Malawi civil servants should perform or face sack – Daudi

A former high Malawi’s ranking civil servant Dr Andrew Daudi has warned government employees against a casual approach when discharging their duties.

Dausi: No lazy bones in civil service

Daudi: No lazy bones in civil service

Daud, who is currently Chief Executive Officer for Mallenium Challenge Project in Malawi but once worked as Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, said civil servants should also be liable to dismissal for dismal performance.

Backing the President Peter Mutharika government’s Public Sector Reform Programme , Daudi,  who is also Chairperson for impeccable Malawi University of Science and Technology, said civil servants should not be immune to dismissal.

“Government’s efforts  now is also looking at performance because previously when you get a job in the civil service you are comfortable of having it up to  60 years. Whether they perform or not it doesn’t matter ,” Daud said during the launch of the MUST’s Performance Management handbook.

“That mentality must go. That’s why we are encouraging government to make sure that employees must perform because there are agreed plans, agreed targets which indicators on performance.

He said the reforms would help both the civil servants and the government to respect their mandate to improve the service.

“We agree to ensure so we did not implement those and if we didn’t achieve we have to know what’s the problem,” he said.

“Some people even if you advise them  it’s difficult for them to change that’s why must offer them  friendly warning, light warning and then  dismissals,” he said.

He said while people have negative perception on dismissals it also helps  the victims to become better after securing jobs.

“Dismissals are also a motivation because when you get another job you do it better because the other things have been corrected.  “

There has been a hot debate debate on the performance of Malawi’s servants in government department and orgnisation over the years.

This has  bee proved by the performance of once government owned entities after being privatsied.

However, the unsatisfatory performance is also attributed to lack of a resources, conducive environment and poor remuneration package for civil servants as compared to their counterparts in the private sector .

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51 thoughts on “Malawi civil servants should perform or face sack – Daudi”

  1. Ndangupitamo says:

    Well said Daudi, the first civil servant to get the chop will be the one at State House… Peter Mutharika is a non performer so he deserves a chop indeed hahahaha!!! Now you just shot yourself in the foot! Peter has all the incentives and yet he is failing to perform unlike other civil servants they are performing according to the perks they receive a month. Give civil servants good salaries and you will see the performance in them unlike Petulo who is just born a failure.

  2. Uken says:

    If Employees are not promoted based on performance or merit, how do you expect the others to work hard?
    Motivation is not money but promotions based on merit in many. Promote those who are hardworking and demote those failing to deliver, reform pamenepo mwaitha, not names, age, long service that’s rubbish and why we are still the poorest nation on earth.

  3. Saba Mwendo says:

    Improve living conditions of civil servants

  4. peter says:

    Iyeyo anathawa chifukwa chani? Za ziiiiiiii!

  5. makwinjaishmael says:

    Its a good development honestry.The negative coments are coming from the people who are hungry and are angry.Plz try to sort them out and also the president should be in good terms with the people that God gave him in his hunds. He has to prove himself that he is not failing to deliver otherwise he should be the first person to face sack.

  6. chiko says:

    A Daudi ndinu munthu womvetsa chisoni. Tell ur idiot to also have a Reform progrm on civil servants salaries otherwise zomati budget passed in june but unknown pay rise in december ndiye chamba chenicheni.

  7. mnthangaboys says:

    First steps should come first. Last steps should come last. So competitive salaries
    first and timely paid. Then talk of performance appraisal. Failure which it’s a non starter

  8. far says:

    Have you forgotten that you were distributing fisp coupons for free to your farm labors. Where did you get these coupons you idiot? Mbava zopusa ife ayi, just eat your money. You retired as PS, just get rest. Sitingatukuke amalawi we keep on employing tired, weak minded people, these people need rest for good.

  9. Yeah I agree with you Daudi the first could be you ,had it been you were still Secretary for agriculture. You didn’t perfom and you supposed a dismissal for sure.However, that can not be adopted now considering that it can be costly to government .Let’s hope you had taken beer before you give this interview with nyasatimes.Next time don’t take too much of it.Improve civil servants salary and see what happens next

  10. Khalani pheeeeeeeee! Mumkati Kamuzu ndi fisi inu, wa nkhaza, nkhalamba. Lero mukusankhanso zopanda mano mkamwa she e e e e e e e e!

  11. concerned says:

    mr daudi, we have people in the country, hard workers, dedicative,. but the thing is motivation….! our government don’t know how to motivate its workers…

    and i see no point in working hard if your bosses are not appreciating your work

  12. Mbava iyo says:

    Chule mwenecho phwiiiiiiiii !

