Malawi captain ‘sorry’ over Guinea home loss: It’s annoying as fans sing ‘we need miracle goals’

The Flames: Is it too late to say sorry?

The Flames: Is it too late to say sorry?

Malawi national football team captain Limbikani Mzava has apologized to the soccer fraternity for being let down with a 2-1 loss to Guinea in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier at Kamuzu Stadium on Tuesday.

Chiukepo Msowoya trying to win the ball...Photo By Jeromy Kadewere.

Chiukepo Msowoya trying to win the ball…Photo By Jeromy Kadewere.

Schumaker chasing for the ball...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Schumaker chasing for the ball…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Malawians were very patriotric to support the Flames but left home dissapointed -..Photo By Jeromy Kadewere

Malawians were very patriotric to support the Flames but left home dissapointed -..Photo By Jeromy Kadewere

Mzava described the loss as” annoying” and “painful” having held the West African seasoned campaigners to a goalless draw in Conakry four days.

“I would like to say sorry to our fans for disappointing you at home. We did  not expect this but sometimes that’s what life is all about,” Mzava said.

“We didn’t play the way we did in Guinea as we played as if we were at home.”

The South Africa based professional plying his trade at the country’s second tier league outfit Black Aces appealed to the fans not to get disappointed with the loss after throwing away the lead.

“We know we have disappointed your but keep on offering your support because football is unpredictable game.”

Flames coach Ernest Mtawali also took a swipe at his charges for a dreary performance after raising false hopes with a draw away.

“I am very disappointed because there are times that you lose a game after putting up a spirited performance. But it was not the case today,” he said.

“We did not tick but we managed to score a brilliant goal only to concede two soft goals.”

Mtawali admitted he was annoyed to see the Flames  squander a lead in their defeat at home.

But the Flames legend did not rule out the possibility of springing a surprise in the two remaining games against Zimbabwe away and Swaziland at home.

Meanwhile , in the stands at Kamuzu Stadium, the helpless victory-starved fans were left heartbroken after Guinea equalised on the dot of first half recess to cancel a Chiukepo Msowoya goal and  when Malawi gifted the visitors with nothing short of a generosity as the defence and youthful and inexperienced teenage goalkeeper Brighton Munthali failed to deal with a set piece from a corner kick.

Trailing 2-1 the heartbroken fans who occupied the open stands from Eastern Stands started chanting South Africa based gospel musician Onesmus’ popular song dedicated to his compatriot Prophet  Bushiri:  ‘ Major do it we need miracle goals’

Ironically Bushiri bailed the Flames when he donated K44 million to the Football Association of Malawi to enable the team meet a budget of K130 million for the two games against Guinea on March 25 and March 29.

Malawi’s second 2-1 loss after falling to Group L leaders Zimbabwe has pushed them to bottom of the table with two points while Swaziland are third with Guinea on second at five points separated by goal difference.

Zimbabwe who were held to a one-all draw by Swaziland rose top position after a thumping win in reverse fixture in Harare.

Malawi anchoring Group L with two points from four games date Zimbabwe away in June and wrap up the campaign with Swaziland at home.

Swaziland  are third with give points just as Guinea but the West Africa nation have a better goal difference while Zimbabwe are topping the group with eight points.

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29 thoughts on “Malawi captain ‘sorry’ over Guinea home loss: It’s annoying as fans sing ‘we need miracle goals’”

  1. therere says:

    Nigeria, South africa have also failed, it was not our day let us be focused to the other games, my advise to Mtawali is to balance the team with new and old players, the goal keeper should concentrate on under 23 then he will graduate when matures and join the main team, call Chipuwa, Nthala to man the goal

  2. Kanyimbi says:

    Anyamatawa bibida basi.

