Malawi Catholic priest with 5 children accorded irregular burial

Blantyre Archdiocese catholic priest in Malawi who has fathered more than five children and was suspended in 2010 for  disobeying his vow of celibacy, Fr Dasiano Kunkeyani, died on Monday morning forcing authorities to accord him with irregular burial ceremony.

Fr. Kunkeyani, who was ordained in 2010 died at Mlambe Catholic Hospital in Blantyre around 03.00 hours while on oxygen. He was staying in Lunzu with his  partner and children and teaching at Matindi Private  Secondary School in the same locality.

The news about Kunkeyani’s death sent tongue wagging among the priests, nuns and the laity as to what kind of burial ceremony would be accorded to him since he had been staying in marriage from 2010 when former auxiliary bishop Montfort Stima together with former archbishop Tarcizio Ziyaye for Blantyre suspended him.

Priests carrying the casket of the deceased prest

Priests carrying the casket of the deceased prest

One priest in Lilongwe Archdiocese, Fr. Kamzere, who also died while in marriage was buried at his home in Guilleme, Mchinji, some years ago after his bishop refused to have him buried at the diocese cemetery where dead priests are buried.

The new archbishop for Blantyre Archdiocese Thomas Msusa has allowed Fr. Kunkeyani’s body to be buried at the diocese’s cemetery but the body was not allowed to lie in state in the cathedral instead it was kept at the College of Medicine mortuary.

Another irregular aspect is that the body would be moved from the mortuary in the afternoon for burial in Limbe. But before the burial, there will be mass in the cathedral.

The normal thing is that when a priest dies, his body is brought to the cathedral where it lies in state while the laity including the clergy would come for dirges and prayers and celebration of mass throughout the night and on the following morning, holy mass is offered for him from around 10 am followed by decent burial.

Blantyre Archdiocese secretary for Association of the Diocesan Clergy of Malawi Fr. Pahuwa communicated to all priests on Monday that Fr. Kunkeyani’s body would be taken from the mortuary in the afternoon.

“Now Fr Kunkeyani funeral program. Burial is tomorrow [Tuesday]. College of medicine (8am). Burial mass (1pm) lets be there in both moments. Pahuwa S,” reads Fr Pahuwa’s communication to all priests in the archdiocese.

A number of Catholics including the clergy could not hold their chests but ventured into debate over the irregular burial.

One nun said: “Koma ndiye zochititsa manyazi. [This has brought shame to the Church]”

One laity said: “He should have been buried at his home village not the cathedral. He was a married man. How could an ordained priest have over three wives more than five children? He was living with one of the wives in Lunzu until his death. So, is the Catholic Church going to take care of his children? I am sure it should. It seems that is the requirement.”

Another laity also said: “This death is a wakeup call to all priests who value sex more than their vocation. There are more others with wives and children and we know them some of them. We are watching. Archbishop Msusa has been very accommodating. Fr. Kunkeyani should have been buried at his home in Neno. A fellow bishop in Lilongwe did not allow his priest, Fr. Kamzere, to be buried at the diocese cemetery after the priest spent so many years in marriage.”

Fr. Kunkeyani was suspended from active ministry as a priest in 2010 after he fathered two children with a Mulanje woman. That time. Fr. Kunkeyani was parish priest for Mulopwe parish in Mulanje district where two women used to meet and fight over him in the parish. He had also another wife at Luchenza in Thyolo according to church sources.

Tension reigned high in the people as to what would happen at the burial with several wives and children mourning for their husband and children respectively.

Fr. Kunkeyani was suspended after authorities credibly found out that he forewent his celibacy and fathered the children.

Former auxiliary bishop for Blantyre Archdiocese who is now bishop for Mangochi diocese, Montfort Stima confirmed Kunkeyani’s suspension.

He said: “You must understand the Catholic Church is a very huge institution as such priests have a very huge responsibility which requires integrity. Church is the image of God…we carry the work of God and this is very delicate. We cannot condone indecency among our priests.