  13. chingolopiyo says:

    I totally I agree with Dr Daudi. Employees should agree for their performance to be measured and this should be known to the candidate before taking up the job. Each employee which areas he will be measured and be given KPI on which he or she will be measured at. Our country is full of lazy people, no wonder banks can’t make profit as well as companies cannot make profit. Do you wonder why people fail to submit the right tax to the required body? Let not our jackets represent us in the office yet we are out looking for katapila or making funny deals for our benefit. I have seen that countries that have developed its citizens work round the clock, and making sure that they are performing. Lazy people will open up their mouth and throw insults to Daudi because they don’t know the importance of measuring our performance at work place. We waist time visiting other people’s desk, on the phone chatting, yet we do very little at work and at the end of the day we expect to be paid and demand increment , yet we spent our time sitting idle. Our time of work on a day compared to our idle time, our idle time is high may be 75%.. For instance we spent talking, chatting, phone calls and absenting ourselves from work. If people absents were to be disciplined in Malawi, 75% will loose their jobs, because of laziness. Let lazy people be fired and bring in performers to help develop the economy of the company or the country. Enough is enough.

  14. Patriot says:

    Performance goes with good salaries.
    You are giving civil slaves meagre salaries and you expect them to perform?
    Azigwira ntchto monga mwa masiku onse, shut up

  15. mtima wa nyani says:

    olo mmene akuonekela iyeyu dawudi cangoti phwii ngati cindasi codzaza yeast .amagwila ncito iyeyu- dhala munkatibera kwa agriculture gulu kunyinda iwe. ukakhala pabwino …..

  16. Petros says:

    Suck Peter and Goodall because they have not preformed.chitsilu iwe

  17. blackberry says:

    Dr Daud please go back to school .your English is bad..

  18. mwanangu says:

    Daudi,ukunena ngati ndani iweyo.ifeyo sanatilipire mpaka lero tigwira bwanji ntchito.this is time for us to work as we earn.

  19. Dr Daud you have to be serious . Your Government has failed the civil service no funding to government departments how do you expect good out come

  20. chinsinsi says:

    Govt is rotten from head to toe. President over 75 years and finance minister 80 years. These are redundant guys

  21. Charlie says:

    How do you expect civil servants to perform if you fail to promote excellent performers and reward lazy bones?

  22. hisbolla says:


  23. jimmy kanzati says:

    what mr daudi has forgoten is that even crops to give better yields there’s a need for a farmer to provide all the necessities ie fertilizer, pesticides,proper weeding etc. if a farmer does this he is assured of bumper yields. why then should boma expect good milk from a sickly cow? civil servants are the most least paid workers in this country. it is in civil service where certificates matter less. most of top offices are manned by people whose education background is blurred. tapangani kugwira ntchito m’boma kukhala chonyaditsa there then things will begin to tick. kusakwezedwa udindo, delayed salaries, zero leave grants, uli iweyo ukanamatani?APM and your DPP, remember that dzana si lero. things keep changing nanunso tamasinthani for the better. ife ma servants anu ndi abwinobwino ntchito timatha just motivate us it’ll be OK.

  24. Mbanangwa says:

    Mr Daudi, iyayi musatero baba, muzikhala nacho Chisoni.

  25. Mr Daudi, you must dismiss APM and Goodall first for dismal performance. How do u think we can perform when we are going hungry? Should we come with our families and camp at ur house, Goodall’s and State House? Don’t think like a mosquito or u’ve a chickens brain.

  26. wanted says:

    Fighting a come back?

  27. steven says:

    Perfomance?How?With no salaries

  28. OBSERVER says:


  29. Daudi must ask himself as to what makes the same civil servants to perform wonderfully in other organisations and “not” in gafument? Look at high vacancy rates first (80% at my work place) and also at promotions before yapping on public. Low ranking staff embrace a low profile aswell hence the perceived underperformance.

    Also find a mechanism to reward highly qualified staff differently osangoti every jim and jack at the same salary. Inu mesa munali mu gafument momwemo? ndiye mutinyoze lero?

  30. Sweet Boy says:

    It is very unfortunate that when things are posted here all sorts of comments come up. The funny and surprising thing is that anything having to do with development issues nobody bothers to contribute, a good example is on to day’s issue about “Rice adding value project”. Come to talk of politics, the CSO’s and the Mayaya’s then everybody who has a computer or smart phone is eager to contribute; others will even not make sense at all. No wonder we are one of the poorest country on earth. People have come to understand ‘Democracy’ differently and not as it is meant to be by those who got civilization 20 – 30 years before us ie Zambians, Tanzanians etc. When it comes to expressing themselves in the Queens language they are articulate, but Malawians are just a disgrace. I heard an MP from Ntchisi talking in Parliament this other day, OMG she was a disgrace to institutions called schools/colleges and the speaker should just have thrown her out. Every time the government tries to put Standard Operating Procedures in place to be followed people shoots it down just to suit personal ego and those on the peripheral or the fence clap and praise the silly remarks. With this attitude, Malawi is moving backwards instead of advancing abreast all countries wishing their offsprings well.

  31. mbani says:

    Adaudi munamize ndani

  32. In the know says:

    Ask your successor at Agriculture if she received funding for June and whether staff have been paid their salaries. Otherwise am asking as to why the Millenium Village concept is not expanding outside Mwandama and Mchinji. Shouldn’t you be fired as well? Fotseki!

