Malawi court to pass sentence for another quack doctor Feb 2

The Blantyre Magistrate Court has adjourned the case involving the first bogus doctor to be nabbed, Dr. Wongani Akuzike Kandulu, to February 2, 2015 for sentencing.

Wongani Akuzike Kandulu: Bogus doctor nailed at Queen Elizabeth to be sentenced

Wongani Akuzike Kandulu: Bogus doctor nailed at Queen Elizabeth to be sentenced

The quack doctor’s real name is Wongani Kumbukani Horace Kandulu, and was arrested in October last year at the referral Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) where he posed as a Medical Doctor.

On Monday this week the Blantyre First Grade Magistrate found him guilty although he has all along pleaded “not guilty”, after a fortnight ago being found with a case to answer.

He however asked the court to give him a chance to bring two witnesses who are medical practitioners at the referral hospital but the witnesses did not show up.

His arrest followed that of another impersonator, John Ben Kamanga who was arrested in November.

The Court has since sentenced Kamanga to six years IHL after finding him guilty of five cases which included impersonating a public officer and theft.

Unlike Kandulu, John Ben Kamanga a shoe vendor in Limbe, pleaded guilty.

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12 thoughts on “Malawi court to pass sentence for another quack doctor Feb 2”

  1. kalapashi says:

    i think our udges are just following what they have read, they lack wisdom. The Boverian Motor Weaving ( BMW) made a very secure car with the highest security features of anti theft. It announced that the car is highly secured from thieves. Barely a year after release to the market, one of the car got stollen while packed outside the bank. the police arrested the those thieves ( 3 of them). upon bringing them to court, the owner of the car reported the case to BMW. When time for sentencing came, the BMW guys pleaded with the court to release the guys to them. As to why the court had to release them to their hands? The BMW said, we thought we had performed out security knowledge to our best we never knew that there are some intellectuals who would go beyond our knowledge, so please let them help us to build our security system. To these guys posing as doctors, they can have more knowledge than the Doctor, what is required is to award them a formal school knowledge. Sending to jail will not solve their problem. We are packing knowledge that can sometimes be used to discover AIDS remedy.

  2. mapwiya says:

    But how dod you know he is a lomwe?

  3. vuyisile ntombayithethi says:

    alomwe kuthawa sukulu koma kufuna udokotala mpaka kumaba maina oti wongani kuti mwina mungawoneke ngati ochokera ku madera a anthu okonda sukulu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. True patriot says:

    Yes its rare to find wongani names in lomwe belt.But Kandulu is the commonest in Mulanje.To prove this visit Raundadell area.

  5. Hebrews says:

    Why are you fast tracking these cases and leaving out Cash gate cases that occurred long time ago. This simply means you judges you are part of the Cash gate?????

  6. Chatty Man says:

    This is totally unacceptable! These guys are putting patient’s lives at risk. Life sentences will do to

    these guys.

  7. Worried Malawian says:

    They just put people’s lives at risk.Trying to add the number of shortage of doctors in Malawi.They are young and ambitious.The best method was to go back to school and get medical degrees than lying to innocent patients.They are playing Russian roulette with people’s lives.They should face the long arm of law.

  8. Community nurse says:

    What is happening at QEENs? Which department was he working in, in whose usual room? What kind of patients did he attend to? Which nurses worked with him, what about other health workers, medical assistants, clinical officer and Doctors? There is something fishy worth digging up at QEENs if only our reporters had the minimum investigative skills. Mukazisiilira mawa tinva ana akubedwa or akuluakule amene.

  9. I remember of a similar case, it’s sentence is Death pernaty. Please magistrate just give him life imprisonment please! Nimulomwe wakulya bwewa uyo!

    1. obi says:

      first time to know that we have wonganis in lomwe tribe.

  10. put them in bars please

    1. Elhapo says:

      “BEHIND” bars!

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