won. I hear the coach listened to what people said in the media. Could the current government listens to what Malawians say in the same media about various issues which affect them and suggest ways how to handle that. The Flames coach listened to the people suggestions to bring Kanyenda and fischer in the game and we are happy now. APM borrow the leaf to take in wise counsel that Malawians suggest. It was up for the coach not to listen to what Malawians were saying about football and loose his job but he chose to listen and make Malawians happy!

  79. Mupalesitina says:

    We talked about experience and I think we have been vindicated. Fisher and Esau made a difference. Congrats Flames!!!

  80. clement says:

    Job weldone guys am so happy with the win.Hope Malawians has seen how importatant is Kanyenda and Fischer yooh keep it up just wrap up in style against Ethiopia come wednesday.

  81. Magaseni says:

    Bolanikoni, wakale wawawa sabola.

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