Malawi court jails man six years for sodomy

A 32 year old man in Machinga has started serving a six year jail term after he was convicted for sodomising an 11 year old street child in Liwonde.



Police prosecutor in Machinga Ezekiel Kalungo told Liwonde First Grade Magistrate Esther Phiri that Madalitso Simbwani, a piece worker at Liwonde, was caught red handed sexually abusing the boy last Thursday on Liwonde Township and people were alerted by loud cries of the boy.

When people went to a toilet where Simbwani was having illegal annal sex with the street boy, Kalungo said, they found Simbwani pants down, helping himself on the helpless little boy.

Kalungo said Simbwani attempted to run away upon seeing the crowd descending on him on that Thursday morning around 10 am but was caught and handed over to police.

He pleaded guilty to the offence in the court and Phiri immediately slapped him with the six year jail term, saying this was to deter others from engaging in the same offence in future.

Simbwani comes from Lenadi Village in Chief Sitola’s area, Machinga.

The development comes afterMalawi government has reaffirmed its decision to halt the arrest and prosecution of gay citizens while lawmakers review existing anti-gay laws.

Rights groups Human Rights Watch and the Centre for the Development of the People praised the Malawian government for upholding its 2012 commitment, after prosecutors dropped charges against a same-sex couple.

The rights groups said two men were detained by a neighbourhood watch team, who turned them over to police. The men were forced to undergo medical tests and charged with sodomy. This was the first arrest since 2009, when a gay couple was jailed and pardoned a year later.

Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu said no arrests or prosecutions must occur while the country reviews its laws.

However, he said this applies to consensual adults sex activity not sexual assaults.

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42 thoughts on “Malawi court jails man six years for sodomy”

  1. Abdul Sadie says:

    That’s sign of doom the world is coming to an end fulfilment of prophecies made God will punish you for satanic worship

  2. George C Kasinika says:

    Anthu oipa amene mukulimbikitsa mcitidwe umeneu patsala kanthawi pang’ono Mulungu acita nanu.

  3. Wokwiya says:

    Stupid the white people. AMALAWI nonse mukulimbikitsa zimenezi moyo wanu chimodzi modzi GALU pa chilomwe MWANAPWA mudzalangidwa ndithu

  4. Busa Ku Mudzi says:

    Uchitsilu Wa Zungu Ndi Ma Ngo Akumalawi

  5. sign of the times says:

    EE. Ma donors akuphunzitsa moyo wamakono. This is what mzungu calls freedom of sexuality. Sanamalize ma lesson awo. Kenako akuwuzani kuti its okay kugona ndi mbuzi ndi agalu omwe. Poti Kwao ndi zomwe amapanga. Mzungu ndi wo wononga chikhalidwe cha anthu a mitundu ya kuda. Either by Genocide, cultural destruction and religion. A malawi tinali bwino bwino koma lero ndithu ponyereraa pasanduka poika maliseche . Zowopsya. Matenda amene amabwera ndi homosexuality amalawi titha. Wakumva amve.


    I said this before. Soon they will rape our boys. They will force the age of consent to be lower. Just like ku United States. Homoesexuality might be normal to azungu but it is out of harmony. Even animals dont TAKE PENIS in the RECTUM . Mzungu ndi satana wo wononga . Amene akufuna asamuke apite ku land of mzungu and put his manhood in the rectum or colon of a boy . They will come to adopt ana ku africa so they can sodomize at leasure. The devil is ruling the earth. And the white man is his representatvie.

  7. Zodabwisa says:

    All this happenin becz of azungu , zoona kusiya pomwe mulungu anapanga kuti tizilowesapo kulowesa pamanyi,aaakaya tiwone komwe zithele amalawi, we r diluting our culture now.

  8. Malipeya says:


  9. Pias says:

    All these issue there is someone ,somewhere who is behind this mal practice but lets leave this gay issue and look forward what will help the Malawians.

