Malawi CSOs accuse DPP govt of ‘taking people’s trust for granted’

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government is “taking the citizens’ trust for granted” through continued delays in tabling the Access to Information (ATI) bill in Parliament, two prominent human rights groups have said.

CHRR  boss Timothy Mtambo :  DPP government taking people's trust for granted

CHRR boss Timothy Mtambo : DPP government taking people’s trust for granted

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR), Timothy Mtambo, and Centre for Development of People (Cedep), Gift Trapence, made the accusation on Thursday following contradictory remarks from Capital Hill regarding the tabling of the bill

In a statement Mtambo and Trapence expressed shock at the delay in tabling the Information, saying it is unwarranted and an insult to Malawians.

The human rights campaigners described the delay as unfortunate, saying “Malawians can no longer entertain further excuses on the bill” from President Peter Mutharika and his government.

“By promising Malawians what he cannot deliver, as is the case with ATI and other numerous instances, the incumbent [Mutharika] is simply taking the citizens’ trust for granted.

“To this end, we call upon the President and the DPP [Democratic Progressive Party] government to ensure that the ATI bill is passed into law in the current sitting of Parliament,” reads the statement.

During the opening the 46th session of Parliament recently, President Mutharika stressed that the bill will be tabled during the current session.

But in a statement released on Wednesday, Information and Civic Education Minister, Jappie Mhango, said Cabinet rejected the bill on Tuesday because of “inconsistencies therein” and that a Cabinet Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs has since been directed to resolve the inconsistencies.

Mhango assured that “Government is doing everything possible to ensure that the Bill is ready for presentation in the National Assembly during the current session. ”

Since 2003, the bill has undergone numerous reviews. In 2007, a draft Bill on Access to Information was ready to be tabled for debate in parliament but the Ministry of Information  was sent back to the drawing board to develop an Access to Information Policy which was passed in parliament in January this year.

If passed, the Access to Information law will among others, provide for the right of access to information; define the scope of public information the public has the right to access; establish the (Independent) Public Information Commission and define its functions; as well as promote transparency and accountability of public officers.

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38 thoughts on “Malawi CSOs accuse DPP govt of ‘taking people’s trust for granted’”

  1. kena wa kena says:

    anthu awa aliononga boma la Malawi ndipo sitikuziwa kuti akatisiya kutiko zithu sizikulongosoka ndi boma la dpp mabvuto ayambila paja anasiila malemu a bingu

  2. chimimombo says:


  3. chimimombo says:

    munthu oipa iwe .fisi.mbuludzi.fiti.nyalugwe.fulu amanyelera omutola amalawi akusakha koma ndikumawanyoza kodi ndiwe wamtundu wanji??

  4. chimus says:

    nonse ndinu agalu iweyo profesa odziwakubweletsa umphawi. malonda afodya akapandakuyenda uthamanga

  5. Woyera Kamasula says:

    Do people nowadays take these too fools with seriousness? Which human rights are you campaigning for? Shupiti zanu!

  6. nana says:

    Day one: The new Clerk of Parliament has been appointed on the basis that she the is best legislative draftsperson in Malawi .

    Day two: Cabinet declines to authorize to have the ATI Bill tabled in Parliament due to a lo of irregularities and inconsistencies.

    Fact: Bill drafted at Ministry f Justice within the Chief Legislative Counsel’s office recently occupied by the new COP

    Question: Who drafted the Bill with inconsistencies.

    Answer: Check me!

    Conclusion: She is indeed the best draftspers
    on Malawi has! kkkkk!

  7. chimwemwe says:

    CSO can you tackle issues of government failing to run the economy, how can inflation be at 24% the highest in the world kwacha moving from 440 to 620 within 4 months, Please this is effecting us the common man we cant make ends meet

  8. john Chamba says:

    People like Mukhuna are the ones who make Northerners feel superior to other regions. Why should an issue involving one person from the North be for all Northerners? Are you telling Malawians that the views you have expressed in your comment here are the views of people from your region? Am sure if your brain can be extracted from your head and put on a scale it can’t way more than the little thought in you which is below one ounce.

