Malawi cop shoots himself dead: Police station suicide in Mchinji

A 32-year-old police officer in central region border district of Mchinji on Thursday committed suicide while on duty as he shot himself dead leaving a suicide note.

Kajawa: Suicide note was left

Kajawa: Suicide note was left

Confirming the development, Mchinji police public relations officer Sub- Inspector Moses Kajawa Nyirenda, identified the deceased as Constable Allan Chione, who was on duty on that particular day but he left his friend where he committed suicide within Mchinji police station premises around 6pm.

“It is with great sadness that I can confirm a self-inflicted gunshot by Chione ended his life,” said Nyirenda.

“Chioni was on duty from 7am to 4pm on Thursday but he didn’t knock off, he stayed at the Police station up to 6pm when he shot himself in the head and died on spot,” said Nyirenda.

Police spokesperson further said  Chione left a suicide note which he said they will hand over to the parents of the deceased.

Sub- Inspector Nyirenda however could not divulge the contents of the suicide note but sources say Chioni had family problems.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this very difficult time,” said Nyirenda.

The body of late Constable Allan Chione is kept at Mchinji District Hospital.

Late Constable Chione hailed from Mphelele village in the area of traditional authority Nthalire in Chitipa district and was born on 20th January 1983.

Chione joined Malawi police service 7 years ago, he left a wife and two children.

Police are calling on anyone feeling emotionally distressed or suicidal to seek help for counselling.

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43 thoughts on “Malawi cop shoots himself dead: Police station suicide in Mchinji”

  1. Phillip says:

    So sad

  2. Ronnex T.Kayira says:

    I,send this msg with my deep soul because it ever happened to my son ROBERT KAYIRA, aformer form four student at ILINGA pvt sec school, Chitipa. he comitted sucide on 19th April 2012. the death of consitable Chione is simillar to the death which ended my son,s life. I beg all people of all ages, Whenever there is crucial problems please!! let us put God in front of us before rushing to endup our lives, it is also a sin to God he disrecommending murdering ourselves.than to be murdered by other parasites. I,m very sorry because his family is now in huge problems because his death,Therere, Nthalire,Chitipa people has lost aperson who was able to Develop Therere,& Nthalire. May His Soul Rest In Peace

  3. george says:

    Many men are dying in silence becos no one is concerned, no organisation or authority that cares the well being of male parents. they r fathers and have many responsibilities in their respective families and meet challenges such as cheating wives,finance,lacking a child, extended members of family and more


    thats bad indeed and his saul should rest in peace

  5. Many law enforcers are roothless like this one plz educated ppl be out of this act and be nkhawa njeee!!

  6. peter mshali ku salima says:

    problems were beyond his imagination that he couldnt cope,no counselling could make him change the plan,family problem is lethal,friend rip god receive his spirit,self gunshot?the problem were too much,sory a mr mwendera,a kajawa nyirenda for lyf loss

  7. Tilinga nyozani says:

    Mayo ine

  8. Joseph Moyo says:

    ena mmalo mokuthandza ukawauza mavuto amakuyalusa ndye kuuza anzanko mavuto siudolo.ndipo anzako amakuthawa ukakhala pa mavuto ndye udalire ndani?

  9. maxwellmakonde says:

    Sad ting indeed…alwyz seek counselling on issues affecting our lives & believ in christ jesus

  10. chifundo wa allena says:

    Very bad

  11. chifundo wa allena says:

    Thats very sad indeed. pliz lets first seek God to giv us answers for any problems we may face…………………………

  12. Haddyman says:

    problem shared iz problem have solved. jesus iz the unswer to all ower prblmz!

  13. Rompwa says:

    Rest in Peace My Friend

  14. The problem is;he had been in the service for 7 years but without promotion.
    At the grave yard he will be inspector general of Police.

  15. ochewa says:

    MYSRIP allan bola asakhale mkazi wapangitsa! Mayo allan wathu!!!!

  16. Mgawadere says:

    RIP Mr Chone.
    I wonder why northerners are fond of taking their own lives. Police statistics have it that northerners commit suicides more than any other region and yet the population of northern province is far less compared to those of Centre and South. Can the University of Malawi conduct a research on this matter?

  17. Eni manoma says:


  18. Souja says:

    Koma ndipo,councelling ya ku Malawi is for H.I.V basi,mwapezeka nako limbani mtima,muzidyz za magulu mukhoza kukhala zaka ten,thats what councelling we all know in Malawi.

  19. Prodigalson says:

    Oyenda ndi lupanga,azafa ndi lupanga.

  20. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Where does one seek help for counselling in Malawi. Zabodza basi??

  21. Che Ngana says:

    Rest In Peace Allan.


    Azimayi mwanyanya kulalatila Azimuna anu mmakomo’mu. Kodi mudatani onthuni ozimayi? Taonani sono wakhala wekha. Zachisoni kwambiri. RIP Mr. Chiwone.

  23. lawrence kutaumbe says:

    very sab ideed may his soul rast in peace.

  24. chipie says:

    Zochitika m’maanja inu, ops! Ooo yaaaa- zovuta zediiii zilakolako chikhala amachita kukaoda ine ndikanasiya kupita kuoda ndithu aaaa aaa aa a

  25. mbuli67 says:

    Lets pray hard that the devil should stop taking us that far. MHSRP

  26. Okhudzidwa says:

    May his soul rest in peace

  27. Muhilima says:

    Azimayi ambiri akufetsa amuna maka chifukwa boma limawakondera kwambiri.Chonde tonse ndiife anthu tikondeni chimodzimodzi azimayi ambiri akupangira amuna nkhanza zosiyanasiyana Tamufufuzani bwino mkazi wakeyo mudziwa chomwe chapangitsa kuti aziphe may his soul rest in peace.

  28. Biswel says:

    Ena akufuna moyo

  29. Webster Munthalika says:

    What is there to investigate he shot himself Apolice umbuli bwanji

  30. khobwe says:

    satanism attacks. Sanafune koma achita kumpepetula. We shud know God so that the spirit shud direct us cos nowadays demons are everywhere.

  31. Every problem lingakule maka has a solution. Let’s not take our own lives when distressed.

  32. segerege says:

    7 years constable? chibalo ntchito? mukuwaonjezatu anawa!

  33. Ndoda yabwandila says:

    Woyenda ndi lupanga limamuka
    ntha ndi lupanga lomwelo.

  34. But where would one get proper counselling in Malawi apart from Religion counselling which at times is biased and condemning??

  35. Akumudzi says:

    Uhule mwamuna nzathuyu

  36. Muyuda jenuwini says:

    Tamba kale kuti mkuluyu anali wamchiuno hehe ndie mkazi wake anamuthamangitsa nchifukwa wadzipha yekha

  37. vwala uheni says:

    Akuti wafela uhule wake mkuluyu

  38. Muyuda weniweni says:

    Ife tamva kuti adawo anali achimasomaso ndie anawathamangitsa kubanja..

  39. The Most Concerned says:

    So who will raise these innocent Children? Azimayi mukuonjeza kutipatsa ma stress m’manyumbamu.

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