  10. Vithu Luhanga says:

    Forcefully means it was rape. The boy was crying, implying it was not consent.

    Call it as it the boy was raped!
    Therefore deserves rape charges.

  11. Ine says:

    USA another Gay case here, take it on

  12. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    Drop all charges against Madalitso Simbwani because of moratorium on gayism. This case is exactly the same to Lilongwe incident where rape was involved. Do not violate Simbwani’s human rights. Tisamaone nkhope poweruza milandu.

  13. Janta Manta says:

    All those making noise for gay rights is this the Malawi u want us to live in?This guy shud hv been burnt by those who caught him!!!We cant hv this dispecable & disgusting acts in our beautiful country,do we want to be worse than dawgs??An outlet for dirty rubbish cant be an avenue for seeking sexual pleasure,it stinks horribly!!!!!

  14. DOBO says:

    Yes,human rights are important BUT they are supposed to have limets. Acts of gays are beyond the limits and rules of nature. Up to date, nobody has come with a clear explanations on gay issues.I think gayism is not about human right but there is more to it in connection with rituals. I heard that those gays and lesbians do that to have spiritual children for sacrificial activities with the devil. Others do it knowingly while others do it unknowingly. These activities are sacrificial to satanism.Sperm and ovals are primary sacrifice to devil in ongoing spiritual war to defeat nature.

  15. Chinelo says:

    The problem wth humarights we will end up lyk sodolm (azafa ifa yowawa) we need Gods intervantion (help us all Lord

  16. patrick says:

    I won’t be surprised next time to hear that now incest is a human right issue. Man now has gone to the dogs. Homosexual issues are ungodly ,satanic and unwelcome phenomenon.

    Imphaei utipweteketsa ndithu.

  17. advisory committee says:

    I agree with number one this was not sodomy as it was not consensual bur sex assault hence not covered by the tembenu ban the magistrate is very right to convict the assaulter

  18. Mapwiya says:

    The work of the devil

    Soon Malawi will be wiped out like biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. Dollar ya mzungu yavuta pa Nyasaland. This is a very sad and controversial issue.

    So to quote His Excellency Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe,”‘Homosexuals are worst than dogs and pigs, these animals are able to know its mate, female”.. So what is wrong with human beings? End of quote.You Homosexuals and your supporters akanakhala amanu ndi atate wanu were engaged in this so called homosexuality mukanabadwa? Shame on you sex perverts. God treated man and woman so that can procreate.

    i for one I totally disagree with the notion that homosexuality is human rights issue.

  19. Mapwiya Namuhaya wa ku Phaloni says:

    Unkalindanji moyowu?????? Unkalinda kutereku???? My Malawi, mesa ndiwe oopa Mulungu mwini kumwamba ndi ziko lapansi?? Nanga ichi nchiyani mukuchitachi???

  20. Waxxy says:

    Osauka muziwamanga koma enawa nde ayi boma lauchitsilu ngatiili sizinaoneke agalu a homosexal amenewa likuwalimbikitsa ndiboma lathuli poti nalo ndilazomwezi.

  21. How dare are you Trepence and Mwakasungula to insinuate that the act(sex) was consensual?
    throwing this chap in Prison is not a wise move
    obvious he’ll do the same to fellow inmates,hence,
    [beheading] is suitable punishment for him

  22. BMW says:

    Why r u showing us the victim instead of the offender ?????

  23. namagetsi says:

    Oh dear

  24. BMW says:

    He will enjoy himself in jail. Sodomy kutapa kutaya

  25. George phiri says:

    Trapence paja umati izi ndidzabwino. Anthu ayamba kuyetsa apa kuti aone dzimakoma bwanji? All this innocent blood is on your head Gift Trapence ndi mzako Mwakasungula Unduli

  26. dzambo says:

    ndekuti gayism is rampant in this land eti? Perhaps we need to do a gay audit. We may find its a majority issues although in the name of social correctness people deny it.