Celibacy is considered an important part of the Catholic  priesthood, a sign of a priest’s commitment to God and service.  Technically, celibacy is the commitment not to marry. In the Latin (Roman) Catholic Church, it is a prerequisite for ordination to the priesthood.  Catholic church teaching reserves sexual activity to marriage, celibacy also requires abstinence.

Current church teaching sees celibacy as a gift that God bestows on those who are called to the priesthood. Among the church’s arguments in defense of celibacy is the example of Jesus, which must be reflected in the life of a priest. Through celibacy the priest mirrors the love that Christ has for all, a love that the priest, unattached to spouse and children, can also extend.

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74 thoughts on “Malawi Catholic priest with 5 children accorded irregular burial”

  1. Kelvin Jumbe says:

    Who are we to judge….God lives to love and forgives and its what christians preaches.. Rest in Peace Dasiano we will miss yur jokes and advices…thanks too to our arch bishop.. Yu have demonstrated the love and peace that our lord Jesus left for us on that holy mountain…

  2. Why Celibacy says:

    Whats wrong with this corrupt Catholic Church, a lot of popes GOT married before. Let me ask you priests are you better than Pope Clement IV, Pope John XVII , Pope Adrian II , Pope St. Hormisdas , Saint Peter(Simon Peter). A failed innovation in the name of CELIBACY must go to Hell.

  3. Monty says:

    U POPE JUST ALLOW UR PRIESTS TO SATISFY ZEA FEELINGS , U CAN`T B LIKE JESUS. thupi lotentha ndilotentha, Yesu mufanana naye bwa?

  4. asante says:

    mulandileni ngati wamsembe. Chifukwa iye amasatila chirengedwe osati malamulo.


    Kwake kwatha tatsala ife tili ndi moyo.Moto ukulowera komwe kuli or no church burial could change nothing.

  6. Statesman says:

    ONLY A TRUE CATHOLIC CAN UNDERSTAND WHY KUNKEYANI HAS BEEN BURRIED IN A FORMAL WAY! Kuyambira Mtolankhaniwe sungavetse,nkhaniyi yakukulira!

  7. PETER T.GONDWE "NU555" says:


  8. Anonabani says:

    Abale,Fr Kunkeyani anali wamsembe basi. Iye analandira sakrament la UKULU osati la UKWATI ayi. Tiyeni tidzimvetsa zinthuzi.

  9. kadamanja says:

    Does the Vatican know about this? Let us tell the Pope.

  10. Alfred James says:

    Let’s leave the judgement about priests to God alone. To err is human (humanum est errare). Nobody is perfect. Even the church leaders of other denominations are not any better at all. All of us will be judged by God. We should therefore leave that duty of judging to God alone. There are many sins that people in the secular world are doing, even more scandalous than those we talk about priests!!

  11. Hastings Rob says:

    Let God alone punish these unfaithful priests.

  12. Andre T says:

    ndakhumudwa kwambiri…


    Al Shabab, SISI, Bokho Haram, al Qaeda, etc, all these are agents of Christianity trying to dent the image of Islam. They get sponsorship from Christian leaders and organisations. On marriage, Islam is clear. You hate Islamic ideologies but can you now see what priests do in hiding, thinking god does not know it. Zamanyazi zedi!!!! Zikwatilani abale. Simungazikwanitse za Yesu, uja anali mneneri. Ngati mukulephera ndi m’mabvalidwe momwe. Little by little you will start following Islamic practices. Si uyu mwayamba kukadulitsa zikopa zambolo zolimbazo (foreskin) kumachita kudulidwa ndi onthu omai. Mumati kuumbalidwa ndi za Asilamu, Achawa. Muona simunathi. Ebola ndi iyi yafikayi, nanu muyamba kutsuka ndi madzi konyera. Islam is a solution!!