  3. X says:

    Nothin new, same old story. Get rid of Nyamilandu, his tenure has been a classic flop. There is nothing different that he can offer. The national team needs an overall and that should start with kicking out clueless Nyamilandu followed by the officials and the players. For 15 years now the team hasnt shown any signs of life. If anything It’s gone worse. Football may at times be unpredictable right but one certain predictable element is the Flames, completely rubbish, hopeless heartbreakers. It would be interesting to see how our netball team would improve if it had access to even just a half of the investment wasted on the flames. Can u imagine just for a second the significant potential highs the netball would achieve? Cut down admin salaries n players costs, divert that to netball and the other remaining half to hospitals and we have a winner.. are they Flames or water..? Horrible!

  4. samva says:

    angry mood activated

  5. Brown says:

    Do we have a competent team doctor for phycological therapy for players. It seems like Flames team is insane, all need to be hospitalised

  6. biman says:

    imeneyo ndiye Malawi imali samasapota osamayiwala ????????

  7. Flames ilindi problem says:

    axe limbikani usatikumbuse wamva!! mxii mumavuta kufuna ndalama kuti mupange za manyi ngati zimenezi? mxii ntchito mowa, ma hule, ndi chamba..

  8. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    So-called Flames proffessionals are playing in small teams in Mozambique and South Africa. They are just pure cows, how can you being grazed at your own yard? Hahahaha shame on flames. Luckly I dont support these cows! Right now i favour Zimbabwe coz is where my girlfriend lives.

  9. Bibo says:

    Mzava shouldn’t be sorry, in fact the team is already forgiven. What it is is that Malawi’s loss is a typical example of big disparities between playing overseas and in Africa. The loss demonstrated lack of focus, concentration, endurance, determination, tactical discipline, and fighting spirit that most African based players are prone to. Guinean players showed the instinct to kill the game backed by the confidence acquired at club level in Europe. Even the Guinean coach attested to that. He had his opinion that Malawian players respected or were demoralized by his players’ physical stature- an inferiority complex many African based players have. In short, psychology played a role aside from the usual perennial factors affecting our national team players.

    Playing in Africa has many disadvantages because the game of football is still in the learning stage in Africa. Even the more advanced leagues like that of South Africa do not produce the quality that can challenge the rest of the world. It is for this reason that players from countries such as Malawi will benefit little from acquiring technical skills in such a league. I have noticed that many players from South Africa who go to Europe at age 24 and more struggle to adapt to the demands of European football, a sign that their league doesn’t have required structures to nurture players. However, the case with players from places like Ivory Coast or Guinea or Senegal is different because many players test European football from age 15 upwards which means they learn the game in all aspects at a young age. They get planted at academies in Europe and develop until they are complete professionals.By the time they are 21, they have developed in endurance, confidence, technical skills, determination,playing tactics,shooting accuracy, ball control, and passing skills.

    I think government authorities and FAM must revisit Malawi’s football development goals. It is purposeless to engage the team in competitions while it is not ready. First things must be done first. Youth football must be revolutionized and there must be a way to expose the youth to overseas clubs especially in Europe and South America. The league has to turn professional and each club must have a stadium in order to participate in the elite league. Instead of SULOM which I feel is a waste of time and bringing backward Malawian football, there must be what I would call Professional Footballers Association Of Malawi , an organization that would look into all affairs of players including insurance, contracts, transportation, accommodation, salaries and bonuses, not forgetting endorsements. FAM must also encourage the proliferation of FIFA agents who would sign contracts with capable Malawian players with a purpose of marketing them overseas not in Africa, because there is nothing good in Africa when it comes to football development and players’ welfare. Additionally, FAM and government must suspend the participation of the Flames in all major tournaments but must instead involve the under 17 and under 20 in major competitions especially African youth cups and world youth cups.Malawi has to look into long term football development goals and not short term. The country will achieve nothing for decades if it concentrates on short term ambitions-we have failed already and it is time to move in a new direction.

  10. Once alomwe always alomwe says:

    Kkkkkkkkkk,why dont you accept that there is no national team in nyasaland and take the money to help those who are starving in the rural ares,than what you are doing wasting peoples tax money.