  9. citizen okwiya says:

    It’s sad some people cannot see the link between this bill and the poor people.
    In a nutshel, why is govt dilly dallying in passing this into law? ask yourself !!!!
    In a nutshell, the bill will enhance accountability in ensuring that govt resources are being used prudently. Even why we have stockouts in govt hospitals etc, hence this will ensure that govt is more accountable to us.

    Dont demonstrate umbuli apa by being always behind govt blindly, suckers !!!!

  10. Mwalusya kuvotera wamama winu....kkkk says:

    Mtambo nthawi zina wosangopanga zinthu panokha anthu kumudzi za kudziwa za Information Bill ndi ubwino wake kwa malawi.muwawunikire anthu kaye musapange zanuzo mumatibowanso bwanji.

  11. The Analyst says:

    “Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined. A house divided falls.” – Jesus Christ (Luke 11:17)

    July 2015
    “The Information Bill is ready for the upcoming meeting of parliament.” – Justin Said (PS Ministry of Info. Tourism n Cultur – on Communication Day Celebration at Maula Parish)

    19th September, 2015
    “The Bill is ready and will see the doors of parliament the soonest.” – Jappi Mhango (Minister of Info. Tourism n Culture – at a General meeting for Blantyre Club in Mangochi)

    2nd November, 2015
    “The Bill will not be tabled in parliament. Procedures need to be finalised and this will take cabinet, 4 week.” – Francis Kasaira (Minister of Transport)

    4th November 2015 (less than the said 4 weeks)
    “The Bill will be tabled in the forthcoming parliamentary sitting. It is a part of the DPP campaign promise.” – Ministry of Info. (Jappi Mhango)

    6th November 2015
    “The Bill is one of the agenda items to be tabled in this sitting.” – Peter Mutharika (President of the Republic of Malawi – at opening of Parliament)

    19th November 2015
    “The Bill will not be tabled. There are some inconsistencies that need to be ironed out.” – Jappi Mhango

    “Beware . . . a small leak can sink a great ship.” – Benjamin Franklin

  12. Khanenda says:

    What is the use of this bill to a poor man.

  13. Sapitwa says:

    90% of Malawians being refered to have no knowledge about this bill. They wouldn’t even want to know about it because that’s not their centre of interest. An ordinary Malawian is interested to know about availability of drugs and food in hospitals, FISP coupons, maize at Admarc as these are the focus of their interest. Even Chakwera’s interest now is electrol law reform more than this bill because it affects him personally and his party.
    So even if this bill gathers dust as has been the case over these years, it shows it’s not critical to Malawian lives. So you guys fighting for this bill; you are fighting for your own advantages because through it, you will send negative information to your Donors for you and your families to have mgaiwa on the table and not 90% of Malawia. You forget that by the time this bill is passed, all information deemed private will be on the public domain, you won’t seek it and there will be no news to report.


    That’s what happens with the back door government.

  15. Hendrix Zulu says:

    Mukhuna you are stupid. Are northeners not Malawians. Stupid tribalist Mukhuna.

  16. Mapazi asiyana says:

    Timothy and Gift again! That’s what they are paid for;noise making. They want the bill tabled with the inconsistencies! It all started in 2003. How many leaders have changed? Why was it not possible to pass it into law,then? Mtambo and Trapence,we aren’t taken for granted here. Perhaps the two of you are!! Wish I knew how one becomes an activist. If I did, I would show Gift & Timothy the exit. I would ask Undule where he got this amazing quality of being quiet unless he has very good points osati izi zofuna publicity but rubbish!

  17. mudyadi agalu chakachino says:

    Akusowa ndiogula agalu chifukwa. Ndilinawo ochuluka kuphatikizila anyani chifukwa enanu mukuoneka kut mungadye. Ambili mukafuna pa older call 9997 kapena muzandipeza ku mulanje pakona

  18. Dr Kwapata, LUANAR says:

    Pitara ndi MABI a President iiiii ayayaya nyapapi

    Vuto ndi dzalhomwe dzimavotera bwaMpini nyinarozi yu

  19. Njolinjo says:

    Mhesha there will be difference because we will demand the information we want and it will be a misconduct not to do otherwise.