  14. jona says:

    bwelani ku balaka ndi namandanje parish, ansembe achizungu akungokwata ndikupeleka mimba kwa azimayi koma simulankhulapo olo pang’ono,

  15. chechipapwiche says:

    The one writing this article must first find out what happens when a married catholic priest dies. One thing you must know is that when one is ordained priesthood he will remain a priest no matter what he does with his life hence when he dies he must be accorded all priestly burial. There is nothing new here.


  16. short congo says:

    Lets not judge. Lets leave everything to God. These priests are really something else. My blood sister has got 2 kids with a priest and the kids call him Dad. he comes almost every weekend and sleeps in my sister’s room. We all know that he has got 2 more kids from somewhere else. Am not seeing anything new here. Fr. Kunkeyani was just a human being with feelings. How many husbands have broken their vows made to God and screw around? Infidelity is everywhere. Even priests can break their vows easily. Why must we concentrate on priests only?

    Thumbs up to Bishop Msusa. u have not judged as others are doing.

  17. Mwehiwa says:

    Munthu wamulingu uyu amakonda kukwata. Inu zinthu izi ndizokoma

  18. kalulu says:

    ndili ndimanyazi komanso chisoni.kodi mukaona kuti unsembe simuutha bwanji osangousiya.kodi siuja mu mpingo mwathu amamulora wansembe kusiya unsembe potsatira ndondomeko yoyenera.siuja amatha kukwatitsa ukwati bwinobwino?nanga mukupangiranji chonchi abale?timakunyadiranitu ife..koma mukamapanga zotelezi iiii ayi ndithu timagwidwa ndichisoni.kuchimwa ndikwamunthu inde koma osachita kuzimvetselera.mulipotu ambiri!! Azimayinso pena zinthuzi timayambitsa tokha.pang’onong’ono;fr this, fr that.tili mweee kumwetulira maso titabelusa,za zii !!! Si bwino choncho.ZIMAKHUMUDWITSA KWAMBIRI.

  19. DHILU says:

    bodza ayi… the deceased was ordained to priesthood in the year 2000 not 2010

  20. Kanyimbi says:

    Bola uyu samachita mathanyula.

  21. rosie says:

    A priest is also a human being just like you and me… hehehehe

  22. Mwini Mbumba says:

    Rest In Peace ,kungoti Sitingalankhulepo Zambiri,God will Judge according to his works ,komano other preist should take a lesson,mukupangitsa manyazi mpingo.

  23. njanji says:

    The problem is not marriage but your un biblical vocation,look at the tribe of Levi in the bible who we givn a priesthood office by God Himsef,were they not get get married?,hw came eli had children?so where do u get all these heavy burdens Mmm?

  24. cbk says:

    @ 22,ismail,naweso uti chani apa,anzakotu akunyengesa ndi kunyenga koopsa nanga iwe wa boko haram,islamic state,maiko akudana nawe ungopha anthu ngati nkhuku.anthu oipa inu,chimenecho nchipembezo?unyadilapo chani apa.

    1. ismail says:

      #45 cbk. Zoon anzatu akunyegesa ndiponso ena akunyengedwa ngati ‘mene akunyengedwela mai ako. Iwe unabadwa munjira imeneyi

  25. Abonzi says:

    Ndipo mumachita bwino kukhala ndi zipatala special za anthu amenewa, ma STI too much. Mudziwa patsa ma kondomu adzitchena, akutha ambiri kukonda kudonyola plain amenewa.

  26. Chibwibwi says:

    Guys don’t forget that Haman beings are capable of reflecting the face of God. The merciful aspect of human nature in the face of others limitations should not be forgorten. The measure you measure for others will be turned against you

  27. Livulezi river says:

    Why is it that its only the Sisters who put on their regalia ( uniform) wherever they go and not the Priests who go around as if they are business men? It’s high time Priests be forced putting on their MIKANJO so that we should be able to trace them whenever they are going astray! Without that, tizingodandaulabe mpaka kale kale za a nsembe anthuwa coz they are given too much freedom of dressing. Look at other churches’ AZIBUSA, they always put on collars wherever they go. In that case, amachita manyazi kuti apange zolakwika. After all, manyazi ndi umunthu!!!!

