Malawi community colleges concept launched: Mutharika calls for private sector support

Malawi President Peter Mutharika on Friday officially launched Community Technical Colleges concept which he said will address employment issues as it is one of his dreams to provide skills training and development to the youth in the rural areas.

Mutharika opens Ngala college

Mutharika opens Ngala college

Students at Ngala showing Mutharika their work

Students at Ngala showing Mutharika their work

Mutharika pose with students

Mutharika pose with students

President Mutharika welcomed at Ngala by Minister Mussa

President Mutharika welcomed at Ngala by Minister Mussa

Already, International Labour Organisation said it plans to use Malawi as a model in Africa for the estbalishment and implementation of community colleges.

In his speech on Friday at the launching ceremony which took place at Ngala Community College in northern district of Karonga, Mutharika said the establishment of the Community Technical Colleges program t is a call to all Malawians to change their mindset and recognize that “it is not only white collar jobs that will develop our country.”

He said: “ Technical and vocational jobs are an important means of development and self sufficiency because they provide and achieve a turnaround in poverty indicators, if our people, especially the youth, are given Technical, Entrepreneurialship and Vocational Training.”

Mutharika said c ountries such as German, India, China, Japan, England, U.S.A and others have become major industrial powers because they have emphasized skills development as a priority.

“This is why such countries are well known for advanced technologies and production of high quality goods,” he noted/

The President appealed to the private sector to support the program for the trainings being provided to relevant to the needs of the industry in the country.

According to Mutharika, the colleges will not only provide formal training for those with Malawi Schools Certificate of Education (MSCE) but also informal training for school dropouts.

“At present these colleges can accommodate less than 2,000 students. Seeing this large number of young men and women entering the labour market without any skill is a matter of great concern for me,” said Mutharika.

He explained that the skills and training taught at Community Technical Colleges “ are designed to be the ones that are in demand in the employment market especially in the communities in which they are located, thereby guaranteeing employability.”

The Malawi leader said, with a Community Technical Colleges in every district, the labour and business outlook of the communities will be transformed.

“Ngara Community Technical College belongs to the people of Karonga. It is here to assist and benefit the people of this district. The DPP manifesto emphasizes skills development for employment creation as a major economic agenda of my administration,” he claimed.

Minister of Labour and Manpower Development Henry Musa said the college initiative is one way of complementing the millennium development goal of reducing poverty as it will empower the youths to be self employed.

“As a ministry we will make sure that these colleges meet the international standards of colleges so that those who graduate should be able to work within and outside the country,” said Mussa.

In his remarks, Paramount Chief Kyungu commended the government saying “if this initiative started a long time ago Malawi could have developed and also our youths could not have been abused to be used as political campaign tool.”

He then urged politicians to work hand in hand saying “time for politicking is gone what is remaining is for all parties to work together in developing the country.”

According to the Ministry of labour report, government has invested 400 million Malawi Kwacha in the construction of the 11 colleges which are in Dedza, Karonga, Nkhotakota and Mzimba where each student is supposed to pay K3,000 as school fees while the colleges will be run by the community.

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35 thoughts on “Malawi community colleges concept launched: Mutharika calls for private sector support”

  1. chefourpence says:

    Mgawadere! Check the list of students at this college in Karonga. You will not find a Lomwe but your people, Tumbukas. The fact that you pple give each other good jobs doesnt mean u r intelligent.

  2. Ine says:

    Ngala has not been built by govt, it was built by world vision over 10 years ago and has been running by the community since. So no undue credit to govt.

  3. fecha says:

    Mgawadere, so how come we have students from karonga? Sometime we just need to appreciate ones effort.

  4. sambi says:

    Congrats APM for walking the talk. These is a milestone for malawi

  5. Pichi says:

    Good idea koma yonola dzikwanjeyo ndiye ayi. Olo ndi mwala wa m’bafa any jim and jack can do that.

  6. Ngondo says:

    It is a good idea to have a strong skills base. I remember the idea has been there since the 70’s but just needs sufficient support. I believe this is a community supported idea as opposed to the earlier once run by the Ministry of Labour and Vocational training.
    By the way, do the apprentices know the importance of wearing safety goggles? Nobody seem to have noticed that one of them has the goggles on his forehead.

  7. Dre nkhwazie says:

    Bola zipitilile komanso zikhale zolongosoka,pasalowe ndale ayi.koma ma course ambili akumakhala ambwelela.ikaniko macourse abwino(technologically)kulingana ndi nthawi yomwe tilimoi

  8. Nkalapwaga says:

    The main issue is sustainability.The main technical colleges are currently struggling to survive.

  9. joseph Bob kombo says:

    Community Colleges is a brilliant idea because our youth will be empowered with the necessary skills and knowledge for the job market. Its unfortunate that some people no matter how good a thing can be but if it is initiated by someone they vowed to hate they can’t see anything good from those! If Malawi is to develop let’s stop the hate game! Its high time we learnt to give credit where it is due! Thumbs up Peter and Company! Keep bringing up productive and progressive programs!

  10. mgawadere says:

    Zaziiiii zopusa Adena ndialomwe ndiamene akufunika ntchito zamanja mitu yawo inauma kwambiri

  11. MBACHI says:

    Comment. GOOD IDEA.


  13. angondo says:

    why in such a hurry? Thats the main problem with Malawi leaders. You are so fast when it comes to launches. There are inadequate or no teaching and learning resources in these so called Community Colleges. Is it done to win the masses? Politicians, you do not love your country.

  14. ujeni says:

    Launching anything is easy but have you built the colleges or the usual dumb stupid Malawi way of turning a Primary school into a Secondary school and a Secondary into a University, no development just moving in circles.

