Malawi chiefs cash in for march against striking workers

Malawi government has been accused of mobilising traditional leaders with cash favours  to  march in the capital Lilongwe and present a petition to Office of President and Cabinet calling on President Peter Mutharika to fire all striking state workers without compensation.

Chiefs marching after getting hefty "allowances"

Chiefs marching after getting hefty “allowances”

Chief Kyungu presenting petition to Chief Secretary Mkondiwa

Chief Kyungu presenting petition to Chief Secretary Mkondiwa

Economic problems facing Malawi have resulted in strikes by various government workers demanding higher pay. For example, support staff for the judiciary has been on strike for close to two months, seeking a 45 percent pay increase which the government says it cannot afford.

Workers at Malawi’s Anti-Corruption Bureau also  went on strike demanding a 70 percent pay raise until the government sealed off their offices and threatened to forfeit their December salaries if they did not return.

There are strikes at University of Malawi, teachers and medical workers have also threatened to join the action.

Under pressure from the growing strikes, government mobilised traditional leaders with cash favours ranging from K100,000 each to  condemn workers withdrawing  labour that they  lack patriotism.

They chiefs presented the petition to Chief Secretary George Mkondiwa titled “Traditional leaders against strikes by public servant”.

Present during the presentation ceremony were Paramount Chief Kyungu of Karonga, Paramount Chief Lundu of Chikwawa, Inkosi ya Makosi M’Mbelwa V of the Jere Ngoni in Mzimba and representatives of Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani V of the Maseko Ngoni in Ntcheu.

In their petition which was read by Paramount Chief Kyungu, the chiefs argued ‘things in the country have reached a point where they can no longer remain silent about abominable behaviour of public servants who are shunning away from work’.

“We condemn the strikes at the courts, Ant-Corruption Bureau (ACB) and university of Malawi and wish to state that the chiefs do not condone such reckless behaviour. Forcing government to raise salaries of civil servants at a time when there is a financial crisis in the country is unacceptable.

“Those workers who are boycotting work at the judiciary should know that it is their prime duty to administer justice in the country. By letting suspects to rot in jail without trial is denying them their human rights and therefore not acceptable in a democratic country where the rule of law prevails,” said Paramount Chief Kyungu who reads the petition.

Kyungu termed as unfortunate and shameful the decision by ACB staff to put down tools, adding chiefs would like to see cash gate cases completed and that university of Malawi workers who are on strike should discuss with their immediate bosses.

The chiefs said all those who are boycotting work  should  go back to their positions with immediate effect and failure to do so President Muhtarika  should fire them without giving them compensation and offer the unemployed the  job.

Chief Secretary George Mkondiwa assured the chiefs that Mutharika would address the concerns as soon as possible.

The petition which has been signed by over 170 chiefs countrywide has since asked all people working in government to be patriotic and loyal.

Government spokesperson Kondwani Nankhumwa denied suggestions that Capital Hill has a hand in coordinating the chiefs.

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105 thoughts on “Malawi chiefs cash in for march against striking workers”

  1. nkhedu says:

    ma comedy pa malawi sadzatha. A boma mukapanda kuchenjera muzingoluza milandu.just my opinion

  2. HONESTY says:

    Ophunziranu( those who went to school ) listen: the chiefs in Malawi are themselves civil servants and they have a duty of working for a government that is in power at that time. Come another government, you will see the loyal leaders behind their boss!

    M’mabuku mwanu zilimo izi kapena munangophunzira kutukwana anthu a Cikulire ngati mafumu?

    Tell us otherwise we shall measure you by the mouth and not by your credentials.

  3. Mbobo says:

    If I were the president’s advisor I would have not allowed the chiefs to March and present a petition to to the president . My reasons to the president would be as follws:

    1. Chiefs represent the image of the president as such It would mean presenting a petition to yourself which is meaningless
    2. The role of chiefs is not to engage on such issues. Thats the role of CSOs and those that understand labour laws
    3.Since the government is against CSOs to March on NAC grant issue so why allow chiefs to march on issues outside their mandate within the same period. It is as if the chiefs are re-hearsing for CSOs March
    4. Allowing chiefs to pressurize the president to fire striking public servants is a message to the president that the chiefs have no confidence in him since he has failed to find a solution to the impasse.
    5. The crop of chiefs we have now ndi adyera. You give them any task they will perform but at a cost.Imagine Kyungu coming all the way from Karonga just to read what someone else wrote . Mr President , Kyungu alone had spent not less than K300,000 on that useless march yet u have put austerity measures to save government coffers.