  28. josephy mapira says:

    Koma azizibisa ndiye kuti ye!

  29. Livulezi river says:

    Chimene chimavuta kwambiri mu mpingo wathuwu ndi chakuti 3/4 ( I mean three quarters ) of our priests are those who were born, grew and educated in the village set up whereby their role models are Priests as well. So they rush into priesthood without really understanding what will befall to them should they be ordained. They seem to be taken by the monies that come with the priesthood. So when they start tasting monies, eeeeeehh, its now when they start seeing the world differently. Most of them enjoy their priesthood in the early years of ordination and tend to regret later after lets say 10 years. Akamalowa kumene Unsembe amakhala anthu okhulupilika coz amakhala alibe ndalama. Koma akatha zaka zingapo, eeeeeeehhhhh!!!!!! To be honest, to most priests, priesthood is not a call from god as we are made to believe. It’s a profession to them. That’s why you’ll find that it’s very rare to find someone who was born, grew & educated in cities becoming a priest.

  30. mabuluku says:

    The best judge is GOD HIMSELF But ansembe musathe mawu mkamwa Kunkeyane sioyamba. Am indeed a catholic koma pena pake zivomerezani kupereweredwa kwanu. Mukubereka ana mmakomomu Even the so called bishops. Mukatero nkumatiimika chikhristu kuti mwatimanga ma sacrament pa tchimo limene nanu mukulichta so Shame. Zomwe zili lero mumpingo wathuwu nzomvetsa chisoni. Bishop Msusa sadalakwe kuloleza mtembo wa Kunkeyani Kuikidwa ku Cathedral cementry coz still he waz a Prirst in vows. Msusa can’t judge and he knew kuti Kunkeyani was suspended WE NEED REVOLUTION mumpingo mwathu otherwise tizingokhalira kunyonzedwa chonchi. But ofcourse yes we deserve kunyonzedw chifukw timakana choonadi nkumalimbana ndi boza. Ndani Saziwa kuti ansembe athuwa akumanyenga mmakukamu ndipo ana a ansembewo tili nawo mmakomomu akakhala atsogoleri ammusiwa ndiye nyanyi. More over Zomwe zikuchitika pa Cathedral UMULUNGU TIKUUTAYA Ndipemphero langa ndi Pembezero langa kuti MULUNGU awonekere kwa PAPA wathu BENNEDICT kuti asese mu mpingo wamulungu nyasi zimene zukusokeretsa akhristu pa ma phunzitso ake MULUNGU FUNGTIRANI MPINGO WANU

  31. James Sahel says:

    Koma zinazi, nzogwetsa ulesi pakuzimva. Ichi ndi chilengedwa basi, palibe azasinthe.

  32. Mbanangwa says:

    I do not think God will judge you because you had children or not, but because of your sin. Why is there repentance? This fellow was not repentant.

  33. Mbanangwa says:

    Whatever the case, do not judge!

  34. Joseph Jana says:

    Chifukwa Chimene Amalesera Anthuwa Kukwatira Sindimachiona.Kodi Amafuna Kuzionesa Kuyera?Bwanji Osatengela Anzawo Anglican Alibe Mascandal Ngati Awa.Ine Ndinasiya Ntchito Pamalo Ena A Catholic Ndikukakamizidwa Za U Gay.Tili Mmasiku Osiriza Wachout.

    1. mabuluku says:

      Mukuona kwanga ndimayerekeza ngati Anthuwa saletsedwa kugona ndi mkadzi koma kukhala pabanja coz nthawi zambiri akhonza kumatanganidwa ndi banja malo motanganidwa ndi za Mulungu

  35. Mswazi says:

    Ma priest yatimbenge waka maji pamoza nama nuns. Katundu akunowa yula mweeee! Force and resistance.

