Malawi chief elections officer Kalonga, directors sent on forced leave over fraud

Senior managers of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC), including chief elections officer Willie Kalonga, have been forced to go on leave to pave the way for investigations into allegations of financial abuse at the electoral body.

Kalonga : Remains in office

Kalonga : Remains in office

Commissioner Linda Kunje,who is MEC chairperson of the Finance and Administration Committee, disclosed this in a statement made avaibale to Nyasa Times on Wednesday.

Apart from Kalonga, those sent on forced leave include  Deputy Chief Elections Officer of Operations Harris Potani, Director of Administration and Human Resources George Khaki, Director of Finance Khumbo Phiri, Procurement Officer Chimwemwe Kamala, Procurement Manager Edington Chilapondwa and Sydney Ndembe who was the Assistant Procurement Officer.

“Following an investigative audit carried out by the Central Internal Audit Unit of the Ministry of Finance between 27th April and 15th May, 2015 which alleged malpractices at the Malawi Electoral Commission, the Commission has therefore resolved to send you on leave with immediate eefect,” read part of the document signed by Kunje.

“This has been necessitated in order to pave way for the Audit Team set up to review the audit responses presented by the Commission to be able to do its work without any undue influence,” it added.

The document further said “it is envisaged that the Audit Team will complete its work within a short period and the Commission will at that point make known to the public the outcome of the review and the action that it will take.”

The Commission also said that it would like to assure all stakeholders that it is committed to ensuring that its operations adhere to all legal, public and international standards hence the need for engaging this independent Audit Team.

Funds amounting to K15 422 756 million were  abused at MEC between July 2012 and December 2014.

During a Mec meeting on January 19 2016, development partners, notably Britain, United States of America and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), rejected MEC’s explanation on expenditure and suspected fraud as well as nepotism at the institution.

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15 thoughts on “Malawi chief elections officer Kalonga, directors sent on forced leave over fraud”

  1. Cash Gate says:

    Asiyeni anthuwa, azingomwaliratu ndi BP, tawonani zachitika week yatha zija.

    1. no name says:

      You are so heartless. How can you say this over someones death. He was a father and husband and you dont have a single right to judge him. uzaziona

  2. diso says:

    AChilungamo munena zoona,ma Auditorswo afufuze officer payekha payekha anthu amenewa achita zoopya

  3. G Gondwe says:

    Why divert our attention to this petty matter? We have big scandals in this country that are being shielded . Should we be talking of k15million ? This is just prosecution . I am sure at the end of the exercise, MEC will provide details of these coins .
    How clean is Mangani who is now busy refunding a whopping K400million to the world bank for misprocurement? Will he be sent on forced leave?

  4. Chilungamo says:

    Do not forget the accountant or accounts office, these guys have been sharing cash as if they are mangoes. Some Officers have built mansions with the stolen money all over including Civic education Officers were shared the rooted money. Come and see some officers in Kasungu they have built mansions within a shortest period and have a fleet of cars! Go to Mzuzu Civic Education Officers, Accounts Officers eishiiiii you can’t believe what they posses can be equal to what they earn. So don’t blame the bosses only it’s the entire system that is rotten. They could allocated allowances to each other for no work done at all.

  5. Parallel Market says:

    John Kumwenda, read the story properly. It is MWK15bn or MWK15,000,000 Million.

    1. Lucy Chirwa says:

      You wish it were K15 billion . It is a minute k15 million that a whole govt machinery is busy with

  6. Boss says:

    Kusowa zochita mmalo moti mukalimbane ndi 236 Billion, basi bizy ndi 15 million yoti siyingatithandize npang’ono pomwe cholinga kuti tiyiwale za nduna 7 koma sizitheka , uzichose ndunazo basi because its not good to act on MEC but you are failing to act on alot of money.

  7. Costly Gochisale says:

    Did we have to wait for Mbenera’s death to effect these arrests or it is just a mere coincidence???

  8. Jok says:

    Good riddance. I hope its an unpaid leave! But wait a frikking minute now! why ONLY now? Did you have to wait for SOMEONE to drop dead first? Pathetic! Now you are making it look at is it was the dead guy who was stalling on this whole thing. Insenstitive much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. chilungamo chimawawa says:

    you see now my beloved Malawians. these are the same people who rigged elections in favour of DPP. This also probably explains the untimely demise of Mr. Maxson Mbendera

  10. Lucy Chirwa says:

    This matter has dragged for over a year . The relevant Commission retired without taking any action . They knew that the allegations were false and immaterial . The previous Commission backed the secretariat for all their actions and denied any fraud . Can the new commission change that position ? On what basis ? I urge the new commissioners to fear God and do right . They took an oath of office with a Bible in their hands . Defend the voiceless directors and maintain your integrity

  11. kings says:

    This is what we expected from this institution, each and every time MEC could say was there were no funds & sheriffs were always on their necks time & again. It’s high time Mr. Willie Kalonga & his team should pack up & go awaiting their fate in due course.

  12. John Kumwenda says:

    Maybe this issue can come to an end now. What is K15 million compared to the Billions that are stollen at capital hill? What is govt doing to Ronald mangani who stole K 400million in the procurement of equipment? Can he lead by example?
    We hate the double standards applied by govt. they shield big fish who steal big time and punish voiceless people at MEC over petty matters. Goodal you will have cardiac arrest over these matters

    1. Corruption Meltdown says:

      You John Kumwenda, I doubt that. I think you must be Kalonga himself.

      Hahaha corruption in a meltdown state now! You all hid yourselves behind Kasambara’s misfortunes, now you are all in the open.

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