    Mr president, I have more but I think this little advice will make you agree with me that I may be one of those who could have advised you well.

  4. Roy says:

    Nanu aboma how can you involve chiefs like Kwataine . You mean you dont know that this chief is 110% PP. The same with Kyungu. Not all chiefs in Malawi are pro DPP. Trade carefully as muyaluka nazo izi.

    Message to our beloved president. Pezani good advisors on chiefs administration. You will remeber my words . These chiefs ndi antidyenawo. They have no morals. I thought it was Paramount Chief Lundu whos tola people at JB’s Rally that opposition leaders could not rule this country coz ndi nyansi za anthu?

  5. Clement says:

    Kumeneko ndiye kuganiza dziko mudziwoneka kuti muli atsogoleli wozindikila, ine ndikugwilizana nananu
    wosati mbavazi wokama ng’ombe pamene isakupatsidwa zakudya,what a stupid

  6. Kenkkk says:

    Dpp govt at its best corruption game. Always hidden agendas. Trembling because of strikes and demos.

  7. Kumudzi Phiri says:

    This is what Peter promised that he is to start where his brother stopped. Expect more and lastly his death

  8. SIBO says:

    Not surprised by the chiefs behaviour at all. These chiefs live in a world of their own, most of them didnt go to school and therefore cannot comprehend what laws of the land say e.g. labour law. Many times they are bribed by politicians to comment on issues they themselves don’t understand and why they are on govt payroll is another topic worthy discussion. I for one have no respect for them because they’re thieves, always supporting the rulling party to feed their big stomachs even at the expense of a poor villager.
    My advice to them is stop this foolishness and leave such issues to pipo who went to xool.

  9. GULUPU says:

    Mafumu awonetseratu kuti Akumagulidwa. Anthu anuwa akufuna malipilo ochulukilapo .koma inu inu mukuti anthu asamache koma Inu ndiye mumache.Utsogoleri wa mtundu wanji ? CHONDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Tima k100 akunyemelanito mukawagawileko ana amasiye mmidzi mwanumo monga anachitila atolankhani aja.

  10. Achimidzimidzi says:

    The president and government should be sued for abusing our cheifs. There is no way they can march for free. Some of them are over seventy years.very old.

    However, our chiefs were the first to march, now its our turn to do what exactly the same on 13th. No one should about dialogue.

  11. 1. Ine choyamba ndiyamikile mafumu kamba kobwera poyera kudzudzula anthu omwe akupanga mastrikes kapena kuti kunyanyala ntchito pofuna malipiro okwera. Anthuwa ndi adyera ndipo ndiozungulira mitu. Kodi akuganiza kuti boma lizipeza kuti ndalama popeza azungu anasiya kuthandiza dziko lino.
    2. Ndi anthu omwewa amene amatibera ife alimi kuno kumudzi pomatumiza anyamata awo kumagula mbeu monga Fodya, Soya, Nyemba pamitengo yotsika.

    3. Ndithokoze mafumu olimba mtima monga a Lukwa, a Lundu, a Kyungu, ndi mafumu ose amene anatenga nawo mbali pa ulendo wandawala imeneyi Mulungu azikudalitsani mukukwanitsa ntchito yanu yolankhulira anthu akumudzi.

    4. Ndinenetse pano kuti ngati ndikotheka chotsani ntchito anthu adyera amenewa ndipo pezani anyamata wena muwalembe aziphuzilira pantchito pompo.

    5. Pomaliza ife anthu akumudzi ndife odabwa kuti anthu wena mukutukwana pa mafumu pachikhalidwe chathu kuno ku Malawi timapereka ulemu kwamafumu chifukwa ndiamene amatisunga.

    6. Inu mafumu pitilizani ntchito yanu yabwino.

  12. KAFITA says:

    These Chiefs r igonorant instead of fighting for better life of worker they r condeming wy some r their sons & daughter other relatives tomorrow wl ask handout from these strickers. i thought mafumu ndi akhoti work hand in hand. pliz mafumu pangani zanu boma lisiyeni u r not part of civil servants thus u don`t have part. khalani pakati chabe kuti zinthu ziziyenda

  13. acn says:

    Hey, what a poor govt! Peter, Vuwa are a threat to our democracy. You dont deserve to occupy public office. Mukanakhala a Sing’anga koma.