  20. Mtambo ndi Gift amaabowa a Malawi ngati chilonda cha pa thako! !!

  21. levelheaded says:

    DPP said in its manifesto that it will pass this bill after all the previous regimes failed to do so.
    Mtambo and his friend only want to be seen as real hunter on an already slaughtered antelope.
    Manifestos can be fulfilled at any time within five years of dpp’s term.

    Its a knows fact to every malawian that the president emphasised on this at the opening of parliament session.

    To hell with these lunatics!

  22. akuntinji anamuona says:

    You agents of destruction, why are you in hurry to pass ATI bill? Do you mean we need this urgently in Malawi? Are you really serious? What kind of news and rubbish are we going to have in Malawi if this bill is passed? Honest I don’t see Malawi progressing with ATI, it will be a source political bickering which will make us waste good years without meaningful development.

    A malawi timangokopela chili chonse. Mnene ilili democracy yathu, the ATI will not do us any good. Those advocating have evil mind behind it.

    Zimenezo zomwe zungu amafuna. Mudzichedwa ndi kukangana iye akupanga money. Mukamaliza kukangana akupatseni ndalama zoti mukapangire mathanyula.

  23. ndata says:

    I think Malawians have big problems. The first two comments show how shallow minded we are as a nation. Information is part of development and demanding for it does not make someone an enemy. So what I have read in the first two comments indicates that this country will never develop. We lost huge amount of money in cashgate partly because access to information is still a far fetched dream. I am not from the north but I don’t care who is fighting for justice as long as it makes meaningful sense. I guess this ATI is important not only for one party but for the entire national development agenda. I take it that the two comments are misguided and probably from misinformed party zealots. The fact that JB did not table it is not reason enough to shove it. After all the president campaigned on it hence the need for him to implement. I am aware those of us from the lomwe built want the president not to be disturbed but we must also remember Bingu performed well when he was under pressure and then messed up the economy when he got the parliamentary numbers. APM is so far the worst performer compared to former presidents. So CSOs are doing a very good job of providing the checks and balances.

  24. edgar says:

    Yeah even when u a syng bill o wat wat jst de same coz dere e will b no change

  25. Amtambo ndi atrapence inu sinu anthu oyenela kukhala kumalawi ayi muli ndi moyo otenga manyi (bibi) kunja ndikulowetsa nyumba kuti ana ndi akazi anu amve kununkha.ndibwino kuti mulungu achite nanu mwansanga dziko lamalawi lisanawonongeke ndi inu awiri.iweyo ndi mzakoyo musiye akazi anu ndipo mukwatilane pankholopanu mulungu akudalitseni.

  26. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    The logic of the public access to information is very clear and fundamental to the idea that government is chosen by the people to serve people and the government belongs to the people. People govern themselves.

    If this is the whole basis of a democratic dispensation it it logical that those who have been entrusted by the people to serve the people must make available information to the people.

    In other words, the work that the trustees of the people do must be transparent (seen by the people) because the trustees are accountable to the people.

    Government is not the boss of the people; people are the boss of government!!!

    So, let’s have the bill presented to Parliament as soon as possible.

  27. Patriot says:

    Cashgate ikuchitika pano sinachitikepo.
    Worse than Bingu and JB.
    Malawi forex cover less than 1 week.
    Ife atibwenza ku banki, amvekere “tiribe ndalama ya dollar”

  28. Tatopa says:

    A Malawi mantha kuchita mantha ngakhale kumuuza Mathanyula kuti abwele ku nyumba ya malamulo adzayankhe mafunso pomwe anazungulila dziko lonse kuwallila a Malawi kuti amulembe ntchito
    MA CSO akati achite zionetselo koma kunyozedwa ndipo a DPP amapanganso zawo zionetselo tsiku lomwe akuti ziotchane,kunvetsa chisoni.
    Komano Pompa apa pa RSA ANC nd yamphanvu kwambiri mwa aphungu 400 mnyumba ya malamulo iyo inatenga 249 koma azipani zina amawalola kuchita ziwonetselo a police ndikuwateteza SABC nkulengeza.
    Koma si kuno ayi ,a Malawi kupepela

    1. Gwape says:

      Amalawi mbuzi za anthu sindinaone eeeeish

  29. Tchena tchena says:


  30. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    Some Bao players said to me: these two gentlemen are the ones taking the public’s trust for granted. What have they done to earn the trust of the people, really? They are not politicians, yet they talk and act like they were elected into offices. They were NOT appointed to be anyone’s representative anywhere. Apparently, CSOs are just an employment machine.

