Malawi cops visit Mozambique on cross-border crime

The Malawi Police Service has intensified efforts to curb cross-border crime between Malawi and Mozambique.

According to Eastern Region police public relations officer, Inspector Thomeck Nyaude, a contingent of officers led by the region’s commissioner, Starch Maundala, travelled to Lichinga in Mozambique recently.

Nyaude: Mozambique visit'

Nyaude: Mozambique visit’

Inspector Nyaude said while there, the commissioner and the officers shared ideas with their Mozambican counterparts on how to beef up security system between the two neighboring countries.

He said cooperation between the police services of the two countries has, in the past, resulted in the arrest of suspects and recovery of stolen property.

“One of the issues was child-trafficking. You may recall that recently, police in Phalombe arrested nine people involved in the act. They wanted to take seven children to Mozambique to work in farms,” he said.

He added that an agreement has been reached where suspects from either side will be arrested and repatriated to their respective countries for prosecution.

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9 thoughts on “Malawi cops visit Mozambique on cross-border crime”

  1. nkhedu says:

    ka nyaudeko ndi ka handsome bwanji! wa ku moshuko basi

  2. achanguti says:

    alakwitsa akanalowera mtunda wa ku Tete akawone chitukuko mwinanso akalumikizane nd mafana akumpoto pa ulendo wa Ku Jhb Muwone ngati angabwerere.uniform yakulitsa iyi kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  3. achanguti says:

    hahahahaha kuvutiranji kupita Ku Lichinga osawayumiza ku Tete bwanji akuwopa angapitilire ku theba kkkkkkkkk

  4. max says:

    To me its a gud deal share ideals make one goal keep it up we r what we r bcz of u officers

  5. Wamandasi says:

    This Malawi Police Service is meant to change nappies of criminals. We need Malawi Police Force yokhawulitsa ndikukang’antha mbava. Wapolisi adziopedwa. White people are clever they want police tameable just the way they make wild animals useless for circus.

    The whites sponsor riots, demonstrators, hooligans, vandaliser, NGOs, CSOs, fake human right groups, Unionists etc. Now look at the equation they weakened the police plus 10years ago to the point when a police officer manhandles a criminal is a crime against the officer. More right to criminals than law enforces, more right to learners than educators. As a resulting policing collapses, education collapse. white will bring e-learning and boast their economy. Tablets and computer games will be human rights issue

    Wapolisi wocheza ndi dzigawenga ndiwopusa zedi. Tikufuna chimbalame chaboma chikafika pa malo okuba adzithawa

    1. Akweni says:

      Nothing tangible in your comment except lunacy and extreme racially agravated hatred for whites,get a grip don’t blame the white man here,how long have you been independent from the so called whites?You’re a disgrace to the black race,with your myopic thinking.

  6. Cymru says:

    Maalawansi, don’t you see the visit important? You are an interesting person. Allowances are meant to assist people carry out their duties outside work stations, nothing wrong with that. We might be forced to think that you are not comfortable with the development due to fair of whatever you do inn that region. In terms of how they communicated, I’m sorry to say that you are exposing yourself as a person who has not traveled and attended international gatherings where people of different official languages in their countries meet together, discuss and agree way forward. There are always interpreters my friend. At the end you are taking our neighbors in Mozambique (police) as corrupt asking for documents, I don’t think corruption is only with that side. It is a rot everywhere. For me I congratulate the policemen of Malawi and Mozambique for the joint meeting. Peace loving citizens of the two sister nations shall benefit a lot.Keep it up our police.

  7. kadamanja says:

    Wasting our tax money. Malawi has no security

  8. Maalawansi says:

    This is way to get extra cash through the allowances. I wander how did you communicate with them??? In Nyanja,Chipwitizi or Chingelesi ???? If they did not see any profit. I do not any positive out come in the future !!!!!! They like to ask for documents or dokumento amewo ndi akatangale zedi !!!!

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