  14. Kyungu says:

    Our dear traditional leaders. Why don’t you much when governments are oppressing people? Why do you always choose to be on govt side no matter how oppressive it is? You call it supporting govt of the day? When will you start supporting your people?

  15. godobaman says:

    SIGN OF POVERTY? THE LOVE OF MONEY IS…………………………………watchout. you did in good faith so much the better but if not then…….

  16. godobaman says:

    Munthu akamakalamba nzeru zimachepa amayambanso kuganiza ngati mwana, muzaziona!

  17. M23 says:

    The chiefs are not employees of government yet they receive salaries or honoraria “call it whatever you like”. If they are really concerned about the state of our economy, let them voluntarily forgo their perks, then they can point fingers at civil servants who are justified to strike for better perks.

  18. The Patriot says:

    For the first time am so ashamed that Kyungu is my chief! How can he bow so low and bend his back for the DPP government t o use him? Where is his wisdom which he is known for?

  19. Namanyepwa says:

    Koma mafumuwa they have a point honestly, Awa akupanga strike makamaka a khothi awonetseratu kuti ndi odzikonda and gvt should just fire them and advertise their vacancies awone mmene ulova ukuwawira kunja kuno..Ngati akufuna ndalama phwamwamwa akayambe Ku NGO

  20. UDF MOTOMOTO says:

    kwanu ndikutamba basi zautsiru mutisiire ife zimenezi

  21. God Hear Me says:

    I find the comments accusing chiefs strange, unfounded for and very disturbing. If you are against the chiefs demonstrations give reasons and not just shouting and insulting them.
    What stops them from demonstrating? Are they not Malawians? Do they not deserve justice? Are they not equally affected by the strikes? Do they not have rights? Those rights which are being promoted by Timothy Mtambo. Is what they are saying not logical? Okay if not logical in what sense?
    Whilst Am also against the cashing in if at all it is true but that aside lets look at the issues at hand.

    When it is ABOUT CSOs organizing demonstrations against the government many people support regardless of the logic behind the demos.

    I for one I support the chiefs arguments, they are valid and hold water. Please understand me clearly I do not mean that I support any Chief No but their arguments.
    If you do not then stop being Malawian and go to hell!!!!

  22. brutsha says:

    a Mtchona kapena A Yobe osavuta kuganiza kwambiri pofuna cartoon this weekend . Ma Cartoon opezekeratu awa. Mberere za ma mfumu. Tawoneni mitu bibibi ngati zitsa za mdambo. Some of them cannot even answer if asked , where are you going and where are you coming from?
    In the end that’s what happens when ignorance, poverty and greed takes grip of a nation.

  23. Dusty says:

    Mafumu mwadutsa amtanda,sindinu oyenera Ku marcher.Kupanda mzeru kwa Pitala inunso mukukhalanso opanda nzeru.Best career for most of you ndi ufiti coz mufuna kupha Ana anu with aim of protecting this stupid leadership.Go back to your villages and continue with witchcraft.

  24. Tom Cruise says:

    In karonga toxin wavuta. Kyungu akukachita campaign ya pitala. Bingu was right to ignore you

  25. tambwali says:

    Mkondiwa mutu kuwuma chocni ngati boxer? Kikikikiki

  26. tambwali says:

    Tatopa naye pitala muthalikayo ine mfumu bimphi

  27. tchende la mfumu says:

    Inu mafumu siyani zinazi pitilizani umfiti basi. Tamulodzani Pitalayo watitopetsa

  28. mphevu says:

    I am not DPP but fully agree with chiefs. fire striking civil servants. there are so many unemployed who would happily accept the salaries that the striking civil servants are demanding. Let them go find employers who would pay them the salaries they are demanding.

  29. Stupid chiefs.Fac you.
    APM must resign .He has failed to control the situation now and things will be getting sour everyday.
    DPP indeed a failed,corrupt and a gang party.
    Please almight God protect us and our nation.

