Malawi court convicts 4 prostitutes for sexual assault on 13-year-old boy: Infected him with diseases

Mzuzu Magistrate Court in northern Malawi on Monday convicted four commercial sex workers for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy and infecting him with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the process.

Ellen Pemba, 31, Zainabu Mkawa, 37, Martha Mlenga, 22, and Zainabu Mussa, 32, were arrested on 5 September, 2014 on charges of indulging in sexual activity with a child contrary to section 160 (B) (2) of the Penal Code.

Mzuzu Police Station Child prosecutor Inspector Vickness Simwinga told the court on 9 September, 2014 that the four women together with two others who are at large forcefully took turns to have sex with the boy.

She said the incident happened at Deep Down Bar in Masasa Township where the women were working as barmaids.

Simwinga told the court that the boy used to go to the pub to collect empty liquor sachets and that was where he met the women.

She further said in July, Pemba and Mlenga grabbed the boy by the hands and took him out of the bar saying a police officer was looking for him.

But when they got outside, the two women dragged the boy into Pemba’s room within the pub’s premises. Pemba then called four other women into the room who ‘pinned’ him down onto the bed while one of them covered his mouth.

Then, starting with Pemba, all the women took turns to have sex with the boy.

Testifying in the court, the boy said out of the six women, only Mlenga put a condom on his private part first before forcing his member into herself.

It was in August that the boy’s friends noted that he was having difficulties to walk and they tipped a neighbour about his condition.

When the neighbour checked the boy, he saw sores on his private parts. The boy was immediately taken to the nearby Mzuzu Prison Health Clinic where they referred him to Mzuzu Health Centre and was diagnosed with STDs.

The court further heard that following the diagnosis, the boy revealed that he had forced sexual intercourse with the women and that one of  them (Pemba) had sores on her private parts.

All the four women denied the charge saying they were not in close contact with the boy though they could see him around the pub. They further argued that as commercial sex workers their target were men with money.

The State then paraded six witnesses who testified against the women. They included the boy, the neighbour who took him to hospital, the nurse who treated him, his grandmother, his teacher and a detective who investigated the case.

Weighing submissions from both the State and the defendants on Monday, Senior Resident Magistrate Austin Banda said the State had proved beyond reasonable doubt that the boy was a minor and that he had been sexually assaulted by the women.

Among other proofs, Banda said there was corroboration between the boy’s observation that there were sores on Pemba’s private parts and that he (the boy) was found with STDs.

“I have no doubt that each of the defendants had sex with the child during the period,” Banda said

He then found each of the women guilty of indulging in sexual activity with a minor contrary to section 160 (B) of the Penal Code and then adjourned the case to Friday April 24 when the defendants will say their mitigations and the prosecution will make their final submission before sentencing.

Pemba hails from Mgunda Village in the area of Traditional Authority (TA) Mthiramanja in Blantyre District.  Mlenga hails from Wanja Village in the area of TA Malanda in Nkhata Bay District while Mkawa and Mussah come from Mangochi District in Mtalimanja and Chowe villages, respectively, in the area of TA Mponda.

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42 thoughts on “Malawi court convicts 4 prostitutes for sexual assault on 13-year-old boy: Infected him with diseases”

  1. akilen says:

    the lusty women must be punished according to law.I always blame Malawian laws they favour women most than men

  2. The end of the days we shall sea earthquakes and the like. so do not forget coz although these beasts are there for money, they are having sexual desires but the issue is that, is it true that they were all interested on the young boy?

  3. happy nyirenda says:


  4. uhule munafika nawo pauchitsiru. Kma mwina guyz ku masasa~ko mumawaxala akaziwa ndiye …….. Eesh kkkkk

  5. Chasefu resident says:

    Mwaona sizinayende malonda mwayamba kulimbana ndi ana ang’onoang’ono.Shame indeed.Money is scarce and no one would like to spend his hard earned moneyon bitches full of diseases.Tikuthamangitsani mwayamba zopusa tsopano.Azimayi opanda nzeru.Ndani anakuuzani kuti maliseche ndi opangira Ndalama?

