Malawi courts continue work suspension over lack of funding

Malawi Magistrate Courts have suspended their operations while the Supreme Court of Appeal and High Courts have slowed down their activities following delay by the government to disburse funding to the Judiciary.court strike

According to Judiciary Spokesperson, Mlenga Mvula, the development has put the arm of government in a crisis as it is failing to operate its normal duties due to delay in allocating funds.

“Most of the cases have been halted because most Judicial workers are failing to perform their duties, there is no stationery and fuel among others,” he said.

Mlenga therefore warned that if the situation worsens, the High Court will have no choice but to suspend high profile cases which include those of theft and plundering of public resources popularly known as Cash-gate.

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13 thoughts on “Malawi courts continue work suspension over lack of funding”

  1. PWTKZ says:

    The judiciary is not working not because of shortage of stationary but they just want to protect their colleagues who r also implicated in the c/gate scandal!Nothing else! Musatipusitse,hw many govt departments have stopped working coz of shortage of funding?Politics is also taking part here!

  2. disgruntled voter says:

    Mr Mbendera and Kenyatta Nyirenda.We are in mess because of your crooked decision of passing the useless judgement in the midst of night like witches.Mbendera was crying like a baby who had been denied a bottle of milk knowing to have sold Malawians to the useless crooked Dpp.Where are we heading too as a country?Are we really serious in Malawi?Kaya tione mmene zithere.

  3. Mwamfunsa says:

    Gebuza, where are u? Malawi is on fire, what we need is not president but good and affordable life, come and take this country with no cost but lighten us from this big burden

  4. Jk says:

    Kaya zanu izo

  5. mphini za mutchafu says:

    Malawi courts are slow the judges lazy ndiye apa apezelapo time yonyenya apa they take decades to write judgements even on simple and straightforward mattets stupid judiciary they just want to frustrate thr new chief justice lack of stationery ndiye kuti chani once again stupid

  6. musekanji palibe kanu says:


  7. papa says:

    Nawenso Charles Lizigeni, paliponse uwoneke? utchuke?

  8. Charombanthu says:

    It is not only the judiciary that is not being funded. Even Malawi Electoral Commission is in trouble. We hear that they are not even able to pay for their internet service or even buy a ream of photocopying paper. So which institution (other than the state house) is this government funding that they are supposed to fund? Zero-aid budget effects zayamba msangatu apa. Tifika June chaka cha mawa???

  9. kanyika dk says:

    a ma court musova ndiamene munamuyika apm pa mpando

  10. CHEJALI says:

    Kkkkkkjkk DPP imeneyooooo ndidanena ine kuti muziona owavotela siamewaaaaaaa

  11. Batman says:

    You put nyapapi into power fraudulently here are the fruits next are hospitalsj

  12. Mbewa ndi nchira says:

    I don’t symphathise with courts and judiciary in general. You are the ones who made Peter Mutharika president of this country. You always give stupid judgements.


  13. Viva says:

    Can we auction this country please?

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