  30. william says:

    Those so called chiefs they stinc charms gvmt must take them to kwacha schools half brains people nyanga zanu futsekkii

  31. Fwefwefwefwe says:

    Is this Mafumugate, chiefgate or what? I hope after matching yuo went to visit those who are displaced in LL. to donate the mafumugate handouts. So sad. Ho can sensible pple do that when the country is struggling. Pple are homeless , school building gone. If all are fired, how much is it going to cost the govt to recruit ,train etc for proper productivity considering the experience of the workers too. Mafumu full of wisdom

  32. Gogo says:

    These chief Ali ndi mzeru. Most of the people in the forefront of these murmuring are beneficiaries of cashgate kuzolowera kuba basi.anthu a kupanga strike alibe mzeru olo pang’ono zindere.ndalama dichokera kuti poti Peter walowa kumene and mu kuziwa kuti no donor aid. Mbuzi inu why not give Peter some time. Mukuona ngati Wamandasi or Chakwera anakakwanisa kulamula opanda ma donors. Zisiru za anthu kumangodalira kupempha basi.these donors sweat in their countries working hard kuti inu ndikuzerezeka kwanuko muziba.Donors should never come again let these people learn to work hard and depend on theirselves.

  33. Kachasu says:

    Ndinthawi yothesa ulamuliro wa chifumu m’Malawi muno

  34. Cashgate 1 says:

    By the way, why do we have chiefs? what is the essence of having them? They are liability to govt and to us. Unfortunately they don’t critically think and others think on their behalf. Vuwa Kaunda should be behind this stupid mobilization.

  35. bwampini says:

    Makape amafumu awa. Azolowela kulandila zaulere. Iwowo analikuti pomwe boma limakweza zinthu. Are they not supposed to look at the welf are of their subjects?

  36. che bint says:

    ma comment a anthu ambiri pa nyasa pano amakhala against prof wonder most of them r mcp followers and cant reason.jst say wat u ont to say osati kutukwana mafumu.ngati uli umbuli ukuwapangitsa just educate them kuti mawa asadzapangenso than kuwatukwana.tonse ndife amalawi tizikondana.mind u peter will never resign.Almighty bless my leader

  37. mabuluku says:

    Fire dem all ngati akufuna ntchitoyo akagwire ngati safuna apereke mpata kwa anzawo

  38. Patriot says:

    Boma lili ndi ndalama.
    Asamatinamize kuti alibe ndalama.
    Otherwise where did they got the money to CORRUPT the chiefs
    To Ferry them from their respective areas
    To Feed them
    And send them back in their respective areas.
    This gouvernment is CORRUPT and ACB should investigate this matter.

    And Demo plan must go ahead
    And during the next sitting of parliament he MUST be impeached.

  39. kwabaniso says:

    Uzadya thukuta lako!!!!!! NO WORK NO PAY.!!!!!!! iwe dadaboma ulibe nzeru!!!!!!! fire all corrupted judiciary staff and

    Chiefs will be presiding all cases starting with Cashgate and

    Chief Nazombe will be the Paramount Judge of judiciary

  40. Yankees says:

    Out of 10 chiefs in Malawi, 1, I mean one is educated and the other 9 brutes, ufiti, ziphuphu, madyelamphoto, ugogodi, uchitsilutsilu are some of the charecters a Good chief is Identfied only accept those 10 out of 100 chiefs, no wonder u can even tell them to kill their own children, they do, nangasi ndi mbuli theletu, a Gomani anzelu aja, a Kyungu? A Mberwa mwana wakwithu ophunzila aja lero ndi mbuli za Skool!!!? Adawasankhila mtundu osati Vote, mbuli inu tisiyeni a skoolfe tipitilize strike mbulinu kalimeni nthawi ya mvula kathandizeni anthu mvula yawachotsela madenga azinyumba mbuli inu!!! Magawuni ama Graduate osaphuzilawo, tadzioneni!!!.

  41. Ticoon Li says:

    its becoming fishy only MEC and CHIEFS are silenced by DPP. Dont They Realise The Living Cost Has Gone High? If not so why did the increament applied to HE, VP, and MPs only with over 80%? dont you think servants for civil services has a reasonable querry to demand salary hike at an equivalent percentage as theirs. why do we judge one side of the coin when both sides potray the image of the same coin respectively

  42. A CB mafumuwo awoneni bwino ndiamene akukana kuti boma likuonjezereni malipiro. Mafuumu abwela bwanji pankhaniyi paliziphuphu apa.mmukabwelera kumaofesi kayambileni kufufuza mafumuwo kaye musana Pite kwinako. Mwano eti?