  36. Mswazi says:

    Ma priest yatimbenge waka maji pamoza nama nuns. Katundu akunowa yula mweeee!

  37. wakuda kwambiri says:


  38. Dzoneni says:

    ‘Let him that has not sinned throw the first stone’

  39. Mong'onyoni says:

    Malinga ndi Pastoral letter no.7 dated November 1995 yolembedwa ndi mabishopu seveni yikulongosola bwini bwino za Maliro Achikhristu. Pa peji 7 mpingo umaletsa kuika malilo a
    a)…akhristu opatuka wosalapa
    b)…okana dala za cipembezo chao
    c)…anthu odakanirathu…zina za Mpingo…
    d) Anthu okanika…osafuna kuleka macimo. Koma yekhayo walapa mpingo umatemgapo mbale mwanjira yapadera

  40. Yobe boo says:

    RIP Father, let me say something here. It seems we do not draw a line between what is biblical and church tradition. The fact that Priests should not marry is not biblical at all in my understanding of the scripture. Paul says that if you can not keep hold of yourself, have one. If the fact is that this Father is accused of having more girl friends, which I know is not the issue stipulated here, but that he married and had children. The restriction to marry is Roman Catholic tradition of Priesthood aimed at letting Priest focus and dedicate their life to their call, which in my view does not garantee quality and genuine dedication at all.

    Fr Kunkeyani has not sinned before God and not considered guilt, remember ‘thou shall not judge’ , but he has defiled one of the Roman Catholic traditions.

    Mind you, Happy are those who God do not consider sinners, but condemed by men and the world as sinners for they shall see God. Happy are those who reveal their weakness to God, for He strengthens them spiritually.

    Fr Kunkeyani, RIP, the Lord who called you, knows you better, who cares for your weakness, who strenghned you in windy times, Who knows better those who are also sexaully weak and not yet revealed them. will see you through the good work you rendered him while on earth and in his ministry. Amen!!!!!!!!

  41. charles doso nyirenda says:

    mmati atani? zinthu nzokoma izi. its irresistible by nature

  42. SOTHINI says:


  43. Mugonapamhanya says:

    What you should know is that there is no such thing as sin in the Catholic Church. This Church has the clergy that are brazenly sodomizing young boys in the West while in Africa they openly fornicate everywhere without restrictions. Although they oppose abortions, their nuns abort like it is nobody’s business. Hypocrites destined for destruction!

  44. nellynv says:

    I am,not judging God is the judge. The priest was not sincere to his vows which is sin. Secondly he did not renounce his office which required him to not indulge in sexual relationships therefore committing adultery. The number of women testifies that he was a womanizer not somebody who had fallen in love with a particular person but was overtaken by the spirit of lust. Analibe chiletso. He was actually doing everything that his office required him to preach against. After his suspension he continued living in sin with a woman who was not married to him. The church should not condone sin the man is an outcast and not a repentant sinner. The Bible is clear that no adulterers shall enter the kingdom of God so where one is buried does not sanctify a sinner. People believe being buried within church premises can help one be looked upon with favor no sir God s standard to sin is one. Lets hope he repented before his death.

  45. nice man says:

    za ziii, akatolika.. palibe wa msembe yemwe anganame kuti sanachitepo, amachita anyapala amenewa. ine I know 3 of them ali ndi zibwenzi zanseri.. maka maka amakonda ana ama school a chikatolika,, ma nuns..komanso GAY yachuluka ndi anthu awa too much.. I know my freind who was having sexual relation with one nun..komanso mwana wa mwamuna wina wake amadandaula kuti a father ena ake amamuchita kumbuyo …just imagine these rubbish things and yet you are still claiming purity.. Kubisala mu dzina la Yesu.. bwanji osangokadulisa chiwalo chanucho if you are really true…ma nuns mukasokese kuchipatala.. if you are really true…osamangonamiza anthu apa masatana muli inu nomwe.. DEMET..

