Malawi court convicts 18 local ‘Boko Haram’ gang: Fined K5,000 each

The Mchinji Magistrate court has ordered 18 teenagers who were members of local criminal gang ‘Boko Harama’ and another called ‘Gaza’ to pay a fine of K5, 000 or in default serve a three month jail term for beating, robbing pupils in primary schools in the district.

Gang of hooded youth

Gang of hooded youth

Head teachers for Bua and Kamuzu Primary schools Atanazio Mchacha and Saizi Kaluma testified before the court that the gangs snatched porridge from pupils at the school, threatened teachers and broke windows at the two schools.

Police prosecutor Chilomo Phiri also told the court that members of the gangs (names withheld) with ages ranging from 14 to 16 engaged in other activities such as smoking marijuana (Chamba) and other violent acts.

The 18 boys pleaded guilty to the charge of a conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

Passing judgement Mchinji First Grade Magistrate Rodwell Meja Phiri warned the 18 boys against involving themselves in such criminal acts at such tender age.

He then ordered the boys to pay a fine of K5,000 each or in default serve three months jail term.

All the convicts paid the fine.

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48 thoughts on “Malawi court convicts 18 local ‘Boko Haram’ gang: Fined K5,000 each”

  1. zaluma says:

    Our courts are mockery to our society. I do not trust them. Traditional courts should replace the western type courts. All lawyers should join the teaching profession in our primaries or go elsewhere where lairs and crooks are welcomed.

  2. dreda says:

    Don’t refer hungry youths to boko haram & the punishment ain’t for them but their parents who footed the bill.The befitting verdict could have been 100 lashes 4 each

  3. YOSMAN says:

    Dats bulshit kuzipusita zigawenga choncho?

  4. yahoo says:

    Osasiilira amenewo atengerepo phunziro

  5. the councillor says:

    mockery of justice, mukanawalipitsa ndalama yokwererapo, imagine kusokoneza maphinziro pa sukulu ziwiri, local courts could have done better

  6. nabanda says:

    What type of courts do we have. Until these so called small boys take an innocent life. Malamulo musinthe chonde!! These boys need stiff punishment. Not this bullshit

  7. richard says:

    Nyasa times please convey my message to this court that what it has done is taming and glooming future terrorists.Next time it should do a thorough searching in their books on criminal law and fish out the maximum punishment available.Zimayamba choncho mmayiko ena so watch out.

  8. angoni says:

    chilango chimenecho nde asiya khalidwelo? mxi our courts abale

  9. It seems the magistrate is himself an undercover member of the real Nigerian Boko Haram and does not wish Malawi well.Flush him out pease!!!

  10. Mirella K says:

    And we continue to pay handsomely these silly good for nothing judges, shuppit!!!

  11. Tsamba Likagwa says:

    These kids need to be dispursed from the district with emediate effect.

  12. Issa Kabudula says:

    To prevent future problems, where we see young boys killing people in South Africa without fear or remorse, start from the so called gansters – kuwasekelela we are creating future problems.
    The best way was to arrest and jail them, get their school in jail, and they must graduate there – they don’t deserve to be in Malawi – its a shame recently to learn of the police being killed, banks robbed and business men killed, it start as a gang and it grows and it turn havoc and we complain later in our time – lets learn to manage problems at grassroots.

  13. Dziko says:

    Judges be serious for once. You will contribute to the fall of Malawi if this is what you will be doing. We need to be serious with things that starts with such behaviors and culminates into criminality.

    I would have suggested that the magistrate should have seen more reason of imprisoning slapping theses kids with huge sums of cash penalties before releasing them.
    For sure it will not take a log time before they get back into the deep waters of thugery, mark my words

  14. amina says:

    Show us their faces so that we take cover once we meet them.

  15. amina says:

    The learned judge you have sent them back to the same community. How are those people who testified against them going to live. Have you thought of their safety? The pupils who have been abused have you thought of them being traumatised by these thugs. The list goes on and on. Where did they get the MK5,000 this shows that its nothing to them. I think its either your child is involved or you are involved in this group. Tsiku la forty likwana you will carry the cross you think its someone’s. This is a shame to the judiciary section. Ndamva chisoni with this judgement. Anthu okuti akumavala zobisa nkhope and you give them such a linient sentence. Uku ndiye kupenga kwa magistrate ndithu. Koma akanakhala kuti anthu akuvutitsidwa ndi ana ako ukanatani?