  43. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Mafumu ndi ambiri mbuli komanso zitsiru ndipo sanganene za nzeru pa nkhani ya ma strike. Tadziweruzani milandu ya minda kwanuko, osalowerera za eni.

  44. I have ever seen stupid chiefs like those we have in malawi that is why amati mulibe nzeru mwalowelera za eni musaza mwadyazo ngamukufuna ulemu keep quite.

  45. tuvitwana says:


  46. Goodcitizenry says:

    BPp leadership is failing the nation

  47. dadaboma says:

    People are striking because govt is failing to increase their pay by 45%? Where were chiefs when APM’s govt increased president’s, VP’s, Cabinet’s, MP’s pay by 300%? Where were chiefs when MP’s were given 24 million kwacha soft loans by APM’s govt? And govt is failing to honor just a pittance quest by already poorly paid workers on pretense that it does not have money? And chiefs are being paraded in streets to back up a govt such as APM’s? My God!

  48. fathi slshehaab says:

    mafumu kspena ma suppirter a ndake za Dpp chifukwa ena malandira ma kofu.moti mukadakhaa ndi senate ija mukadamachita zotexi…ur real sich chiefs thought u eould say miranduyo tipstseni ife msfumu tieeluze. nfiye poti ndi ana amakomo meanu ayitaneni mwauze why show off inze dtreet to receive rewsrd k10000 eti.ndiyetu kathandizrni anthu nyumbs zangwa ndi mvula…koma ndiye afisi mtawuni kukatola msgupa ms bin ku state house!!

  49. chakwanuleka says:

    The chiefs in this country are all very stupid and dull. They are easily bought and don’t use their brains. During Bakilis time they were behind the third term bid. During Bingu they were used to propagate lies that the fuel problems are world wide. Now they was to fuel more problems by proposing that striking workers should be fired. What the stupid chiefs are forgetting in that the problems have started because DPP has failed to respect agreements that are in black and white. Wake up foolish chiefs.

  50. BigMan says:

    Leaders such as Kyungu do not have to be bribed in order to state what is obvious to any sane Malawian who has even a drop of patriotism in him. Clearly forcing government to raise salaries during a financial crisis is not only wreckless but probably also a result of a greater dullness or ignorance amongst those being misled by a few hired invisible hands into striking.

    What is the point of forcing government to agree to give everybody a huge wage increase only to have the very same government fail to pay salaries or import fuel the following month?

    They are behaving like children in the house demanding that the parents buy a big screen tv or else they will not go to school, only for the family to be evicted from the house by the landlord into the streets and sitting phwii with a shiny tv but no electricity to power it.

    1. mwanambwenge says:

      u should b very stupid do u kno kyungu urself ?can’t u see z being used lyk s condom here….he z buzy marching in Lilongwe while we hav an issue with kayerekera here at home….come by how much haz ur stupid govt raised MPs salaries…

  51. Hello! says:

    If thee chiefs were indeed given the alleged money in order to demonstrate, isn’t that corruption? I hope the ACB will probe into the allegations in the fight against corruption.

  52. mangochi kabwafu says:

    Whats that to do with chiefs? And what percentage pay rise do these STUPID chiefs suggest?

  53. I don’t agree with the strike by the judiciary because their demands don’t make sense at all but involving the chiefs is sickening. It’s appalling and should be condemned in strongest terms. Kyungu is a well known opportunist who supported the corrupt Bakili Muluzi. It’s the same Bakili who broke up the civil service into various commissions and paid them differently. His aim was make unions ineffective. Peter Muthalika should be careful with the tactics he is using. Malawians are no longer stupid.

  54. Vyapasi says:

    Who rules/ governs Malawi anyway? Strange Nyasaland, my beloved country!!

  55. bryan says:

    These chiefs shows their luck of wisdom. Can’t they see the problems we are facing, old people don’t care about Malawi. We youth we re the ones care. I wished I had everything to shoot down on all the silly chiefs. Mr Kiyungu, I thought he is wise, maybe becos in karonga u the most stupid people in malawi.

