Malawi civil servants should perform or face sack – Daudi

A former high Malawi’s ranking civil servant Dr Andrew Daudi has warned government employees against a casual approach when discharging their duties.

Dausi: No lazy bones in civil service

Daudi: No lazy bones in civil service

Daud, who is currently Chief Executive Officer for Mallenium Challenge Project in Malawi but once worked as Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, said civil servants should also be liable to dismissal for dismal performance.

Backing the President Peter Mutharika government’s Public Sector Reform Programme , Daudi,  who is also Chairperson for impeccable Malawi University of Science and Technology, said civil servants should not be immune to dismissal.

“Government’s efforts  now is also looking at performance because previously when you get a job in the civil service you are comfortable of having it up to  60 years. Whether they perform or not it doesn’t matter ,” Daud said during the launch of the MUST’s Performance Management handbook.

“That mentality must go. That’s why we are encouraging government to make sure that employees must perform because there are agreed plans, agreed targets which indicators on performance.

He said the reforms would help both the civil servants and the government to respect their mandate to improve the service.

“We agree to ensure so we did not implement those and if we didn’t achieve we have to know what’s the problem,” he said.

“Some people even if you advise them  it’s difficult for them to change that’s why must offer them  friendly warning, light warning and then  dismissals,” he said.

He said while people have negative perception on dismissals it also helps  the victims to become better after securing jobs.

“Dismissals are also a motivation because when you get another job you do it better because the other things have been corrected.  “

There has been a hot debate debate on the performance of Malawi’s servants in government department and orgnisation over the years.

This has  bee proved by the performance of once government owned entities after being privatsied.

However, the unsatisfatory performance is also attributed to lack of a resources, conducive environment and poor remuneration package for civil servants as compared to their counterparts in the private sector .

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Well said Daudi, the first civil servant to get the chop will be the one at State House… Peter Mutharika is a non performer so he deserves a chop indeed hahahaha!!! Now you just shot yourself in the foot! Peter has all the incentives and yet he is failing to perform unlike other civil servants they are performing according to the perks they receive a month. Give civil servants good salaries and you will see the performance in them unlike Petulo who is just born a failure.


If Employees are not promoted based on performance or merit, how do you expect the others to work hard?
Motivation is not money but promotions based on merit in many. Promote those who are hardworking and demote those failing to deliver, reform pamenepo mwaitha, not names, age, long service that’s rubbish and why we are still the poorest nation on earth.

Saba Mwendo

Improve living conditions of civil servants


Iyeyo anathawa chifukwa chani? Za ziiiiiiii!


Its a good development honestry.The negative coments are coming from the people who are hungry and are angry.Plz try to sort them out and also the president should be in good terms with the people that God gave him in his hunds. He has to prove himself that he is not failing to deliver otherwise he should be the first person to face sack.


A Daudi ndinu munthu womvetsa chisoni. Tell ur idiot to also have a Reform progrm on civil servants salaries otherwise zomati budget passed in june but unknown pay rise in december ndiye chamba chenicheni.


First steps should come first. Last steps should come last. So competitive salaries
first and timely paid. Then talk of performance appraisal. Failure which it’s a non starter


Have you forgotten that you were distributing fisp coupons for free to your farm labors. Where did you get these coupons you idiot? Mbava zopusa ife ayi, just eat your money. You retired as PS, just get rest. Sitingatukuke amalawi we keep on employing tired, weak minded people, these people need rest for good.

mulupali mwapuya

Yeah I agree with you Daudi the first could be you ,had it been you were still Secretary for agriculture. You didn’t perfom and you supposed a dismissal for sure.However, that can not be adopted now considering that it can be costly to government .Let’s hope you had taken beer before you give this interview with nyasatimes.Next time don’t take too much of it.Improve civil servants salary and see what happens next

Harold mtengo

Khalani pheeeeeeeee! Mumkati Kamuzu ndi fisi inu, wa nkhaza, nkhalamba. Lero mukusankhanso zopanda mano mkamwa she e e e e e e e e!

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