Malawi court reinstate MRA commissioner Namalomba: Judge Kenyatta says Kamoto’s decision to suspend unlawful

The High Court in Blantyre has reinstated Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) Commissioner of Customs and Excise Shadrick Namalomba who was suspended for alleged misconduct.

Ralph Kamoto. MRA boss:  Decision to suspend Namalomba unlawful

Ralph Kamoto. MRA boss: Decision to suspend Namalomba unlawful

Justice Kenyatta Nyirenda in his determination, ruled that MRA Commissioner General Ralph Kamoto acted illegally to suspend Namalomba, saying the power to suspend him lies in the hands of MRA board.

“The decision of the Commissioner General is unlawful, unprocedural and or unreasonable,” said Justice Kenyatta.

“The Commissioner General acted illegally by proceeding to suspend the applicant when the powers to suspend a commissioner lie within the authority of the board.”

According to the Judge, MRA chief acted contrary to Namalomba’s legitimate expectations in that he expected the board to meet and make proper recommendations to the Commissioner General and that would have been the basis for suspension.

Kamoto in a letter to MRA staff notifying them of Namalomba’s suspension said the commissioner had been suspended following a preliminary report alleging gross misconduct from his office.

It is reported that the suspension stems from Namalomba’s clearing of eight trucks of ruling DPP strongman Noel Masangwi involving illegal timber for export.

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43 thoughts on “Malawi court reinstate MRA commissioner Namalomba: Judge Kenyatta says Kamoto’s decision to suspend unlawful”

  1. Nganga says:

    Reading all comments here, I have a clue why malawi is poor.

  2. ochewa says:

    Kodi Kamoto akachotsa mbava akulakwanso? Namalombayo ndi wabwino kapena saint? u never know, no wonder malawi is the poorest in the world amene adzidya bwino ndi mbava bola know how to play your cards right.

    1. Era says:

      Ichidi ndi chimuchewa chosadziwa zinthu

  3. Wait a Minute says:

    Palinso uyu okonda unyenga azimayi a eni Mangi and Lot , tikuyankhulani mwapadera

    1. Era says:


  4. peace says:

    Point of correction. The story about mukula logs is a mess up of the Dept of Forestry. These logs are from Zambia. Nobody understands why Forestry issued export licences on foreign products. MRA has no powers against an export licence issued by central government. It is at the Dept of Forestry that heads should roll. Ralph Kamoto is just using it to get even with perceived competitors at MRA. Kamoto was never in good terms with Denis Kambalame at PCC. In fact he crucified Kambalame. Kamoto was never in good terms with MJM Phiri when he was Deputy to Phiri at MRA. Even now find out if Kamoto is in good terms with his Deputy. We may say a lot of things but the truth is Kamoto came with a pre-conceived mind and hatred to destroy some people. But unfortunately he has put himself under a serious sportlight. Will he finish his term if he continues to hunt people like rabbits? I doubt.

  5. MAMA says:

    Kamoto , the writing is all over the wall that your conduct in as far as managing people is concerned is very unprocedural. REFLECT ON THIS. CONFINE YOUR DEEP ROOTED NEPOTISM AND TRIBALISM TO ARCHIVES OF HISTORY. MUYALUKA SIMUNATI MUKAPITILIZA.

    Some of us didn’t know that you are there coz of matako amzimayi wina whose BUYA is mercilessly terrorized daily by a nonsense guy from NU.

    Now some of us have impression that transferring of Mrs Katsonga us unprocedural too, just as it is unprocedural for the appointments of Steve Kajombo, George Mankhwala et al. The best thing now is to reverse these unprocedural decisions. For your own information George Mankhwala is less qualified for that position. Even school inkamuvuta pa POLYTECHNIC. Ntchito kukhalira kulembetsa ma assignment. This tendencies of appointing people in positions they are not fit in has brought in immerse frustration to deserving officers. Remember we can not all be Lhomwes neither did we choose to be borne Malawians and non lhomwes. Time is the master.

    Naweso George Mankhwala stop your exaggerated visibility. We know you are blue no mention when you want assistance in our offices.