  56. wa Kuda says:

    Ngati dziko lathu lafika ponyasa anthu ake ndi amenewa? Zoona kupempha boma kuti lichotse ana anu ntchito? Mfiti inu!

  57. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    When you commit one sin, you will always commit another sin to cover the first sin. Read the Bible and prove me wrong.

  58. Bwitoto says:

    I quote ” We the chiefs and our people” end of quote. Let me ask these fools, Which people are you referring to? Definitely I am not part of that wicked petition. SHAME on you foolish purported chiefs.Zakuti zanu ndiiiiiiiithu!!!!!!

  59. Tnt Dynamite says:

    Ambelwa Na Kyungu Kutikhozya Soni Nthena Yayi

  60. wadada stephen wa nyarenda na nyadhlovu says:

    kanthu ako… where on earth has this happened. koma ya… but thats fine coz it demonstrates thst people have the right to hold a match. and if such was a turnout of chiefs what will it be pa 13 january pano. hope tizakhalanso limodzi pa 13 pano. and this time it will be 500000 per chief

  61. Opposer says:

    Mafumu aku Malawi ndi mafumu opusitsitsa of we are To compare with chieves all over the World. Mafumu adyera opusa dzitsilu simunasiyebe kugulitsa anthu anu kwa atsamunda. You think This is a genuine government To trust then. You are all useless and doesn’t reserve respect from Your subordinates. Nonsense.

  62. kavala says:

    Lukwa, kyungu are both bastards. Good for nothing fellows

  63. Wiseman from the south says:

    Mtemi waba Temi Kyungu !
    You are demonstrating over useless things in Lilongwe , whilst Your people in Karonga are in Grave Danger from radio active toxic substance !
    Where are your priorities ?

  64. yonayona says:

    Ndiye mzeru imeneyo!
    Ukayipa dziwa nyimbo!!!

  65. Bwitoto says:

    Ine ndinali konko koma mmene analedzelera a Khiri (TA Bvumbwe) eeh sizinaonekenso. Stupid DPP strategy who do you are fooling. Simunati zangoyamba izi and more is coming. Kukakhala kuchotsako muchotsa angati?

  66. Musanga says:

    Ada Bwana a Harry ku Sanga, anthu mwachilondaku yinu? Ekeeh, ulekiyengenji mwana wa ama, lyaku nawi.

  67. Peter says:

    So you think we still respect you? We lost trust in you long time ago and nothing can change us to trust you again.

  68. ujeni says:

    Malawi politics is a shame, we have allowed chiefs to be part of politics.

  69. Zitsiru za wanthu zimafumuzi zimangogwilisidwa ntchito basi.

  70. mobility says:

    Mafumu wanu ndi ufiti osati zinazi

  71. opportunist says:


  72. kamvazina says:

    Anthu amene amawawona anena kuti simafumu awa. Angotenga ma patient a ku mental hospital ki zomba ndikuwapatsa mikanjo ya mafumu. Is this true? I know a normal chief can’t do that.

  73. Masharubu says:

    The government should have used more credible chiefs for this state-sponsored march, and not well-known crooks like Chief Lukwa . And how did George Mkondiwa, who is ordinarily resident in Lilongwe, conveniently find himself in Blantyre to receive this Petition? This government’s strategists seem to be complete amateurs .

  74. kamvazina says:

    Ooooh whats wrong with these thugs posing as chiefs? Lunatics

  75. katundu says:

    Ok so we have such stupid chiefs amongst us? Kyungu I thought you are educated fool? Lukwa is illiterate bulutu. Enawo ndiye eeeeeshi zinyatsi za anthu. Pamatako panu mwamva. Tchende lanu

  76. kapita says:

    Lukwa is the most corrupt chief in malawi. He swindled Jb as mercenary PP campaigner just last year. He swindled muluzi. Now he is swindling peter. Kikikikiki. This thug of a chief like convict kaomba will jump at anything

  77. kapita says:

    Kikikikiki koma lukwa mbuzi ya mfumu

  78. kapida says:

    Kyungu be ashamed. Iweyo sukudziwa labor laws? Useless chief

  79. Mafikizolo says:

    When I learnt that Chief Lukwa was amongst the chiefs who marched, I immediately knew that money had exchanged hands . Chief Lukwa is one of the most corrupt chiefs Malawi has ever known . This guy swindled millions of Kwachas from Bakili Muluzi at the height of Muluzi’s Third Term madness . He also fooled Bingu out of millions of Kwachas together with his now estranged comrade-in-arms, the ex-convict Chief Kaomba . Mbava za mafumu izi .