  6. BigMan says:


  7. Eliam banda says:

    Kukolola zomwe anafesa anzathu.ife kusilila

  8. Meja small says:

    Mwe wanthu mukulenge mmaganizo mwanamdoko uyo mukuphulapochi uku khuhangaika nasatana

  9. amnzeru a kummawa says:

    koma uhule wina. Mwana ameneyo munamvamo chani? Wa ku ndende wapsatu apa basi? Zitsiru.

  10. This is absolutely shocking. This is unMalawian

  11. Mayi a tiwiri says:

    Mmmm although it seems lack of information komano there is no smoke without fire

  12. ndadabwa says:

    agalu inu kuchoka kwanu kudzapanga uhule kumpoto. tikugendani mudziwanso

  13. Mizimbe. says:

    Eeeeeeeh koma ada mumatha,mpaka 4 ife ndi 2 basitu tathelatu.Olakwa ndi wabala akewo.

  14. Junnie Chauluka says:

    Ma sugarmum alipod et?

  15. Aaron mwansambo says:

    Adawa ndidolo kuwagwira ntchito asikana onsewa ashiiiiii amatha zobadwanazo kkkkkk

  16. Mnchindo Wa satana says:

    Mwana ameneyu ndekuti ankadelera mahulewa ndiye tsiku lina anamuuza kuti iwe lero ndiye tikuchinda basi. Anaipisa game ndi awo a zilondao otherwise game inali bho iyi.

  17. We are living in last days in perilous times.

  18. nazimbiri says:

    koma nyere zamatenda sizimatosowa eti?kamwana kakang’ono kameneka kakatofuna chani
    kwa nkhalambazi.isa kodi anatokamwetsa gondolosi,mkwapukwapu,mvunguti kapena ung’ono un’gono kuti atowakwanitsa.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiya BOKO HARAM imenyi ilandire chilango basi

  19. Damn says:

    It leave alot to be desired, the parents of this child are reckless, how can they allow their child to be gurivanting in pubs. And the child in biological sense and at that age cannot at any cost manage all the said women. But still the women have some sort of a case to answer.

  20. Totolitotoli says:

    Chida chamwanayo ndi mvunguti ndiye mahule samamva nacho bwino akachiona akamakodza.Mwinanso asing,anga anapeperetsa mahulewa kuti akagone ndi kamwana molandilizana kuti chikhale chizimba chokolera njonda.Mwagwa nayo!

  21. Issa Kabudula says:

    The only truth is in the girls, if one can turn into a witness then only we can know – otherwise we got less proof to prosecute the women. Its more or less on Mr Yasini who has beaten his wife badly out of suspicion, the so called girl who is accused to have kidnapped the boy and called others is the one who deserve prosecution.

  22. lov doctor says:

    Koma hw can a 13 yr old manage 6 women at once..mwana anamumwetsa enzoy uyu

  23. chizotelo says:

    Ngati mumavutika kutota musawone ngati ndi amuna onse. This boy was their pimp and on this day ma customer anazavutilapo so these 4 horny women decided to have fun with their own PIMP

  24. nazimbiri says:

    isa,anthu akumpoto ndi choncho,ukapanda kumva nkhani zamabodza,nde kuti chigololo basi.amatosowa zochita agalu amenewa kkkkk

  25. English Guru says:

    if a grown up man struggles to keep it up to manage two rounds with one woman, how did the you boy stay erect to manage sex with six women? did they keep him for more than a day? this accusation is stuff lacks substance. am not condoning the act if it happened, but if it did, it was with one woman, not all six!

  26. zoona says:

    Not defending the whores, but the court didnt prove this case BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT. Lots of loophes

  27. This is a sad story. But am at pains to believe that the young man, pinned to a bed, one after the other, the women forced on him. Somebody must convice me that he would still charge after the first one,, then the second, till the forth one came on top of him. How can this be. Is this possible?

  28. Hagar the Horrible says:

    Perhaps I am missing something, but I do not understand how the magistrate ended up convicting the prostitutes. I am not a lawyer, but I do not understand how the court proved ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ that the 13 year old could be forced to have sex with four women in one ‘session’.

