Malawi College of Medicine shut down after students protest

Management of the College of Medicine, a constituent of the University of Malawi (Unima), has indefinitely closed  for “instability” students caused at their Blantyre campus.

College of Medicine Blantyre campus

College of Medicine Blantyre campus

The students went on rampage following management’s decision last week that the students be paid their meal allowances based on a pro-rata basis.

Pro-rata is a system that provides that students be paid their allowances based on the period they spend on campus.

According to information Nyasa Times sourced, students were told that they would get about K17 000 instead of K35 000.

Mzuzu University (Mzuni) suspended 943 government sponsored students for the same reason.


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30 thoughts on “Malawi College of Medicine shut down after students protest”

  1. Pieman wizo says:

    we don’t want him to rule this country please…….wumbava basi tikufuna chakhwela ife.. Not you khalamba.

  2. Finale wa ku Medicine says:

    Journalist, you have only heard from one side only, if you were professional and objective you would also have consulted the students. The main reason students protested was forced vacation from campus for christmas holiday while final exams are just around the corner. You may wish to know that the academic calendar does not exclude holidays so no reason for forced vacation or trimmed meal allowances. Ask them if they pay back student hostel rentals for days spent out of campus during holidays. Anthuwa anazolowela kusolola so this time they thought it would go the same way.

  3. Zayambika says:

    Zako izo pitala umabelanji mavoti? usova wekha

  4. dadaboma says:

    That’s DPP. Uku “pro rata” is justified, kwinaku hefty pay hikes for cabinet, mps, president, vp are “justified”. Our youths deserve good policies for them to develop. This “pro rata” animal must be cancelled. Students also need proper allowance packages to do their academic properly. Most of them are really poor. And for COM to join strikes it means this country is finished. COM has been known for its tranquility. But since the youths also voted for the satanic APM, instead of the God-given JB, the country is in for numerous woes. Sorry boys and girls.

  5. Jamani Paul says:

    This is not new to me, thats how DPP government works, is this the first time Boma la Dpp latseka xul? we are not yet forgot how they closed Chanco and poly in the accademic freeedom saga

  6. Doc says:

    Bola nthawi ya masteni

  7. oooowoh?A mirrela,mafana apa chanco amenewo?Nkana mukumawididwa hvy eti!You need a very serious support,man!Or else go back to sec!

  8. Wadya iwe says:

    Something is wrong somewhere, why are all these colleges closing? Mzuni,COM the we will hear the same for Chanco and Poly. Can our govt. Show some seriousness here? As a Professor, our president should know the importance of closing institutions and its high time he intervenes

  9. opportunist says:

    The money is too little for the food

  10. Mirella K. says:

    I mean mmangomvera tikamachita ifr izi ku University of Chancellor, ku Zomba mafana!

  11. Mirella K. says:

    Ana osasamba apa CoM…mmangomveka pa radio tikamachitiaka is ku university ku Chancellor…iyaaaaa!

  12. sense says:

    These hooligans are the future doctors and nurses. Where is the country heading. Expel them all.

    1. pa squecy says:

      write something sensible man!I guess you have never attended university to understand anything.

  13. hfty says:

    These students start allowance syndrome right from college. Ndiye akapita m’maoffice umu kumangopanga ma cashgate. Country of no values

  14. Ineyo says:

    Stop giving the allowance completely or revise identification of the needy, its not sustainable and very very few deserve it

  15. Alungwana says:

    Sad and hard!

  16. Kalanga says:

    Just news for com to close! Z a very peaceful college!

  17. BISM says:

    yea,,, heads of administration have lost their heads

  18. Boyeke Boyeke says:

    pangani report zoona inu

  19. M'doko says:

    So we just need holiday for everyone but we can’t allow anyone to get out the country

  20. Patriot says:

    Kikikikiki it never rains for Peter but it pours kkkkk

  21. Moya says:

    I have never heard before that college of medicine students gave gone on strike, signs of times!

  22. Caleb says:

    Apa Nde Malawi sizikuyenda

  23. the current policy makers will solve de inequality eqtn

  24. darth vader bambo a luke skywalker says:

    get rid of all these foreigners then everything will be alright. everywhere you look nowadays its nigerians, tanzanians, burundi, rwandese, indians and chinese…

    i’m sick of it. do we really have an immigration department and a national intelligence bureau? do we have a functioning police force? even a
    mwenye ayamba kukhala kumaplot .

    wake up malawi. dziko lathu likupita tikuwona

    1. aDeaconess says:

      You have never travelled. If u did u wud hv known how u wud want to be accepted when in a foreign land. The bible comnends us to love the foreigners please don’t judge them embrace them n u will be blessed. Not all of them came in dubiously some are genuine immigrants.

    2. Jasp3r47 says:

      Ur.right man! Amalawi anzathu maio awo ndi
      anthu osowa mtendere.

    3. khamani!! says:

      Your question should be : Do we really have a functioning state ?

  25. viktah says:

    The atmosphere is dark and the rain is about pour for some one. The storm is starting for some one. We never know what is going to happen when it reaches the climax. Gule wovina nthawi ya mvulayu atulutsa fumbi pamenepatu bwino.

  26. Gwengwe says:

    K17 0000?

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