  6. Patriot says:

    Kamoto ndi mbuzi yeni yeni ku MRA ko.
    Palibe chichita iye other than NEPOTISM

  7. Ndiopanyanga says:

    Opposition parties and CSO’s in the economic sector should move quickly to ensure that order is restored at MRA. This is the country’s major organ for collection of revenue – it must not be paralysed due to greed by DPP functionaries like Namalomba and Masangwi. We have seen NAC collapsing just recently, but MRA is too big and too important to go the same way. It needs to be run professionaly; and as a first step Namalomba needs to be kicked out before he inflicts more damage…

  8. mboba says:

    Ralph amachotsa ntchito even munthu wakumudzi kwake.mwaiwala mmene anayambanilana ndi Denis Ku pcc

  9. emwazi says:

    It is the Boards decision to suspend or fire a member of the senior management team, doesnt MRA have a lawyer?

  10. Zebe says:

    Kodi ku Malawiko mfuti sizinayambebe kupezeka?

  11. Proff. Ngangabulawayo says:

    Nanga ena aja anachotsedwawo, malamulo anatsatidwa? if not, then the same applies.

  12. Nyirendaks says:

    Kamoto is just too small for Masangwi and Jugde Kenyatta. These two are very good friends and Kamoto mwasewera yoduka.

  13. John Suzi Makhawa says:

    Dear His Excellent Peter Mutharika, we have trust in you Sir. Can you quickly silence your wild dog Noel Masangwi. Look at what he is causing now. You already know that he is a smuggler and now he is not happy with Kamoto’s integrity and controls. And that lady you appointed Deputy Commissioner is power hungry. No Commissioner General works well in her presence. Bwana please we know you are a man of integrity, discipline this Masangwi. He rules MRA through his clearing agency Elvis Freight.

  14. g phiri says:

    If kamoto suspended namalomba without the aproval of board the he must be the most stupid cg in mra history. 2 things will happen. either he will be fired by APM or he has to resign ur Saulosi Chilima in law can’t help I now it is beyond his authority. u have put MRA in an awkward position. u have to know that big mulakhos are disappointed in you and have ganged up against with deep regret in giving u the post . how can u suspend ur mlakho freind over mkhuni from zambia .

  15. ben says:

    MRA Bwanji ma machine za EFD kugulitsa mpakana K385,000 koma kunja akugulitsa pa 45,000.

  16. Mrs G. Mankhwala says:

    Kodi Ralph management by objective umayidziwa? Does corporate governance exist in your badly shaped head, nanga umunthu ulipo mu mutu mwakomo? Galu iwe tamayankha? Ralph uli rough mu mtima mwakomo

  17. vitu says:

    Mr Kamoto, where were you when Noel was busy campaigning? you were enjoying at MERA with amai, now you want to impede him in his business yet he is the one who suffered alot just 9 months ago, dont forget you were appointed.

  18. Kokotowa says:

    Fire them all

  19. Jebison Slindine Nyoni says:

    Zisandikhudze izi ndi za Ahlomwe okha okha. The judgment may have been influenced by the board of zMuhlakho. Ndangodusamo….

  20. Mphwache says:

    Ralph, udzalira tsiku lina. Ntchito umapezera matako azibale ako. Ku PCC unakhala GM chifukwa cha thako la sister wako, ku MRA chifukwa cha thako la mdzukulu wako. Tsiku lino matako onsewo adzakulepheletsa. Udzalira nyooooo

    1. Mrs G. Mankhwala says:

      Ine anga matako singapange nawo umve umenewo. Even George knows this

  21. Patriot says:

    Kuba kulipo koma kusaziwana.wasalawasala ali ndi mwana agwilitse. Tiyeni tonseeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  22. Bob says:

    Koma Kamoto sinthu sizili bwino just commit suicide zikuchoke ngati ukuopa kufa just resign or thawira paZembo apa.

  23. Jihad John says:

    Alomwe okhaokha kuthana. Names that start with “Na” are mostly from the south and Lomwe. Atumbuka and Chewas are working under fear. Elvis Thodi is there to terririze all other tribes. He is their Jihad John.

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      Jihan John tangolembani mChichewa maganizo anu a tsankhowo. Nanga munaonapo kuti kuli chingerezi chokuti “Terririze?”

  24. Ntcheuclan says:

    Saulosi umaziputilanji za Kamoto mwana wa kwathu!! Akupatsa mavuto ameneyutu!! Akubweretsera udani iwe uli chete! Ndudandaulatu ine!! Chifundo chidapha nkhwali mwanawe!!! You should have considered his background pakakhalidwe pancthito first. Revenue akulephera kuchita collect because he is busy fighting, threatening , witchhunting mlakho and ridiculing politicians!! MRA yatha!!!