  27. utitiri says:

    We r a confused lot, did the Govt not announce that laws pertaining to same sex have been suspended. Now this Magistrate has decided to rubbish this announcement? Two steps forward ten steps backwards!

  28. Search me says:

    comment number one absolutely agree! People here and the silly police are so fixated on sodomy they forget that the larger issue here is a sexual act has been performed on a minor, this is also known as pedophilia or defilement! just goes to show how much we care about children when we don’t bat an eyelid at the fact that its occurred on a minor but zero in on what orifice was penetrated!!! And then try to compare this act with sodomy/anal sex practiced by consenting adults!

  29. Bin Laden says:

    People like that monkey supposed not to be handed to police just kill him! Game Over, becoz tomorrow gvt and Gay Tembenu will release him. But if he gets released then keep him by ur house u Gay Tembenu and Mathanyula, there’s no place 4 Sodomies in liwonde

  30. Wapamtima says:

    tili nyengo yake . masiku akumapeto.ochenjela alapa wopusa salapa

  31. Search me says:

    Defilement is whats happened here by way of pederasty.

  32. The Analyst says:

    Magistrates in the villages are so efficient; the case happened on Thursday and by today it’s closed. Which laws do these magistrates work with? Athu omwewa, omwe some judges are even failing to read and deliver judgement on? So motivated and vibrant, these magistrates are! Kudos!

    Now our innocent boys will raped like this and some enticed into sodomy with huge sums of money, and by age 15 parents will just discover their boy child is HIV positive while both parent are non-reactive. Boiling their heads in wonder and confusion, will realise them that the boy must have been sodomised by some devil in guise of man as Tembenu and APM have normalised the act. This is regrettable!!!

    Tembenu and APM, mwatilakwiratu kwambiri. You have wronged us! Ndithu!

  33. Gambino says:

    Yeah some people here are just totally ignorant as is the journalist. This is rape or sexual assault of a minor. Use your brains man. This is why we can’t advance as a society. Can’t differentiate between chamba and industrial hemp, sodomy and rape, meanwhile other nations are busy advancing while we argue over trivia. Useless!

  34. chide says:

    God will punish u!! is it sodom and gomora?

  35. number 1 it is you who is ignorant sex is between male and female, whether he is a minor or not,while sodomy is unnature intercourse.

  36. i want a tractor says:

    is that photo of the fucker or the fuckee? the caption reads ‘sodomised’ but those aren’t the mavuzi of an 11 year old. editor, do your job.

    anyway, pajatu mwaloleza mathanyula…

  37. levelheaded says:

    How can you call that poor child a street kid as if there are streets in Liwonde? Komanso chithunzicho tabisani bwinobwino mabuziwo.
    You journalist thought of hiding his private parts meaning that you as well don’t want the public to see his nudity which is something bizarre. The same with us we don’t want sodomy because is as well something too bizarre.
    By the way why is it that the whites called that sodomy referring to bad things which were happening in Sodom. Why did they call something good to be sodomy?

    Again on top of that case being sodomy, it should also be sodomy defilement since it involves an adult and a vulnerable child.

  38. why are you misinforming the public the man is 22 and he has be sentenced to twelve years imprisonment with hard labour

  39. Parallel Market says:

    Mr. Tembenu, what are you saying on this one?. Shame on you!!!

  40. musisipala says:

    Malawians is this country run by human rights? . why should Mtambo/trepence subject us to foreign ideology when. it’d time we put a stop to this. un is decolonising this country.

  41. cn says:

    So why is this guy being arrested if the so called government released the previous gay couple claiming that same sex intercourse is not a crime in Malawi. Can the government tell the people the truth on the matter please.

  42. Equal Rights says:

    Would it have been better if the 11 year old was a girl? The issue here is not sodomy. The issue is abusing a minor. In fact this is rape and whether the victim is male or female it carrries a harsher sentence than the sodomy charge that our ignorant police are pursuing

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