  15. Citizen X says:

    Well done Sir, nice job so next you have to look into industrilization, these boys and girls will be much happy if you provide a stable employment enviroment for them sir eg shoe factories “so we stop import low quality shoes at high prices” clothing factories, food processing engineering, construction. OVOP now its your time to work.

  16. Kenkkk says:

    This Very good concept or idea is not new as we already had technical colleges in Malawi in MCP or Kamuzu time but they were not enough. The expansion of the community technical colleges to each district by this DPP govt is commendable and should be fully supported. Technical rather than academic skills are the Spurs of development.

    Once these graduates finish their training, they easily become self employed and run their own businesses or they get employed by companies or govt. They are more employable than academic university graduates.

    The next thing the govt should consider is access to start up business capital. If they are to be self employed as we all want them to be, then they need capital to start up their business. So small business capital loans should be made readily available to these graduates once they finish their training.

    I have read some comments here which are very tribalistic. There is no need for that. This is for the good of Malawi, not a tribal.

  17. New Mandela says:

    It is hard to stand on ur own and practice in Malawi.Malawi isnt Singapore or UK.

  18. timothy mandambwe says:

    Good development. One Malawi One Nation.

  19. Atumbuka tsopano in happiness!!!!!

  20. tell me says:

    Well if these skills,have to be transferred from foreign countries just to keep up with to date technology. This is a good move !

  21. This is a welcome development,however,too much beareaucracy from the controlling officers is frustrating efforts in implimentation of the projects.I believe finances have been allocated for purchase of tools,materials,textbooks and initial finances for overhead expenses.A snap survey has proved that only Ngala was supplied with the necessities prior to presidential visit,but for the rest situation is just pathetic and unbelievable.For the passin term it have been theory theory theory even though no reference books provided,despite the fact that these are skills development centres.If financial support is retarding the smooth running,then,let relevant authorities pump in some,but if finances are available,then it might be sabotage from these controlling officers.Experiences from students of these colleges shows that they roll-out before the government was ready,hence frustrations and frustrations.I wish govt move in faster than before to supply the necessities during the month long holiday to prove political detractors since the program was launched at a political podium hence partisan political rhetoric.Just as the enterprising FISP,the community technical colleges concept,is now a govt and national policy.OTHERWISE BRAVO APM BRAVO DPP LED GOVERNMENT!!

  22. Redeemed says:

    Ma comment ambiri omwe ndikuwerenga apa akusonyezeratu kuti Amalawi umbuli unatipweteka kwambiri ndipo kumvetsa zinthu kumativuta. Zoona kumafunsa kuti anawo akamaliza sukulu akalembedwa ntchito kuti? Ndithu munthu wanzeru zake kumayerekeza ophunzira aku College of Medicine ndi ophunzira aku Techinical College? Guys, the issue is, when they graduate, students from these colleges should stand on their own and practice their various trades. Osati kuti azidzasaka ntchito ayi.

  23. The Truthful One from the West says:

    Comment: This is not entirely new. There has been vocational and technical training in Malawi since 1964 but the problem has been low funding of technical colleges by govt. Furthermore this will not address the underlying fundamental problem facing the Malawi economy- that of very low demand for goods and services. Even if these graduates start their businesses there is inadequate demand for goods and services to sustain all these businesses. This is a fundamentally flawed program launched without adequate non partisan economic analysis. My take is that this program is likely to simply swell the number of unemployed Malawians with skills. DPP is yet to come up with policies likely to transform this country. This is the party that brought Malawi to its knees by April 2012.

    1. Redeemed says:

      Mukayikakayika kodi mpaka liti? It shows that you just hate DPP. Just hate. Hate.

  24. New Mandela says:

    But where will these people work after graduation if the same country is failing to employ College of Medicine graduates?It will be a waste of time.

  25. NOVILIKANA says:

    äaaa tionelepo dankha

  26. one malawi one people says:

    phunzirani atumbuka paja mumakonda school,…Pitala oyipa uja wakubweretserani mkhonde maphunziro…….phunzirani agalu inu muzizatizunza mu ma kampanimu…..mbuzi za anthu kukula mtima too much ngati ozindikila ndinu nokha pa Malawi pano……foolish!

    1. bentby smart says:

      One malawi… Zomwe walembazi mulungu akukhululukire…

    2. o'Betha says:

      Your comment does not reflect your name, “One Malawi, One People”

  27. Kadakwiza says:

    Yemeneyo ndi nkhani yabwino ku phunzitsa ana zi ntchito. Nthawi ya Kamuzu izi zidaliponso. Koma tsopano ndiloti anawa akamaliza sukulu ntchito zilipo? Boma liyitanitse ma kampani kuti ana amenewo akamaliza sukulu akhale ndikolowera. Koma bvuto ndi ntchito. Boma likhazikitse zi ntchito. Ana amenewo akamaliza ntchitozo mapeto ake azingokhala ndimapepala. Zintchito chonde bambo pulezidenti.

  28. Dr Neutral says:

    Atumbuka mukutinji?

    1. kadamanja says:

      Vikwanje ivi, yikhale sukulu?

  29. Amuna says:

    We are still waiting for the nation wide implimentation of the project. it shud follow educ. districts 4 equal distrib.

  30. Alick Kalima says:

    Congratulations Your Excellency and Minister of Labour for yet another milestone in just under ten months of your administration. I strongly suggest and recommend the graduates from these colleges be deliberately linked up to the Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF) so that they access seed money for their various business ventures. This is viable since these graduates have already acquired requisite skills in various trades. So next step from here….vigorously and deliberately engage Ministry of Youth and Sports Development. Bravoooo.

  31. Galu Wa Galu says:

    Atumbuka “UKU MKUTiiiiiiiii”

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