  80. kaomba says:

    Stupid chiefs

  81. mtimuni says:

    Vitsiru ivo. Mafumu amatero?

  82. akatswiri says:

    Mpakana kulandira cash,nkhani yake eti,mafumu mwayaluka,please ACB do something about our chiefs,kodi mumati Dziko liribe ndalama nanga ma k100,000 achokera kuti,this is Chiefs Gate,please probe them and who so ever is giving cash.

  83. mgemi says:

    Amasuta chamba mafumu amenewa. Do they know labor laws? Mutharika can’t fire us.

  84. Makape says:

    Kodi mafumuwa wonse akuwoneka wodwala bwanji?

  85. Nayuma says:

    Am no see any long for chief anthuwa aonjeza ma mpaka akachite kufuna 70%

  86. msukwa says:

    Zitsiru za mafumu izo

  87. ambele says:

    Why are chiefs status being reduced to this level. Who heard that parents march
    to tell their children a point. Kodi mafumu simakolo oti akanangolankhula ali kumidzi
    konko ? Mafumu anzeru akanauza anthu ku midziko kuti ananu pitani mukayende kunseu osati yavi yavi akulu-akulu. Ndachita manyazi zedi

  88. If its true that you got paid for the petition then shame on you,we are in our nation together we can but not the selected afew to enjoy other wise no change.

  89. Malawian says:

    wht a shame.imagine a Kyungu all the way frm Karonga…Lundi all the way 4rm Chikwawa.There defintly was an incentive.Zinayamba ndi bribing journalists..nw mafumu..It is the right of the striking workers to strike.inu a Kyungu..mumalandila zingati.?y nt just join in the strike kuti nanunso ka increment..instead of being used..

  90. Njolinjo says:


  91. Malawiana says:

    Useless bastards called chiefs. Who needs these good for nothing fools anyway? They can rot in hell with their grey hairs which do not symbolise any wisdom at all.

  92. Chiefs are the most useless people in Malawi as they just agree with whatever the governments says whether good or bad and they are one of the most corrupt organisations of this country. It would be good if they were completely abolished just like in Rwanda.

  93. The one person who baffles me is Paramount Chief Kyungu. This guy holds a master’s degree ! It could have been expected of him to correct the likes of Lukwa. But CHBANZI has overtaken his integrity. Enawo ndikomveka not Clement Kapote Mwakasingula.
    But how long will it last ? Shame on you !

  94. cheugeni says:

    mafumu khaya ndi ufiti kapena kutamba ndiye tiona munya manyi.

  95. Ndalama zonsezo kuthera zopusazo,mafumu akumalawi ndale kwambiri,munalonjeza nokha kut muzakweza salary za ma civil servants nde kilibwino muchite zomwezo basi,tizaonana 2019 ngat sitikuchotsanipo 2019 lisanafike

  96. Zabweka says:

    Chiefs marched against civil servants nde ma CSOs mukuwaletseranji??

  97. zex says:

    What a pity! Do these fellows have any clue about labour laws and the rights of workers to bargain for their wages through their unions or not? Firing workers on strike is not only dictatorial but also unattainable in this dispensation. Go and hang!

  98. matiki says:

    Inde mafumu simukulakwa azipita athuwa ena allipo agwira ntchito

  99. wa Kuda says:

    Kkkkkkkk! Koma? Mafumu mwayamba liti kuyendetsa ma ofesi a boma?

  100. mbuya says:


  101. Bigdwag says:

    This is democracy at its best! Much as the chief had the right to march to express their opinion so have the striking workers! AND THE IMPENDING 13TH JAN DEMOS!!! SO KEEP OUT THE THREATS!!!

  102. Peter Benga says:

    To my understanding those who are strike exercise their rights with regards to their working conditions.I think chiefs at all cost have no rights to force the strikers go back to go to work

  103. Aferazao says:

    Stupid chiefs with myopic reasoning. The MK100, 000 each one of them was bought with could have gone towards the salaries of the striking staff.

  104. Sukula Masulu Nkhalikukula says:

    Chief Kyungu, have you no shame?

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