  11. Amon Kaputeni says:

    Mtawali should stop continuing feeding us with his stupid promises just to secure his job, we as Malawians are tired of these false promises and hopes. Chirwali is Chirwali no two ways about it and the players also turn into arwali when in the field of play. By the way why did Malawi choose to employee a refuge as an assistant coach leaving all the seasoned coaches we have in Malawi. The refuge does za chirefugee basi.

  12. mwe says:

    3-5-2 is confusing and leaves a lot to desire to our players. From tender ages our players are used to 4-4-2. Since we diverts from our usual 4-4-2, that our players are used from tender ages it has never worked for us. Mmmmm 3-5-2, renders complacency from certain players especially on the midfield, it takes professionalism for that system to tick.
    Secondly, no matter how good a player can be but he is not capable to deliver in wrongly positions fielded, field players in there natural position sure. It is easier to attack from the flanks if there are natural players otherwise we cannot be surviving on goals from dead and loose balls for too long.
    Change is good but do not experiment and gamble on competitive matches.

  13. mary bonaz says:

    Kodi stadium ya ku Lilongwe ikudikira chiyani. Truth be told Kamuzu stadium has expired. Move games to a modern stadium if you want to win.

  14. Bwande says:

    Chad has withdrawn from this tournament just 3 days before the game against Tanzania citing economic problems. But they also avoided embarrassment. They were at the bottom of their group. Can’t Malawi do the same pliz!!!

  15. Boma says:

    Lets privative or sell frames to Major1. Mwina tingayambe kupindura nayo. MSB was draining our money, we sold it then. Why not frames & FAM. Bushiri alinazo ndalama.

  16. charles says:

    i feel disappointed with our national team we don’t love our country but others do like Zimbabwe just to mention a few.

  17. bola hule, alibe mwano says:

    anzanu anzeru a chad anazitaya atawona kuti zikuwathera ndalama osawona phindu lake. nanga inu osasiya bwanji? give the money to netball please. at least azimayi aja amatha mpila komanso ntchafu zija zimasangalatsa tikamaziwona.


    You dont have players playing in European top leagues?
    Wonder why you are walloped all the time.

  19. manjaxydo says:

    Tell the flames football Is business and if they still continuing to loose no more support there are poor people outside crying for help may be we shud concentrate where we do better i mean netball

  20. Ambuje Kukaya says:

    FAM should hold credible elections; and SULOM should exercise fairness in their dealings otherwise more misery will continue haunting Malawians.

  21. Khwethemule. says:

    Sorry for yourself. Who could have benefitted if you were successful? You could be rewarded. Machende anu agulugunya inu. Mbuzi zachabechabe.

  22. john phiri says:

    Old mentality, football is predictable and will remain so. Check the following teams I can predict their games, BARCELONA, JUVENTUS, BAYERN MUNICH, DORTMUND, DINAMO ZAGREB, FERNABAHCE and so many more teams. lets not be wenger.

  23. NOLIMIT says:

    Ndikugwirizananawe Kenken ,why cant we utilise those money on other important sectors such as Health ,Education,& Agriculture .

  24. BOKHO says:

    Disappointing. Drawing away failing to win at home very unfortunate. Cash gate and too mathanyula God can not bless whatsoever.

  25. Gerald mapanga phiri says:

    Where are the journalists sensitized to take out Kinnah now? Where are those people ganged up for Kinnah? shame on you. You are shortsighted and greedy for positions.

  26. Kuntaila says:

    Malawi will never win as long as APM and Walter are there. Two election thieves in charge of dear Malawi football. The Lord can not bless us that way

  27. Fraser Moyo says:

    I believe that Ernest some thing fishly going on ,away game draw, home lost why home,FAM please look into it,I am not just ordinary supporter I invest my money when national team is playing.

  28. kenken says:

    Musipitilize ma game otsalawo. Wastage of money please.

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