    It not not just a perception; it is the reality that the public cannot point to much in terms of achievements by these groups. When are the foreign organizations funding these groups going to stop being so gullible? Time to thin the herd, and concentrate on real results. Results people can point to in terms of improving their well being.

  31. Bololo wa Chitumbuka says:

    Pepani ndine mbuli nDichifukwa chake ndalemba mu Chichewa. Kod mukufuna kundiuze kuti Atolankhani aku Malawi kulongolola konsekuja alibe Ufulu?? Nanga akawapasa Ufulu akufunawo Zikhala zotani?? Dziko la Malawi Please Ndimamva chisoni!! Penapake mwangomupezerera Presidentyu Colinga akayankhula muziti yonyonyo!!!! Sorry sindikutukwana. Kod kuli Bakili nanga Mtila linalikuti Bill imeneyi??

  32. Nyapapi says:

    Malawians do not forget that every bill in parliament lies at the centre of two outcomes, whether to pass or not to pass. The same applies to ATI bill. At this point mtambo is 150 percentthat the bill shall pass so as to advance his weaked agendas. What if the bill doesn’t pass? Mtambo keeps barking on every issue that comes on his way not actually for Malawians sake but to be heared by his masters. Ife ndiye tinamutulukira and stopped believing him because thats what brings butter on his table while we are eating bonya.

  33. The Analyst says:

    Is not parliamentary sitting still on? I guess it is! Ok, are we told that the Information Bill is scrapped off the agenda now? I guess, not! So what happened to patience?

    Now with this untold impatience, are you surprised that Bamusi calls you “noisy” and other untypable, unsavable and unprintable words? Dont give us reason to give him (Bamusi) a benefit of a doubt.

    Besides; has news about some mad, chaotic, dishonest n disorderly MPs disrupting deliberations of the assembly past parallel to your ears? Kapenatu mwagona mu ndege to and from the UN and had no access to information? Come on guys! Dont just bark for the sake of it! Or you just want to be seen to be working or be in action by your master (the UN)? But . . .

    “Patience is also a form of action.” – August Rodin (French Sculptor)

    Learn it and be looked at as wise. Coz . . .

    “Patience is a companion of wisdom.” – St Augustine

  34. munthu wamba says:

    Is access to information bill our priority at the moment? My answer is a resounding no! Our priorities are to find means of mitigating against the looming hunger, how to bring the ailing economy back on track, and most importantly, introducing the much needed electoral reforms. The later is a longterm priority that will ensure attainment of future national objectives. We can force the current govenment to pass all the laws but, with the present arrogancy, they will opt not to enforce them! That is our tragedy…

  35. Mukhuna says:

    Mukhala choncho kumanamidzidwa ndi azungu kuti muzisusa chirichonse uku mukuononga dziko lanu. Mwakhala mukupita ku Maiko awo mwaona mmene atukukira koma inu Mitu yayikuluyo ngati zigoba kumangolongolola popanda mfundo zeninizeni. Dyera basi. Inuyo mukumenyera ufulu wandani?? One question for you dunderheads, where were you during Joyce Banda era when the Infamous Cash gate, Jet Gate and Ndege gate were happening. You were just deadly silent as if everything is normal Mitu yayikuluyo italowa mu Ndalama za Casg gate. Lero mukuti Tizikwatirana amuna kapena akazi okhaokha which development can this barbaric act bring in Malawi??. Why are you advocating for a thing the people you claim to be representing are not subscribing to Mbuzi inu?? Komanso, Mabungwe ambiri are full of Northerners, just make a simple survey, you will definately agree with me. These are the very same bullshit people who want to bw placed in decision making positions. Saame Mtambo and the so called Gift Thira Phwise.

  36. Mhesha says:

    Bill or no bill…there will be no difference on the ground.

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