Malawi court ban witchdoctors, media adverts for herbalists

High Court judge in Mzuzu, Dingiswayo Madise has granted three-Mzuzu residents an injunction banning herbalists from operating in Malawi as one way of curbing the attacks on persons with albinism.

Mzuzu based Lawyer George Kadzipatike of Jivason and Company:  Pleased with court decision

Mzuzu based Lawyer George Kadzipatike of Jivason and Company: Pleased with court decision

The injunction has been obtained on the premise that herbalists are fueling attacks on persons with albinism in Malawi.

“After the request of the three concerned Malawians last month to ban witchdoctors activities in order to eliminate issues of albino attacks and killing, this court has today grant the order,” said Madise.

The three, through lawyer George Kadzipatike also asked the court to stop the media from carrying advertisements on herbalists.

Cases of killing and abducting albinos are on increase in the country and Malawians are accusing government for failing to find means of dealing with the malpractice.

President Peter Mutharika  has slammed the belief among some Malawian residents, describing the superstition as foolish and ignorant.

“The people who are telling people that it makes people rich are not even rich. They are wearing rags. How can a person like this make your rich if he himself cannot make himself rich?” he told BBC.

Citizen Alliance chairperson Edward Chileka Banda has since told the government to get Malawi Army soldiers out of Dzalanyama forest where they are protecting trees to go and protect people with albinism.

Malawi recently sent officials to neighbouring Tanzania in a bid to gain knowledge on how to deal with the attacks.

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These are the works of some overzealous Christian extremists. Why banning herbalists adverts let alone their practice? We have had radio and print media adverts from the so called evangelists and churches claiming to heal almost every disease and even bringing back lost ones. is there any difference with the traditional healers adverts? We all agree that killing of albinos is very unfortunate but I do believe the media is enticing this strange conduct with their coverage of these stories. We need a blackout on coverage of this and let the police and law do their job.


Isn’t the judge registlating from the bench. This is complete overreaching of court’s mandate to interpret the law. Never been a fan of this judge and this is one of crazy ruling in his pocket.


Are you telling me that the Court found time quickly to discuss this NONSENSE when some of our most important cases sit unheard for
up to 5 years or more.. Malawi always fail in every way including
understanding PRIORITY!..

This MZUZU Court needs help!.. Brainless and clueless!…

finale wa kabaza(cargo rider)

izi ndiye nsete zenizeni


Lottie- i conquer with u, wa army ndi munthu ngati Chileka Banda, iweyo chileka Banda, wapangapo chiyani pothana ndi mchitidwe opusau. moti iwe banda kunakhala kuti uli ndi mwana wachialubino bwezi utakamusiya ku baracks kuti azimuteteza. Fool, ndi ncthiton ya mmalawi aliyense at large to protect the life of people with albinism, not to ask the government to deploy soldiers in our areas, msilikali samagona kuti, akuphawo sadzaphanso. ndizoona kuti zinthu zinanzi ndi ma scarifies a anthu omwewa andalewa ndi azathu ama miracles chakutichakutiwa.


Bwana Chileka Banda, the issue of Albinism has nothing to do with protecting Dzalanyama Forest. It is obviously not all the soldiers that are protecting Dzalanyama. Human beings are being killed for allegedly ritual reasons. That is madness! All of us Malawians must protect our colleagues who have this genetic mutation. After all, how many soldiers does Malawi have?

Mtumbuka Sanga

This is long overdue. The courts must also ban adverts by such unscrupulous thieves who peddle in what they call food supplements which they claim that they cure such ailments as cancer, AIDS, arthritis etc. We don’t want to hear any names such as Galani, and others. Such media houses must be shut down.


But they don’t force you to buy galani. Nsanje bwanji ndi business ya anzanu. This is a free economy


Government knows something because this is similar to Chiladzuru (mabele saga), why are they taking time to put security measures?


Ndiye ine ndikufuna kuyimira u MP 2019 mukuganiza kuti mankhwala a mwayi ndikawatenga kuti. A Dingi mulodzedwapo chabe apa ndi a sing’ganga. Ngati ali George Thindwa amene wakunazani akupweteketsani. Mukapezeka kumanda kuli maliseche mosadziwa, ingotini phee or pangani reverse the decision

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