  46. kholowa mkabudula says:

    Ha!ha!ha! He broke the vow because the fruit lying on the center of the garden was too sweet to resist,that’s nature at it’s call. Fine, what if he repented before the most high God, is his mercies falling short from his grace? Whatever humans does will never move the grace of God towards his people. Be careful ceremony no ceremony will never cleans man before God but his deeds alone. So if it was the doctrine of the church dictating, why changing it now? l have seen so many funerals being refused a church ceremony becaz they were not active members or in short they stopped going to church.Hopefully this revolution will be extended to them too who has no name and the poor caz judgement belongs to the son of man!

  47. ismail ibrahim says:

    HE HE DEEEEEEEE koma Abale ayi choncho ISLAMU IS THE BBBEST

    1. Kusekula says:

      @ Ibrahim

      Waw you mean al-shaabab and ISIS?. Poor you Ishmael, this place would have better place without your religion called Islam.

      1. George says:

        That’s the worst cult in the world. The worst happening to mankind, the axis of evil worldwide. The religion is the busiest workshop of the devil, churning out Boko haram, ISIS, Al shabab and sectarianism

        1. chiradzulo s says:

          Zachamba zonsezi mukukamba apazi tsopano ngati anthu asamakwatirane ndiye atsogoleri ammawa, achokera kuti if those pipo their parents ( I mean the priests) couldn’t produce them. Where shud they came from, this is a matter of simple thing . I don’t wanna talk a lot but the guy wasn’t wrong any

  48. jimbo says:

    It is time the vow of celibacy for priests was made optional. As long as priests have to be celibate there will be an ever decreasing number of men putting themselves forward for the priesthood. It would be very interesting to know what percentage of priests break their vow of celibacy. The Vatican needs to wake up to reality. A bishop in the UK has just announced his resignation because he has broken his vows. There is a severe shortage of clergy in Europe because of the requirement of celibacy. Whereas priests from Europe used to go out to Africa to work as missionaries, now African priests are coming to work in Europe!

  49. MaiMai says:

    All Catholics Priests are devils and now you make Kunkeyani as bad. Worldwide you Priests are famous for abusing and hamering boys atleast Kunkeyani got married openly. There is nothing as sin in bible to get married except in catholic deities of which God will judge people based on BIBLE NOT your books.

    There are so many Nuns who are on pills and are being bonked within the priesthood compasies by these fathers.


    1. sello Mvuyane says:

      iweso ndi chistilu cha munthu bwanji osayamba wawerenga nkhani , akuuza kuti amsembe azake amukana,, Mbuzi meeeee

  50. Thambani Boy says:

    Fr Dasiano Kunkeyani, May your Soul Rest In Eternal Peace.

  51. Mwenemtupu says:

    This is shame to the Catholic Church. How ever,” though shall not judge”. A certain priest was ordained while had already fathered a girl then in Mzuzu Diocese, another shame. Now, in Karonga Diocese the same priest rumoured that had fathered 2 children to somebodys wife and there is third pregnancy to same woman, is sent to Chitipa probably on suspension pending investigations. Please our priests change this bad and damaging behavior. Why is it common amongst our priests and not our Sisters in the church? We are waiting for the outcome .

  52. sello Mvuyane says:

    ndiwe wamsembe mpaka muyaya,,, anali ngati prodigal son big up to catholi church,, amene mukuti mpingo usithe malamulonu inu mungataye ufa wanu oyera bwino chifukwa panagwera nkhala limodzi ,, palibe kusitha mkwabwino kuti munthu asakwatile kuti atumikile bwino Mulungu, umsembe sakakamiza kapena kuyitanila pa radio ndi chiyitanidwe

  53. Nkholopanja Ma battery a Mulhakho says:

    R.I.P Father!I ask your soul not to get bothered about how your its remains were burried.Congrats!You used your dick accordingly and that you were putting up with the family!Thumbs up you were not fucking little male children’s asses like the other Catholic priests who pretend to maintain cellibacy!You were born with MBOLO TO FUCK WOMEN apart from oozing out urine.Not fucking other males!Ndikalowako chokolo!R.I.P once again!



