Malawi comedian Daliso Chaponda wins Britain’s Got Talent golden buzzer

Judges of the world-class entertainment show, Britain’s Got Talent, have described Malawi’s United Kingdom-based comedian Daliso Chaponda as “original”, “a comedy superstar”, and “incredibly likeable.”

Malawian comic Daliso Chaponda reduced the judges to tears of laughter with his witty quips

Daliso had the judges in fits of laughter

Golden giggles: Amanda hit her Golden Buzzer at the end of his routine

With his inspiring performance on Saturday,  Chaponda is heading straight on to Britain’s Got Talent’s live semi-finals after he  got him a standing ovation from patrons and a ‘Golden Buzzer’ from judge Amanda Holden.

Amanda pressed her golden buzzer following encouragement from the crowd, declaring that she hopes Daliso will win the whole show.

She said: ‘I think you’re bloody hilarious. Self-deprecating, funny, brilliant. It was laugh after laugh. I want you to win the entire series – I think you could.’

Fellow judge Alesha said her face was ‘hurting from laughing’, while David Walliams said that Daliso ‘should be a comedy superstar’.

The 37-year-old cracked a string of jokes during his stand-up routine about being single and about doing ‘weird jobs’ – before launching into a scathingly funny routine about Britain’s claim it’s ‘facing a financial crisis’,saying: “I am from Africa, I moved here 10 years ago. I heard a lot of people talking about the financial crisis. I’m from Africa – what are you talking about?”

He continued: “I have not seen one Save The UK concert. You’ll have a financial crisis when this chav will have to walk five miles a day to get a bottle of WKD blue.

“You’ll have a financial crisis when India starts opening call centres here.”

“You can tell me it’s a financial crisis when there are planes flying over Birmingham tossing fish and chips out the window.’

He then moved on to a story about how he used to clean other people’s homes and he never stole anything, because the bible said “thou shall not steal”, but he (quite rightly) said there’s nothing in the bible about swapping things.

Fair enough. So he took a stereo and left a walkman and took a plasma screen telly and left an etch-a-sketch – which had everyone cracking up.

He explained that his brother, a doctor, was in the audience and that his parents (a father is former minister of agriculture George Chaponda) had been “horrified” by his plans to pursue comedy while he was studying computer programming at university.

Amanda asked what his parents thought of him being a comedian and he joked: “I HAD a future, but I decided no, let me be a clown!”

Head judge Simon said: “I see you as an undiscovered little star, what you did was so funny, and naughty and unique. This is why we make shows like this, to find people like you.”

Comedy star David Walliams added: “You should be a comedy superstar. All the jokes were really original, and you are incredibly likeable.”

Daliso Chaponda told the judges: “I am from Malawi but I live in Manchester.”

Asked why he came to the show, he responded: “I come to male people laugh. I am a comedian.”

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24 thoughts on “Malawi comedian Daliso Chaponda wins Britain’s Got Talent golden buzzer”

  1. afana makasa says:

    Malawi’s got talent

  2. MAENDAENDA says:


  3. naphili says:

    Malawians here in UK are proud of him.Well done Dalitso.Looking forward to your next act.

  4. lucy brown says:

    proud of you. .

  5. Malawi wokhudwa says:

    Atleast our stolen money has produced somethng,..

  6. dee Walker says:

    His father a THIEF in Malawi government-that should be qualifying this name

  7. KUKHALA says:


  8. Mhesha says:

    Leave the father issue alone and Away from Dalitso …. he is doing this thing in his own right.

  9. Mzengi says:

    Big up Dalitso, Congrats. We are happy for you back home in Malawi

  10. HIM says:

    Go Go Go Boy !!!!!!


    Show the AZUNGUs that we are too capable of making it in life !!!

    Thumb Up Braah !!!

  11. HIM says:

    GO GO GO Dude !!!!!!!!

    Show the AZUNGUs that we are too capable to make it in life !!!

    Thumb up brah !!!

  12. Qwerty says:

    Wow! Well done mate! Proud o’ya!

  13. Shadreck jumaina says:

    Mwakhwana abwana chaponda zikomo kwambiri

  14. Bless Chinsolo Stevie says:

    This is good. You Are putting Malawi on a map. BRAVOOÒOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  15. Romeo says:

    Good stuff. Really good stuff not full dirty jokes. I enjoyed watching your bro! Keep it up.

  16. Chuck Berry says:

    All the best and well done. Good to associate your surname with better things unlike your dad

  17. lunatic says:

    thou shall not steal huh tell that to ur father dammit

    1. george banda says:

      you are indeed a lunatic

  18. Maizegate says:

    Any jokes about maize gate? Or that he was sent to the UK on stolen money from his corrupt father? Congratulations anyway! I like Q Malewezi more. He’s the best thing that ever happened to Malawi performing arts after Du Chisiza Jnr

    1. Gutete says:

      Q Malaewezi is overrated and lame! Daliso is the real deal!

  19. angozo says:

    Kudos Dalitso better than your father

  20. Kanthu Ako!! says:

    Well done.

    That was good.

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    nice yng buddy. U have made us happy

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