  16. mkadatukwanika says:

    Nkhani iyi akanakhala Ana a kwathu Ku Mangochi ikanakula mpaka mukanafufuza makolo awo koma pakuti ndi anu omwe zisutani chambacho Mulungu akukuwonani

  17. mtoloboy says:

    Do you feel K5000 is enough for the puni vishment regarding the act? My Malawi where are we heDing to as a country?

  18. shaaaa! says:


  19. Yo wapamchinji says:

    Ma hood kumutu dzuwa lili thoo.Kungotengera za mu filimu.Anzanu maiko ndi ozizira.The boko Haram copy cat should be heavily punished.

  20. Mpakana Ma Teenager Kumapanga Zimenezi!!!,Yehovah M’chitireni Chifundo Malawi.

  21. golden phiri says:

    Mukadangowakuntha ndizibakela basindikuwawuza kuti asadzayambilenso.

  22. mjanja says:

    majudge ndinu zitsirudi aboko haramuwo ationongera ana athu powakamiza kusuta chamba and yet mukuwapatsa fine ya 5000 kwacha what is that. are you telling me kuti ana athuwo omwe anasutisidwa chambawo are u telling me kuti ma pulu omwe anasutisidwa anachoka mumitu yawo.

  23. Eliam banda says:

    Malamulo amaikila amphawi.anawa ndi a an2 ochita bwino aku mchinji nchifukwa chake yatha chonchi.shame on the judge

  24. Goba says:

    One of kids in z of the magistrate,one z for mchinji police officer and another is for a certain staff at the district assembly, but this won’t help

  25. Dum says:

    Thus luck of parental care. Apolisi afufuze makolo awo kuti anasiya bwanji ana kuti alowelere chonchi.

  26. NANYATI says:


  27. Alfred says:

    basi 5.000kwacha only now they will be worse .not even a suspended sentence for good behaviour.

  28. Mphepo zinai says:

    The Judiciary lives on another planet.. Very stupid. Maybe he shares a joint with them.

  29. Wiseman Ubuntu says:

    The boys need deliverance not sentences. Bring them to me!

  30. Phwethulani says:

    Amafunika akhale ku ndende zaka

  31. Ana a nyau amenewo. Odana ndi maphunziro. Koma kukoka ngolo basi.

  32. UDF MOTOMOTO says:

    fuck judiciary

  33. Bob says:

    Lets have a serious Judiciary in this country. These Magistrates must consult before sentencing. Go back to stupid magistrate.

  34. Blessings says:

    Ma Court Simukukoza Zinthu Koma Kuonjezera Mavuto Amawa K5000 nkachani?

  35. my right to speak! says:

    I will appeal

  36. Reasonable Man says:

    ana otere need to be sent ku Boys Home 3 years. akakumane ndi mikwingwirima and forced education. those who wish to reform will reform while wankhakamira basi asanduke criminal tizamuponyere ku Maula

  37. Onanchidwe says:

    Where do these foolish judges learn, is mk5,000 a deterent fine nowadays? They should have been told attend school and pass end of year exam or else k100,000 fine or 5 years in prison with hard labour.

  38. Likoma Economist says:

    I would not be surprised if the learned Magestrate is also a member of Boko Haram in Malawi.

  39. Observer says:

    How much did the court spend just to hear this case and pass judgement? How much did the police spend? What about witnesses? and you only fine them 5,000 each? is it because among the group there’s a son of a Police Officer hence the verdict?

  40. Munthu - The Citizen says:

    Kodi magistrate ameneyu legals yake ya ku Chanco kapena Mpemba Development Institute? What is K5000 nowadays? Its far below the amount used to arrest and prosecute them! This is very unbecoming of a ‘learned’ magistrate.

  41. Mizimbe. says:

    Uku ndiye kusula zigawenga K5000 basi adzachitatu zazikulu amenewa,atleast 10 years would be better.

  42. Manyasa says:

    K5,000??? THATS STUPID!!!

  43. Pasi says:

    hehede, kikikiki, uluuuuuuuuuuuu, k5,000 boko halamu fine, kikikiki, hehehhehe, uwuuuuuu, lolololo, lyalyalya, hupuhupu, fefefefefe, thobothobothobo, iyiiiiii, vuuuuu, umhu umhu umhu, abale – kikikiki

  44. zoona says:

    This is court insanity. Is there any sense of seriousness in the judgement. Very soon these kids will grsduate into hardcore criminals. If they call themselves boko haram they know whay they are determined to do

  45. ujeni says:

    A joke of justice delivered here.



  47. Isaac says:

    My heart bleeds if I have to call this as a success story. These children need help my dear people. Counselling is what is need real thugs are out there.

  48. watereka says:

    the fine seems too little i suppose…you could have given them 20 years

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