  55. peter pierre says:

    father may your soul REST IN ETERNAL PEACE, who I’m I to judge?

  56. Rest in peace Father. Through God’s grace and your service as a priest you saved many souls from hell. Rest in Peace!!!

  57. Common sense says:

    How can one be called father if he has not fathered? He lived and died as a father.

  58. Xavier says:

    Rest in Peace father. Thanks to God for the gift of your life – you were a good priest and we used to enjoy your daily programme on Radio Maria (Mau a Mulungu a Lero kwa achinyamata). Kuweluza ndi kwa mwini wake mulungu – Thanks to archbishop Msusa for allowing Fr Kumkeyani to be buried in the priests’ cemetery. Lets celebrate his life and not judge him. My condolences to the bereaved family and all the catholics in the archidiocese of Blantyre. Rest in peace Padre!

  59. Livulezi river says:

    Ine pamene sindivetsa ndi poti Kodi azibusa a mipingo inayo omweso amatsata Yesu wa Katolika yemweyo amakwanitsa bwanji kukwatira ndi kumatumikiraso Mulungu bwino bwino opanda vuto??? What is so special with the Catholics??? The Catholics are being held slaves in the name of following the church doctrines, which is very bad!! Yet mpingo uzidandaula kuti a nsembe akusowa, chonsecho mukungowachotsa. For example, we had Fr Mpira & Fr Kalawe at Mthawira Parish who are no longer priests coz of the same women issues. Lets allow them to marry coz they are also human beings with feelings!!! Inu mukuona bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?????????

  60. TITO says:


  61. joseph banda says:

    Very Good decision my Bishop. He was suspended and not dismissed. He was living in sin and not married. Let us hate the sin and not the person. The Bishop has shown love on the sinner. This is exactly what our Lord Jesus Christ should have done. The Lord has never set aside this grave yard FOR THE SAINTS. We cannot judge him and he remained a Priest until he died.

  62. Chitete Zikambani says:

    Kodi akatolikawa sangatengere zomwe azawo a Angilican amachita? Popeza mwambo wa chipembezo wawo ndiumodzi, mulungu andalenga anthu awiri kuti likhale thupi limodzi, popeza mulungu yemwe akuti wapeza m’kazi (Banja) wapeza chithu chabwino.

  63. kunkeyani says:

    R.I.P. Father.
    Kodi kwa Mulopwe kunatani? Atsikana ochokera kumeneku eish! zosalongosoka.
    Kukonda ziwerewere kwambiri ngakhale akwatiwe koma amafuna azinyengana ndi ansembe why???? Please lets do some research at Diocese level. I have a friend from this area but ndimachita manyazi ndizochita zake…2 much kukonda ansembe than her husband

  64. Townman says:

    These pple join the celibacy cos some of them have nothing to do, others didnt go to school etc BUT its not a calling. There are many, even the nuns amakhala ndi zibwenzi. I remember one nun in nguludi was having an affair with an accountant in zomba and it was the nun who called the man to see her in nguludi and an affair started. She went to that org to collect a cheque on behalf of the parish but ended up having an affair with the ma. Is that christianship? Just let them marry whilst serving the Lord.

  65. Achalume Aweje Galvanised Pipe says:

    May his soul rest in peace I came to know him in the yr 2001 when he was at Nguludi parish he was a charming guy rip fr Kunkeyani

  66. Nkatolika says:

    Good move Rt Rev Msusa. If he died, why should the xse punish the body. He was suspended and he served his sentence till last.

    Its time we thought of Vatican 3 I guess – that some of these priests should be allowed to marry and serve the Lord better osathawathawa.

  67. married priest says:

    palibe chodabwitsa apa timachita even the nuns nanga!!!!!!.kukwatila ndi nkhani?

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