  25. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Kodi zikuti bwanji APA? A Kamoto ndondomeko yochotsera munthu pa ntchito simayidziwa?

    All three individuals have flopped. Masangwi wa kuba, Namalomba accessory and Kamato practices maladministration.
    Another day in Malawi.

  26. judgeno1 says:

    Looking at the whole story, it is the Deputy Commissioner, enforcement who was supposed to be suspended, if at all. MRA was supposed to punish elvis Freight for the missing containers in their custody As clearing agents. Where is Namalomba coming in???? Koma Ralph iwe???!!!

  27. Jamesphiri says:

    Ralph Kamoto for how long are you going to pursue Shadrick? You made him go through interviews in the name of transparency and yet you appointed Steve Kajombo, Timothy Makamba, Elvis Thodi, George Mankhwala with no interviews at all!! Where is your integrity and that of the Board. A Thom Mpinganjira, I hope you are not part of this because we have a lot of respect for you. Akuzunguza Kamoto utaya ulemu wako ndithu!!

    1. Dr Mwaliwa says:

      Iwe Kamoto, where do you get powers of firing people Willy nilly. Where do you get powers to appoint people without going through interviews. This is bull shit. A George Mankhwala, Steve Kajombo, reaping fruits of being lhomwe. How can MRA function properly like that with such stinking naked nepotism and tribalism?

      Truth be told, George Mankhwala struggled very much with first degree pa Poly. Ma assignments amakalembetsa lero mukuti ndi ndani Ku MRA ko? These Lhomwes?

  28. Dr Mwaliwa says:

    Kamoto reflect on your firings. See now they have started misfiring . The problem with you is rampant nepotism and tribalism and regionalism. Anakakhala kuti ndi Mulhomwe Namalomba , would you have acted that way? Reflect

    1. truth says:

      Shadrick Namalomba ndi Mulhomwe wa ku Mulanje.dziko ndi lawo ili.

  29. Namalomba says:

    Kamoto, Kamoto, kamoto!! How many times have I called you!!! Sunasiyebe khalifwe lake lonyansali! You are only embarrassing Saulosi mu the woti a fund akuthandize abale! Why are you putting him in such an awkward position? These logs ndi issue ha forestry, why are they not fighting Koma iweyo?? No revenues were involved just trade facilitation and implementation of the ban. After all you were supposed to handover the logs to forestry after the seizure, why are they not making noise Koma iweyo Ralph Iwe mwana wa Kwathu!! Everywhere you work kumakhala nkhondo bwanji?? You will not meet your targets because instead of strategising and leading the company you are busy fighting!!! Shame on you!!!!

  30. 5555 says:

    BUT why is this stupid judge protecting the THIEF??? Mr president please take action to save this poor country

  31. Phodogoma says:

    I knew that this is a court decision by Kenyata Nyirenda. A foolish judge who also sold Malawi to highbrid dogs. Why judgements from KN are always controversial. Foolish judge. Unayamwa bere lotembeleredwa eti. For sure you are the judge who will handle the final decision of Ralph Kasambala with your controversial judgements. Amalawi adzalira ndithu pamulandu wa kasambala. Mbambadi ndithu. Ndithu adzalira utapoza malamulo mokomera Kasambala.

    1. Tiyanjane says:

      What has Kenyata’s mother’s bilogical make got to do with this? For your information, bele anayamwa Kenyata linayamwidanso ndi strong woman Emma Kaliya ndi big sportsman Charles Nyirenda, among others with similar attributes.

      1. Hoitty says:

        eee banjali ndilodalisika ndi sukulu eti. Atumbuka tsopano, yanu ija

  32. Ndikutelo says:

    That’s how powerful the Masangwi guru’s is,the untouchable. No one stands on their way,if you try you will be crushed. They are well connected. If you try to bring them to justice or if someone tries to bring order he will be found unlawful.hahahahah

  33. Malawiana says:

    As a matter of procedure, the Judge is correct. Morally, he may not be right but unfortunately the courts follow the law not what is morally right.

  34. mbwaxe says:

    Kenyata nyirenda at it again!!!! Stupid judge!!! Very foolish!!! Auso a bazar nyirenda wakaba na mahala kweni iwe ndiwe mbuzi!!! Why are protecting thieves and crooks!!!! Chindere chakufikapo iwe!!!! Pa thako pako

  35. Zozoro says:

    Ana achepa.Kamoto be careful unabweratu iwe ndi Saulosi usaiwale

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