  33. zidana says:

    muzilankhula ngati ndinu munthu wamkulu machende ako

  34. john says:

    Ati kuzigulira malo uyu

  35. poooooo says:

    Motivate the civil servants then zina mukukambazono zizachitike apo biii mwailira tizakafikisana kubwalo.

  36. wapankhata says:

    Macivil servant ndamene anamuika pitara pampando mukulira chani simunati muiwona bangwe ine ndinalandilapa 25 .

  37. DOBO says:

    A Saudi mukuoneka ngati mukukamba zanzeru koma ai ndithu.M’bona amene akusangalarara ndi amene ali mu MANAGEMENT chifukwa cha “ma allowances” amagodzipats pamene ena akuvutika.A DAUDI inu you can no talk of performance without solving all these problems and discrepancies in Government.M”boma muli anthu odziwa ntchito koma muli Chipwirikiti aliyese amachita zimene akudziwa.A DAUDI zikuwoneka ngati kuti nzeru nzocheperapo.

  38. Chala changa says:

    Ukawuzane ndi Bwampiniyo kuti ife zautsiru ai. Munganene chani za performance ngati bwampiniyo chilipo icho wachita chanzeru. Mpaka pano ndalama zanga sadandipatsebe ndiye nkumayembekezera zabwino kuchoka kwa ine? Mbuzi mano kunsi

  39. How can civil servants work without funding? Azigwiritsa ndalama zamnthumba to implement projects?

  40. Mjomba says:

    Advice yabwino but coming from a wrong person and given at a wrong time which shows ur ignorance, indiscipline and insensitivity. Why dd u not say that when u were a PS…that message cud hav bn adressed to ur subordinates at Millenium Challenge now. If u were in the civil service now u wouldn’t have guts to vomit such an insult. Where is the motivation to work hard in the civil service? What is the difference of being employed and ulova as u r reading this? In the civil service we work as we earn baba.

  41. vaanwyk says:

    zausilu basi. mlonda wogwila mboma salary amalandila 30 thousand pomwe mlonda waku ESCOM salary ndi 94 thousand. tizigwila ntchito molingana ndi salary odala DAUDI!

  42. Mjomba says:

    Gud message but coming from a wrong person and given at a wrong time which shows ur ignorance, indiscipline and insensitivity. Why dd u not say that when u were a PS…that message cud hav bn adressed to ur subordinates at Millenium Challenge now. If u were in the civil service now u wouldn’t have guts to vomit such an insult. Where is the motivation to work hard in the civil service? What is the difference of being employed and ulova as u r reading this? In the civil service we work as we earn baba.

  43. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Dr. Daudi, it seems you were talking to yourself. You people attend seminars which are meant to be attended by juniors or irrelavant to you. Good example is Chimmwemwe Banda attending seminars/meeting which will not help her.

    Sometimes, immediately after getting paid allowances you leave one meeting/seminar and go to another meeting to get allowances again while your offices are being run by juniors.If someone wants DC’s assistance he told he is attending a seminar/meeting somewhere.

    More over you are over staffed with miserable salaries.some people play games or watch blue movies on the computers.They have nothing to do.
    People go home 1400hrs without any body asking them becuase even their boss is away attending irrelavant seminars/meetings.

    Unless the reform program is for particular individauls but not the system of government becuase most of you seniors are hypocrites who please politicians all the time.

  44. 5555 says:

    Daudi, what di you do when you were a PS????? Stupid !! Ukufuna udindo, boot licking

  45. kabotolokamo says:

    Pay them their dues before bragging about working hard , you work with resources mate ….!

  46. Nyau Isthobwa says:

    ADaudi izi ndiye zamisala izi ife pano tisanalandile ndiye iwe uli ulesi ayi sorry ngati mudaba muli kwa Agriculture -khalani chete chamba – kamufuse chilima wakoyo zakumatako zimenezo usandinysanse

  47. Chidzukulu Chakwitusya says:

    Abwana how do you describe the minister of finance when the civil servants are not being paid on time and each time the old man apologises….what kind of reform are you talking about the people who are restaling the spirit of reform are the same people who are killing it……

  48. kanyimbi says:

    This is good idea. Our civil service is the worst in the world. Perform or be dismissed simple.

  49. Boyd Kilembey says:

    He should leave the Civil Service to civil servants and concerntrate on MUIST. He is a typical specimen of people in the civil service who should have been fired for non performance. Why is he talking about it now? What business does he have castigating well meaning civil servants? Are civil servants provided the tools to deliver their jobs? Can he honestly say he gave workers in the Ministry of Agriculture the required tools to discharge their jobs? What about the famine, and crumbled farmers clubs or extension work? This dude has nothing to say(Alibe nkhani).

  50. mfumusinyasa says:

    Why didnt you do that when you were a civil servant and now you are barking when you are outside the fence. You werent even one of the performing PSs in the civil service

  51. Joseph says:

    You idiots really think you are gods, don’t you? You hardly pay these civil servants, and when you decide to pay them, it’s either late or just peanuts!! All the while you are enjoying the mapwevupwevu at state house banquets while earning allowances for anything that you do, including your dogs!!

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