    Imagine this: Four grown up women grab this poor boy, who may as well be the age of their sons, drag him into a room. They pin him down and gag him, I guess one of the women is already undressing. Under such traumatizing circumstances, the boy manages to get his relatively small member hard enough for the first woman to get herself penetrated. It is not mentioned if the boy ejaculated, but if he did, his member gets flabby immediately.

    While still pinned down and gagged, they wait until the boy’s member gets hard again and it’s the turn of the second woman. Then the third and fourth. Honestly, I’m quite impressed with the 13 year old boy, that he can manage four forced rounds in a row. Kodi amabwira mkwapukwapu eti? I believe the prostitutes knew why they targeted this boy.

    On a serious note, did penetration really occur or the prostitutes only had their genitals get in contact with the poor boy’s little member? This is very interesting.

  29. papa ajasco says:



  30. James Phiri says:

    Sex with a minor is a crime anywhere anytime. Well done Magistrate. Women are killing boys in towns. Basopu!

  31. Jame Gamela says:

    Having sex with six women in a role? forcefully ? Oh!! how strong is the boy. Bwana judge mukunama apa,mwawakhomelera ma hulewa

  32. Bulutu says:

    The incompintent judje!!! do u think a minor can forcebly erect & do sex to 4+2 (6) women @ once? Ndiye ndi sex machine’tu. And who is the witness amene anaona izi zikuchitika not those fake witnesses mwina anatenga kwina matendawo koma akuchita mantha kuulula?

  33. Blessings says:

    A Magestrate wa zaka 13 kukupusitsani,mahulewo mwina adakukanani,asiyeni mahule akatakate.

  34. fireworks says:

    I dont think its true for a teenager to sleep with four women, let alone by force….naturally its not possible

  35. zolozolo judge says:

    First all iwe ukunena kuti Unima is churning cheap laws?How many people do they use Dna technology for their pregnancies cases in Malawi?Do Malawi have CCTVs in bars like other developed countries?You have added that what was a 13 year old boy doing at the pub?True?I have seen young boys as young as 9 picking bottle tops or used packets of chibuku at taverns.If cctvs were used in prostitutes rooms they would find most of you bonking these prostitutes and your marriages would have ended some time ago.Ngati nyere zamatenda zimawavuta they should stop forcing young boys having sex instead should go to the hospital to get treatment.They have messed the life of the young boy with this deadly hiv.They are evil prostitutes with high libido using it in a wrong way.Stop abusing young boys in drinking places.

  36. This is bullshit.It is not possible to have an erection by force.By the way what was the underaged doing at a bar?Release the prostitutes at once u corrupt asshole judge.

  37. Daniel Phiri says:

    The people who testified, did they witness the crime? And did the court check Pelosi to confirm if she had sores? And if she had, how does that incriminate the other three? This magistrate is basing his judgement on born again bigotry not on evidence. And the court says it has proved beyond reasonable doubt that the boy was a minor. Really? Was the boy’s age in dispute? Fake magistrate. UNIMA is churning out very incompetent lawyers these days

  38. Otsalangwa says:

    This is a very sad and shocking matter.Why doing that to a toungster with full knowledge that they have STDS

  39. kaphirintiwa says:

    hey, mahule inu musalole kumangidwa mlandu opusa ngati umenewu. i dont see how it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that you had sex with this boy.

    theres no photographic evidence, no dna test, no semen sample, no vaginal fluid sample, no eyewitnesses, no fingerprints… mfana ameneyo anatenga ma bomb akewo kwinakwake komwe akuwopa kutchulako. after all, what would they possibly get out of screwing a small sausage like his?

    kodi ku chanco mumaphunziladi law kapena masanje? mahule akunzunzika kwambili guys. zimandinyansa

  40. kadamanja says:

    Akakha mwamuna kugona ndi mwana wazaka zochepa mmati agwire ndede for ever, awaso azimayi tangowasekerani for ever. Atiphera ana athu. Lock them up!

  41. Gowelo says:

    They must have done this as part of juju: has sex with a minor to look sexy and attractive like a young girl, and thereby attracting men for sex. So stupid and potentially fatal to this young boy.

  42. you too says:

    So a 13 year old can afford a marathon of four rounds?

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